The Mockery of Election

Yelfiwos Wonday

Are we still expecting the miracle from TPLF to temper with opposing views and comply with the decision of majority rule in Ethiopia? TPLF is a freak of nature for the fact that it is an eccentric and outlandish to our norms and values altogether.  And most important of all, we all have learned that powers in the hands of warlike military juntas and in the hands of those narrowly based ethnocentric regimes are abusive and brutal.  Indeed we have learned that those consecutive authoritarian rulers do lack of knowledge and wisdom, which is why in my view they went that far to violate the law of humanity and nature to begin with.  They would continue exerting as much influence as they could to make it much more complicated for the oppositions and the public at large.  They do so by extending more of their scope of statutes and laws against the will of the public at large.  By doing so, they manage to take over the lands, the rights, the privileges and the activities of all citizens in the country.  Meaning they put an end to Civil liberty and a property right for citizens to possess property altogether.  That is when citizens become compelled to take the law on their own hand to free themselves from repression and to claim their lands, rights, privileges and liberty.  Eventually, though as the culmination of any given process, their dictatorial regimes come to an end by force and their reign of terror shall cease to exist at last.

With that said, TPLF adopts a top down command system in which few are favored to size up the situation and take command of the entire state machinery all together. Besides, in order to further ensure domestic tranquility under its own command, and of course, in its own favor, the politburo at the top formed an ethnic based federal system with its own government and legislature and controls over most of the state apparatus including but not limited the bureaucracy, the army, the election commission, the police and the security forces.  In short Ethiopia is a country in which the government uses all forces at its disposal to exercise repressive control over the population.  So without exaggeration, using force against any opponent that has differing political views is what the current regime knows best to settle differences.  To that end, in TPLF’S code of rule, there is always an ultimatum that says either one has to adopt a one part democracy to survive or leave the state high and dry.

Clearly though, from the outset, TPLF adopted the concept and practice of centralism in which the concentration of power is rested in few hands.  To ensure the control of the party over the government which in practice TPLF is in a total control of Ethiopia’s state machinery, Meles as a secretary general is charged with task of transforming the material and mental condition of TPLF/EPRDF and the entire social order in order to create the ideal socialist system which he calls it in his own term (ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY).

TPLF’S goal is sought under the leadership of an elite group carefully crafted by individuals to serve their narrow purpose, which exercises national sovereignty in the name of one ethnic group namely Tigregna speakers.  The TPLF /EPRDF, a coalition in disguise that is, is led by the politburo (political bureau), a small group that selects its secretary general.  Meles Zenawi  is a secretary general and is the one who holds all the reins of party and government power in Ethioia today.

Likewise, Meles’s ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY is marked by such an overlap of both local and national governments.  The very system in place is primarily designed to feed the elite; the elite sitting on the top of everything including but not limited above the laws, the constitution, the legislature and the judicial system of the nation as a whole. After all, it is a one party state that we are talking about here. The secretary general of the party can and often does serve as prime Minster of government, which Meles is in effect doing it fitting into that category.  Many politburo members are also members of the cabinet.  As they are part and parcel of the legislature they are also members of their handmade coalition or their associated organizations. Practically, all policy debate originates and is settled within the politburo way before passing it around or already disseminated by low profile cadres for public consumption.  Shortly before decisions are made they are referred to the central committee of the party and to the legislature for approval.  The function of these unauthentic groups is not to debate or amend the decisions once made by the politburo but to demonstrate the obvious correctness of the decisions made by the politburo at the top.  So they approve the decisions once passed by the politburo unanimously.  This is the extent of so called democratic process we see in Meles Zenawi’s ABYOTAWI Ethiopia today.

In practice, both TPLF/EPRDF and their handmade parliament contain a variety of special interest to cook in the nation of Ethiopia as a whole.  The politburo at the top is in control of several industries, agriculture, military, police and all subjects to be precise the assigned cadres and tribal chiefs are deployed all across the nation to keep their respective ethnic groups in check.  On the other hand, it is a foregone conclusion that the secretary general manages and totally dominates the politburo; he has every right even an ultimate power to arrive at decisions with little or no consultations.

In the ideal form of what WOYANES ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY, TPLF is the ruling party that permits no competing institutions or success of independent power in Ethiopian political landscape at all.  To prevent any development of such sort, it has already its own line of defense in place.  An elaborate network of security apparatus, including but not limited police surveillance and informers are throughout Ethiopia ready to step in anytime to distract any developments such as an organized form of action outside of EPRDF and affiliates. Besides, it is obvious that TPLF/EPRDF inhibits the development of independent power and does so by placing loyal party members in all-important positions of all institutions in the country.

In TPLF’S establishment, free and fair election is unthinkable. Unthinkable, because if one is nominated is definitely nominated and approved by the politburo itself.  And also the entire candidates for political offices are approved by none other than Meles himself. Every active member of TPLF through out of its own chain of command manages all publications and other sources of information and opinions.  Every military unit has a political officer, a party member that is to monitor every movement of its own unit.  Every key economic sector such as factory, trade union, and major retailer has a member as employee in key positions.  Meaning, the entire system is designed ostensibly to make sure that all elements of society are working properly to fulfill the goals laid down by the party leadership itself.  In practice nothing escaped the party control. It is no wonder that many critics of this vicious system agreed as that TPLF is an outright control freak and a freak of nature.

One would say unlike many others, that TPLF has a ritual of its own locality when it comes to its political settings and inconspicuous position in the country.  As a result, neither is TPLF capable of reconciling its views so to go well with the wind nor has it the audacity to come to terms to reconcile differences in the best interest of our common nation.  Why?  For sure, one would say that aside the animosity WOYANES have for AMHARAS, they also tend to have a deep-seated hatred for the Ethiopian nation state as a whole.  To that end, we in no doubt can tell where their method of distraction has begun and what purpose it is serving ever since their ethnocentric dictatorial regime took place.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Narrow as ever, its ideology is designed under the guideline of ethnocentric cannon of scripture to run a one party state project, which is consistent to their code of rule at all times.  Shallow as ever, also TPLF has been pursuing an ethnic ideology that undermines the nationhood of our country.  Obviously, TPLF’S formation is always bound to be limited within the boundary of ethnicity in order to limit and undermine anything Ethiopian as well. As a result, one cannot expect a change of heart or anything of that nature from TPLF ever. Not now, not in our life time either.  It is democratic centralism (ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY) in which WOYANES continue to insist on in order to satisfy their lust of power and monopoly of coercive force.

To that effect, the politburo is still in control of every financial resource, top political positions and the entire military and governmental bureaucracies in the country.  Security forces are deployed to subdue and block the movement of all genuine oppositions not to operate freely in their own native soil.  That is the fact.  Therefore, to date, neither we expect a change of heart from TPLF/EPRDF nor do we look forward to see them modifying their attitude so to peacefully Coe-exist with the oppositions and live up to the quest of the promise land.

In conclusion, unlike Narrow Nationalists and Reformers, we the people of Ethiopia are struggling to build a free land in which all of us Ethiopians shall enjoy our natural strengths and resources of our own nation.  And most important of all, we are striving to bring about a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people. Meaning to build a system of government that would provide all Ethiopians an important superiority over their own fate and national affairs.  Nothing more, nothing less than that!!

The struggle continues!

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  1. Good points Telfios.Keep up the commentary.

  2. it is exellent analysis

  3. what we must take in our mind seriously when we think about the fate of our nation is the way how to remove TPLF by imploying all the means of the struggle available at our hands.
    in my view and opinion, we have not to write and talk as well as spend our time in thinking how to remove TPLF in the way which is imposible from the history and experiance that we learned and proved thausand times regarding Wyanne.
    firs and formost, TPLF should not be considered and treat as an ethiopian element who can be turned to their ethiopian sentimentdeven by forced of the TPLF official known by the name Sibhat Nega had told us that if there is a tendecy to lose power from their hand, they will destry ethiopia.
    while we considered them as an entity who have a sense of ethiopian,we must know as we commited a grave mistake.
    they are the enemy of ethiopia.i do not know what additional and left measures should be taken against ethiopians and ethiopia by TPLF so as to teach and prove for us how they are an entity that should not be considered as an TPLF is dimetrically oposite for ethiopia and ethiopianess, how TPLF is working day and night to disintegret our nation.
    to come to the point, please do not talk,write and think about election while we think about TPLF.because they are an enemy who must be entirly eliminated.
    think,write and talk about forcefull means of struggle in order to remove TPLF from power and rescue our nation.
    ethiopia prevail!

  4. I agree with the above comment though I have something to be said and deduced the generalization of the commentator in to ways of practicality.
    We know that Woyanne is diametrically opposite to the concept, norm and the very nature of united Ethiopianism.
    It is also apparent that TPLF should be removed by employing all means available at hand.
    What had been and still become challenging for Ethiopians at home and abroad is to come to unison and remove the enemy because of our attitude for the home grown enemy and to work together for such goal.
    The best thing is at least to form two types of broad based alliance according to the situation of our country concerning the classification of opposition groups.
    The first broad based alliance should be formed by those non ethnical based Ethiopian political organizations, such as EPRP, Ginbot7, and others who believe in employing all inclusive means of struggle.
    The second groups are in my view those who are non ethnical political organization who believes only in peaceful way. MEAD and ANDINET are to be mentioned in my opinion and who qualified the criteria to be true opposition groups in the camps those who adhere peaceful struggle.
    I am sure there will be tremendous and shaking power if those groups form certain alliance according to their attitude toward means of struggle.
    The enemies for the struggles to bring positive change in Ethiopia are those who tuned themselves in the kitchen of ethnicity.

  5. In reading the above articles and comments as well as taking the past experiences of the struggle, I arrived in the following conclusion.
    It is absolutely imperative to conduct all rounded means of struggle and clandestine forms of organization directing its forces of action against TPLF as it is tried to be said in the two commentators.
    What we lack till now is identification of means of struggle as which one is primary and which is secondary to employ based on their sequence and importance.
    Let me first list as what are means of struggles that may employ simultaneously in the situation of Ethiopia in types.
    1 Armed struggle,
    2 Peaceful struggle, as it is tried by Andent and MEAD,
    3 Diplomatic struggles,
    Although the aforesaid are the main means of struggle, there are sub divisions in each part that I listed in the above.
    The question that must come to our mind is that, which one forms of struggle are primary and which one types of means of struggle is secondary.
    If we lack proper identification in putting and implementing the primary and the secondary forms of struggle, the resistance will not be successful and achieve our goals.
    As to my observation, armed struggle should be the primary types of the struggle that must be paid an attention and give time as well as resource by those advocate all inclusive means of struggle.
    What we have to take in to consideration in applying of primarily the armed struggle is on how to select the best corridor that serves the armed struggle at best.
    I think Somalia and Ogaden is the best corridor to wage the armed resistance successfully.

  6. How one generally condemns to be organized in forms of ethnicity.
    There are conditions that become essential to be organized in mode of ethnicity.
    While one ethnic group is targeted to be attacked, akin to the Adolph Hitlor declared and done against the semetic race and Tamirat laine declared against the Amhara people in JIjiga and being committed the massacre as a result of his decree in Arsi, ArbaGugu and Bedeno while he was in power, it is the art of self defense to be organized based on ethnicity.

  7. To add a certain point, in the highlighted facts,
    One of the main reasons why victory over our enemy become far away till now is it is because of the employment of wrong means of struggle against Woyanne by the opposition groups.
    The regime of Zenawi had been immersed in to the swampy of crisis that leads to its ultimate place, as had been evidenced during May 2005 election.
    As mentioned earlier in the above, because the opposition groups had not a forceful way, when the enemies refused the result of the election, they lost the vote of the people and chanced the enemy to survive by gun that was the principal means to their very endurance and to come up to power.
    It is appropriate to mention the saying of Sun Tzu for our Ethiopian opposition groups particularly for those still are unwilling to learn even from their own pain inflicted by the Stalin and Apartheid type totalitarian regime of Zenawi.
    “If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril”.
    Yes this was what happened in the past times of the struggle. Some of members of the opposition groups were not volunteered to discern and admit the very nature of our enemy and adopt the fitting means of struggle, we experienced distressing failure.
    The most poignant thing is that, there are still large numbers of the opposition group members that undermine still the appropriate means of the struggle as tyranny and dictatorship may be consequenced due to the characteristics of the struggle what we use to topple down the enemy.

    We are in the condition that obliges to review and evaluate seriously our means of struggle again. Our enemy had learned a lot from the past peaceful struggle that we exercised. Because of it, by now, they are obstructing every block that serves for peaceful struggle.
    The past Keble and Woreda election that equalized the voters and the candidates was the top example to show how the enemy is hasting to block every ways that provide for healthier peaceful struggle.
    It is also evident that the draconian resolution passed over the native aid organizations is the one that intended by the enemy to impede the good atmospheres of the coming election. We can bring many examples and evidences how the enemy is working tirelessly in favor of anti democratization in relation to healthier election and peaceful means of struggle. The re arrest of W/ro Birtukan is a case in point.
    Having these in mind the above mentioned facts, it is mandatory to re evaluate and apply the proper types of means of struggle that removes our enemy. There is no half opened door to enter and dialogue with the regime of Zenawi at least for showy type of democracy as had been made during their past governance.

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