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  1. I don’t believe a muslim writes on such blog who prides himself of being Debtera. I was orthodox christian who converted to Islam as Allah healed me from Mestefakir and other digimits the Prophet (SAW) ordered to excute who perform such action. This is no place for a muslim to write. this is the place of the shayatins and the devils.

    • @bilalgondar, shame on you! art is the heart of each! you find your true self only if you leave all the hatreds burried inside you. no religion cures you but the kindness and humanity inside you.

    • Lo and behold, the village idiot just spoke. Doesn’t even know what a debtera is

  2. Would health care you believe that?

  3. Both were incredibly good (the keyboard is still serving me as we speak). So let’s see what we can do to improve performance on a laptop.

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