An open letter to Professor Aleme Eshete -December 23, 2008

From Obo Arada Shawl

I have read your article entitled “Hagos, the Cuban Missile Crisis and his deportation…” that was posted at website of December 14, 2008. You seem to be surprised for not knowing how Hagos G.Y was deported and how his “comrades” of the time had betrayed him. We all should understand that his friends not only had betrayed Hagos but they have also betrayed the Ethiopian Revolution in general and the true cause of the Ethiopian Student Movement in particular.

At the time, Hagos G. Y. wrote about the two-headed hydra before he abandoned the Ethiopian Revolutionary Struggle. I do not know to this day whether his reference to the two-headed hydra was to the mythological serpent or the plant hydra? በአፍዋ በልታ በአፍዋ የምትተፋ

Since Hagos left the student movement, the two-headed struggle had continued to this day albeit in a different form.

On the one hand, there is the hydra, which re-grows a portion of its own body even after it has lost or injured. Examples in these categories including friends of Hagos, are plenty.

While on the other hand, there is the hydra plant, which regenerates its stems, leaves, and flowers so long as its roots are not destroyed. Thanks to people such as DEBTERAW EPRP is such an example.

In your article you said the following:
“As a historian and researcher I have been engaged for over 40 years in Ethiopian studies and publications. For a good part of my life I have also been engaged as an activist in the defence of human rights, in Ethiopia and in particular since my exile in Italy in 1986.”

I am writing to condemn in the strongest terms possible against Ethiopian Human Rights activists and to demand the freedom of EPRP leaders. The so-called Ethiopian Human Rights organizations including the founding chairman, professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam have denied knowing Tsegaye G. Medhin, DEBTERAW. Personally Zeru Kihshen (I presume he was your friend) told me about Mesfin’s total denial having known a person by the name of Tsegaye G. M.

EPRP has been vilified in propaganda dissemination by the DERG, Woyane, Shaebia, other groups/organizations and other media groups (the party) as “anarchist”, “socialist”, “agents of imperialism” etc. & etc.

Its members have been criminalized for defending themselves when TPLF declared war on them besieging their base with the largest military operation in guerrilla history and attacking them. That was when DEBTERAW was captured and held incommunicado until today in the dungeons of Tigrai.

This is outrageous, though consistent with rulers of Ethiopia’s anti-democracy policies towards genuine indigenous political parties. The EPRDF is still carrying policies anti-democracy in the name of democracy. አኢትዮጵያ የሰራልሽ ቀርቶ የገደለሽ በላ፡ እሰከ መቸ?

Some high-ranking collective leadership members including Debteraw are not only imprisoned but also held incommunicado since 1991. The EPRP recognized DEBTERAW as prominent PERSONALITY IN THE HISTORY of the organization. In the eyes of his enemies DEBTERAW is classified as “dangerous”. There is severe discrimination and persecution against DEBTERAW and his EPRP. WHY?

The case of EPRP leadership has been in the open since 1991. The prisoners were not even brought to trial let alone released.

What I don’t understand and what is unbelievable is the reason why and how the Human Rights Chairman of professor MWM became ignorant of the whereabouts and why people like you who are historians, researchers and defenders of human rights remain silent on these prisoners.

DEBTERAW is a shining example of what is going wrong in our country. I think it is a fact that again and again, that the voices of activists like you don’t become part and part of the equation when individuals liberties are tramped over.

I am aware of your contribution toward Preserving and Protecting Ethiopian interests and resources, though not for rehabilitation. Why are we so silent about the case of DEBTERAW? Should we wait another 40 years to know?


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  1. Mr. Fayyis!!!

    What is wrong with you?
    We have closed our discussion in the previous article.In fact, you asked us to be forget the negative aspects of your discussion.

    Now all of a sudden, you came back to harass us on “Ye Imiye Andinet”. Nobody is talking about Andinet, the way you are talking. We all are talking about DEMOCRACIA or alternatively about CHOICE. Take your choice and let us give the choice to people. That is simple. Let us not talk about people who do not have voices. Let us talk personally first. Where are you from? Can you tell me your birth place? Or can you tell us your real name? Can you also tell me what you do? These are simple questions for starting to be honest for Gurebet, debal or whatever you say.

    Besides, you are accusing the wrong people. What you are writing should be redirected to the Woyane’s.

    Above all on X-mas day, you seem to deliberately raise non essential issues. You said Merry-X-mass and all of a sudden, here you are again.

    Don’t forget too that this is a letter addressed to a certain individual who had missed information some forty years ago.

    As such this is not a topic for discussion. Let us stop it here and we will continue on debatable issues.

    However, I recommend you to read about Hagos G. Y. so that you will take lessons. Thanks for your participation and I hope you will have a wonderful year.

  2. Aleme Eshete is busy falsifying History and attacking the EPRP. Who has paid this shrill piper?Why doesn’t this fellow concentrate on the weyane and contribute a little to the struggle instead of being a pathetic saboteur? Thank you Obo for replying to him though it will be of no use because the fellow is sleeping on his ears.The Mahder owner and Aleme meet somewhere in chauvinist space to attack and villify.shame on them all

  3. This aleme eshete a glory seeker on the sacrifice of others who have consistently struggled to bring justice to Ethiopia. Most of his writings directly or indirectly vilify courageous people and the student movement.He is obssessed with conspiratorial MCarthyism labelling people like Professor Ephraim Issac a CIA agent while as a scolar he can easily obtain information even from the intelligence communities under FOIA in the United Staes based on subsequent acts of late 60s and 70s.When good people become silent amidst defamation and unwarranted insult we are doomed by the curse of justice. Truth is the lofty goals of scholars who are unbiased and dignified. One can justify or negate elder mediation for a reason without stooping into defamation and character assasination. The Ethiopian problem solving is as complex as the nation itself. Well intentioned people can choose their methods to bring peace and democracy. Our country needs a multi-faceted and holistic approach to heal its wounds. I know from my religion that the Devil is devious. If somehow I can bring so many devils to salvage the best for my country, squeezing both myself and the devil, so be it! What is wrong with that? I can understandind that it is a daunting task. I do not want some fool to quote me in the ‘priori” fate of outcome. The DEVILS’s comparison is a figure of speech.But trying it is courageous;- not half way, not for gimmickery,but not for political score, but for real quantifiable changes for my beloved people and nation.It is admirable. You can promote peace making and negotiations with your little and big enemies, and not your friends. Now back to aleme eshete. As I saw his articles in few web sites, he sends his essays being carried by the shoulder of others. He has this inflated ego of being BIG. We have seen such complex example of grandiosity in Rush Limbaugh and Oriely! It is very difficult to identify a demagogue soon, and it takes time to learn about a crook. Where was he when we were massacred in the streets of Addis Ababa during the Red Terror? Where was he when all genuine scholars were oppossing the damaging effect of ethnic federalism during the 1990s? As far as the Cuban missile crisis is concerned he did not bring new ideas, his “mid-semester” term paper like essay is a shortened tabular version of historigraphy chaptered by many writers. aleme eshete when it is midnight, know that sun rise is coming to Ethiopia.

    If some one asks “Is faith in God reasonable?” we will have different opinions. It is also true that there people who condemn EPRP to the extent a murderer and human right abuser party that never want to tell its history who killed who in the jungle inside the party by its leaders illegally and unjustifiably using the law of the jungle and in towns/cities.

    It is also true, that, there are supporters of EPRP who claimed that it is EPRP the only vanguard party of the Ethiopian people and the only cleanest of all you can get (what ever sweet terms/statement you want to use).

    In this case who is to believe? It is only what we call “history, time with different historians view” that might bring the facts as they are to the surface after digging out searches, interviews, artifacts, documents and many ….. Even then, we might have still differences after even what we call the “facts”. So, every side of the corner has the right to argue what ever line they have to argue to spread their information and facts to the readers.

    In this case the job of historian is to provoke issues. To follow or not to follow is up to individuals. No historian or no political party leaders or organization is apart from wrong doings. We accept all of them based on what we think are right on our mind and documentation that revealed majority percentage of the facts. We can argue all we want with a subject that such as “if the Bible is the word of God” or “can anyone know God”, we will be sitting here all night long without solving it.

    But, what I do not agree with one of you is that when your statements that said “The Mahder web site owner and Aleme meet in chauvinist space”. How can any one who claimed fighting TPLF for repressing free flow of ideas turned around attack a website as chauvinist simply because Mahder allow different view other than EPRP’s? Mahder not only allows the professor’s papers , but also EPRP’s views and papers “including Abo Arada shawl’s commentary. If we dictate ideas to be in our way only, we only promote tyranny and cultish faith. Mahder can’t be a chauvinist if it allows the EPRP’s papers and press papers. How so?

  5. Ato A. shawl,
    you wrote: “Nobody is talking about Andinet, the way you are talking. We all are talking about DEMOCRACIA or alternatively about CHOICE.”

    If you are talking about democracia/choice, then can I understand that you are pro SELF-DETERMINATION of nations including INDEPENDENCE, if the public of certain nation choice it? If yes, I do have no problem with you people. But unfortunately what I read from prof Aleme, Dr. Getachew Reda,….etc is a simple cry for YE IMIYE ANDINET!! Let’s be frank and talk the real issue. Most of us are not really for democracia per se, but we vehemently fight directly or indirectly in the debate: UNITY vs INDEPENDENCE!

  6. Ato A. shawl,
    is this the democracia/choice you are talking about? Why did you delete the article i posted? Is this not the same to “eliminating” those who do have different view from yours? Is it not the same to “NECC-SHIBBIR” you commited against others in the 1970ies? I know you will delet it again, but I will post it here again!

    I hope we will see a change in the coming new year. Change is not bad, but the question is to what or which direction? I know Abeshas need a change towards forging a UNITARY Ethiopia, with no respect for rights of different nations in the empire. But to their Merdo, the change needed by Oromos is otherwise.

    Here is the suggestion from Oromos on the issue how to live in Unity with Abyssinians. The whole message sounds: good GURBITINNAA is better than bad GAABICHAA!

    Whenever we read Abeshas crying for unity, we need to ask them: before or after liberty? (the mode of question patients ask their doctors). For us Oromos, Unity at the cost of our national Liberty is unthinkable. But after being liberated, we can discuss the issue if we think the benefit of unity is more than its challenge!

    Till now we had two relations, which failed to unie us:

    – Bad Gaabichaa (symbol for unitary system till 1991), where Oromos suffered under domination of amharas, and

    – Bad Debbalinnet (symbol for federalism from 1991 till now), where Oromos suffered under domination of Tigarus.

    Just learning from these two bad experience, here is the priority set up we Oromos want that Abeshas should understand. I think, to put things in priority, we need to live in the future together as follows:

    1) in good GAABICHAA, if the marriage is really based on love. As far as I understand, our “marriage” was based on XELEFAA (forced marriage), not on love. That is why the hitherto marriage is rather bad marriage, which definetly will lead to divorce!

    2) in good DEBBAALINET, if the “unity” we need is based on free will. As far as I know our hitherto “unity” is a forced unity at gun point, so that it will be lost at gun point!

    3) in good GURBITINNAA (symbol for independence longed by oppressed nations), which is better than bad GAABICHAA and bad DEBBAALINET! It is better to live in peace as GOREBET than to fight each other to death by living in one home!

    4) If the above three good options fail, the only alternative will be the last: MEGEDAADEL (be devided in clans and kill each other).

    It is our all responsibility to avoid this last option and to try to forge one of the first three. I believe the marriage based on love is utopia. Yet optimal solution is UNION based on free will. If these two good options fails, good neighbourhood is better than the bad alternative aka killing each other whereas living in one common home! Can you people crying about YE IMIYE ANDINET agree on this??”

    For Oromos to achieve our goal, being organized in two major organisations as suggested by Eye is mandatory. We need one strong “legal” organization, what ever name we give it, eg ODU and one strong “rebel” organization under the banner of OLF! Waaqayoo bless Oromia!!

    Hi OLIFITIS I think you all missed me and here you are trying pop up after you ran from me for a long time now. Here we go a gain!
    <The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was formed in 1973 and engaged in armed struggle against the Marxist-Leninist regime of Lt. Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam—the Dergue—that overthrew Haile Selassie in 1974. According to analyst Marina Ottoway, the OLF was “faction-ridden, poorly led, and chronically unable to decide whether its ultimate goal was an independent Oromia or a federal Ethiopia,”
    <<“First, the western Oromo, mainly in Wallaga [Welega, Wallagga, Wollega], had largely been Christianized by the Protestant Mekane Yesus Church. The first leaders of the OLF came from the group’s elite youths. Secondly, the northern Oromo of Mecha-Tulama, living in Shoa and the area to the south of it, are mostly Christians of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and have become more integrated into Amhara culture than other Oromo groups. This group speaks Amharic as well as Oromifa (the Oromo language). Thirdly, the southern Oromo of Arsi and Borana had a semi-nomadic life style. Some are Muslims and others belong to traditional religions. Members of this group support the OLF. Fourth, the eastern Oromo of Harage [Harege, Hareghe, Hararge, Harerghe] consists of the Muslim urban people of Harar and Dire Dawa and rural populations living around these towns and the areas to the west of them. This group traditionally linked itself to the Arab world. Some of this group’s clans such as the Jara support the IFLO [Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia]” (Minorities at Risk Project June 1998,
    > “[T]he TPLF dealt with the OLF as a security problem to be solved by force. The TPLF army enjoyed overwhelming superiority, and the war did not last long. By late summer, 18,000 OLF fighters had been taken prisoner; they were demobilized and later freed. This short conflict eliminated the major domestic security threat faced by the government, but it also narrowed its political base, reducing participation and increasing control. The OLF itself was reduced to an ineffective organization without a strategy to re-engage politically and without the capacity to bring about change by force” (Ottoway 1999, 69).
    Currently, as we speak, in this year of 2008, you know the rest of the story of OLF? It is kid’s organization in Mennesota that simply has no knowledge of information who OLF is. You want more ,I will come back as I did for years with your bloody Human rights abuse OLFitists!

  8. The refoulement of the 23 refugees drew attention to the EPRDF’s secret detention centers in Tigray. In 1991, four political leaders of the EPRP were captured in combat inside Ethiopia, and disappeared into secret prisons in Tigray. Africa Watch has obtained evidence suggesting that the four are still alive, but the government refuses to comment on the case. There are also an undisclosed number of dissidents from within EPRDF ranks held in prison, some for several years. These prisoners are denied family visits and access to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Some of them are reliably reported to have been subjected to physical abuse.
    The OLF has also engaged in arbitrary detention. In Jijiga, the OLF kept a number of dissident Oromos in detention until the OLF office in the town was forcibly taken by the EPRDF in June. Some of these detainees reported having been tortured.>>

  9. Aite Getachew Reda,
    enjoy your illusion! Your version of OLF#S hitory is the same to Aleqa Taye’s version of Oromo history: full of fiction and garbage! Go on in your writing, I personally do enjoy it! Don’t stop!!

  10. I will be your OLF leader next year. stay tune. I will take you where you need to be.

  11. If you recall your cultish mind what I wrote to you last year on this formu. I told you your OLF is fighting in the court in the USA suing each at other due to money that is been collected from the Chat chewer, brigand like you and promiced you it will be divide. Though at the time there was no OLF but in Menesota and caved in Sawa in Eritrea faching water to ELF colonels. You didnt beleived me. Now, you heard Lencho, now you heard the rest of your Gurus. next I will be your master and take you where you need to be as long as you kept your lost mind in USA.

  12. “pure Amhara can be found today only in isolated northern regions, such as Manz and Tegulet. All other Shoan Amhara have a sizable Oromo strain in their ancestry.”

  13. The OLF used all its tools to make Oromos look at the world as “black & white,” in its simplest (though emotive) form, which brainwashed some innocent Oromo children to accept that these and these people are your enemies, and the OLF is your friend or your only “hope and shield” that will free you from “colonization” by non-Oromos. As the result, some Oromos have been forced to remain silent while the OLF propagandists claimed that Oromos were simply colonized by some type of Empire that was led by non-Oromos. But, the current admission by top former OLF figures like Lencho Leta and Ababiya Abajobir is the breakthrough Oromo people worldwide have been waiting for, to end the persecution of Oromos by the OLF mobs. The TPLF and the OLFs preying on innocent Oromos is coming to an end and the ideologically bankrupt Oromo separatists can not impose their will and propaganda on us anymore.

  14. Aite Getachew,
    sure is that OLF made you sleepless. Since I know you, you only parrot about OLF this, OLF that just to save your Weyane masters. By the way don’t think you have fooled Ethiopians by being camouflaged as pro Amhara EPRP. Your whole message up to know is to hinder the cooperation of Amhara and Oromo oppositions against the BEAST you indirectly support. Go on with your fiction about OLF, never give up. The moment you keep quite, we “OLFites” will die from boredom! You are very entertaining!!

    Did you see, how Icalmed you down now, as I always spook your brigand child mind? If you still beleive there is OLF on planet earth, do read what is posted on my web log and come bck and tell me what kind of remained skeleton is OLF walking on.

  16. Dear Abo Fayyis and Ato Getachew Redda

    From my readings you seem to be qualified as Senior Citizens, at least above 50 years old.

    Why do you take things personally? Have you taken some courses of Business, Politics, Economics or Communications or any other than personal dealings?

    Or are you playing games? Or are you in the business of confusing readers? Or is that each of you seeking your Roots? I am just confused what to say. If you are both serious to bring solutions to what you claim your Birth Right Country, please address the following questions?

    1. What do your NAMES signify? I know GETACHEW MEANs but not FAYYIS?

    2. Where were you born? That is which province not Kilil? Do you have a TERRITORY, physical not political or ideological?

    3. What is your TASK/Occupation? What can you contribute to AEthiopia apart from insulting each other? Do you have a profession or Religion? I know this is a stupid question but hey there is only a stupid answer.

    4. Helping the Tigrians or the Oromians is not bad thing after all. It is only the way you do it. I can understand both of your pains and struggle. Getachew’s disadvantage is that he was born in authoritative community whereas Fayyis’s advantage is because he came from democratic culture. The end result is that Getachew’s community has used their dictatorial nature for power whereas the Fayyis community are using their democratic nature.

    Where are we now? Currently, the world is having a big paradiame shift. DEMOCRACIA is in power and so Fayyis is in a better position. He is the one who is calm but Getachew seems to be on the contrary.

    In conclusion both of you are energetic, knowledgeable and compassionate to human societies. I ask actually I demand that both of you divert your attention to the concept of DEMOCRACIA for by doing so, you will come to the same objecitve of OLF and TPLF, ePLF and all other fronts of liberation. If you do that, we all will have preserved our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In other words, the Eritrean liberators, the Tigrai liberators, the Oromo liberators, the Somali or any other will come to your side of the issue. I understand that you are on the same side of objective and same side of struggle. I neither believe that Getachew benefits from the current government nor that Fayyis will benefit from OLF leadership in the future. I believe that both of you are pursuing a deep BELIEF or pursuing a PASSION.

    Thanks for all your comments though it is not related to my article.

    Sorry, You are never tried to answer the core issues that is challanging your organization. After you response to what happened to your OLF,then , I will be willing to teach you more. Please ctell us what happened to OLF? <<The OLF used all its tools to make Oromos look at the world as “black & white,” in its simplest (though emotive) form, which brainwashed some innocent Oromo children to accept that these and these people are your enemies, and the OLF is your friend or your only “hope and shield” that will free you from “colonization” by non-Oromos. As the result, some Oromos have been forced to remain silent while the OLF propagandists claimed that Oromos were simply colonized by some type of Empire that was led by non-Oromos. But, the current admission by top former OLF figures like Lencho Leta and Ababiya Abajobir is the breakthrough Oromo people worldwide have been waiting for, to end the persecution of Oromos by the OLF mobs. The TPLF and the OLFs preying on innocent Oromos is coming to an end and the ideologically bankrupt Oromo separatists can not impose their will and propaganda on us anymore.

  18. Selam All Debteraw readrs and Editors,

    I just finshed my x-mas holy day. I deleberatly avoided any internet or media events during the holiday to just concentrate to family matters. To night as usual, my favourite site is Debterw and started checking what is going on… I cliked Obo Arada’s commentary and begun reading..THERE IT IS?..AGAIN?..YOU KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT? YOU ALL GUSSED IT ALRIGHT? THE AGENT PROVOCATEUR OLFite.. Fayyis …YES AGAIN,,..HE IS LIKE WALL FLOWER OR PANT HANG’N THERE.. WELL..
    This time he is having a duel with Ato Getachew Reda, a bon fid patriot, who does not mince any words and extra knowledgel and a track record tell it as it is…exposing ANTI -ETHIOPIAN ELEMENTS particularly OLF. Obo Arada’s sincere effort to mediate betweent Fayyis and me did not work since we are polar opposites and are not in the same camp. Fyyis and his likes are using languges of threat and blackmail of EXISTANCIAL Nautre of A NATION STATE and acting like enmies just like Woynne agents and operatives. He vehemently hate Ethiopian identity its culture and ridicules it in his vulgar way “Emye Ethiopia”.
    Ato Getachew Reda’s courageous stand against these OLFites was looked at as over the board stuff by some who wants to pander and manipulate some in the OLF CAMP. The run away anja from EPRP and the Berhanu& Endalkachew manufactured group is reported to have cajoled and pandered to one faction of OLF. Lencho the arch Ethiopia-hater and one of Derge era Red Terror captains apeared in the Anja’s paltalk mouthpiece. How one stoops to the the lowest denominatior and bargain to sleep with the anyone is a testmony we recently observed. Why fayyis chose this monent to fire his last bullet is not a coicedent, in my opnion. It is a calculated TRIAL BALLON— that is to say to gauage public opnion about OLF AND AT THE SAME TIME TO BLACKMAIL some week-links into acctepting some form of alliance Fayyis wants to call it” Oromo & Amara” unity to fight the Tigrians. He might not put as bluntly as I did, but the intention is the same as…THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND..KIND OF TEMPRORY ALLIANCE.
    So Instead of getting mad at Fayis’s diatribe and gutter politics I started to glimpse the desperation of the TRUE-BELIEVERS(faith based) as Ato Getachew aptly conined OLF CULTISTS WORLD IN VIEW IS FALLING APART AND IN SHREDS. One of the myth of CULTISTS is to equate the Oromo people and destiny with that of the Leaders or the organization in this case OLF. Meles and Mengistu , day in day out warn and brainwash his see-no evil and see no wrong cadres that if EPRDF/TPLF or DERG respectively are out of power Ethiopia will cease to exist.
    A political organizatin is indeed vey imporatant and essential to gudie the stuggle to o rganize the people and to lead to a better future. But it will never replace the pepole. That is the main problem of myth making and cult based theory.. the reckless disregard for Truth and genuine interpretion of History. I can go on on until the cows come home.. unfourtunatly for fanataics and Tribalists like Fayyiss is an exercise in fuitlity.

    Ethiopia Shall prevail!!

  19. Ato A. Shawl,
    thanks again for the insightfull comment and suggestion!

    Aite Getachew and Aite Germamew,
    go on with entertaining us. Whatever you write about OLF is very good to read and laugh!!

    Mr/MRS Obo Arada Shawl;
    I just realize that after brother germame wrote a commentary that it was you that wrote the racist comments that is obiously childish and naive. I thought, it was the OLF that was using your name to play a gam with me using your name. Now, i know with who I am dealing. And it will be dealt openly on an internet with atitle only adressing your comment to be posted in few days on my website and others unleass otherwise, you take back what you said appologize. Againn, I will repeat it,”I need you to appologize for your racist remarks. If you failed to do so, You will be dealt accordingly to expose your racist remarks.I am very glad that I saw this note from my brother Germame that helped to open my eye who was this Obo Arada who is comparing tigrayans and oromo people as Authoritative, tyrantas and the other a democratic community. What a silly !Silly!!!
    Getachew reda

  21. Aite Getachew,
    who are you to ask an apology from Debteraw? Megalomanic Weyane camouflage? Why do you think that people fear your farting (“critics”)? I know that you think absolute truth is on your side! Is there any thing more silly than your claim?! I am sure your bloon of grandiosity will burst through the freedom fighters of OLF you fear and hate in particular and through Oromo people in general. I am happy to have you as OLF-hater, for no better fool is to be wished as an opponent than you!

  22. Part 1- From GETACHEW REDA- RESPONSE TO Obo Arada and demand an apology.<>You are making it Mr Obo Arada Sahwl. Challanging OLF as always, the entire EPRP knows when I do calange cults of OLF, it nevere was “ a persobal “ as your silly mind fabricating it. You will never quote me a personal sentence arguing with that OLF cult about “personal”. It was about false propaganda versus defending my country that you questioned me the country you doubt “if I have a physical territory or country”. I seem to be EPRP commentator, but it is sad to read you this low, very childish. <>What kind of question is this? Were you in a normal state when you wrote such silliness? What is that, that you want to say?< you never witnessed me playing games for years when it comes challenging the enemy of Ethiopia. I never had no games for years, My sleep was limited, I devoted to the struggle my life and that is why you read different threat emails from the enemies, because they know I was never was in a game of fooling anyone. They know I am serious, they felt the impact. It is you “Mr. Commentator who think I am in some kind of game/ not the enemy, but only you. <>No Ethiopioan except an EPRP commentator calling himself “Obo Arad Shawl” accusing of in a business confusing readers. You are the only serious EPRP patriot who is not playing games or not in a business of confusing readers, the rest are as you think we are playing games

  23. Part II From GETACHEW REDA-
    A racist like you is the only person who confused things. What is that that you wanted to say? I never was lost my roots or never was sold as a salve who never known his origin. I know my roots very well. All Ethiopians knows my roots. So no need for me losing my self looking for my root or examining my DNA whose root I am from. Chill out brother. You pressing the button too much, far , far worst than the OLF cults.
    Mr Obo Arada, Indeed, you are confused, because you didn’t know what you were writing. I do not have to tell you or to OLF cults and sympathizers who doubt my seriousness about my country. If you are a new comer as EPREP commentator to the emdia and want to know my seriousness when it comes about my country- It will take you time to read find out. Till that time, you should need to restrain your self from doubting me. Shockingly, you also asked the question who my is, if I have a country, my occupation. I leave this to the readers since you want to know where my country is. You seem to deny my Ethiopianess. You said you know the defination of Getachew meant, but you do not know where my country is. Lord!
    <<1. What do your NAMES signify? I know GETACHEW MEANs but not FAYYIS?
    As your name shows “Obo Arada Shwl” seems to be Oromo name. So, I doubt it you do not know the name Fayyis which also is an Oromo name. What ever your intention was, it is racist to deal with each of our names.
    2. Where were you born? That is which province not Kilil? Do you have a TERRITORY, physical not political or ideological?
    Why do you want to know which province I was born? You seemed to also want to teach me the difference of Kilil and province. You are “Super” Ethiopian and you should have used Amharic word for Province if you are afraid Getachew Reda will be tramped into using the word “kilil” (Kifle hage, TeKlay Gizat- which one do you want me to use?)


    Wey TuGuudu! Amazing man you are! I indeed want to know you in person brother so that you will know my name Mr. Obo Arada Shawl. Wey Chew GUUd!
    Mr.Obo arada, what kind of contribution do you want from me? If you doubt my contribution or never saw my contribution to your EPRP organization- or to any Ethiopian and Ethiopianism, all you need to do is visit or and point your computer muse to the right side of the page and see who is talking about your leader “Debteraw” I did more contribution to your leader than you doubt me. You know now, I was never in a game of playing games, you know now, how serious my thoughts are about Ethiopia and its childeren apart than you seem to confuse things to paint it ugly for reason not known for me. You are an amazing fellow!
    <> Why do you need my relgion? Why do you need to know where my country is? Fellow, this si a stupid question, you already said it. My answer to you is not going to be stupid, but asking back why you want to know my religion and where my country is.
    What kind of pain are sympathy to the OLF Mr.Obo Arada shwl? I know you feel the OLF pain, that is why you are to naïve to call an OLF cult who dehumanizes Ethiopians, church scholars, its history as “OLF is per suing deep passion”. How naïve!

    This is major issue that need to be dealt in an open internet media by itself, I will just leave it as it is to see, if you still believe in such racist so degrading remark or say “sorry”. I know there are racists in EPRP, in every party linked themselves as good Ethiopians and asked as back” where our country or province or our religion. Skin color….!
    Well let us wait to see if the EPRP commentator is going to elaborate “Tigrayan dictatorial nature” what is means. I know my mother was never a dictatorial. She is a ordinary farmer and let us wait if mr Obo Arada tells if my mother and all my relatives were all tyrants and repressives,killers by “nature”. – “disadvantage?” what disadvantage are you jabbering about Mr Obo Arada?
    <> so because my being a Tigrayan is what gave me the disadvantage, while the OLF is an Oromo he is calm and gentle. I do not think this fellow knew what he wrote. I will leave this to all of you to comment if our biological advantage and disadvantage has issue here as an Ethiopions. It this racist fellow and his likes who are telling us Oromo are democrat by nature/birth and Tigrayans are tyrants by birth/nature. I will leave this to all of you to examine this sickening remark from an EPRP commentator.
    Good luck Mr. Obo Arada with your racist remarks in sympathy to the OLF.

  25. Any one against the megalomanic Aite Getachew, a Weyane man being camouflaged as pro Unity EPRP supporter, is “doomed to be damned” by his smelly farting!

  26. Interesting to read the 1960/70ies participants of Student movement are still fighting each other instead of trying to learn from their past mistake and forge future good!
    Dr. Getachew is going down below his intelligence level. Aradaw is as usual creativ and tolerant. Germame tends to paint every thing with dirt. And last, but not least Fayyis doesn`t let any of them vomit on OLF in paricular and on Oromo people in general with pretext of advocating for Ethiopian Unity against which they accuse OLF to be.

  27. Ato Ogina,

    your observation is biased as usual. I do not expect otherwise. Just to make the matter clear and to set the record straight for the general readers, your assertion that –“Germame tends to paint every thing with dirt “… is bluntantly a lie and deliberate distortion of facts. That is why I fiercly argued with the likes of you and your fellow-travellers. As I made my point of departure very clear to you and other anti-Ethiopian elements my argument is not OLF per se. but it’s Anti- Ethiopian political project. The same can be true with woyanne/TPLF, SHABIA/EPLF,ONLF, AND THE BIG ENCHILADA THE FASCIST DERGE REGIME. One of the ugliest and still major problems of the Ethiopian polity is ethnic divisivness and the failure of western educated elites and to succumb to the narrow and temprory political power by reducing a multi ethnic state to a state of balkanization in the hope of grabbing political power in the name of the opressed. Modern and advanced democracy is differnt and widely accepted form of adimintering the affairs of diverse interst groups,ethnicity etc. What OLF and its minions are arguing is not democracy under one National identity. They do not recongnize the Ethiopian State. This is not the opinions of All Ormos as propgated by narrow groups and its ‘messianc’ leaders. Individuals who claim they are Oromos or from the Oromo ethnicity form the Org. called – OLF. There are other Oromo organizations who first and foremost declared their allegiance to Ethiopian unity territorial integrity and sturggled and are struggloing for equality and justice for all under the law of the land. When OLF sooner or later come to this fold not only me but almost all Pan-Ethiopian will warmly welcome it without if’s and but’s. Until that unconditional declaration of committment forthcoming and still continuing ridiculing the Ethiopan persona and history and identity, if you expect concilatory jester, that fools pardise has come and gone. We are once more on an historical juncture to defend our motherland our dear and beloved Ethiopia. I can easly imaginge the smurk in your face for there is nothing that delights you, ETHIOPHOBES, the humilation of Ethiopia and ridiculing it identity and culture. That aint’gonna happen for the sleeping lion has woke up!!!
    In a nut shell,not only painting dirt the enmies of the Ethiopian people but call them by their NAME…ANTI ETIOPIAN…IT IS A BADGE OF HONOUR TO BE DISLIKED AND FEARED BY THE ENMEY.


  28. Dear friends/comrades
    First of all HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all whatever it means.

    Secondly, I have been willingly yielding my ideas to the public in case someone will come up with a lasting solution for everyone and everybody. Instead it seems that I am getting weary of confusions and counterconfusions. Why, why and why? Here is why.

    1. OUR VISION: Germame & Getachew are in the business of “ETHIOPIA WILL PREVAIL”

    I am in the business of “TRUTH WILL PREVAIL”.
    Whereas Fayyis is in the business of “Oromia will prevail”

    But Ogina seems that he is in the business of “reconciliation or cooperation”

    There is nothing wrong with all these visions. Let us pursue our dreams with civility not with hostility.

    2. OUR METHODOLOGY: Clarity or Confusion?

    For instance, Getachew seems to help (REDDAIE)through FIAT. There is no point discussing with Reddae for he does not believe in the power of DEMOCRACIA – the Individuality of others though it is apparent that deep inside, he is wired in his own personality.

    But the rest of us can learn from one other.The Neway brothers, the F (freedom fighters) and O (comrades) can agree to disagree. Let us get serious in building the BRIDGE not in destroying it.

    First of all, you failed to answer all the questions for you to answer them. Instead you came up with another jabbering of yours one more time praising the anti Ethiopia and criminal elements of OLF as democrat. Brother Germame and I sure believe in ‘Ethiopia will Prevail- the anti Tigrayan fellow from EPRP like you believe in racism, bias and degrading the Tigrayn community as Biologically “killers,tyrants,authoritative…” in comparatively born naturally /Biologically “a democrat society” of the Oromo. That was your silly truth. In order to repeat it again you came round and round to only end up mocking the Ethiopian patriotic slogan of “Ethiopia will prevail”. Shame with you the EPRP you claim to represent. Since, I gave you a chance to apologize to our community in Tigray for your racist and degrading writings (that includes to my parents and their ancestors calling them biologically disadvantageous) – you lost the chance I gave you on this forum to apologies. Now, it is up to you and I to deal the issue openly on the media, so the people will check out this EPRP racist who Obo Arada Shawl is and why EPRP is allowing such anti Tigray racist inside the organization.- To all EPRP- members-If you respect the Tigrayan society you need to disciplined and isolate this fellow calling himself Obo Arada Shawl- as a member- if he is also one of your leaders- you need to kick him out for his insufficient and racists attitude foe a reason that you do not want your party to take the blame for it. Just riendly advice. You are currently talking how the Tigrayan Assimba community treat you well while your regular commentator from EPRP is insulting and degrading the Tigrayan community as “biologically disadvantageous” . This to us is serious. Nothing is important to look seriously as this one. Mr. Obo Arada, I will be like torn on your feet as I am to the OLF anytime you try to talk about Ethiopia and its politics as long as you refused to persist with your defiance to apologize the Tigrayans mothers and fathers.
    Ethiopia will prevail
    Getachew Reda editor

  30. Ato A. Shawl,
    it is good that you could discern the position of the “pro” EPRP Weyane aka Getachew Reda. Claiming to be pro “Ethiopia prevails”, anti “Oromia prevails” and further sustaining the life of Weyane is typical of the modern Weyane cadres!

  31. From GETACHEW REDA _
    To Readers:
    I am now released that this idiot calling himself Abo Arad Sahwl is not an EPRP member or any of the leaders. Based on this now, I can kick and mince OLF cults as usual, right here in this forum where I always whip their greasy OLF A..
    Who is Obo Arada Shwal? He is an Eritrean. What is his real name? “Ras Hailu”. How old is he is near to 70 years old fart. Now, you wonder why he was praising OLF right hear in our own Ethiopian forum using EPRP as a cover up to walk his idiotic road. Wonder now, why he was mocking with “our slogan “Ethiopia will prevail”. Go back and read his motto of “truth when he talks about OLF and EPLF.

    This is the big idiot who was attacking Professor Mesfin Araya an Eritrean Ethiopian patriot.
    One more time again- All you OLF farts out there (remnants’ actually- since there is no real more OLF – except OLF who fetched water to Eritrean Colonels in Sawa!!!!). Here I am ready and invite all OLF-its to come debate with me as I did whip your OLF A… until you disappear from me. Here stay away from regular insults and come to the real politics and I will hit you hard. I invite all the OLF again and again- (leave the insult and come to the discussion why and who is OLF and why you support OLF and why OLF is in disappearing process.

    As to the Eritrean fellow “Ras Hailu” (Obo Arad Sahwl- stay tune for your response in the open air. If you have the gut come and discuss here why you told us Tigrayans you hate want to degrade them while you admire the biologically advantageous people as democrat. Show us how! Debteraw and must kick this guy’s article for being not be linked to his racist remarks as not count it came from EPRP member or leader. Again- reliable source discussed with me and assured me that this “idiot” calling himself Obo Arada Sahwl” has no link to EPRP or never was member of EPRP at all in his life as we speak. He is simply using Assimba and debteraw websites to disrespect Ethiopian patriots and Ethiopian struggle. Now, you all know why this man was so stupidly and naively lost in the middle of the clear Air.
    Ethiopia will prevail
    The EPLF agents inside us must be expos

  32. Dr (Debtera, not Doctor) Getachew,
    why this all yazuny liqequuny! Zeraf zeraf OLFin lifaalem!….Burraa kerreyu! Do you think OLF people have time to waste with your like? You can fart and vomit as much as you can against OLF, your impact on Oromo Liberation Movement is null!

    Otherwise, why don’t we discuss about your TPLF (its past, present and future) than talk about OLF’s existence? Despite your effort to save Weyane from the wrath through the coming cooperation and alliance of Amhara and Oromo forces, it is inevitable to see your pre planned demise! You can jump up and down in ecstasy for “driving away” OLF people, fact is that they killed you by ignoring you!

  33. Try one more time. You failed to tak about the criminal OLF who killed women and children and blind instead of fighting as a man. TPLF can be as cruuel facist as OLF , but TPLF chase OLF all the way to Mennesota. You have no where to go but Sawa military camp to fetch water to the Eritrean cColonelss. I didn’t say that but your leaders Lench and AbaJobir siad it. if you disagree ,let us hear it. You a trash criminal OLF gang bungre. Come on, be a man and talk OLF politics. If you can’t defend OLF SHUT YOUR GNAG BANGER MOUTH!

  34. What else do you know about the “good for nothing” OLF? Is this all your burraa kerreyu? Again fart and vomit!! It is very entertaining and very interesting to read from such people like you about OLF. Just a question: did one OLF fu*cked you and your mother with his big ye Galla Jella? Why do you hate OLF in particular and Oromo people in general as such?

  35. Lencho Leta – Ababya Aba-jabir – Dima Nego, all were top OLF leaders and founders. Each of them acknowledged they were following wrong politics and they fooled so many fools like you turned to their private cultish army as you are acting on an empty organization defending OLF –due to your sickness being “cult”. They admitted, it is time to follow another politics not fascistic and barbaric politics of lie and disunity. It is now your turn to tell us why you are bragging with an organization that is subjected to fetch water to the EPLF colonels in Sawa/Eritrea. I am taking facts not fiction as you jabbering all alone; your leaders mentioned above are not there any more for you. We will take you for treatment –in fact a wholly water from the Orthodox Christian falls for you to walk up from the pain you are in while remaining with no viable OLF leader to lead your criminal killings of women, children, and blind elder Ethiopians. Are you following me? Tell us why you think OLF remnants are subject to fetch water and collect fire wood for Eritrean soldiers and Colonels. It is easy question. Teach yourself on the way if you can- that “why you still want to continue Eritrean slave in Eritrean deserts fetching water and firewood to the Eritreans instead of admitting your Ethiopiawinet that created, shape your face and sole humanly right!
    To the Eritrean under cover EPLF Ras hailu a pen name “Obo Arad Shawl”- read your criminal friends from OLF the following madness that you talk about how biologically they were born “democrats” and tell us if this is a sign of democratic talk or democratic assertion that is coming of this blood suckers who murdered so many women and children in Ethiopia, end up hear and in Eritrea deserts serving the Eritreans. A photo will be posted to show how the OLF recruits are fetching water and fire wood to the Eritrean colonels and boiling Coffee pot to them. What a shame!

  36. From Getachew Reda This was cut off from the above portion. Ras hailu (Obo Arada Shawl) tell us if this madness from the cults living in USA as OLF followers what they release as a press paper after Lencho denounce his previous party OLF for fooling people and for so long doing nothing but caving in Europe and us or in Eritrea deserts for the last 40 years (virtually doing nothing!) they threat his life as the following. Is this a democratic nature that was benefited from biologically created Democratic community as the Racist Ras Hailu (pen name Obo Arada Sahwl) falsely claims? Read this –
    “Lencho Leta will certainly be lynched in the streets of Finfinnee (do not call the Oromo capital ‘Addis Ababa’), if he dares return to occupied Oromia. This is what he deserves, most betrayed and angered Oromos admit.

    Africa’s most shameful traitor is wanted by every Oromo patriot, and it is not a matter of oracle or divination to anticipate his premature end if he dares walk in the streets of the Oromo capital city Finfinnee that has been tyrannically and peremptorily re-baptized as Addis Ababa in a barbaric idiom that is not spoken but imposed by the invaders in Oromia.

  37. Debtera Getachew,
    well Lenco Lata is the one who made you admit Finfinne is the capital of Oromo land. Like it or not your Weyane masters and the jellies like you will be back to Meqele for Qulquwal-leqema. Till then enjoy Oromia’s meat, coffee and milk for you will never get it when the time comes. You and your poor future generation will have no chance to BEG in Oromia leave alone to brag like you are doing now. For you being a condom of the West to get weapons to humiliate proud nations like Oromo is some thing good. You fool think that just by talking and painting OLF with your verbal SEGERA like you did above will hinder Oromos from pushing for a liberation from your Tigrean domination! Now fart and vomit further, you are simply a clown for entertainmnet.

  38. In an interview, another former OLF leader shocked and destroyed the biggest propaganda schemes of the OLF and the TPLF separatist organizations.
    Mr. Ababiya Abajobir was the former OLF External Relations director, the face of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to the world for many years, before he finally gave up the tough job of misinforming the world and chose to expose the historical lies the OLF has been shoving down the ears and hearts of our Oromo people.

  39. This is the second time a person from the highest level of OLF leadership has admitted historical realities which the OLF has been rejecting for almost 40 years. A few weeks ago, one of the OLF’s founders, Mr. Lencho Lata, shocked many OLF circles in the Diaspora by talking in favor of the Ethiopian state that the OLF propagandists hated deeply.

    In addition to admitting the fact that the modern Ethiopian State was developed, created, expanded and united by brave Oromo-Ethiopians like Ras Gobena, the former OLF leader Mr. Ababiya Abajobir also said that some ancient Oromo communities like the Gibe Kingdom of Jimma shared the dreams of Ras Gobena and Menelik, which they showed by willingly uniting.
    He admitted in the same interview by saying:

    “In my birthplace, Gibe area, Aba Jifar consented to the idea of unity willingly and peacefully.”
    At the end of the day, whether OLF leaders, founders or former leaders admit history does not make history truer because history can not be changed, added, subtracted or ignored. But the former OLF leaders and founders, Mr. Lencho Leta and Mr. Ababiya Abajobir, finally exposing the OLF 40 years old ideological propaganda is a symbolic victory to the millions of Oromos and other Ethiopians.

  40. Sadly, these OLF leaders admitted history very late because thousands of Oromos around the world are already brainwashed to hate their mother country Ethiopia. Especially thousands of Oromos in the Diaspora, like in Europe and America, like in Minnesota, have been brainwashed to think that so-called “Abyssinians” colonized Oromos. Thousands of Oromos in the Diaspora are brainwashed to think in simplicity, in Black and White. But OLF leaders like Lencho Leta and Ababiya Abajobir are finally telling the truth and accepting historical facts, which will eventually bring victory to the truth and bring victory to the millions of Oromos who love their country Ethiopia.

  41. Warning to the little kid from olf playing with the key board attacking ethiopia and Tigrayan society- if you failed to discuss politics- and continue act like a kid; i make sure Assimba/Debteraw web masters do remove yu from thie forum watch it before your IGNORANT MOTH DRIPPED SALIVA EVERY WHERE. aCT CIVILIZED THAN TO BE A GANG BANGER. YOU WANT YOUR CASE TO BE HEARD- DO IT BUT KNOW HOW.

  42. Debtera Getachew,
    is this all your fart? I thought you will come up with original phantacy, not that you copy and cut the articles from other writers. Are you now in lack of your own verbal SEGERA to paint OLF with? Go on! What else did you read about OLF? You are simply gexaaba Shimagle with no clue about OLF in particular and about Oromo people in general! Surely you are sensing what is coming to you Weyane cadres who are camouflaged as “conservative Amharas against OLF”. Thanks to the smart OLF leaders, there will never be a conflict between Amhara and Oromo forces to help you stay in power. Your next days are darker than you Weyane cadres might imagine!!!

  43. littel Boy! you have no right to talk about Oromo Ethiopians, because you denied that you are Ethiopian. Stay away from Oromo Ethiopians and talk only about Mennesota Olf who betrayed their Oromo Ethiowinet. I tried to bring your leaders words and confession how they fooled your silly little mind in mennesota. You don’t even have o clue how to defend OLF. That is why I tried to teach you about OLF through your x-leaders who found OLF. The olf that you are dranked by delussion. tell me why you want to still be OLF cult when the founders are telling you “it was foolish and inactive for the last 40 years with no significant dent to the fake propoganda they framed upon you the silly bagabon of mennesota.
    Comon try one more time why you like OLF when the founders are denouncing it. We are all wondering seeing you falks sick like a confused Dogs lost with no one to lead you. Poor Lencho is telling you “we were sitting all this years caved in Us and Europe”. You need help , we will pull you out. All you need is pray- to be out of that self denial.

  44. Aite Getachew,
    the smart Lencoo Lata and others who made the rhetoric you repeatedly parot know how to fu*ck you poletically. Fortunately your moofaa cinqilaat needs 3000 years to comprehend their move! Otherwise what did you yet read about OLF? Go on and parrot. As I told you you are very entertaining! Do you feel the heat coming un to you camouflaged Weyane cadres? An Oromo Lenco will show you how to cooperate with Amhara people like Hailu Shawl to send your Weyane boss Melix Qizenawi with his barking dogs like you to your demise!

  45. Web master. This boy is in Chat chewing gang banger. Please remove this fellow for ever. He is useless. He doesn’t need to puupu his dirt in Ethiopian websites. Please kick him out to his OLF wbsite and take him out of hear. He can learn. He is too disabled damaged brain.

  46. Aite getachew,
    is this your cyber Weyane version of democracy? Your bosses are silencing Ethiopians in real world and you with your scleroused brain try to silence us in virtual world! You see, your attempt of sowing a discord among Amhara and Oromo forces is dealt with effectively. From now on, you will have no chance to fart and vomit, being camouflaged as a “pro Ethiopian Unity Amahara against a ‘separatist’ OLF/Oromo”. Your method of deviding opposition forces in order to prolong the life of your master, Aite Melix Qizenawi is exposed! Search other method!!

  47. What an interesting exchange of words!! I didn’t imagine that Dr. Getachew could be grilled by Fayyis like this. Kudos to Fayyis, the “little OLF boy”!. Fayyis killed Dr. Getachew’s move by just provoking him with few words and making him expose his true colour. Ato Arada Shawl killed Dr. Getachew just by ignoring him. Germame is praying the usual “YE IMIYE ANDINET” mantra with out considering the true and modern way of forging unity among citizens of the Horn of Africa.

    Thanks Aradaw for the provocation of such discussion. Fayyis, jabaadhu! Dr. Getachew and Germame, learn how to promote the MODERN Unity of nations in that common region instead of just praying your old mode “unity” mantra!!

  48. How about if you try me and discuss politics of OLf instead of loosing your mind? here I am asking all of you to talk OLF’s polistcs None of t=yet trued to discuss it, because you ahve no cluse how to defend OLF. What you are trying to do is puuping your dirt, That is not what all of us Ethiopians want to hear from your complaints. Yet, you failed to tell us why you worship OLF and defend it. But, I didn’t see any OLF cult yet discuss about OLF- you know you are lost. I beg all of you these years to discuss with me and debate if you like, but none of you want to deal becausem you are disabled OLF.

    If all of you can’t dfend your OLF or have no political complaint to tell us, then yoiu have no business hear vomiting your dirt in the Ethiopian webistes. Do you understand. There is a rule for everything. If you can’t behave and debate poloitically, you will be removed,-if you continue- mark my word we have no time for kids like you- we will remove you- Marlk may word!

  49. As far as the EPLF agnet calling himself Obo Arada Sahwl (real nme Ras Hailu- an Eritrean by birth) he knows his limit. He knew with whom he is trapped accidentaly or intentionally. He is not already regitered on my book as the number one Tigrayan hater and OLF sympethizer. He knew I will be his wrst nightmare as I was too many fools like him when they trapped their mouth going agaginst Tigrayans with their untreated sickness. He knew that I will be after his leg as a tempred snake unloess he apologize. But, I like him so far for knowing his limit. But,mine and his is not over yet- I make sure eeventually, I will take him out of the game as many fools and racist like him tried to intimidate me wat the end disappear from the stage. You all know that by now. That is exactly what happen to OLF- it tried to foam its empty mouth to tell us they were colonized and started to insult Tigrayans as these fools here are still faoming foolishly- at the end They were in my hook for several years- finally they are currently cracked like an egg infront of me. Hale Luya!

  50. Ob. Ogina,
    thanks for the observation! Ato Arada Shawl ignored Debtera Getachew and the Debtera is almost mad because of that!

    Debr. Getachew,
    do you think OLFites are so fool to reason with you about OLF’s poletics? We will talk about your Weyane’s poletics and about your farting and vomiting! We will make Weyane our topic of discussion, not OLF as you dream to see. But please don’t go away, it will be very boring! I want to see the slowly bursting of your inflated Ego-baloon! It already has shrinked to half, but I want to see it collapse 100%. Otherwise, surely the coming new year will not be good for you and your boss Melix Qizenawi!!

  51. how can you can’t talk abot OLF? I know there is no such organization in practice, except in Eritrea washing closes and cleaning the Eritrean army boots and fetching water and collecting fire wood. Even still, you should have a little knowledge about the criminals that fooled you and that foole behind you. Well,

  52. Dbr Getachew,
    disappointed? You can paint OLF with all your stinky verbal SEGERA, but how about your Weyane and your boss Melix Qizenawi? Can you tell us about them? Let’s now talk about you!!!

  53. Kumsaa Gadaa and the other Oromo compatriots were captured in Somalia. Who else remained? all major OLF leadesr are left the organization or captured or killed, or living in Mennessota, Washington and in Eurpoe or in Eritrea fetching water to survive. Poor fellows,Ineed! you are cracked like an eggg very badly. What unfortunate 40 years!

  54. I love this read this you will get peace and treatment from it -<>

  55. Dbr,
    how about killing your intention of deviding Amhara “unity forces” against Oromo “liberation fronts”? That was your hitherto mission! The smart Kumsa Geda and his friends like Daud Ibsa made your effort futile! Now the unity forces and liberation fronts have got common denominator to unite against you and your boss Melix Zerawi! Is this not painfull to you?

  56. Sadly, these OLF leaders admitted history very late because thousands of Oromos around the world are already brainwashed to hate their mother country Ethiopia. Especially thousands of Oromos in the Diaspora, like in Europe and America, like in Minnesota, have been brainwashed to think that so-called “Abyssinians” colonized Oromos. Thousands of Oromos in the Diaspora are brainwashed to think in simplicity, in Black and White. But OLF leaders like Lencho Leta and Ababiya Abajobir are finally telling the truth and accepting historical facts, which will eventually bring victory to the truth and bring victory to the millions of Oromos who love their country Ethiopia

  57. Dbr Getachew,
    congradulation for seeing Lencoo and co “capitulate”! Are you really happy? I don’t think. Lencoo’s move is what made you yet more mad for it lead to compromise solution between Amhara unity forces and Oromo liberty fronts against your Weyane regime! Other wise, why should you still cry??

  58. Fayyis,
    it is really a good question what you raised at last. Now a days, no pro unity Abesha is against OLF’s poletics! OLF under the leadership of Ob Daud Ibsa made a great move towards accomodating all Ethiopians with out making a compromise on Oromo liberation. This smart OLF poletician showed that Oromo liberation and Ethiopian unity are not neccessarily contradictory. Future Ethiopia as a region in Horn of Africa can be the home for liberated Oromia, liberated Amhara, Tigrai, Afar, Somali, Sidama…etc from Weyane tyranny and from Abyssinian system of domination. The corocodile tear of Dr. Getachew at this phase of Ethiopian poletics is simply obsolete. May be your identification of him as camouflaged Weyane cadre holds water!!

    come on! give Dr. Getachew the response he is craving for. You ignoring him is simply equivalent to killing his narcistic Ego! Please help him!!!

  59. Ob. Ogina,
    I know this Weyane guy very well. He is a notorious anti-OLF/Oromo with a huge self aggrandizment. Now I deflated his Ego-baloon 75%. He is left with only 25% so that he can fart further a bit. As far as I am concerned, mission accomplished. Otherwise as you asked, let Ato Arada Showel help him to resucitate by responding or kill the rest 25% of his baloon by ignoring him further!

  60. Ob. Fayyis,
    galatoomi, you just humiliated the anti-OLF/anti-Oromo maniac! It feels good to read such cyber war! Happy new year, it is a good start!!

  61. To all participants starting from a far sighted Ato Arada Shawl…through a fellow Oromo Ob Ogina… to a notorious Oromophobic Dbr Getachew, I wish you all a very happy new year and by the way I want to say good bye from discussion in this thread!!

  62. Now, you all fooling yourself. That is why your elders and leaders abandening OLF after 40 some years- due to braging empty mouth while humiliated left Ethiopia and beg Europeans to let you stay in their country. You are not in my country Ethiopia, you will never allowed to touch or land that land any more unless you denounce like your x- leaders. That is the only way to cover your humiliation other wise, you will finish your generation living in Minnesota living with English speaking kids with humiliation. Do you miss Emiye Ethiopia in this New Year? Too bad I can’t help you unless you ran away from your slavery in Eritrea and freed yourself in order to live in Mennesota. Ethiopia the beautiful- far for you to reach it. Too bad! Too big humiliation for 40 some years! God!

  63. Jib kehede, wushaa cohe! Fayyis cooked you down to death and left. What is this all fukeraa now in badoo medaa!!

  64. what a good new year to all Ethiopians and a good start of death to the olf cults -, But today is the big day for all Oromos around the world who have been persecuted by OLF supporters because the former OLF leader himself has admitted what we have been saying for many years. Mr. Ababiya Abajobir admitted that Ras Gobena and Dejazmach Balcha were the Oromo-Ethiopian heroes who created modern Ethiopia. After many years of denial, this OLF leader admitted what our heroes like Emperor Haile Selassie told us for decades. Mr. Ababiya Abajobir admitted and said in an interview

  65. Good news- one remained OLF leader is having disagreemt and furiously angry and threat to split and join Lenco and the rest to search Ethiopiawinet. mark my word- the Countcown ijust started- stay tune. You didn’t beleive me when I was telling people about the fracture of the leadership of OLF last year and the year before. Now, you know the rest of the story. Now, we have to librate those slaves fetching water and collecting fire-wood to the EPLF Colonels. Please librate these poor fellows that were pushed into fire and hell without their will and knowledge. Let us free OLF one more time from being a slave to the EPLF.happy New Year again with our constant unbroken promices and news of the death of Ethiopian different enemies.

  66. “The reason why OLF went to Eritrea was because it has nowhere to go”
    “…Ato Ababiya Abajobir, former OLF External Relations head. After the Ethio-Eritrean war, OLF has no choice but to make its base in Eritrea. It has nowhere to go. Its leaders in Kenya were evicted. And those in Somalia were forced to leave after Hussein Aideed visited Addis Ababa. Sudan also closed its door on OLF. Outside help dried up. Then where can OLF go? After the Ethio-Eritrean war, the government of Eritrea granted the Front a space to operate in. The reason why OLF went to Eritrea was because it has nowhere to go. The Front was responsible for attending to refugees, youth fighters, and others. Where could it settle them except Eritrea? The people of Eritrea embraced them due to their differences with EPRDF. It was the problem at the time that pushed OLF to go to Eritrea”


    I have heard such kind of talk way back in the 1950s not in public but among close friends. But this is a public place and I am amazed to read such vulgar words.After the Revolution, such language is labeled as lumpen language. Maybe this is a new age that demand such language. The Amharic language is sophisticated disguised in Wax and Gold. The Oromiffa is clear and simple while the Tigrigna is ODD and limited. That is why there is confusion for lack of SCRIPT. A choice would be necessary among GE’EZ, LATIN or Arabic.HOW? BY DEMOCRACIA. Not by insulting and shouting at each other.

    I have enjoyed your point of view and hear is my observation.

    Ogina and Germame combine WR i.e Writing and Reading whereas, Getachew and Fayyis seem to coordinate TL ie talking and listening.

  68. To the Eritrean banda Ras Hailu- You get the hell out of the Ethiopian websites and go with your bandas where you feel ease. Tigrayans are not going to sit and listen to your banda messages when you came with Oromo name using “Obo Arad Sahul”. Sebab Banda!

  69. To Getachew

    You should accept that you are not alone to born out of two nationalities or nations. Geta plus Redaie i.e Lord and Helper don’t match. What a confusion! You cannot be a master and a servant at the same time. Or you should give us a separate explanation GETA for who or SERVANT for whom? I am sure you are not a master to OLF or a servant to ePLF. After the Revolution of 1974 and which is still going on, you seem to be lost in the 18th Century. I am so sorry for you. Please, open your heart for solutions not for problems. I suggest you start by learning the ABC of DEMOCRACIA. I see that YOU and EPLF/TPLF army boast of 18,000 OLF soldiers were captured. The 18,000 were not soldiers of dictatorship but soldiers of DEMOCRACIA.

    I just want to remind you that the OLH leadership chose to accept for four posts of a) Agriculture b) Education c) Development and d) Information. This is not difficult to figure out how smart the OLF leaders were. Mind you, they did not want to share power from the Defense, Foreign or Trade. They were looking for long term what we call DEMOCRACIA -building a bridge not destroying a bridge.

    Ato Getachew in any obituaries, you will see names, names and strange names. Lastly, what does Ras Hailu mean? Please, explain to me. I want to learn.

  70. Ras Hailu (Obo Arada Shaul), can you ask your president Isayas in Asmara to let your OLF friends stay in Sawa as refugees freed them from fetching water and collecting woods for fire? You can help the OLF atleast doing that. Hasawi Uosub banda!

  71. Obo Arada_ That wss what I was waiting to hear from you. Now, I got you who you are and hooked you on my file so that I will be your master as the shool hread master to freed your Banda brain from cecesion. The 18 thousand OlF (based on your assertion)EPLF trained folks are not army of Democracia as your delussion thinks. They are anti Ethiopia separatists. Banda do you hear me?

  72. To Fayyis

    I don’t think you should demean the term debtera. It is a profession. Your friend Getachew is not a debtera, if he is, he is in the wrong side of profession.

    We should be able to distinguish between a debtera and a Kes. They are totally different profession. May be your colleague is a KES ie. priest. By labeling Getachew with Debtera, you are comparing apples and oranges.

    Even if we are in America where self-expression is allowed, it is not advisable to use profane languages in the websites. I prefer you to meet face-to-face with your friend and say whatever you want to say, just like in the old days.

  73. Obo Arada you as OLF ande EPLF boot soldier- can’t you still feel humiliated my pen exposing you openly by telling the readers who you are without shame after using EPRP website as a cover up to insult Ethiopian patrits. Now, I am so glad that I finally kicked your mask and able to open your face. That is how cruel my pen is to the undercover OLf who just come out to the air. The countdown will continue!

  74. To the OLF Obo Arada you as OLF ande EPLF boot soldier- can’t you still feel humiliated my pen exposing you openly by telling the readers who you are without shame after using EPRP website as a cover up to insult Ethiopian patrits. Now, I am so glad that I finally kicked your mask and able to open your face. That is how cruel my pen is to the undercover OLf who just come out to the air. The countdown will continue!

  75. To Ogina and Germame

    I have nothing to say for both of you for you are disciplined. You seem both to seek for lasting solution for all our people.

    I would suggest that you read my article entitled ” call me by my address, solutions with DEBTERAW, III” dated on October 23, 2008. I think it will indicate who we are first and then build a United States of AETHIOPIA (USAE)or something of that sort. Ato Germame Neway thinks that it is loaded and he does not believe it is appropriate to discuss with what he calls his “enemies”. And I am a believer who discusses with my enemies more than with my friends. What about your Mr. Ogina who calls me ARADAW? Do you really think I am aradaw? What do you mean? Please, explain. Thanks.

  76. To Obo Arad- Yes, indeed you are Arada who fooled so many polite readers they thought you are Ethiopian from EPRP after using the Debteraw website as a cover up- I salute you for fooling them for a while- But, I have my own sucpicous fro a while after I followed your writings and methosd. Something dead Rat was smelling in your writings. You acidentaly, colided with Ethiopian patriot who is the anti OLF criminal elements trying to collect evidence to take all of you to the court for murder and ethnic cleaqnsing. Here you are hooked with no more chance to insult Ethiopia! Do you hear me separatisto!

  77. To All Ethiopians and and
    Congradualtions!!!!!!!! Here I manage to open the anti Ethiopia separatist OLF memeber by his own confession aftrer I mange to squeez him two days- came openly that he is not Eritrean but OLF. be aware now, that this fool can write anything, traet him as the empty lost disaabled retirded mind from OLF. Happy New Year professor Aleme and others that your enemy OLF is exposed who was using Ethiopian websites as Ethiopian and as EPRP element to insult and disrespect Ethiopia and its patrits and her degnity. Thanks the Ethiopian Glory God of the univers -one enemy is exposed on this first day of 2009! Ethiopia will Prevail!

  78. TO the braindead OLF OBO ARADA SHAWL_\
    Did you creat again another OLF leadeship and switch it to OLH to fool the fools? Can you tell us what OLH leadership menat? These folks are making laugh every time I read their sillyness. Lord! Glory!

  79. tO aLL eTHIOPIANS-

  80. Ob. Arada,
    thanks for the comment. I am sorry for using vulgar words, but that is what Aite Getachew deserves. I know giving him the title Debtera in a sense of SCHOLAR/TEACHER is inappropriate. I just wanted to show him that, the title Doctor he uses doesn’t fit to his nifxaam mind. Other wise go on and kick this corrupted mind with your sophisticated intellect. I know he needs 3000 years of hybernation to comprehend what you write.

    Aite Getachew,
    why this all zeraf zeraf? Leave alone to expose him, you even didn’t comprehend what Ob Arada writes. There is a million light years of intellectual distance between him and you. As far as OLF…bla..bla.. is concerned, like it or not it will take over power from your Dedebit graduates in due time. Till then go on with your job as Weyane cadre being camouflaged as conservative Amhara just to sow a discord betweeen Amharas, Eritreans and Oromos. Poor cadre, did you observe that these last three nations are cooperating and coordinating their resources to get rid of you Weyanes, the BEASTs in the Horn of Africa? What ever you try the three will strengthen their alliance against you. Is it painfull???

  81. Aradaw,
    what I mean by Aradaw is simply to tell you that you are poletically smart and clever, you are not a person with stone age mentality like Dr. Getachew. I do enjoy your articls, which show the genuine solution for that troubled region aka Horn of Africa. You are free from emotional hatred and ressentment which lead the writings of Dr. Getachw. You are the intellect lead with reason and wisdom. That is why I called you Aradaw in contrast to Dr. Getachew the FAARAW!!

  82. Ob. Ogina,
    what a contrast! Aradaw vs Faaraw! Is it also similar to a comparision of Albert Einstein with Mam Qilo??

  83. To the brain dead OLF bangers. When are you going to librate those slaves in Eritrea fetching water and colecting fire-wood for the Eritrean Colonels? Thsoe OLF slaves living in Sawa fetching water and boiling tea and cooking food to the Eritrean officers in Sawa Military Camp have no where to go as your x-leaders told the world openly on their interview. Can you tell us when you are going to leave Menneota to beg the Eritrean iron man to ease their sufferings? OBo Arada is an eritrean OLF. agent, he can represent you and send him there if he is feeling healthy becuase of his older age. You need him, because all the OLF leaders are left and few will very soon leave you. You can replace him. Taht is why he is working hard to exploit your money , since he knew you all fools of the universe that are decevied, confused with self denial. God mercy to those sickening disable OLF.

  84. To the Shaabiya OLF agent “Obo Arada Sahwl”:-
    Why are you shy so far to discuss with me when you brought the issue of the Gada democracy and the biologically born Oromo democrats? You see you know your limits when it comes to the educational discussion due to the fact that you have no clue to why you referred the Tigrayans you hate from your Eritreans Gut- that Tigrayans naturally are Felach Korach, tyrants and Authoritative society while you praise your god for creating the oromo society born biologically democratic society. First of all, I do not mind if the Oromo were created democts naturally. But it is delusion and out of entelectual thoughts. You are simply silly and illiterate. The whole talk about Oromo democracy comes from the so called Gada system in which the entire women community were excluded. What kind of democracy is that? Then the Gada system is a military warring system through which only the youth were selected to fight the Ethiopians. Your illiterate disabled brain must read zenahu le galla of Aleqa Bahrey for more details. Banda brain is always illiterate and no known shame.

  85. Aite Getachew,
    is that all your fart and vomit? Cry till death, no Oromo with sound mind tries to discuss with you, leave alone Ob Arada. Go on and paint OLF further with your verbal SEGERA? What else do you know about this “good for nothing” organiozation?

  86. Fayyis,
    I think you are just wasting your talent and time for nothing by responding to Dr. Getachew, who deliberately denigerates every thing Oromo to get our attention. You are respecting and rewarding his craving mentality, whereas Ob Aradaw is killing his ambition. Let’s learn from Ob. Aradaw to be selective in responding, i.e ignore people like Dr. Getachew. Hopefully this will be our last to satisfy his craving. Galatoomi, gaaritti!!!

  87. Well, thanks! This will be my last response to this intellectually weird Oromophobic man! Let’s use our talent and time for some thing productive!!

  88. Good! That is what you should have done “melted away as you are trying to do now” Go and disappear from here, because you are hooked with an Ethiopian who doesn’t take no enemy for a second to play around. OLF and the Eritrean banda doesn’t belong in Ethiopian web spaces to begin with. What you need to do is while you are disappearing from this forum as you are now running away, – you need to talk to Obo Arada Shawl (Ato Tewelde- the Eritrean Shaabiaya under cover banda!0 or his other name (Ras Hailu) seek advice to represent him in Asmara where he knew every banda leaders in Eritrea to be a mediator to soften the hard life that OLF slaves fetching water to the Eritrean Colonels and be given a recess from the hard labor of cooking and boiling tea and collecting fire wood to the EPLF Colonels. Well at least that is what you can do for now, since you are hooked in Minnesota Sub-way sandwich. Good luck with your new agent- the brain dead Terati Eritrean banda calling himself Tewlede- Obo Arada and Ras hailu and many and many in order for him to use it insult Tigrayan /our people. Call him by his real name “the double agent – sophistry Banda”. By the way- what about the political debate I ask all of you – you can’t do it? Shame!


  90. Goodbye Tewlde Banda! See You in Asmara!

  91. Ob. Arada,
    well said! Ignoring him as such is what kills the notorious Weyane cadre Aite GHetachew. Let him furt and vomit on the “poor” OLF, but not on you!! See you in other discussion thread!!

  92. Aradaw,
    very good!! You gave the Faaraw what he deserves: to be ignored!

  93. Hopefully this is the END of a NITTIRRIK with the Weyane man aite Getachew!!

  94. You see, you can’t afford to leave from here. It simply known that, if you go to your websites of the EPLF/ELF and OLF web sites, you will be bore. You will never learn there, there they will tell you lie. Here you will get informed how the Isayas Guru and the OLF slaves with their remained confused leaders fetching water and collecting wood fire and boiling tea to the Eritrean colonels. That is why you running here back after you said Goodbye. You can’t see the world with out Ethiopia. The rest it is fake as fake as your brain washed is diluted very badly. Before the OLF and EPLF Gugmangug kicked back out of their trench (which seems very soon- Mark my word), you better kneel and beg your mother Ethiopia for the murder and ethnic cleansing your OLF and EPPLF conducted. At that time the barrier will collapse, and Gog and Magog will rush out in all directions, eating and drinking everything they found, spreading corruption, uprooting plants, killing people…And Gog and Magog shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth… Quoted in various forms in ‘The Book of Ezekiel’, ‘The Book of Revelations

  95. It feels good to read you farting and vomiting about OLF!! What else do you know? Go on Weyanew!!

  96. Aite Getachew,
    where are you hiding? I just wanted to smell your farting and vomiting on OLF. Come on and do it!!!

  97. Ob Fayyis,
    even though I do support your point of view regarding Oromo liberation struggle, your approach towards Dr. Getachew is undemocratic to say the least. What ever disgusting position he has, we should learn to accept and respect his view. That is the DEMOCRACIA being advocated by Aradaw!!

  98. I suspected this guy Reda as undercover TPLF and works as if he champion Ethiopian unity to please amharic speakers. No body got it except Fayyis. Getachew Reda works for TPLF but as undercover. Period. What a surprise, as Ethiopia is the poorest country in the world, Rada still fight to keep it as it is.

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