SOLUTIONS WITH DEBTERAW, III: Call me by my Name, Address and Task

Obo Arada Shawl (January 5, 2008) 

The Eway Revolution is about

· Dealing with the failure of the Monarchy’s Constitution

· Showing the failure of the DERG’s revolution

· Telling the truth about TPLF’s anti-democracy and

· Pointing out the failure of EPLF’s search for justice


The United States of Aethiopia, which will come in 2013, should dispel the “sea of doubt” among the traders (such as TPLF), territory lovers (such as EPLF, OLF) and the ideologists (such as EPRP). The current problems of mistrust, lie and cheat will be halted when the Eway Revolution is revealed.

Education and Religion

Historically, the three wise men brought Gold, Incense and Murk to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. According to some historians, gold was obtained from Israel, murk from Persia and incense from Ethiopia. The significance of these three products is obvious in today’s world.


The Society of Jesus popularly known as the Jesuits were organized some 470 years ago. This Society branched to Ethiopia, first to Teferri Makonnen School and later on moved to Addis Ababa University. Though the Jesuit’s teaching require the promotion of justice, its member vow of poverty, chastity and obedience. On that basis, the first of the alumni Ethiopian graduates wanted to serve the State and the Church but not the public.

After graduation, it was very unfortunate that the alumni in Ethiopia were not encouraged to be organized. Instead, they were under watchful eye of the government. The alumni association was for the most part was run by one man under the name of Samuel Alemayehu not to be confused with the Revolutionary Samuel Alemayehu. The history of these two individuals’ course of action has contributed much to the current situations in Aethiopia. However, my intention is not to compare the Samuel Alemayehu’s contribution to the Great Society of ours. Instead, let me quote the following

In 1960, there were about one thousand students at the University College of Addis Ababa (UCAA), less than fifty of who were women. Political attitudes were not yet formed and student concerns were introverted and parochial, focusing mainly on conditions in the college. The major conflict concerned the Jesuit administration and their pedagogical methods based on their experience in running elementary and secondary schools in Ethiopia. These methods were applied with minimum adaptation to the university. Student indignation was fueled by many trivial and humiliating restrictions, such as the rules forbidding dancing and whistling on campus. Issues of autonomy for the student council and freedom of expression for the student publication, News and Views were of particular concern. The Dean of Students kept the student council under a tight reign. All material published by News and Views had to be approved by a faculty advisor. Kiflu Tadesse, “the generation”, P: 35

Once the students have left the schools, the outside world also views them with suspicion and jealousy. The majority of the graduates became complacent as the government was the sole employer and those who stood for principles and beliefs have been labeled as anti-Ethiopian. In addition, the majority of high school students did not have the opportunity to continue education. The students had to fail of necessity the High School Leaving Certificate (ESLC). In such a dire condition, it was obvious that the failure of the education program (championed by the Emperor) had helped in the collapse of the Monarch, Haile Sellassie I.


Suffice to say that alumni reunions or forming alumni associations were difficult during Haile Sellasie time. (An alumnus or alumna is ether someone who has attended the school, a former student of a school or someone who has graduated). Alumni reunions are popular events at many institutions organized by alumni associations and are often social occasions for fundraising. The absence of these associations, I believe is behind every problem of past and current. The absence of SEA (freedom of speech, expression and assembly) should be considered in our daily menu.

In other words, it is no wonder that the Revolution was based on the failure of the Education system and its aftermath. The hope and aspirations of graduates and high school students were dashed.

The two elements i.e. the graduates and high school students have succeeded to penetrate the Ethiopian workers to get organized on clandestine basis. According to the literature and other country experiences of Revolution, the proletariat led by CELU (Confederation of Ethiopian workers Union) was embarked to lead the Revolution with alliance of the peasants of Ethiopia.

The failure of workers to lead the peasants has changed the Ethiopian reality and turned into an ugly bloodshed and personal feuds. As this aberration for leaders and followers occurs, The Monarchy and the Church have lost their source of power. Nevertheless, the remnants are still clinging to revive their power base. How far they can go, it is anybody guesses.

My present priority is to dwell on the fate of DEBTERAW who has left the Monastery but retained his faith that would have incorporated a family, and above all he would seek social justice for all Aethiopians without learning from the Jesuits. DEBTERAW wanted to bring social justice through the secular means of politics. DEBTERAW’S personal belief of God or Devil, or both or neither, I cannot testify. But what I know, he blew thousands of minds, touched millions hearts of Aethiopians. Today, I can hear that millions want spiritual journey by calling DEBTERAW as “heal me and touch me.” After all what comes from the heart comes to the heart.

Politics and Revolution

Political changes came from two sources.

· First, The USAID in collaboration with the government of Ethiopia has funded scholarships for countries south of the Sahara.

· Second, the Neway brothers had carried out a coup d’etat to topple the 225 King of Ethiopia.

These two events encouraged college students to be political. The African students have come with political traditions to be open and aggressive towards their demands for campus privileges. Some conscious Ethiopian students began to meet in clandestine fashion. But the unconscious college students have noticed albeit uncritically how a powerful king with a heritage for over three thousand years (225 x 15) =3375 years of historical rule could be toppled by officers of his own bodyguard. It was an amazing phenomenon; a light at the end of the tunnel was begun to be seen.

Alternatively, which power of Influence was important to our current conditions? Was it the external factor that was brought by the Africans including the Eritreans who considered themselves as foreigners or was it an internal dynamic phenomenon that was brought and developed through these forty-nine years (1960-2009)?

The answer lies in either of us who were unborn and not interested in the past or in those who carried the internal dynamic Revolution in Ethiopia. Take your choice, the Obama way or the DEBTERAW way? That is, Politics plus Change or Politics plus Revolution. My choice is the DEBTERAW’s way.

The DEBTERAW alias the Eway Aethiopian Revolution is an internal one that recognizes, the effort of Minilik’s modernity, Yohannes’s religious belief, Tewodros’s unity of purpose, and Haile Sellasie’s education program (not system). However, this does not mean that the way these kings carried out was democratic. It was autocratic simple and clear.

The Education Sector Review was a plan designed to stop the mass based education proposed by the Ethiopian government and opposed by the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA). The Eway Revolution was emerged to preserve and protect the positive aspects of modernity, belief and unity by reversing the education sector review. That was the last straw that broke the back of the mule so to speak, Haile Sellasie’s system of government into history.

The methodology of bringing modernity, belief and unity via the education system as proposed by Ethiopian Teachers Association galvanized by DEBTERAW to all Ethiopians regardless of race, religion or class was and is via – DEMOCRACIA-

Once the student movement has exhausted its limit to

· Modernize the country

· Secularize the state

· Unite the country and

· To improvise the education system

The methodology applied to take political power in almost all Ethiopian Liberation Fronts was similar to each other – by armed protracted struggle. Their basis of claim, however, was radically different from one other. The end results are testimony to their objectives and operations.

· EPLF has waged protracted war on the basis of a “colonial theory”

· TPLF has waged and is still waging wars for power on the “theory of ethno-nationalism”

· EPRP is struggling for political power on the “theory of multinationals”

· OLF is waging war for democracy on the “theory of ethno-colonialism.”

· Other recent comers are struggling on the basis on the “theory of unity.”

A discussion on the merits and demerits of these theories should be a topic for solutions.

Concluding Remarks

Basically our community is divided into two camps, those who had supported the Ethiopian Revolution and those who regret that they have joined the Revolution. To those who had regretted to join the Eway Revolution, I have nothing to say except to read the following dialogue:

ልጅ፤ አባባ አብዮት ግዛልጝ

አባት፡ ምን ልታደርገው?

ልጅ፡ ላፈነዳው። 

We all know what had happened in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians and hopefully what is going to happen in the future. Those who like to discredit the Eway Revolution had a kind of hope and child’s mind as indicated in the above dialogue.


The struggles that were applied for societal change in Aethiopia are the following five tenets that I believe were used in the guidelines for revolution and counter-revolution.

· “The objective of war is to preserve oneself and annihilate the enemy” as preached by Mao Zedong and practiced by EPLF

· “The Chinese Communist Party claimed to power through its military arm, political power grows out of the barrel of the gun” as practiced by TPLF

· “We must emphasize politics. Our army is an army in the service of politics and politics must guide the military in its day-to-day work” as preached by Lin Piao and practiced by EPRP

· “ A hundred victories in a hundred battles is not the best of the best; the best of the best is to subdue the enemy without having to fight,” Chinese proverb as practiced by OLF

· “Let us demonstrate to the world and seize political power as has happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union as practiced by KINJIT 

I believe our choice is clear.

Truth will prevail 

For comments and questions:

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  1. “ A hundred victories in a hundred battles is not the best of the best; the best of the best is to subdue the enemy without having to fight,” Chinese proverb as practiced by OLF!!

    What a wonderfull observation and expression about the move of OLF and the fear of its enemies! Surely Aite Getachew is trembling out of frustration and anger! Let us read his usual fart and vomit on OLF!!

  2. Ob Ogina,
    thanks for posting this first article of Ob Arada. He seems to be a die hard pro-Unity Abesha disregarding the right of nations to self-determination. He suggests that Ethiopian UNITY must be the common denominator of the alliance, on the contrary to the aspiration of OLF and co, who do suggest “acceptance of national self-determination” as a common denominator! I think that is why AFD failed. The question yet to be answered is: what should be the common denominator for the future Alliance to be forged by G7 and co? Otherwise it is interesting to read that Ob Arada is not in line with Aite Getachew’s accusation of him as OLF/Eritrean activist!!!

  3. Aradaw,
    why did you delete the article? It was not bad to compare your point of view at that time with your view now!!

  4. Ob. Ogina,
    I think the article you posted is not written by Ob. Arada, you just posted the first article on the web site!

    Ob Arada,
    thanks for the article of this thread. It made me reflect on our common poletical journey!

  5. Ob Fayyis,
    thank you for reading the article and correcting me. I was wrong, I thought the article was written by Ob Arada.

    Ob Arada,

    Dr. Getachew,
    where are you? I know that Fayyis cooked you irreversibly, so that you will never again open your mouth on OLF/Oromo. Hopefully, you will stay away aka hide your self further!!!

  6. Thanks for reading my article and I hope you have understood, the objectives and the methodology used by the Liberation Fronts for the Eway Revolution. I know Fayyis got as he quoted”the best of the best…to subdue the enemy ” One point I would like to indicate to Fayyis though is the concept of “Unity”. As a concept it is the best that one can hope for. It is in the application that we disagree and fight. That process is the one we all call for DEMOCRACIA – the rule of the majority and the right of the minority. How about that Mr. Fayyis? Is that not why you are fighting and insulting at each other with Getachew. He wants to dominate you in accordance to his true name and you are refusing to be ruled in accordance to DEMOCRACIA.

    Mr. Ogina

    Why do you call me by one name, I have three of them. OBO ARADA SHAWL. That is how I want to be addressed.

    As to the delete of articles, I did not understand from the beginning but you seem to have corrected it.I also suggest to read the article on SOLUTIONS WITH DEBTERAW ,I. To find it you don’t have to go far, it automatically generated along with our current discussion. I want you to be clear, I am not debtera but a follower of DEBTERAW not to be confused with DEBTERAWwebsite. Otherwise, let us discuss civilly in search of solutions. But for heaven’s sake, let us leave Mr. Two-headed HYDRA alone. If you see his blog, he is an impersonator of Emperor Haile Sellase. The lion is dead now, Getachew does not want to accept this fact. He does not belong to our current discussion but may be in JA SOCIETY.

    Thanks for the comment. I need more and we all need more. Thanks.

  7. Ob. Arada,
    thanks for the reaction! I do hace jst acomment on the concept of UNITY! I am not against unity per se. I just want a unity based on liberty (free will, voluntary). The type of unity people like Aite Getachew are crying for is obsolete. I better say, we need to forge a UNION of INDEPENDENT NATIONS (UIN) in that troubled empire. Is that what you call unity based on the process of Democracia? By the way, does your concept of democracia include the right of nations to self-determination? I know almost all pro-unity forces pray and preach unity without respecting this right. If the unity you also struggle for is the result of self-determination, I am 100% with you. If you are preaching UNCONDITIONAL Unity (which is dictatorial, not democratical), we are not on the same page. Galatoomi!!!

  8. Debteraw,
    you may have not read it, I posted the first article of this web site written in June 2006 and claimed that was your first article. Fayyis showed me that was not the case. Any ways that post of mine is already deleted, be it by admin or else. As far as your name is concerend, allow me to use the short form I just preferred! Thanks!!

  9. Mr. Fayyis

    We have gone this for over forty years. Your question was asked thousand of times and it seems nobody is listening. Listening to whom? Listening to the right people. For instance, Obo Ibsa Gutema wrote a poem entitled “who is an Ethiopian?” Some years back, I have asked him what has happened. He said “you did not gave an answer”. I told him that nobody is going to give an answer. It is up to him or anybody or everybody to struggle and get an answer for your questions and demands. We agreed that based on the methodology and objectives I have indicated on this article. that is via DEMOCRACIA

    Another example, I have not voted for Eritrean Independence. Why? Because, I did not believe the theory of colonialism, at least the way EPLF was presenting to the public. But many Eritreans were/are angry on my stand, nevertheless, I am not at war with them. Here is the way I explained to them “I am not in a position to give you independence or liberty, it is up to you to get it. That is my DEMOCRACY.” We can go on and go to discuss or explain, but sorry, I have to run to my job.Thanks.

  10. Ob Arada,
    aha?! Are you Eritrean? Otherwise, your reply is a bit vague. I know you can’t give me my liberty, I have to take it. But my question is: does your democracia include the right of nations to self-determination including independence? It is your democratic right to vote against independence, but do you agree that it must be voted on? Be it Unity or Independence, it should be the result of public verdict. Do you agree??

  11. What Aradaw is trying to tell us is that, theoretical discussions have been going on for several years with no avail. What we now need is to push for and assert what we want to achieve. No Abesha in sound mind will succumb to our theory, but to our practical action. So Fayyis, stop reasoning with them and stand up for our both human and national LIBERTY!!

  12. Obbo Arada Shawl, Fayyis, and Ogina:
    This is a good discussion. You should continue.

    Ogina, true this has been going on for a long time. Still, it is important to know where one is coming from. Do weou have respect for others? One of the key contributions of the Ethiopian student movement was to educate the peope to respect self-determination. It was not about oppossing unity, but unity based on recognition of rights. Education and action complement each other

  13. Fayyis

    You just label me as an “Eritrean”. Cann’t I be an Ethiopian? Cann’t I be an Oromian, if Oromia becomes a nation? What is the problem with this or that group or ethnic, nation or nationality. Can I be an Internationalist? How about that? Can I be an American,or a Chinese? It is my Choice. To answer your question, yes our DEMOCRACIA includes self determination including secession.Yes it must be voted on. The question is how and when. I must point out to you that voting is one aspect of our DEMOCRCIA.

    Fayyis, yes anything should be by a public verdict. The problem is that most of us assume that we are the public servants, in actual fact none of us are. It is our wish. For instance, your “friend” Getachew thinks he is responsible for the Oromo people but the OLF leadership. And so on and so forth. We can be advocates for the people but not their representative. The people did not vote for us and so you see we are all bluffing. Where is the verdict? I leave the answer for you.

    As to Ogina

    Two points for you. First, I am the one how I want to be called. You are denying my Choice. Why do want to be negative with my name. I have a reason why I want to be called Obo Arada Shawl. You can ask me if you want to know. My given name is wolde tewolde. Do I live by that name? You be the judge. My pen name is OAS. For brevity purpose, you can address me OAS or OBO or ARADA or Shawl. It is not more significant for me as to others. What I am trying to say is that the word ARADAW has a negative connotation. That is all.

    My second point is this. You wrote “What Aradaw is trying to tell us …”. I am not trying to tell you, I am trying to communicate with you. Besides, don’t include yourself with Fayyis. Let us act individually. I am not here to argue with groups. I am trying to explain what I have written. Actually, we are not focusing on the article that is at hand. Why do you inject the theory that had passed. I have only responded to Fayyis’s inquiry. You seem to push foreward, then where is your critics on my foreward solutions with DEBTERAW. I have already given too much ideas for discussion including new names for what you call “Abesha”. Please, let me have feed back.


    I think you wanted discussion. Let us have it. Ask, comment, critic and suggest. I think it is a good idea to believe in education.

    Thanks to all of you. Happy X-Mas. I hope you will not be offended. Good night for WDC.

  14. Selam obo Arada Shawl,

    I follow and entusiastcaly read your artcles commenting on a variety of siginficant issues and try to illuminate the concept of constructive political discourse. For your untiring effort you have become a magnate of an assortment of readers and commentators. As an open public forum, we some time will be forced to divert the topic at hand and find ourselves mired in negative and delebrate attempt to lower the standrad of DEBETERAW’S excellence to that of other yellow and gutter websittes.As I understand, the aim and purpsose of DEBETERAW as stipulated in its disclairmer notice is to facilatate and strengthen the Pan- Ethiopian STRUGGLE of PATRIOTTIC ETHIOPIANS AND ORGANIZATIONS. I am a partisian who took a stand 40 yrs ago to struggle for the opressed masses of the Ethiopian people. In fact I am universalist or intertnationalist advocating against any injustice everywhere. I consider myslef a radical progressive or social democrat.I am a very proud Ethiopian who defend my country. I was and still is a harsh crtic of narrow or chavaunist indidviduals,organzations,fronts…

    As much as I admire your effort obo Arada, some charcters want to drag you and prvoke others and turn the page to attack and counter-attack by resorting and even lowering oneself to poronographic name calling. THIS DOES NOT REFELECT WELL IN THE NAME AND TRADITION OF OUR HERO DEBTERAW.

    If OLF issue or the so called “self-determination upto cessation” subject is needed to be discussed and timely for the strugle, then bring it on..let us here the pro and cons of the issue. What bothers and sometime upset me is some self appointed “messiah” like false prophets pop-up thier ugly head and start condeminding and demonizing the the collective proud history of entire ethnic groups or proud Ntion in order to justify their griviences. This kind of politics-hate politics- only useful for those who run out of IDEAS and historical facts to back their cliam.This nagative discourse shoud not be a part of ratioanlized and productive forum-has to be excised from the body politiss. To provide due respect in the name of democratic interaction will end up muddy the politcal water.
    If we want to creat a forum to revist all outstanding political issues it will be like a new year’s eve drinking party to swear or to promise to change only to foget it the neXt day.That is why some of us are very skeptical the sincerity and motive of rececnt converts of anti-woyanism..remember their track record(past) tell us they have more in common with woyanne world view tha n they have with us.I can say a alot on this but let the record speak for itself….
    The time demands for action, paralysis by analysis must be avoided at any cost.


  15. Ob Arada,
    thanks for the thoughtfull comment. I asked you if you are Eritrean for you metnioned that you didn’t vote for independence. Otherwise you can choose to be the citizen of any nation including Oromian. Your position on unity and self-detemination is now clear to me. We are on the same page. Regarding your article, I just appreciated and do have nothing to criticze except the clarification I wanted concerning your position on democratic unity per self-determination of nations. You see people like Germamew try to pray and preach their version of UNCONDITIONAL Unity at the cost of national liberty of Oromos and others. I do now know that your view is different from such die hard concervative AETHIOPIANS!

  16. Obo,
    pardon! Ok, I will call you as you wish. It was not my intention to negatively connote your chosen name. As you said, let’s focus on the issue of discussion!!

  17. Fayyis

    I don’t think Germame wants to be a die hard man for in his name lies the famous Germame – well educated and well intentioned who dared that no man has ever done before. I think we have to give credit to our “comrade” or discussant who is carrying his name. I do not think he is using the hero’s name for nothing. But to the position he is holding on to his “Ethiopia” is not a bad thing, Nationalism is like that. It makes people emotional for nothing. One’s birth right, birth place, one’s heritage, identity and so on do not go away easily. Germame does not use vulgar language. As far as I am concerned, at least he has a name to be deciphered but his territory is unknown.It is only Ethiopia. Many of us do not know what Ethiopia looks like. It is only in name that we are aware.Did you not meet who comments “he looks Ethiopian”. Is that not why Menghistu killed 60 officials who do not look like him? Ignorance is bliss, they say.

    In my life, I have come across where primitive communal community is practiced, slave community, feudal, capitalist and socialist system of governance prevail. All five types of societies within Aethiopia. Within one generation!! It is amazing that within this generation, we have come a long way. Mind you, Aethiopia was/is in the seventeen century. I know many will be offended for saying this but just look it in this way.

    In America, what is very important for the society are the following two agendas.

    1. ENERGY


    What about for Aethiopia?


    2. Communication

    Do you agree on this Obo Ogina?

  18. Obo Ogina

    What do you want me to discuss about?

    In this article, I have attempted to say

    about Education vs. Religion

    about Politics vs Revolution.

    On the headlines, I have mentioned

    CONSTITUTION – a failure of the Monarchy
    REVOLUTION – a failure of the DERG
    DEMOCRACIA – a failure of the TPLF
    JUSTICE – a failure of the EFDJ (EPLF)

    The above four elements hve played and will play major role in all what we perceived problems of our Great Societies.

    Let us admit that there is no Constitution, the Revolution went astray, there is no DEMOCRACIA and there is no Justice. We have them only on paper. We should put them into practice. HOW is the question to be answered by all of us. Let us discuss it.

  19. The solution for the troubled Horn region is as simple as it was stated in the programme of AFD. Unfortunately we were not matured enough to comprehend the documment and we discarded it due to our scepsis! The formation of AFD was the only moment I saw Weyane trembling. We need to forge now a similar alliance of Unity forces and Liberty fronts against Weyane. People like Aite Getachew try to hinder this by sowing a discord between Amhara dominated Unity forces and Oromo dominated Liberty fronts! What about Germame? Watch out his comments, which is mostly directed against Liberty fronts, not against Weyane per se!!

  20. Obo,
    Thanks! DEMOCRACIA which includes respecting the right of nations to self-determination is the only solution. This is the common denominator all democratic forces need in order to cooperate, make an alliance and coordinate their resources against the current dictators in both Ethiopia and Eritrea. Getting rid of the brutal Weyane regime must be the first step to be taken in Ethiopia. The “recent comers” who do struggle based on the “theory of Unity” must learn to put things in a priority:
    – 1st build inclusive alliance of unity forces and liberation fronts to get rid of the Dictator,
    – 2nd respect and practice DEMOCRACIA including self-determination,
    – 3rd learn to live according to the public verdict, even if the result meanse “NO to Unity”

    Otherwise Weyane will continue the game of devide and rule as it enjoyed during the last 18 years!!

  21. Selam to All,

    What is delebrately missing in the argumente of these two guys who latley enjoy the limelight of attacking any opnion if it has the phrase of UNITY and the name ETHIOPIA, is the so called “Colonial question”.This contentious slogan is now marketed as “self-determination” by dressing it up DEMOCRATIC garb. The moderately and concilatary operator Ogina put it this way..

    “DEMOCRACIA which includes respecting the right of nations to self-determination is the only solution”.

    when one reads this and the slogan DEMOCRACIA is the goal,it will be wrong and inaprporiate to disagree with the hope an aspiration of the people who demand their sovereign right to govern themselves.Is this realy the issue we are discussing here? DEMOCRACIA in separatist fronts world seemed just phrse-mongering. What happened to the OLF’S colonial question? why do these two self apponted advocates bitting around the bush? How could an allinace would be possible with Fronts who vowed for independence and have engaged in armed struggle and oppostions who claim to protect the unity of the Nation and people? Since their inception ONLF,OLF did not make any secert their intentions and strategy. It is their manifesto written for all who care to read.

    Shabia/EPLF,woyanne/TPLF, Mugabe’s ZANU-pf,Angolas MPLA etc.. has turned out to be most viscious dictaorial and repressive states even than the regime they replaced. What is wrong to revist the role and undemocratic nature of the so call “liberation fronts” in order to avoid another catstroph?Is not the resopnsiblity and duty of the educated and conscious member of the society? Is not what happended to the whole reevaluation of “Mrxist-Leninist” doctrine? And the total rejection of “one party dictatorship”?

    As reported in the media there was a split in OLF between the old guard Ethiophobs and the progressive elements who wants to change their course strategically and join other Ethiopian pro democracy and unity forces. This split in some dubious circles has been taken as political bonanaza to widen their inflence and is being played for short term political expediency to marginalyse what they call and and whispered here in this forum as “die-hrad”,”Extreme” etc… forces in the opposition camp. It is seldom used euphemism to isolate most exprienced and unwavering organizations like EPRP and other patriotic groups. Some Run away factions has succumbed to this temptation and a very popular pan Ethiopian oraganization (CUD) has splintered.AFD must be seen in these conetxt. It is the outgrowth of a weakness and disarray of the passive opposition being exploited by better organized and finnanced and armed fronts sponsored by a beleaguered neigbour to take adavantage and turn the balnce of power in the region…
    What we see here is another sleek attempt to revive the same or similar balance of power arrangement in order to defeat the “MAIN ENEMY”. IT IS TERMED OR DEFINED AS AN ALLIANCE OR may be another term will be coined to to fit the present political mood of the guillables.. like “hibret”, “Timret”.””Soilidarity” resmebles the a kind of “Thieves accord” to agree to to rob and fight later dividing the loot.

    To conclud for now , political buzz words are just that,.. BU.Z.Z..Z..Zeee.



  22. Dear all,
    it seems what Fayyis wrote about Germame holds water. Germame’s all remarks seem to hinder the possible alliance of Unity forces with Liberation fronts, which is the night mare for Weyane. He attacks Liberation fronts more than he does on Weyane. At this particular moment, this is the strategy followed by Weyane cadres. That is also what Dr. Getachew is doing.

    As Obo Arada ia trying, we are all in search of a lasting solution for that troubled region of the Horn in general and for Aethiopia in particular. The solution is DEMOCRACIA.

    Some people accept democracia only in case of deciding who should come to power, but not for the sake of deciding on the type of FEDERATION we need if we decide to live in Unity and not for the sake of deciding on the typer of SOVEREIGNITY we need if we have to decide on the issue: Unity vs Independence!

    As far as Oromos are concerend, democracia should be limitless. It should allow the public on decision in all the three areas:
    – to decide who should come to power,
    – to decide on the type of federation (geographical federation as pro unity forces want to see or lingual federation as preferred by liberation fronts)
    – to decide on the type of sovereignity, if nations have to excercise their right to self-determination (Union or Independence).

    The question yet to be answered is: are people like Germame really the old style pro Unity “democrats” or are they the camouflaged Weyane cadres playing the role of conservative Ethiopianists like Dr. Getachew seems to be!

  23. Obo Arada and Obo Ogina,
    I wish you power and perseverance in reasoning with such either die hard Amhara conservatives or the modern Weyane cadres. Aite Germame is just farting and vomiting the same old theory, which disregards Oromo’s right to self-determination. I personally did my conclusion, that the only solution is fight till victory, not discuss with them, which is a futile excercise!

  24. Come on people!!!

    Let us go to basics.
    WHAT? Liberation, Democracy, independence,WHERE? Ethiopia, Eritrea, Oromia, Amharia, etc.etc.
    WHEN? Any time soon

    WHY? Because the people demand it

    HOW? By toppling the TPLF/EPRDF government.

    As far as I am concerned, we have to agree on the name, the territory and subject matter.

    This means: Name : AETHIOPIA

    Territory : MAKK

    Subject matter/value: Liberty-Fraternity-Equality ?

    Or Life, the pursuit of Happines and Liberty?

    What are we pursuing for? Take stand on this first, but before you decide to withdraw, think deep and hard. Or go on arguing not discussing like what you are attempting do now. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Discussion comes first without precondition. Thanks for attention.

  25. The militant Oromo, Ob Fayyis, quited the discussion, he has no more patience to deal with the die hard Unity freaks. I will try my best to reason with the reasonables. Yes let’s start our discussion with the basics. It seems we all need the basic education of DEMOCRACIA. We all talk about it, but we tend to never walk the walk. Unconditional unity is anti-Democracia just as unconditional Independence is also anti-Democracia. Democracia is the rule of majority’s will coupled with respecting minority’s right. Oromo can never fear this for it is a majotiry. But others specially Abyssinians preach it, yet never to practice it, just to hinder Oromos from getting the upper hand. This is also what Germame tries here!

  26. Ogina
    It is good that you are willing to discuss issues. I thank you for that.

    DEMOCRACIA = DEMOCRACIa i.e.with capital D or A.

    As you have indicated demo means people cracia means rule of the people, of course the majority’s rule.

    This concept has been transformed into many formats but basically it is either a process or an end. In our case, the word was popularized during the Eway Revolution. However, it was abused and re-abused.As a result many people do not have love for this word, democracy. Even world-wide, the word democracy is being abused. Representative or participatory democracy is leading the way.

    So let us go to our own situation. Yes there is a fear of being of a minority and a joy of belonging to a majority. But there is a misconception on both sides of the issue. First of all there is no statistics, if there is, it is dubious. Second, when we say majority, it does not classify or categorize the population. Take for instance, if we are going to vote for a presidential, the majority is the total sum of population, be it Oromo, Amhara, or others. In the election what is happening in our case is based on ethnicity or blood relations not on issues. Democracy will work when and if the issues and the organizational principles are correct. It is true that the Woyane is a minority compared to Oromo, Amhara and that is why they pretend to operate in coalition as EPRDF. We all know the truth. Don’t you think that the TPLF wants more division so that they will be majority in a minority? In the organizing principle of ethnicity, there is no doubt that the Amharic speakers and the Oromiffa speakers will dominate the government. That is why both majorities are feared and the minorities are scared.

    But for me, that is not the DEMOCRACIA I am referring to. DEMOCRACIA is based on individual basis for collective purposes. I believe that Germame is being hard line for the same reason that ethnicity or blood relationship will bring only disaster so also Fayyis. In the Eritrean case, there is no democracy, there was a referendum. Those who fought for democracy has been criminilzed. The EPLF has blocked any question of democracy before independence and now they have no language of it except in name. Most of them think that democracy in Africa does not work. They have still the colonial mentality.

    But in Oromia, I do not think the majority think they have the colonial mentality but the democracy mentality. That is the reality I know. So youth (I think you said he is young) Fayyis may remain a die hard just like Getachew. I do not think they will be talking in terms of democracy but in terms of master and slave relationship. Let us leave them alone. We will respect their right, after all we are dealing with DEMOCRACIA. Thanks for your attention.

  27. Dear Obo,
    thanks for the response and for the clarification about Democracia. Just short commenton your assertion:
    – firstly I do not accept your use of the word “Ethnicity” when dealing with the issue of nations like Oromo. This concept is more discriminatory designation given by Europeans. They choose the word nation when talking about people in Europe like German, Fench, England…etc, and yet call all national groups in Africa as Ethnies.
    – secondly we like or not Democracia in multinational countries like Aethiopia deals with national compition. Oromos definetly choose their man/woman as a president if given fair and free election; Amharas, Tigreans, Somalis, Gurages…etc do the same. Democracia in Aethiopia is not only about issue, but also about national freedom.
    – Democracia is a meanse to the End for oppressed nations like Oromo, whereas it is the END for those free nations like Germany.
    – Minorities like Tigreans fear Democracia not to loose the power at their hand and “the majorities” like Amhara also fear Democracia for they see the chance their rival like Oromos can have to achieve their goal of self-determination including independence.
    – Peculiar in Aethiopa is the question of Oromo nation, which is being under subjugation as a majority. Unless this question is answered, no Democracia will be allowed by the dominating Abyssinians.
    – Abyssinians fear both the Liberation of Oromo and the Domination by Oromo. If Oromos decide for independence, this liberation meanse a lose of profit for them. If Oromos decide for Union and excercise democracia, this will be interpreted as a move for domination.
    – This way or that way Oromo movement is seen sceptically by the dominating Abyssinians, so that Oromos seem to come to the conclusion: “it is impossible to democratize the empire”. They say: the only remedy is dismantle the empire, liberate all nations in the empire and then build if possible the Union of Independent Nations (UIN) as a new Aethiopia or as a confederated new Horn of Africa.

  28. Obo Ogina

    There is no Empire. What empire are you talking about?

    Dismantle the empire first! Where were you when the Empire was collapsed mainly by your own folks?

    According to history books,

    FIRST, there was the MONARCHY

    SECOND, there was the DICTATORSHIP

    THEN CAME DEMOCRACIA. We are in that stage, the highest stage of governance. I thought, Oromia population will lead in such venture of democracia.

    If you still think that the Abssynians whoever they are (I hope you are aware that the Eritreans call themselves as Abyssinia although the name is given by the Arabs). Any how, I am not a historian and I do not like history. Let us stop it here about history.

    All countries were not the same, they evolve. I guess I have told you I did not believe the colonial theory of the Eritreans and I do not believe the colonial theory of the Oromos. I did not vote for the independence of Eritrea based on colonial theory and I am not going to support the independence of Oromia based on colonial theory but on DEMOCRACIA. That is my stand. We can discuss about Colonialism if you wish. How do you expect me to support the independence of Oromia without democracia especially when you know I am trying to reverse the Eritrean Independence as it was not based on DEMOCRACIA. If you believe in getting solutions for the people whom I have deep sympathy, let us have common understanding of democracy and then go for the END result which is Independence. Otherwise, power comes out of the barrel of the gun as preached by the Woyan which I totally abhor. Deal with them. I have nothing to say. There maybe others who can support you in destroying and then build another grand empire. I have never participated in destruction but in practising DEMOCRACIA. The Eway was and is a Revolution for preserving LIFE, Liberty and Happiness. It was not meant for ELF (Equality-Liberty-Fraternity.) If you believe in such Fronts, you have to go back to the seventeen century. Thanks for your attention. Good night.

  29. Dear Obo,
    if you don’t believe in the yet existing Empire, you are entitled to your belief. Fact is that still there is Abyssinian empire system subjugating other nations in the region. Well Monarchy and Military government are gone, but dictatorship and domination do still prevail. You can avoid the word colonialism and call it what ever you like (expansion, domination, subjugation, occupation….etc), it is fact that Amharas had the say in the “empire” till 1991 and now replaced by Tigreans!

    It is good that you accept that the END we struggle for is INDEPENDENCE. You argue the meanse must be ONLY Democracia and Oromos say this way which is called democracia is already blocked because of the fear of Abyssinians, who do just give only the lip service, but oppose in practice the procces of democracia. That is why Oromos try to use ALL inclusive meanse (Democracy, Military and Deplomacy), except terrorism targeting civilians, to come to the END!

    Your assertion: “only Democracia as a meanse” sounds similar to Weyane’s mantra: “only peacefull way of struggle”. Weyane says that for it knows well that no party can take power from them by only peacefull meanse. Is your intention also the same? Do you know deep in your heart that no Democracia can be practiced in the “empire” as long as Abyssinians are in power and as long as Oromos are challenging their position? Democracia may mean loss of their domiantion, power and profit. Can you see the parallel? I don’t dare to call you part of Weyane, but the move is similar!!

  30. Selam All,

    After all going around and spewing venomous attack against the “diehards”, the “Unity freaks” the “Abeshas”, and the favourite mantra “Abyssinians” Ogina finally let loose his bankrupted “colonial” question as far as going to threaten and blackmail like this:
    “Abyssinians fear both the Liberation of Oromo and the Domination by Oromo. If Oromos decide for independence, this liberation meanse a lose of profit for them. If Oromos decide for Union and excercise democracia, this will be interpreted as a move for domination.
    – This way or that way Oromo movement is seen sceptically by the dominating Abyssinians, so that Oromos seem to come to the conclusion: “it is impossible to democratize the empire”. They say: the only remedy is dismantle the empire, liberate all nations in the empire and then build if possible the Union of Independent Nations (UIN) as a new Aethiopia or as a confederated new Horn of Africa.”

    The saddest and divisive myth perpetrated by rejectionst ethno-nationalist groups IS to equate the whole people with that of the self-appointed elitsts or organizations. It is not strange and unique for groups or organizations to demand total independence and go to war to attain that goal. History is replete with such events. The history of humankind from city -states to modern Nations – did not happen at the ballot box. Almost all countries come to being by blood and sword,exapansion,yes subjecation etc…This is not to justify what has happened only to state the historcal fact.A one time ruling class,tribe,ethnic group had been ousted and turned as a captive subject and loose all previlages that comes with its political power. The vicious circle of competition to empower once favourite group,ethinc or class etc. has been going on for centuries. All wars and conflicts and civil strife are the resuslt of these seemingly unending warfare and violent competitions. What we now call the WEST AND NORTH AMERICA has come to gribs or understand to solving this vicious circle after involving themselves into two world wars and the holocaust-now E.Europe , E. Asia and S Amerca are following suit.
    The midle East and Africa are lagging behinde history-the main reason because of the big powers intervention in their natural devlopment to reach a modern state status, the other is the uneven development of the nation states themeselves.
    Most ethno nationalist scholarships and the whole education system favours the Euro-centric ineterpretions of colonial history of Africa.This miseducation of our elites and wannabee local tyrants has been a stumbling block for the last half century to help divde by divisive ethnic conflict and armed conflict to grab politcal power in the name of this or that tribe or ethnic group, and subjifate the downtrodden people of Africa and Ethiopia in particular for ever worse political,economic and social conditions.

    When a country like Ethiopia indigenously created its own myth and history, culture and survived as as a multi-ethnic entity despite internal injusitce and untold sufferings of its people for centuries, it is written off as a “100 years”fiction…blah,blah, blaha…The Frenh peasant, the Italian city -states,the prussian/tuetonic tribss of today’s Germany,the moscovites etc are studied and told with venerations as the peoples history of winners and loosers. NOT IN OUR LAND!!

    what is the role of a progressive and modern man concept of a human being is vastly differnt, let alone from yeter years even contemperory backward and medevial thinking political forces.

    Why do the Ethiopians resist European colonialism? Fascist Mussoloni’s invasion? It is now denigrated by ETHIO-PHOBS – as conspiracy to subjigate this or that ethnic group. This ethnicts who shed a crododile tears even abuse other Ethiopians for showning concern and solidarity as non -of -your- business, as if they own the ethnic group as a private property or feudal lord takes his serf as his subject. The notorious anti-Ethiopian Lench Letttta apeared in one of the wimpy paltalk room and declared that EPRP has no business with the Oromo people. That was by the height of arrogance reached and today repeated in this forum by the likes of Ojina and his fellow travellers.. lecturing us and warnning us at the same time the condition of settlement to their COLONIAL QUEST.
    What do you think all these fight and sacrfice for years and continuing.. ?To compromise and remake the country as if it is a manufactured entity? What country and people survived and lived happily ever after by blackmailing ?If you are in a church and preach for the choir you might expect your audience to agree with you. But you will be wrong to assume that the whole country even the the whole community outside of your chruch should have the same relgion. Your understanding of Democracy is only with those who agree with your subscrbtion and fallacy of grandure of majority. Have you ever heard of the tyranny of the majority? what do you think happened in the dominant white USA? SLAVERY OF BLACKS AND JIMCROW-IS THIS RING A BELL?Do you know who is the greatest of Amercan presidents? who saved the UNION? OR EMANICIPATEDM THE SLVES? THE UNION WAS SAVED BUT DEMOCRACY WAS NOT EXTENED FOR FREED SLAVES. THE AFRICAN AMERICANS CONTINUED STRUGGLING FOR FULL CITZENSHIP. THERE WERE SEPRATIST GROUPS AMONG BLACK AMERCANS AND STILL ARE.BUT THEY NEVER GAINED MASS APPEAL. WHY? I WILL LEAVE IT TO YOU TO PONDER…

  31. Ato Germame,
    wawu!! What a long article with few fruitfull concepts! I have tried to get the core substance and here is my response to it!

    – Again I don’t agree with your designation of nations like Oromo as “Ethnic”, unless other wise you do agree with your friends aka European colonizers, who do dare to despise African nations as such.

    – Instead of only discrediting other’s assertion, please just try to bring up your alternative.

    – To your convenience, I just used other words replacing colonialism, the content being the same.

    – To know if the idea of the Elites you mentioned is similar to that of Oromo people at large, join Oromo community and find what they think.

    – Your attempt to compare African American situation with that of oppressed African nations in the continent Africa is wrong! America is the melting pot of emigrants from all parts of the globe, whereas nations in Africa are indigenous with specific common culture and common geographical area to be developed to a national-states like that of European countries.

    – Like it or not Oromo nationalism is the reality you will deal with. Ostrich-poletics of denial cannot save your empire from disintegration, unless we will not find a common solution to transform the EMPIE to the new UNION. Can you understand the difference between these two concepts? If not, ask! You seem to save the empire, whereas Oromos strive to forge the union!!

    – You can not help Ethiopia to prevail with only slogans, but you can help in forging the Union, if you are open enough to engage pro Union Oromos like Lencoo Lataa, in contrast to the radical pro Independence Oromo forces!

    – Again, the empire is on a cross road. Smart Amhara and moderate Oromo scholars are trying to find a common denominator, just by rejecting the obsolete Unity mantra people like you do pray and by down playing the independence rhetoric of radical Oromo nationalists.

    – Last, but not least, if you are really pro unity “Ethiopianinst” (not a camouflaged Weyane cadre playing the conservative rolle), stop fighting the SMOKE (which is futile), rather fight the FIRE! Liberation movements are the smokes, as a sign of the presense of a fire, which is a symbol for domination. As long as Abyssinian domination exists, there will be Oromo liberation movement. That is why you better fight against the fire (Domination forces), in order to get rid of the smoke (Liberation fronts)! Agree??

  32. Ob Arada,
    your hitherto message is double: Unity and Independence! How do you reconcile the two? Can we have both at a time?

    Ato Germame,
    I will give you the benefit of the doubt! If you are a genuine Unity freak Abesha, I am ready to toletrate your view. Whenever I sense your Unity mantra is the same to that of Aite Getachew (a camouflaged move of Weynae cadres to sow a discord between pro Unity Amhara forces and pro Liberty Oromo fronts), you will get the necessary KURKUM from me, not a genuine discussion!

    Ob Ogina,
    I just admired the way you challenge Unity freaks in favour of Oromo’s right to self-determination. Jabaadhu!!

  33. Ob Fayyis,
    thanks for the complement! We are cheking Weyane cadres, who do try to be camouflaged as either Amhara Unity forces to fight against Oromo Liberty fronts or camouflaged as the Liberty fronts against the Unity forces. Their main aim is to sow a discord among these two camps, which potentially can ally against Weyane. It is clear Aite Getachew is one of them. Is Ato Germamw one of them? Time will tell us. Ob Arada is the solution with the lasting solution. Let’s read more from him!!!

  34. Selam All,

    As I made it clear before, the two individuals divisive agenda is to drag the discussion into what has become known as -YE-ZER POLITKA(ethnic politics). I have no beef with these two gentlemen. They are entitled to their opnions but not the facts and history most other Ethiopians believe to be true and are following. I do not mind to be labeled as an ENEMEY of their anti Ethiopian project. I would not stoop to the level and attack their human persona. I am only against their Anti Ethiopian opnion, faith-based pseudo histography. I do not claim to be right all the time but I do not deny my love and dedication to fight and struggle for my beloved Ethiopia.
    Both of you share an opnion though mildly presented by Ogina-your effort to to form an alliance of “oromo and Amara” against Woyane/TPLF…Did it not OLF FORM AN ALLIANCE/FRONT with TPLF and was part of transitional government? What was the aim at the time ? .. To marginlize the Amara and southern minority ethnic groups so that OLF’S colonial projcet to be fulfilled and utlized. Was it not the attempted ethnic cleansing in the south,and eastern part of Ethiopia that resulted or forced for the formation of AAPO & Southern peoples ethnic based organizations to protect themselves from the state sponsored onslaught?

    The spectre of dismantling the “empire”have come and gone.

    Had it not been for the rsoulute struglle of patriotic Oromos,Amaras and other minority ethnic groups and the Ethiopian people at large, Ethiopia was no more. If what you narrow and rejectionist Ethiophobss under the umberalla ofLF’s-SHABIA/EPLF,TPLF,OLF. — cesseless propaganda backed by well finnanced armed take over of the Ethiopian state were not ressisted by majority of the people without any strong and united organization , to date the “fictitious Ethiopia” woud have been one of the most balkanized and Somlia-like state.
    The Ethiopian people have been at the edge of the abyss of ethnic strife and seen its black hole and rejected divisve ethnic agendas who trade in their name only those politcians to line-up their pockets and their families fortunes.
    The Ethiopian politics has been revolving around two extreme political forces for a long time now..

    -Those who deny the opression and marginilzation of ethnic nationalites,relgion and cultures and other backward practices of feudal society –
    -And those who deny the collective economic ,cultural and political opression of the vast majoity of the people by authortarian rulling class.
    The first was represented by ancien regime, and its succesor Derge
    The second IS by SHABIA,TPLF,OLF,ONLF.
    The two forces have common identification- when they come to power -despotism.
    War and mayhem was declared on the main stream political forces which EPRP WAS THE LEADING PARTY.
    Both these extrem and regressive anti social forces has waged war against the mainstream ideal of Ethiopianism.After the fall of Derge, these forces who was functioning like hand and glove quarreled because of the allocaton of political power and share of the loot.
    To date, these forces promise of pie- on -the sky to the people in whose name they swore to struggle, have turned out to be the most brutal of any modern state. Two are temperorly hung on to power by brute force and repression, the third who always trade its causes for the highest bidder is in the politcal wilderness. Lately, the political carpet it stands on for long time is being pulled under its feet. It is now shopping around to sell its worn out garment by stiching it with new treads.The salesmen are all over the place looking for a bailout to save the bunkrupted model.. like they say-Good will hunting.. there are other toxic factions who facilitate the bailout in order to save it from total meltdown. Ofcourse ther are some who want to believe the the unbelievable. I say –GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY..


  35. Ato Germame,
    I know Fayyis can cook you to death as he did to Dr. Getachew for we are not yet sure whether you are a “genuine” pro Unity freak or the camouflaged Weyane cadre playing the conservative role. My approach depends on which one you are. As a Unity freak I can tolerate you and discuss matters. As a Weyane cadre, you deserve no reasonable discussion, but an appropriate fight. Any ways you fight others more than you do aghainst Weyane. Is this by default or by design? I am just reading you. Go on and write what ever you do have in mind about the Liberation Fronts you seem to hate to death!!

  36. Saro, Saro and Saro

    I heard this word in Gemu Gofa. I believe it means welcome – peace- and have a nice day. I like it.

    I do not like the word SELAM as used by Germame or any Absynian for in it there is a hidden trick or conspiratorial. You all know that I love the number 13 and that Selam in Geez has 13. For some reason, may it has been overused, I do no like the word SELAM. I have not seen peace since I was born i.e. cultural and political peace. I also think that the word is not indigenous to our societies.

    OK Saro to Fayyis, Saro to Germame and Saro to Ogina.


    You asked me about Unity and Independence. Let me give you instance from my own experience. In Eritrea they use two words interchangeably, HARNET and NAZNET. One is for liberty and the other for independence.After indpendence, Eritreans began to get confused because of these two words usage. Harnet or Naznet became like the chicken or the eqg, which comes first. There were there versions, For some Harnet comes first, No Naznet comes first and a third one claim both are the same. I have surveyed this for over a decade, still no solution. Egg or Chicken?

    And so let me come to your question of Unity vs Independence. If you believe in the theory of colonialism, then Independence should come first. But we are discussing for liberty – all types of liberty. In other words, we are discussing about the people who live together or next to each other.

    To Ogina

    You said as if I am sounding like the Woyane by not explaining the Means from the Ends.

    I have gone over this many times.In the 1960, there were two prominent personalities by the name of GABAYEHYU FARRISSA and SHIBRU SEIFU. You can tell by their names what language they used to speak.

    Both individuals were campaigning for the Presidency for Student Union in college campus. Gebyehu’s core campaign speech was “the means justify the ends” whereas Shibru was campaigning on “the end justifies the means”. Here we are again after 50 years not moving an inch. Amazing!! Woyane’s belief is in the YETM FISHEW DUKETUN AMCHEW. There is no an aota of democracy let alone DEMOCRACIA in the belief system of Woyane and Shaebia. DEMOCRACIA only lives in Organizations such as ELF, OLF and EPRP. May be there are others, I do not know.


    It is good to believe in Unity but unity should come with voluntarism, vote and victory in that order and not in reverse order like the Woyanes and Shaebia’s which is victory-vote-voluntarism. That is the wrong order. We have seen this with the DERG, with the current regimes in Aethiopia.

    Truth will prevail. It is about people not land.

  37. Obo Arada,
    thanks! You said “It is about people not land”. I do say it is about both. It is about Bilisummaa Sabaa (Harinet = liberty of people) and about Walabummaa Biyyaa (Nazinet = independence of land). It is not about the quesion which comes first? Egg or Chicken, Bilisummaa or Walabummaa, Harinet or Nazinet? Fact is that both Egg and Chicken should exist. That is why both Walabummaa and Bilisummaa should prevail!!

  38. Really interesting to observe the discussion between “Amhara” guy Germame, “Eritrean” Shawl and “Oromo” Fayyis. The first prays and preachs unconditional Unity, the second tries to forge the possible integration of the Horn and the last is the embittered fighter for Bilisummaa Saba Oromo and Walabummaa Biyya Oromo. I hope we will have more interesting discussions also under other threads. I personally do respect the view of all and wish to learn yet more!

  39. Germame,

    Your concern for the oppressed, workers and peasants is commendable. That type of concern used to be the dominant politics. Today the concern is somewhere else. Even the EPRP has put those issues aside. Let us hope that the rights of workers and peasants will not be neglected entirely. Social democracy may give us the appropriate balance. I hope we raise this question in the near future. But, I want to return to the dominant issue of the day.

    My comment is some what long, and I mean and hope to help the on going discussion.

    There are two interrelated issues of this discussion. The first is defining Ethiopia, the second is Structure of Governance.

    1. Defining Ethiopia: Like any word the name Ethiopia has variety of meanings. Politically, the dominant meanings have been defined by the ruling classes, which inevitably generated opposing definitions. I will summarize my understanding of the definitions of Ethiopia of some of the recent emperors. I will use the terms narrow and broad for a simple classification. Narrow or broad not geographically, but by who the emperors included and excluded when they said Ethiopia.

    Tewodros: narrow
    Yohannes: very narrow
    Menelik: somewhat broad
    Iyasu: broad, almost revolutionary
    Haile Sellassie: somewhat narrow

    The wishes of the last emperor were broad. He said a number of things that were good and modern. But, in practice he could not broaden his definition. He was perhaps afraid that the church and the aristocracy will accuse him of playing Iyasu. But, the spirit of Iyasu did not die with him. It came back to the fore in the rebellion of Walellegn Makonnen, expressed in the context of the revolutionary 1960s. (I am not sure if Walellegn would agree with my interpretation)

    The emperor and the military regime could not even accommodate General Tadesse Biru. Here was a man whose family perished fighting for Ethiopia, who himself joined the patriotic forces at a very tender age, fought, imprisoned, and returned to the capital with the liberation forces. A man who was loyal to country and crown. This man was kicked out of the system because he wanted to teach Geez Fidel to the Oromo. No wonder that the Oromo are astounded when they hear complaints about the Qubee. People do not need permission to react to narrow definitions of Ethiopia, they respond as they see fit as a free people who has every right to rebel, and to alternatives.

    So, my understanding of the different liberation fronts is that, their fight is not with the name Ethiopia as such, but with specific definitions that they found oppressive. In a way the fight is over who should define Ethiopia. In practice this fight can go on in the form of armed resistance or negotiations. The latter form is preferable.

    The EPRP, or any other organization cannot alone define Ethiopia. They must negotiate or fight over it. Suppose the groups that Garmame supports come to power. What are they going to do with the other organizations? Fight them, if so, where is the progress? If peace and prosperity are the objective, peaceful negotiations and procedures must be learned and established as dominant processes. Establishing such tradition cannot wait until some political force comes to power.

    2. Structure of Governance: I assume that the majority of organizations support a federal form of government. The problem is that there are many types of federalism: centralized federalism, decentralized federalism, and in betweens. The choice partly depends on our definition of Ethiopia. Some are trying to revive the spirit and definition of Tewodros etc., arguing for federation in name but for a unitary state in practice, others are arguing for a loose federation.

    Many liberation movements may find the EPRP’s definition of Ethiopia benign. But, they need structural protection to guarantee equal citizenship. That is why they will tend to favour a loose federation. They need escape root, just in case. They fear the revival of the definitions of Tewodros and Yohannes. This should be debated, no one can run a way from it. You remember we thought the Eritrean question is solved when they got their independence. But they still occupy Ethiopian politics. In this sense, geography matters. The people of the Horn are joined at the hip, they have no option but to negotiate.

    Some say war is politics by another means, and insist on war. Other say politics is the art of compromise, and try to find workable solutions. Compromise means giving up some things one likes to have. All sides must compromise in order to give peace, prosperity, and justice a chance.

    Obo Arada,
    Thank you for helping the discussion. By the way what do you mean by the Eway Revolution. How is ifferent from the 1974 Revolution? What is the orogin of the word Eway, and its significance? I am new to this website, so excuse the ignorance.

    This was too long, sorry guys. Have a good week.

  40. Liben

    Thanks for your comments.All comments are valid, and I agree with all your comments.

    As to your questions,I may not totally satisfy you by writing on this format. But let me try.

    What is the Eway Revolution? If you see at the top of this article, we can see CONSTITUTION, REVOLUTION, DEMOCRACY AND JUSTICE.

    As to the CONSTITUTION, the last emperor Haile Sellasie could not hand over power neither to his son nor to the Aethiopian people. He was forced not only by the DERG but also by the people what we call the Eway Revolution.

    The Eway Revolution was usurped by the Military Junta. The Eway Revolution continued with the slogan of DEMOCRACIA.

    This DEMOCRACIA was again usurped by anti-democracia by the TPLF and EPLF.

    And so we are back to square one, the CONSTITUTION, where JUSTICE for all resides.

    How is the different the Revolution of 1974?

    Basically, it is not different, rather it is a continuation. It is not over yet. Mind you, Fascism (the power of the DERG) was carried out in the name of the Eway Revolution. Anti-Democracy is being carried out by TPLF and EPLF in the name of DEMOCRACIA. In other words, if the Monarchy has collapsed by its own volition (Mind you the Emperor did not fight back), if the DERG collapsed on its own weight and if the TPLF’s coalition of EPRDF is a fake and if the EPLF has changed its name to Eritrean people for DEMOCRACIA and JUSTICE but only in name, then surely, there is something missing with our Revolution.

    What is the origin of the Eway, and its significance?

    The Eway comes from the Letter B when deciphered. Its significance is as follows:-

    After the letter D comes the letter E automatically focuses on the FUTURE.

    For the Oromos, they have already reached to the letter D by their culture and language. Ha, Hu, Hi and Ha. HA=Ha The first Geez letter is not useful for most Oromos instead they use the fourth letter of Ha.

    Nowadays, the Eritreans are attempting to differentiate between the first and fourth alphabet in GEEZ but it does not hold water. What holds water is the Oromo alphabet.

    Between Ethiopia and Eritrea, ie. E = E there is no difference in names.

    The most important thing is however, is that countries have developed through RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (RD) whereas that of ours was supposed to develop by REVOLUTION and DEMOCRATIZATION (RD).

    The result of our Eway Revolution should have been for progress not regress.

    More will come on the Eway’s significance at later days. Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

    Yours is not too long as compared to others and do not worry for we have plenty of time and patience.

  41. Selam Ato Liban,

    I apreciate your sober and and dispassionate comment. It is refresshing to read an idea,however one disagrees without being disagreeable. I may have failed in conveying my opnion and political stand by unnerving and tell it as it is to those who hate the name ETHIOPIA.
    As you have well put it, Ethiopia has never been a land of equal citzens with equalpolitical,economic and social rights for all of its citzens ,STILL IS NOT, so are many countries including the now venerated S.Africa and even the good USA until the dreaded Apartied and Jim-crow law respectevely abolished. despite all these,the struggle still continues unabated.
    Those of us who come of age in the student movement yrs.were influenced by radical leftist ideolgy joined the struggle to emanicepate the opressed masses understood the fudndemental problem of STATE AND MAN in terms of CLASS identification.
    The question of Nations and nationalites true and genuine solutions are to form a government of the people by the people to the people. Who were those who joined the struggle and paid the ultimate price? From every strata of Ethiopian society,young and old ,children of the ruling elites,peasants,sodiers,workers,muslims and christrians and even long forgotten minority groups etc.. What was the vision? To make Ethiopia whole, a country that its downtrodden masses and thieir forefathers fought against outside invaders but underserved and repressed by their own authoritraian ruling class.
    And there were and still are those who has a different agenda and philosophy-the so called “COLONIAL QUESTION”. First, they do not even accept or agree the starting point of discussion with those of us who do not wish to throw the baby with the bath water. In fact as past and present events attest they seemed to fear most the all inlusive pan-Ethiopian movement than the naked and brutal regimes of both Derge and woyne/TPLF. These regimes are the reson for their existance and political livelyhood. How many of these groups top leaders one way or the other have been the benificaray of the state of our peoples misery and dashed hopes ? If the Ethiopian people were given the opptunity and realy acknowledge the wish of the real people by providing it a geunine right to choose its government, as happened even in a very adverse and dangrous condition in may 2005 , it will choose Unity than divisive and vengefull action.
    Sir, eventhough I am a partisian, I am not expressing the stand and opnion of the organization or organzations you might have in mind or assume. I am fully responsble for my own.
    To make my point very clear,as progressive and social democrat ,I will continue to struggle for the opressed masses of the Ethiopian people. Whether one is born from anyone of the ethnic groups is not his/her choice. But to decide or make once choice and struggle to make Ethiopia the land of the FREE and becon of democrcy is the order of our time. I remain Ethiopian through thick and thin.


  42. Thanks guys for the discussion. I really enjoyed it. Again remember, ther is NO solution for the trouble of that cursed region with out Oromo’s right to self-determination. The only viable and lasting Union will be the one, which is accepted, respected and promoted by Oromo people! Otherwise, you all can dream to death, which is simply a futile excercise!!!

  43. TO: Ogina, Germame, Liban and other commentators

    RE: Fayyis and Getachew

    Fayyis concludes by saying that he enjoyed the discussion. But he also stated negative words such as “cursed” and “futile”.

    Getachew walks away from the discussion and he even wrote an appeal letter to webmasters to “ousted” me from their websites. See this for yourself in Ethiopia Semay where you can access it from Please, read this letter and judge for yourself. Was our discussion entailed such criminal nature? This is the type of people we are dealing with. Out in the Sky with no Facts. “What has happened to simple honesty and trust”?

  44. Hi guys,
    is the following smart move of Gadaa people a MERDO or a MISIRAACH for you? Just comment!!

    Gadaa people started to be smart, to think smart and to act smart in order to be the “smart power of the Horn” as Ms Clinton described the new America!. In order to promote Oromo liberation from Abesha domination system, Oromos should still learn to think globally and act locally. Thinking globally in our case meanse look at the BIG picture of Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromo, whereas act locally meanse cooperate and coordinate each individual and institutional move of ours to serve the big picture.

    Now the formation of OFC (Oromo Federalist Congress) is the big step towards the right direction. I personally believe that there are genuine Oromos in OPDO striving to keep the hitherto gains of our Qabsoo. Let us encourage them and differentiate them from non-Oromo forces in OPDO, who mainly fight against our Qabsoo. The consolidation of the Oromo opposition under OFC is very timely and mandatory.

    Now we need a similar step to be taken by Liberation Fronts (the 3 OLFs, COPLF, FIDO, FIO and UOPLF) to forge similar unity under the beloved and original name OLF. It is non sense to see so many liberation fronts fragmented even though they all do have the same KAAYYO aka Bilisummaa Saba Oromo and Walabummaa Biyya Oromo. I hope these rebel liberation groups learn from OFC and come together to forge only one strong OLF.

    Then having genuine Oromos in OPDO (let’s call them ODM = Oromo Democratic Movement) as a keeper of the status quo, having OFC as a strong opposition to promote our Qabsoo per ballot and forging only one strong OLF which struggles for our Bilisummaa and Walabummaa per bullet is the best we can achieve in our liberation journey. At the end, the cooperation and coordination of the struggle of ODM, OFC and OLF is the best instrument we can have against the Abesha Domination Forces. Thank you OFC for being an example of Tokkummaa for Bilisummaa!!

  45. Ob. Fayyis,
    enjoy the following nice article about the formation of OFC!!

    “The recent unity of all Oromo opposition forces under one umbrella is a dream come true for the Oromo people and a nightmare for the Habashaa politicians. Especially and most importantly, Dr. Gudina’s divorce of his marriage with the Ethiopianist UEDF party has showed his party’s positive growth and realization that Oromo identity comes before Ethiopian identity for ordinary Oromos.

    The newly established Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) which inside sources in Oromia have creditted for the union of the powerful Oromo People’s Congress (OPC) and Bulcha Damaksa’s Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) groups is the only true representative party of the Oromo people. During the last national election, OPC and OFDM together won nearly 85% of the votes in Oromia before the OPDO/TPLF stole the election. The current OFC should be in better position to make decisions in unity and boycott the next election and expose TPLF’s dictatorship for its Western allies. They will also be able to work together against the next TPLF spy inside the opposition and avoid the ONC crisis from repeating again.

    While the OFC should dominate Oromia politics, it can also function outside Oromia without adopting the “Ethiopia label” because many millions of Ethiopians are realizing that the Oromo question is the only concern left unanswered before peace reins in the horn of Africa. In addition, over 1 million Oromos live outside Oromia because of historical Oromo migrations. In the Tigray region almost 10,000 Oromos live while half a million Oromos live in the Amhara Region. Another half a million Oromos live in the three states of SNNPR, Somali and Benshangul. Dire Dawa and Harari regions also have almost a quarter of a million Oromos. These are political resources that OFC should take advantage of to liberate Oromo people and establish a federalist system that removes Habashaa involvement in Oromo affairs once and for all.

    Dr. Gudina’s abandonment of UEDF reminds us that there will not be peace, justice and democracy in Ethiopia before Oromia is liberated. The country is not ready to have a mutli-ethnic political party like UEDF. All current “Ethiopian” parties employ deceitful ways to add an “Oromo image” or Oromo toys. The TPLF Tigrayans employed the OPDO stooges to make themselves appear “Ethiopian” while the CUD Amharas employed the half-Oromo Birtukan Midekssa to appear “Ethiopian.” None of these will work in the long-term and the current fake “federalism” system of TPLF can not sustain itself because of Tigrayan domination and involvement in Oromo Affairs.

    Eventually, the country will have 2 political parties, just like the Democratic Party and Republic Party in America. In Oromia, there will be 2 parties too and these will be the Federalists Democrats like OFC and the Centralist Democrats like UDJ. The TPLF should join the UDJ because it shares the same anti-federalism policy of illegally involving Tigrayans in Oromo affairs. Both TPLF and UDJ should stop hiding under “Ethiopian” names and their deceitful use of Oromo puppets. The TPLF-UDJ marriage will serve minority settlers living inside Oromia but the OFC will help the majority and be the guardian of Oromia as well as the future of a much needed federalism system both in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.”

  46. Fayyis and ogina

    I thought we were through this discussion. I do not think it is relevant to discuss about political party issues in Oromia land on this website. I chose this website only to testify about DEBTERAW but in the process I discuss issues connected to him and his political party, EPRP. There are many misinformation and distortion about EPRP and that includes about many organizations too. You have seen that with Getachew whom people associate with EPRP as a member. What a confusion! Let us clean out own houses first. In other words, please enter this website at your own risk. We are not here to discuss, Habesha, Oromia, Eritrea, Tigre, Amhara, Islam, Christianity or any other religion. I prefer only politics and revolution in the context of Aethiopia. There are numerous websites for such topics and issues.

    Don’t misunderstand me, however,that I am against discussion on any topic. I enjoy discussion. But what I am saying is that there is a place and a time for everything. In as much as you want to discuss about Oromia and its independence, it is better to discuss or fight against TPLF in their websites or in the field. EPRP is healing from its long injury and decimination. I think I made it clear to you all, that I did not vote for Eritrean Independence for the simple reason that I did not believe that their question was colonialism and I am doing the same for the Oromia question. You are still referring to as if Oromia is an independent country to speak of political parties. My idea of cession is based on DEMOCRACIA and I believe you have the culture of it. You should be able to display it otherwise, you are not different from my own people, the Eritreans.

    So let us agree to disagree – the democratic way.

    In fact, I have asked you to comment on Getachew’s appeal to ban me from writing. He has proved his dictatorial background. He took phrases out of context in order to prove his points. I thought you would testify to the truth but you did not. Maybe you acted like what you think all Habesha’s do “let them fight”. If that was your reasoning, I am sorry you were not true Oromians but hyphenated ones. Call me by name. What is my name?


  47. Ob. Ogina,
    thanks fir the article!

    Obo Arada,
    is it forbidden to discuss about Oromia in EPRP’s website, even though EPRP thinks to know the solution for Oromo question? Is it not EPRP who is opposing the right of Oromo nation to self-determination? Weyane at least accepts this right in theory, of course opposes in practice.

    Regarding Dbr Getachew, I personally don’t have much to comment for he is a known ignorantly arrogant Dictator, who wants to impose his position on others. For him, the absolute truth is on his side. His accusation against you deserves simply to be ignored, no need of respecting him by responding to all his farting and vomiting!

  48. The entire OLF and EPRP are organizations founded by losers who remained/remain losers. No other organization did hurt the Ethiopian people more than OLF and EPRP.

    Losers! Stay in white man’s country, eat your Hotdog and free your people with a stroke of a keyboard, hahaha!

    If you were man enough, you would have gone home and fought for the freedom of our people.
    Then again, you become too fat and confi to move a finger let alone hunt an enemy.

    May God wipe you out of the face of this earth. Please Lord, save Ethiopians from OLF and EPRP! Amen!
    Oh, also from the fucking ONLF. Amen

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