“Election” 2010 in Ethiopia by Minga and Tsion

Dear writers,

I read your article posted on www.ethiomedia.com (Dec 16) on the so called the coming election of 2010. I want to remind you that Ethiopians are not in any business of election and this is not an issue that worried most of our people at the present time. The only one that are worried are the ruling racist ethnic mafia of Meles’ TPLF,  those who are sleeping in parliament paid by poor Ethiopians and those who are currently dancing around to secure a seat  by participating on the coming fake election of 2010.

How comes you failed to mention, living and breathing in Ethiopia is only allowed for card carrying TPLF members and few in the name of opposition who are allowed to make noise here  and there in hotels and offices under the watchful eye of TPLF security ? What makes you believe this will change in 2010? On the recent so called local election we witnessed that TPLF bought the rural and urban people and fielded millions of candidates and this is what to come in 2010 even if foreigners are allowed to monitor the election as you suggested and surely TPLF will comply.


The preparation of the so called 2010 election is already underway and we know the winner is TPLF by landslide. Educated people like you should be courageous to tell the whole picture and do not waste our time in teaching us the basics of election which by the way we also learned from TPLF websites. Our poor people have proven us all wrong in 2005 by their excellent deeds, they know what is good for them and do not need our lecturing of what an election is or should be. Election is an exercise by free people and as you well know the country you are residing,
South Africa did not end apartheid by election.



Tedla Asfaw                                                                                               

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  1. Minga has become weyane apologist from South Africa since some time now. Like a dog he is doing his Masters Voice routine.Thank you Tedla for the article.

  2. the next 2010 parlamentary election in ethiopia is the most volient and disgracing the democratic socity

    It is foolishness to hope for 2010 paralmentary election in ethiopia. EPDRF creats multi security system that confusing the international communities .

    The opposation group like ”FOURAM” is tipical tplf intlegence tarp that created to confeuse the ethiopian and other international organization . Seeye Abraha Hagouse is one of the opposation group but truly Seeye act as opposation to get more vote. He and Ledato already elected, they falsely call for ethiopian unity .

    It is not easy to understand the sofsticated tplf structure, butit is clear that what they want to do on the next elections

    The next elction of ethiopia lidatu and Seeye will elected regardles of the votes

    both of them already orented the new chapter of tplf manifesto . the tplf manifesto is ant-ethiopian program applied to ethiopians by using the governmental power that is a criminal poltics today the nations enforcrd to rehearsing self distractions

    Now , tplf manifesto on the new chapter , meles zenawi going to publcie officialy hi’s 22 pages secret documents for 4 years only degisted by 15 meles zenawi crime families

    This new chapter claim port Assab for grate tigray while the elected Ledatu falsly condamen the civil and religouse war. the country will turns to worst and confusing any democratic movment , then meles zenawi cedes tigray and open assab port by the expence of ethiopians

    Acordingly the program ‘as ethiopian felt in civil war tplf ceds tigray’ but like Lidatu allow the country to be clonazed by tplf for the seak of assb port

  3. It was the time to countinue appeal to international communities ,that TPLF policy is the implmentation of tplf manifesto criminal policy .Any one whom ask for ethiopian unity will punshed as a prison or death penality

    genocide to Gambella , Ogaden,Afar ,Bnashangule and hunting down the educated people whom may know there mischife, as a result of tplf manifesto .

    TPLF manlfesto is the most criminal program must be investgated under international communties as well as ICC

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