SOLUTIONS WITH DEBTERAW, IV: Call me by my name, address and task

By Obo Arada Shawl, 20 January 2009

If you are a Christian, repent

If you are an atheist, contact

If you are a cheat, stop your cheating habit

If you are a liar, walk to leave

If you are an Aethiopian, live and let live

“Dreams of our forefathers”

The unfinished journey of DEBTERAW


The Finished journey of B. Obama

On March 23, 2008, an article on Debteraw vs. Senator, was posted on call me by my name: solutions with Debteraw, XXV and That article was based on the differences between DEBTERAW and the Senator. It was about race, color and religion.

Today’s article is based on the similarities between DEBTERAW and President Obama’s education and experiences.

In as much as DEBTERAW has graduated from a prestigious university, like that of Obama, DEBTERAW started to work as a teacher though the school officials would not allow him to teach beyond 2nd grade. When the new government came to power, the then current government officials wanted DEBTERAW to serve under their directions. DEBTERAW refused knowing that those officials were not genuine but “opportunists”. When the DERG appointees for education began to pressure DEBTERAW not only to work but also to cooperate with them, lest he will be classified as anti-revolution. As usual, DEBTERAW came with his new harmless creative device. That is, he told to the Board members of Education that his father is aging and that he was soon to take over the Zuquala Monastery as his primary job. The Board members were astounded at his request for resignation from teaching profession. Of course, clandestinely, DEBTERAW was educating and organizing a political party. The rest is history, as they say.

Let us have a look at these similarities

1. Obama worked as a community organizer for 3 years and

2. DEBTERAW worked as political organizer for three years.

3. Obama served as practicing attorney for 3 years and

4. DEBTERAW worked as editor-in-chief for a political publication known as DEMOCRACIA.

5. Obama served as a Senator for 10 years (both for US and State legislator).

6. DEBTERAW is serving full time Revolutionary for political reforms.

7. Obama used to lecture on part time basis and

8. DEBTERAW used to serve churches on part time basis.

9. Obama authored two books, one on dreams of our fathers and the other on the audacity of hope for future generations.

10. DEBTERAW authored numerous publications, books and poems.

As a result, Barack Obama has become the President (E) of a powerful nation on the whole world while DEBTERAW ended up as a prisoner of conscience of an ancient but civilized nation.

Obama has started his journey from Philadelphia – the source of the American Constitution but DEBTERAW has yet to travel from the red mountain – ASSIMBA – where the seeds – (Sudan-Eritrea-Ethiopia-Djibouti-Somalia)’s CONSTITUTION will be drafted.

Obama has traveled through B&D (Baltimore and Delaware) to reach Washington DC

ሠዐረ – WDC

DEBTERAW has yet to travel via ADAA ዓዳ (Assimba-Dessie-Addis Ababa) to reach the new flower, Addis Ababa. (See Tedla Asfaw’s regret as his knowledge of ASSIMBA revealed not by his fellowmen but by outsiders)

Concluding remarks

Obama is considered a product of Martin Luther King as well as Malcolm-X. His rebellious character is not by “any means necessary” as that of Malcolm X. Instead of working in places where Harvard graduates prefer to… Obama chose to negotiate his way through the downtrodden population of Chicago West Side.

DEBTERAW chose to work with Lab Adder ላብ አደር and Gebar ገባር – those who worked by their sweat and taxpayer Aethiopians.

Obama is lucky to live in a political system with all its checks and balances intact. He is also lucky that he lives in a country – physically surrounded by two Oceans, sea and land whereas DEBTERAW’s Aethiopia’s physical geography is surrounded by dry land, sea and rivers and with no political system familiar to all its citizens.

Obama was born around the time when President Kennedy pronounced as “Ask not what you can do for your country, ask for what you can do for your country” whereas DEBTERAW was a high school student when President Kennedy’s speech reverberated all over the world. Besides, DEBTERAW WAS BORN IN SOCIETIES THAT HONOR


Obama is 47 years old and he is the 44th president of USA. Let us hope that on Obama’s 50th birthday, DEBTERAW’s provisional political government will be put in place with the help of the 44 churches in DEBTERAW’s Tabots of Gondar and so God help all.

The Lab Adder and the Arso Adder have now become politically conscious thanks to DEBTERAW and his EPRP. What is now required is an immediate release of the true son of Aethiopia and Aethiopianism from TPLF’s dungeon.


For comments and questions


The Aethiopian Student Movement has taken almost the entire life span of President B. Obama. We do not know whether this is the beginning or the end of political and civil liberties for the Black Movement in America. Besides, President (E) Obama did not say. We have to wait and see.

But as to the Aethiopian Student Movement, it is high time to bear fruit. Despite this Movement and in spite of DEBTERAW’S down payments, Aethiopians have not been able to choose their government democratically. The institutions of the church should be left alone, the bureaucracy should be democratic and the freedom of speech, self-expression and assembly (SEA) should be respected.

The difference between the developed and underdeveloped is not based on material wealth alone but on the cumulative culture of knowledge and experience. EPRP has developed such a knowledge base and experience by keeping its name, address and task. Americans are united around BO. () Why is it not possible to UNITE, if not for all Aethiopians, at least for those who at one time or another has been associated with DEBTERAW’s path of struggle? E…. If you believe DEBTERAW’s path was and is wrong, let us discuss and iron it out. I truly believe that the way of DEBTERAW is similar to that of President of Barack Obama.

A prominent political commentator was asked why all Americans want President B. Obama to lead them. His response was “we need him more than he needs us.” Maybe this is true for all Aethiopians that they need DEBTERAW more than he needs them.

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  1. Mr. Wolde, my name is Gulgay which I acquired it by my own choice; unlike most of others apart from those have YEFERE SIM and code name before the Ethiopian revolution and after the revolution. For instance Debteraw is a code name ofTsegaye. I think it was for fear of identification by the enemy that he fought almost for a life long.
    Now to your article Mr. Wolde, depite the writing techniques and skills of you, I could not understand the importance of comparing those two individuals who cannot be really compared each other, However their engagement is politics, it is entirely based on absolutely different circumstances and backgrounds. Nothing is found to be compared each other except the fact that both are humane one has partial African originality and the second fully originated from Africa.
    I would like just to say a few points on this occasion if you do not mind on the content of my comment that is a little bit out side the issue you opened for a debate in the cyber front.
    My comment is rested with the sole purpose from the greater sympathy that I have about Debteraw and the rest of his disappeared comrades.
    Let me ask a naïve question.
    The Derg official who had inflicted uncountable damage over Ethiopia and TPL have gotten the right to be visited by their family which I also accept from the point view of humanity.
    Here is my naïve question Mr Wolde, what Debteraw and other member of EPRP had done against TPLF that made their hearts less than the action of the much known cruel animal?
    2nd since I followed every thing that concerned Debteraw and the rest of his comrade, I can dare to say that much is not done by the comrades of Debteraw of those who used to live on the safe heaven of Europe and America.
    I still ask you why?


    I cannot figure out your real name nor do I know how you came out with a name by your CHOICE. Besides, my message is not about names per se but whether one lives by his name. In such a case, Gelagay is a mediator but I don’t know what Gulgay means?

    Anyhow DEBTERAW is not a code name. Debtera is a profession with W is relating to him. Tsegeye may have code names not for Suri but for Mind and I do not know how he is called by his pen name or Suri name.


    “Here is my naïve question Mr Wolde, what Debteraw and other member of EPRP had done against TPLF that made their hearts less than the action of the much known cruel animal?

    Mr. Gelagay, I do not understand what you mean by this? Can you be specific or rephrase your question. Sorry about misunderstanding.

    The other question or rhetorical question is why are people living in America or Europe are not active to support in the release for comrades of debteraw. You believe, they are living in safe place. Again, I have to ask you whom do you mean? Or are you asking me about the leadership, the Army members, or the workers, the ordinary members or who? It is a vague question, please, ask again. Be open. There is nothing to “fear except fear itself” says P.Teddy.

  3. selam Abo arada.
    thank you for keep teaching and enlighting us as alwayes.But there is one thing which I didn’t understandI hope you help me understand it.You write ” Besides, DEBTERAW WAS BORN IN SOCIETIES THAT HONOR SACRIFICE IN ONE’S COUNTRY not a dream.”what does this means?

    Thank you

  4. Dear Aschalew

    The context I was using President Kennedy’s speech “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country” was a simple call for Americans to serve their country America by going abroad as Peace Corps. Americans by definition are individualists who are made to believe to take care of themselves first before they can take care of others.Domestic issues take precedence over foreign issues and I believe most countries believe in the same line of thinking but not in Aethiopia. To give you a concrete example, when an Aethiopian graduates from college, he/she does not want to be employed in the Ministry of Interior instead their first priority would be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why, you should know the answer. We as Aethiopians whether in homes, or schools or in the streets, we are told to be hospitable to foreigners aka ENGDA TEKEBAY SOCIETY. It is in our culture.

    Besides, the stage of development in our country was such that COUNTRY comes after God. It was not ME or WE. Don’t you think we are doing that now by over emphasing on land rather on people. I believe that at the time, most graduate students in Aethiopia did not hesitate to go to EUS (Ethiopian University Service) voluntarily without resisting or even complaining. Don’t we all know that all Aethiopian volunteer to go to the war front on ZEMETCHA. We have seen this again and again. One aspect of good side of Feudalism is the love for once’s Country and Pride/Honor.

    The question is why do we do these things? I think it is true that Aethiopians whether indigenous or immigrants do have faith on VOLUNTARISM not by force/coercion. Take the Aethiopian Muslim for instance, they were converted by faith not by sword. Ahmed Negash, the Aethiopian king was converted by faith not by Sword. Take the Orthodox Church, it gives the Tabot and people can believe or not. It does not force to be converted. Actually, I do not want to go into religious faith, provided you do understand that DEBTERAW’s case was different from President Obama. DEBTERAW was and is still living in a Society where SACRIFICE for one’s country and people was glorified. President Obama is preaching now just as President Kennedy was calling then to all Americans to come together for their country rather for themselves. I believe they do this when the country is in trouble but in our case, we always practce Self-Sacrifice instead of Self-Indulgence.

    So, my point is that DEBTERAW and his comrades self consciously denied themselves the luxury lives they could afford in the first place. What about Now? You tell me, if will. Thanks for asking.

    I beg your pardon for my delayed reclarification.any way here it is what my clarification is.
    Is not the action taken over Debteraw and his comrades an action that do not have tantamount in the history of Ethiopian prisoners of consciousness?
    Mr. Wolde I do not know any prisoner of consciousness who were denied the right to be visited by their family in either political systems of Ethiopia or in times of TPLF predecessor.
    There had been disappearance of individuals during the Derg and befor the military junta.
    Take as an example author Beaklu Girma who became a victim of his own job.
    The author didn’t expose the cruelty of the regime. What he did was, he published in forms of book the top military secret that he knew due to his position to the matter.
    Look, I am not justifying his disappearances was proper. I am only debating to show how the cases of Debteraw have no equivalent happening in the history of disappearance.
    The other known disappearance occurrence is known the case of the young prince or Lij Eyasu by Teferi.
    We know that Lij Eyasu had been disappeared by Teferi to the extent of denial his grave yard (though Menigistu did over Teferi as the Amharic saying goes to such coincidence of history,በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር ኤቀርም the same will be done on those who took cruel action over the poet and his comrades).
    That happening which was done over the young prince was clearly an indicator of power contender.
    As I mentioned in my earlier comment the former Derg official, most of them were the architect and principal engineer of red terror, have allowed to be visited by their families.
    Whereas those who showed refusal for despondency.
    Those who have virtue of librative,
    Those who teach and become prime example of their teaching namely, on how to pass away with dignity, are paid the reward of disappearance as well as long silence and negligence by most of Ethiopians. How pathetic it is! How it is shameful even to be a part and of member of such indifference generations!
    Mr. Wold let me expound as why I said so and your second clarification is also has direct tie to the above said.
    Before I proceed to any thing else, let me ask you two questions Mr. Wolde.
    Have you read the letter written to Pastor Tamirat Layne by Assimba palm talk groups?
    If you do not, let me highlight you some facts that serves me for my lament toward Debteraw and his comrades.
    Some peoples were told to raise question about and on the conditions of Debteraw during Siye Abrha visits and meetings in USA.
    The fist people who were strong opponent to the idea not to ask Siye such question were those walk out from EPR.or the Anja.
    My second question, do you remember the conference held in memories of the disappeared leaders of EPRP in America in year of 2008?
    Who were the participants? How many people came from the invited institutions and individuals? Answer to me these questions.
    If you remember it was pathetic.
    Having said this let me keep on writing why I am still distressed on most of Ethiopian politicians and intellectuals regarding Debteraw.
    There is a fact that I fear to raise and say while I contemplate and ponder the poet and his comrades.
    You know there are many Members of ESEPA, party of former regime in the opposition groups, even if I am positive toward their participation and the price what they are paying for our country.
    While they imprisoned as had been done in the past uncountable crowd comes out and scream for their freedom to be free from the jail center. I really appreciate but on the contrary nothing is showed on the condition of Debteraw who teach how to die with grace and dignity. You see I said some times for myself during such happening, are we orangutan type?
    You know orangutan only grasps what you trained today not recall the past. I know it is a vulgar word to humans but the fact is also press’s you to say that.
    Mr. Wolde let me tell you one fact for your surprise.
    Any opposition groups of Ethiopia, any human right organization of Ethiopia will never and ever qualified to be called by their name as long as they do not raise the agenda of the disappeared leaders EPRP.
    My reason in drawing of such conclusion is simple and clear.
    The hidden nature of TPLFis manifested on Debteraw and his comrades as well as on their families who denied the right the Derg official families allowed to visit their imprisoned keens and relatives.

    Any opposition groups will not have any moral right of to be a change agents as long as they gave a deaf ear for the great poets and the valiant of EPRP,leadrs whom I call them every now and then hero and heroines who teach how to pass away with dignities.
    Know every body the fact that they would have been freed if they had stretch their begging hands in the name of disguise pardon.
    Know the opposition groups or those said that we are standing to the rules of law; the true cruel nature of our enemy is manifested in the cases of EPRP leaders.
    Guy you may have hatred over EPRP political views .but what I am talking is about atrocity committed in the method never know in the world.
    Any politicians who do keep on silence mood while such crime committed is unquestionably the other candidate of evil.
    The worst kind of human right violation is done over members of EPRP that mirrors the cruelty extent of the enemy.
    To keep silent as we do not know for such atrocity is nothing but to display the other forms of cruelty. That is why I said while I contemplate on the condition of Debteraw some unknown forces invade my mind and say denied your citizenship, migrate from Ethiopians.
    Other clarification why I said the act of TPLF over EPRP leaders is less than an act of animal is appear here after.
    To tell you frankly I was not surprised when TPLF put in jail the former leaders of kinijit, since it was a threat for their power and the stolen money.
    But, what Debteraw did against those people? Would you tell me please? I know nothing.
    That is why I degrade them below the level of animals.
    You know, the behaviors of animal are reactive. They will not touch you if you do not touch them or disturb their environments.
    The only animal goes out of this rule are those who become victims of madness and to be aged.
    While animals are aged they could not hunt. They start to eat any thing they get near them. The same is true for mad animal, since they lost their instinctive consciousness.
    Having said this much, let me invite you the poem of Emerson on heroism.

    Ruby wine is drunk by knaves,
    Sugar spends to fatten slaves,
    Rose and vine-leaf deck buffoons;
    Thunderclouds are Jove’s festoons,
    Drooping oft in wreaths of dread
    Lightning-knotted round his head;
    The hero is not fed on sweets,
    Daily his own heart he eats;
    Chambers of the great are jails,
    And head-winds right for royal sails.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson on his essays of heroism.

  6. Ato Gelagay

    I understand your frustration and concern about DEBTERAW and EPRP.

    At the top of my article, you can see words such as Christian without repentance, Atheist with fear of God, Cheater who pretend as innocent and Liar with no conscience. Unless we can change this attitude, there is nothing we can expect.

    So let us wait but continue to fight. Everything will be OK. We will fight. Thanks for your concern.

  7. Obo Arada Shawl,

    You are a gifted writer although with too much good wish for Ethiopia beyond human achievement. You see, when I was reading DEMOCRACIA in my youth I completely wished and submitted to goodness on earth.There is nothing wrong with that;- I was too idealist and full of hope. To your surprise I discovered human selfishness and crookedness only three years ago. Whether you believe it or not in 99% of my life I have lived for the sake of others anonimously always thinking and working for the welfare of others. The idealist generation of the 70s Ethiopia was engulfed in hopeful spirit without too much skill in swimming across the political waters full of ‘diverse sharks”. The generation lives in our heart without capturing the Ecclesiastical Heaven per se as pictured in the books of wisdom. On the other side, Obama’s time was ripe for its own season with the great ability to outmaneuver the diverse sharks at their own game. Both have hopes. But they are of different generation, mood,culture and the understanding of the human animal. Thank you.

  8. Sew Kuburnew

    It is very true what you wrote concerning the generation gap. However, let us see it from a different angle.

    First, in America, there is no dynasty. People fall and rise. It is accepted. It is the SYSTEM. It is intact.It is their CONSTITUTION.

    In our case, we have dynasty of Monarchy, Church and Family hierarchy. Our controlling system was the TABOT.

    Obama came from the street. He exemplifies SLAVERY AND DISCRIMINATION.

    DEBTERAW including his generation emerged not from SLAVERY and DISCRIMINATION but from a Free Society. The so-called discrimination such as land holding and oppression such petty pejorative words as claimed by the liberation fronts were from the same brothers and sisters. Ours were no near to that of African American situation.

    So you see Ato Kubursew as your name aptly says, we were dignified with integrity and service to HUMAN. Giving service to others is better than receiving from others. You have to believe in this. That is the Aethiopian way.

    But to keep up with the modern world, the generation you are referring to was searching for a SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE IN LIEU OF TABOT AND MONARCHY. As you know we call this DEMOCRACIA – a way to bringing the desired POLITICAL SYSTEM. Let us fight for it, it will be materialized. The cheating, lying and corruption will phase away.Don’t give up hope. Thanks for the comment.

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  10. Well I have no much comments to leave for you at the moment! I just drop by suddenly to see the blogs here! In fact I always want to see our Ethiopianness being discussed! But IT DOES NOT IMPRESS ME WEHN I SEE MUCH OF THE TALKING IS MADE BY THE ALREADY PASSING AWAY generation! It has to be linked some how to the exisiting generation youn ones who can probably take over the dreams of that generation! What can we do about our AETHIOPIA dear DEBTERAW in real terms!!! Get out of your metaphoric rehtorics and talk about what can be done!

  11. Really nice Article. but i want to comment on this part”DEBTERAW’s Aethiopia’s physical geography is surrounded by dry land, sea and rivers” i think you guys are leading us for war. we all know that Ethiopia is land locked. and never think any Eritrean lets his piece of land to go for other country even the ones who hate isayas afewerki.

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