SOLUTIONS WITH DEBTERAW, II: Call me by my name, address and task

By Obo Arada Shawl (December 13, 2008)

Background Information

Aethiopia is a beautiful country. That is the only reason why the Aethiopians have kept their Independence intact. How, why and what kind of beauty? I leave the real answer to my readers.


But for me and for others who think like me, Aethiopia’s beauty lies in its natural-ecological beauty expressed in 13th months of sunshine as in Ethiopia and 3 seasons in just 2 hours of vehicular travel as in Eritrea. In other words, Aethiopia is endowed with mountains for cooling purpose and it is located near the Earth’s Equator for warming purposes. Isn’t that something of value to be thankful to God or to our ancestors? Adam and Eve (A&E) ገርሂ እና ድንቅነሽ


According to legend, the people who have inhabited this Land are righteous, humble and God fearing people. With my own experience, these Aethiopians didn’t differentiate between names, boundaries and careers. They all lived as nomads, herders, tillers, traders, warriors, bandits or teachers (debteras included).


Philosophically, these Aethiopians had lived on the principle of “live and let live” regardless of name, address or career differentiation. All of them are governed by Market Place በአገር ገበያ and not by Wall Street. I have been visiting markets – from Monday to Sunday as was part of my job and they all were located and based on open market. The amazing part, most of them speak their own dialects or languages with no sense of fear or indignation for not knowing the language of neither of the merchants nor of the government in power. To classify them on language basis is pure racism. There is neither market place for ideas nor for products that govern Aethiopians as at to date.


Technically, though, the Aethiopians were living in 17th or 18th centuries, as 90% of the land mass is without communication and transport services.


Those who conceived this situation had embarked upon developing freedom of social movement and the open economic market fabrics of the Great Society into the 20th century. Not in technical terms but in philosophical, ideological and political contexts.


Kiflu Tadesse who authored the book on “The Generation” has this to say

This is a book about a generation of Ethiopians who embarked on an arduous struggle to transform its country. The first members of this generation were born in the early 1940’s and the youngest in the early and mid 1950’s. It was a generation of activists who came together because of altruistic aims and goals. It was a generation that was visionary, idealist and perceptive and consisted of the most enlightened and brightest citizens. Many of the members of these groups were among the privileged few who had access to modern education. Most of them were successful academically and many were honor students.”

* Emphasis is mine


However, a widespread ignorance of a crucial nature in politics, philosophy and economics is apparent in today’s Aethtiopia. What has happened to the Ethiopian  Eway Revolution? Was there something wrong with the stars or the Revolutionaries?  What has intervened or what has happened in between the following years? The answer should come from my readers. Decipher the letter B. You will find the answer.


1961 – 1974  = 13 years

1974 – 1987 = 13 years

1987 – 2000 = 13 years

2000 – 2013 = 13 years

·        Hint: Menghistu brothers; international conspiracy against Aethiopia; peace deal and the dawn of DEMOCRACIA


If we cannot figure out the years of the software indicators for reflection, conspiracy, peace and downfalls for 52 years, then surely all our docile educated class have reason to believe that WMD (Wallelligne Makonnen – DEBTERAW) have brought to Aethiopia real WMD (weapons of mass destruction).


If this is the case, we have to revisit the software path of the Eway Revolution.


 Again, Ato Kiflu continues writing in his preface as follows

“ An effort is made to portray events, incidents, decisions and activities realistically. Detailed analysis and interpretations of the activities are not provided, only the account of the history itself. This was done for the sake of fairness and with the intention to express the actual feeling of the fallen comrades. It is the intention of the author to tell their story the way it was made and the way they want it to be told and retold. The correctness or wrongness of events or decision is not the main focus, but an explanation of why things happened the way they did and the attenuating circumstances that influenced decision making.”

** Emphasis is mine


This week, I have visited the office of EPRP in Washington, DC. Although I have made several visits in the past, this is my first time to observe a special item of interest. Was it the set up of the office? No. Was it the variety of books? No. Was it the rack on which computers was place? No. Was it the radio room? It was none of the above.


It was a painting, hanging on a wall that attracted my attention. I have seen it a dozen of times but never figured it out the way I did it now. ልብ እንጂ ዓይን አያይም የሚሉት ትክክል ነው። The painting has been in the office for almost 2 decades, but to my amazement, I did not give the attention they (the personalities) or it (the painting) deserves.


Now that I have, what does this painting represent in EPRP’s office? Who were or who are these personalities? These three individuals were true comrades who honestly believed to be the pioneers in idealizing Aethiopia but only if they would be involved in the Eway Revolution. All three portray different family and education background but above all their true passion in each of the following areas of

·        Politics

·        Revolution and

·        Philosophy

Matters to all of the Great Society of past Ethiopia and the future of Aethiopia, for understanding these three departments of knowledge is a priority. I believe that without these precondition, nothing will go forward and albeit backward. For EPRP, these tasks have been carried out by many of its members and supporters and so the task of the party of EPRP will be focused on organization and leadership.

On Organization

Anyhow, let me go back to what I can decipher from the painting where I can contribute to the truth.

They are from left to right

1.     Wallelligne Makonnen  ዋለልኝ መኮነን

2.     DEBTERAW and  ፀገየ ገብረ መድህን

3.     Tilahun Gizaw ጥላሁን ግዛው


As widely believed to be, nameless and faceless members of EPRP and supporters are considered to be followers of Marx-Engels-Lenin. But that was and still is not true. Aethiopian Revolutionaries were not reading or following what Marx, Engles or Lenin have written or said, or as the paintings of MEL as displayed on Revolution or Meskal Square. The majority of EPRP supporters and associates were following their own national heroes of Wallelligne-Debteraw-Tilahun (WDT ሠዐፐ). Let us briefly examine what these personalities have represented and are still representing.


Wallelligne Mekonnen: on collectivism

Wallelligne was a person who deeply believed in independent thinking. He was an individualist who believed that collectivism in any form was wrong especially the type of Russian or the Chinese style. I am actually referring to our way of organizing principles -on the basis of nationalities – is very wrong. Organization should not be based on languages alone. Even by the standard of Stalin’s definition, language is one among many. True to Wallelligne’s nature, language be it any language including Amharic by itself is not a criterion for an identity. Wallelligne believed that language is only a tool for communication and a tool for thought processing. Nothing else. That was actually the main reason why he wrote the article on nation and nationalities in order to dispel oppression, as many believed that the culprit is the language of Amharic.


Since Wallelligne was a political science student as such, he was writing, thinking and acting on political level. He knew that the Amhara was a symbol of political affiliation not an economic or a cultural affirmation. He did not only address the problem of the national question but he had also attempted to redress it. It is up to us to follow his solution in the right context and in the correct way and not a¢ la Woyane’s way. Wallelligne Mokonnen Kassa did not recommend the future of Eritrea as a state of nine nationalities or as many as eighty-one something in the Ethiopian case and worst at that solely based on geography or ethnic languages.


As to his organizational affiliation to EPRP, he was recruited or has recruited others on an individual basis not on a group or national as it was the case with the Woyane and Shaebia’s way of recruitment. Any EPRP member was convinced to join the organization on a personal level and not by threat or cheat. Wasn’t this a wonderful way of organizing a revolutionary political party. There is no regrets whatsoever for those who has joined on this principles of organization.


I have no doubt that Walleligne would abhor the concept of ethnic rule. Ethnic rule with all its dogmas and rules, traditions and dialects would surely be a mental disaster. Tribes will subsist on the edge of starvation and at the mercy of natural disaster. A man of self-esteem like Walleligne would not accept the notion that the content of his mind should be determined by muscles, namely by the means of unspecified string of ancestors. Determinism by Marxism is far superior to ethnicity. Collectivism based on language should be abolished. That was not the idea of WMK. Due Consideration might be given to the article of October 23, 2008 (call me by my address: Solutions with DEBTERAW, III). The proposal was not mainly based on the three individual’s wish, but of thousands especially with mixed parentage.

Tsegey Gebre Medhin – DEBTERAW: on myth

The mystic’s doctrine that men must give credit to God for all their virtues and vices was unacceptable to DEBTERAW. Religion encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings, history and mythology as well as personal faith and religious experience. Ritual myths of performance practices or patterns associated with temples or centers of worship, preliterate oral traditions that may vanish as the written word becomes the story and the literate class becomes the authority. Aethiopians must blame for all their sins upon themselves, is the mystic’s doctrine. The principle of men’s right to their own life, their liberty, to the pursuit of happiness would be the ultimate goal of all Aethiopians after the Eway Revolution as declared by DEBTERAW and his party.


However, social myths reinforce or defend social values or practices. On the one hand, in our cases, we have seen nationalist modern scholars such as Tecola Hagos (a Tigrian nationalist), Jordan Gebre Medhin (an Eritrean nationalist) whose works of studies was/is as exposed by Girma Bekele in his writings on ethnocentrism is distortion of the highest form.


DEBTERAW, on the other hand, expounded the traditional story, typically involving supernatural beings or forces of creature, which embodies and provides explanation. Justification (etiology) a religious belief or ritual or a natural phenomenon was clarified by DEBTERAW, Tsegeye G Medhin to anybody who needed at the time of the revolution.


Not all traditional stories are myths. For instance, a person or thing held in awe or generally referred to with near reverential admiration on the basis of popularly repeated stories be it real or fiction is not a harmful myth. Those who knew DEBTERAW personally can testify.


So what is wrong with being debtera? DEBTERAW has enlightened the Aethiopian population through traveling – physically, philosophically, socially, spiritually and above all via the Eway Revolution from Assimba via Tselemt, via the Abay river back to the Market Places of Aethiopia.


For those of us who do not know the difference between a debtera and a priest, the former is mostly responsible for education (spiritual life of community) whereas the latter has a representative function. Unlike that of the Jewish debtera, the Aethiopian debteras were part and parcel of the church hierarchy for they are poets, writers, musicians, dancers and healers. DEBTERAW has opposed the interference of the state into the affairs of the church and vice versa. By the way, the Independence of Aethiopia has been kept by the work of the debteras. The distinction between the task of the debtera and the priests is the same between personal and business matters.

Tilanhun Gizaw: on altruism

Tilahun Gizaw was the elected student president of USUAA. Tilahun was from the nobility of Tigrai state. His sister was married to Emperor Haile Sellasie’s son.


Tilahun has been taking courses in Sociology, which was not popular at that time in Haile Sellassie’s University.


However, from our class discussions and personal conversation, Tilahun had the following core beliefs

·        The right to own property over random search and seizure

·        Liberty over oppression

·        Natural right to life over the constant fear of death


After his failure to become a student president, he studied the true nature of Aethiopian societies condition and desire first hand. Unlike the unholy claim that he was against the fortune’s of his sister, Tilahun finally took the idea that when Aethiopians have the opportunity to choose, they will choose to be ruled by the consent of the governed not by the coercion of the Ethiopian State. This is what we globally call nowadays as the rule of law, not by the whim of the rulers. How true Tilahun was.


As to his altruism, I do not think, Tilahun had believed in this concept. I also think that the author Kiflu Tadesse’s statement of altruism did sink or match with the beliefs of most Revolutionaries let alone with all Aethiopians. Why? It is an appropriate question. Here is why.


Altruism is a condition, which refers to people who keep sacrificing themselves and their values. We have seen this state of conditions during the DERG era, the Anja era, the TPLF and the EPLF era. That is to say that altruists sacrifice their friends to enemies, their allies to their antagonists, their convictions to anyone’s wishes, the truth to lie, their strength to anyone’s weakness and the good to any evil.


There is a misconception about altruism in the Eway society. Altruism is confused with kindness or due consideration to others. In fact, altruism is a moral theory that preaches that man must sacrifice himself to others. In our revolutionary struggle, many people thought that the comrades should place the interest of others above their own and that they actually are required to live for the sake of others. Was this not our Aethiopian core of confusion? If it is not let us discuss and solve our problems.


The reason why Tilahun Gizaw participated in the Eway Revolution was simply to ameliorate the economic and the social conditions of all Aethiopians via the politics of democracy – allowing the will of the majority to prevail while protecting the rights of the minority, including the Royal Family.

Concluding remarks

Unless the term ‘generation’ has different meanings to Ato Kiflu, a generation is defined as the average time between a mother’s first offspring and her daughter’s first offspring. This makes a generation around 30 years in length. Compare this with 33 years of Jesus Christ as one generation. Sociologists mostly accept the classification of generation of Silent (1925-45); the Boom (1946-61); the Thirteen (1962-81); the Millennial (1982-2000) and the New Silent (2001-?). Ato Kiflu should rename his title of his book; otherwise, the generation he is referring to is dying out. It is time for detailed analysis and conceptual understanding of a generation. The struggle is still continuing with or without DEBTERAW. But Ato Kiflu seems to forget WDT. Let us all visit the EPRP office for a reminder of the living and the fallen comrades as Ato Kiflu has displayed a poem on the page of his book.


Ethnicity has a history of endless and bloody warfare. We should not wait for that to happen. Our only hope would be to be organized on a common cause and common ground. DEBTERAW has shown us the way to dispel mythology, Wallelligne has written and struggled until death to bring the solution to the problem of nations and nationalities and Tilahun has shown the courage for what was right and honorable in defiance to his social class. The painting that is hanging on the walls of EPRP office is a true reminder of Aethiopian role models for political leadership.


In other words, these three giant personalities have shown us

·        How to know ourselves

·        How to love our country and

·        How to differentiate one’s ally from the enemy

$ የዋለልኝ መኮነን የአገር መበተን ዘመቻ፤ የጥላሁን ግዛው የምንቀኝነት አባዜ፤ እና የደብተራው ፀገየ ገብረ መድህን መሰሪ ሥረ በተራው ሕዝብ ዘንድ ሰለተስራጨ ይህን ጽሑፍ ይነበብ።




For comments and questions:



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  1. Nice coalition of the trio from the three major nations in the empire, who are fighting now to have, own and maintain power by any meanse, the WDT:
    Walelyn from Wello Amhara,
    Debteraw from Shoa Oromo,
    Tilahun from royal Tigrai!!

    It is only the consense between these three nations, which can determine the further exsitence of the Imiye Ethiopia, the above author is crying for. Be sure, no IMIYE at the cost of Oromo liberty!!! Can you imagine of Imiye Ethiopia speaking only Oromiffa instead of Amharinya? If you accept this, I will be the advocate of Ethiopianism and the adversary of “Ethnicism”!! Do you agree???

  2. If all Ethiopians are ready to speak only Oromiffa instead of Amharinya, I am ready to be Ethiopianist. If you are dreaming for Ethiopia speaking only Amharinya and dismantle Oromia, I will be the worst “Ethnocentrist”, you seem to hate! Do you comprehend why??

  3. Oh Mr. Fayyis

    Come on Mr. You judged me for nothing. But you also asked the right question and I better answer your question.

    If you have read my previous articles, there is something about languages. I have always advocated for competition including languages. Let the Oromiffa, the Amharic, the Tigrigna, Tigre, Sidama, somalia and so on compete in the market place. I have no problem with that. What I want you to know is that language is a tool for communication other than that it is racism pure and simple. Don’t play smart that the trio WDT belongs to a certain province, you know better than that. You should be honest for discussion. I have written about their ideas and everybody including you have seen their action.

    Let me tell you what a certain lady told me. She said that EPRP and Oromo can never come to power. I laughed at her flat assertion. Actually, I told her it is true. I explained to her what DEMOCRACIA is all about. If and when DEMOCRACIA is instutionalized, it will be all about Oromo and EPRP. In this aspect, they are one and the same. The rule of the majority and the right of the minority will be respected. How about that. Now you can be an AEthiopian or AEO. Thanks for your comment and question.

  4. Thanks for the reply! I can see your maturity, which is totally contrary to the usually known view of “Unity freaks”, who do cry for unitary Ethiopia having in mind that we all should learn and use only Amharic.

    Yours view of marketing language is not bad! Clearly Oromiffaa as the language of the majority will be the winner. I am sure Amharas would rather die than accept this. They never had in mind the possibility of learning and speaking Oromiffa and be Ethiopian instead of using only Amharic. Just have a picture in mind that all people in Addis and also Amhara region speak fluent (broken) Oromiffaa and be called TEBTAABA Amhara, whereas Oromos enjoy the previledge of having their mother tounge used as national language.

    If your view is the view of all EPRP people, I do see no reason why they are seen as anti-Oromo. Probably what you people preach is different from what you do practice, which the old foxes in OLF smartly might have identified! Other wise why do you think did Obbo Leencoo Leta said: “sile Oromo IHAPA min aggebbawu??”

  5. Mr. Fayyis

    Thanks for your response.

    I can see that you have a feeling for a language. Take for instance, my case, whenever I discuss with Eritreans , we do not agree on the issues of the day, but since I speak the language, they are happy. They forget what I said. They automatically take me for an Eritrean. Speaking the language do not make me an Eritrean, but that is the way they have been told and retold.But for me language is only a tool for communication and for thought processing. It cannot be an identity.Speaking Oromiffa can not under any circusmtance make me an Oromo.The EPLF, the TPLF, the OLF and now the Amharas and many others are using language as an identity. That is totally wrong. I will leave you alone to consider this concept.

    As to competition I am referring to is this:-

    ATO. You know this is a title in our societies. What is means and how it came about, do not ask me because I don’t know. In fact, one of our problems is that we have no title how to address one other apart from using our career title of Doctor,engineer, general, kengazmatch and so on and so forth. A common title is Ato useful for anybody just like I have addressed you Mr. instead of ..obo…?

    Any how my idea of ATO is that Amharic, Tigre (not Tigrigna) and Oromiffa would compete in the open market and let us see who will win. There others too, do not forget, Arabic, Somali, Aderi etc.

    I want you to realize that in language, the alphabet is very important, which alphabet is easy for reading and writing? I want you honestly to answer me. Of course, disregard the TEBTABA comment. They were saying to me too, we are saying it too. It is not a big thing. If you are living in America, you have seen and heard worse than such comments. It is freedom of expression and speech. Thanks for your patience.

  6. Dear Ato Obo Arada Shawl,

    Thank you as always to teach and pursued us tirelessly for those who guninely seek a democratic and united Ethiopia. Iam not alone to say with out any exageration , you have earned a great deal of respect by numerous ethiopians and one of the few honest patroitic intellectuals, in the tradition of your hero and comrade-in -arms DEBTERAW.

    To Ato Fayyis

    With all due respect, your response and comment misses the point and the essence of our national politcal discourse to reach to some kind of unifying and democratic system of governance. Your argument and reasoning seemed to come out of OLFites talking points.

    Let me explain: Oromo nationalists who are in the OLF camp are one of the self-appointed groups who claim to represent the interest of the Ethiopian Oromos.I will remind you that there are millions of ardent pan Ethiopian nationalist Oromos as thier other kin ethnic nationalists. In fact, OLF in its founding charter declared that their primary quest is for total independce of what they call the “Oroma land?”. They do not recogize any Pan-Ethiopian political groupings as allies heretofore,rather they call each and every pan-Ethiopianist as “Amara surrogates”.”Gobennas”,”Äbissinians” etc just to name the most known ones. On the other hand, in their whole history up to the present time,despite some reoprt of internal political shift for tactical or strategical reasons time will tell,OLF HAS BEEN WORKING HAND AND GLOVE WITH ANTI-ETHIOPIAN GROUPS,NATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS.Your hero Lench letta is unrepentant and arrogant power hungy Issayas incarnate(=as devil-incarnate) is prime example.

    Hence, your argument lacks honesty and shows divisiveness that bedevile us for the last 18 years of ethnic apartied system of governance. The much heralded and often celeberated “colonial” question is unmentionable and in shambles.It has become at best unattainable worse yet Isayas afeworki and his SHABIA has shown our fellow Eritreans and Oromos the futility and tragedy of that quest. What it did was replace one dictator by another glib talker dictator who is more cunning and vicious than the one he replaced.
    Now Fayyis of the world are putting preconditons to rejoin the pan Ethiopian movement by blackmailing the whole struggle as a bargaining chip, a worn out tactic at that. LANGUAGE IS ONE AND RELIGION MAY FOLLOW SOON.
    Few in the oppostion who hunger for mere political power and panderings by sub contracting the bid for OLF AGENDA IN THE NAME OF CREATING OR FORMING “HIBRET”( reminder;AFD)Your comment is part of that project to always keep an eye on the genuine pan Ethiopian organizations and individual who adavocate for inclusive and progressive society worthy of 21 century.
    Ethiopia did not happen in 100 years and will not vanish by 40 or some years of distorted historical revisions. The 80 millions sons and daughters of Ethiopia are not simply numbers or ethnic groups; they are Ethiopian humans to the bone. As in the past the Ethiopian phenix is rising from the ashes once more again.

    Ethiopia will prvail.

  7. Ato A. Shawl,
    ameseginalehu sile hasabih!! It is true that language is a tool for communication, but it is blatant false that you consider it as not part of identity. To the contrary language is one of the most important factors which determine once identity. What we usually try to dismiss as ethinicity is not per se a biological difference, but more of language difference. I do see no much biological difference between peoples in that cursed empire, but of course a big difference of language.

    Look also in Europe and other areas of the world, what matters is the language people speak. Can you simply identify people in the street of London physically, whether they are German, French, English, Italy….origin? Big NO! But you can identify them by the language they speak and of course by their own psychological identification to one of the nations. Same is true in the cursed empire! What matters is the language people in the empire speak and their psychological identification.

    If Language don’t matter for you Abyssinians, just stop preaching about the importance of Amharinya and settle to accept the language of the majority, aka Afaan Oromo as a national language. This is the only way you may win Oromos to make us Ethiopianists, Other wise the “Ethnocentric” move of Oromos is irriversible!

    Ato Germame,
    your writing is more fiction rather than fact! You write about Oromos based on what ever you imagine or you wish us to be. To know the reality on the ground try to be involved in Oromo community where ever you live!! You find few “Oromo Ethiopians”, but a lot of Oromians who don’t consider them selves as Ethiopians. It is your choice either to live in fantasy or to face the reality! Learn from Ato A. Shawl what it means to deal with reality, even though he tries to spin facts in favour of serving the further existence of Imiye Ethiopia,

    To your info, I am not against UNION per se. But don’t try to fool around as if Oromos are too damb to comprehend your implicit move. Be frank and discuss facts straight for ward to seek a lasting solution for all of us in that region. Obbo Leenco is the one who came up with such solution for the Horn of Africa: forge a common Home based on Freedom and Democracy. His themes sound Decentralization, Decolonization and Democratization of the empire. He once said: “If Ethiopia will not be changed, she will be destroyed!!” Ameseginalehu!!!

  8. Hello again Obo Fayyis and Ato Germame

    Let us get serious. Let us put aside the personal issues.

    Language:Earliest man had very little time for thought and language about the nature and problems of society; all his energies were required for survival in a harsh,unyielding environment. Later, when man had developed a system of agriculture and some labor-saving tools such as language, he had more time to develop systems of social thought.He first explained all phenomena in terms of gods or a God, and through group life he evolved systems of ethics and norms to control human relationships.

    What is yours, guys? Let me guess. Both of you are living somewhere in Europe. I am not a guesser but I saw the time when you posted your comment. May be it is wrong. My question to both of is whether you are living in a harsh environment, if not cool down and discuss the issues of our time. Leave the history (of course, there are thousand of histories) to the historians. Let us plan for the future. How? By simply understanding the historical years of the Eway Revolution.

    I do not know whether Germame Neway is your true name or not. Millions of AEthiopians have similar names. It is difficult to distinguish them by names alone. If on the other hand, your name emulates the Neway brothers, then let me tell you a real story that may interest both of you.

    Gaayo Hallake was my friend while we were in High School. He was the son of Germame Neway and he was an Oromo from Sidamo Borena. He used to tell us how his father advise him how to be what he wants him to be. One day, as Germame was travelling to Jijiga, Gaayo was with him. The Ethiopian authority attempted to prevent Germame from travelling to Jijiga for political reasons. He disobeyed the rule of the regime and Gaayo was impressed, he loved his father more than anything else. After Germam’s death, Gaayo never became the same jovial, active and above all the best soccer player. Germame was not his biological father, but you know he was his mentor and role model. The point I am trying to make is that whether we can be able to tell that Germame was trying to be a colonial teacher or a Revolutionary teacher. I need an answer from both of you on colonialism.

    Later on as is predicted by one of you, the question of religion will come head on. The Orthodox Christian was a colonial pioneer in establishing Tabots in the Oromo land.

    Another point I would like to raise to Obo Fayyis is that the Oromo people wereInternational Colonialist in istitutionalized the coffee Arabic. How about that? Think about it and let us discuss the issues of colonialism. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Ato A. Shawl,
    discussion about colonialism is not bad, but I fear we never convince each other on the issue for we all do have a fixed idea in interpreting the injustice our peoples experienced so that supporting our respective nations: you are spining things towards Abesha benefit and we are translating things towards promoting Oromo liberation! The only common denominator we (Abeshas and Oromos)can have is to leave history including the issue of colonialism for historians and to try to forge a common destiny in that geographical area called Horn of Africa, which we may build as common home, be it we live as good DEBBAL (in one undivided house) or as good GOREBET (in a devided house)!!

  10. Fayyis (OBO)

    Well said. DEBAL OR GOREBet. THAT IS THE QUESTION. What is your preference? I believe it is DEBAL. Actually, EPRP has presented its case a long time ago as a case of “A marriage”. In a marriage, it is better to live together for there is huge advantage for both the partners and for the children, if they are any. But if one of partners has bad habit and has been advised to leave his bad habit, say drinking or the wife has a habit of adultery, then if both partners do not comply with the request, then definitely, separation or divorce would be a better alternative. That is why Wallelligne had in mind when he wrote about the nationalities. Now where are we? The Woyane said that they have the constitution to be divorced. Nobody believed them. The OLF was part of the game in drafting the so-called constitution, but when it come to implementation, you know what has happened to the OLF. We have seen what has happened to Shaebia’s alliance with Woyane. No Trust. That is the burning question. TRUST, TRUST AND TRUST

    And so, if the political organizations cannot be trusted by the people be that of Oromia, Amhara or Tigre, Eritreans or others, then the alternative is not to be GOREBET but to be divided into clans, tribes or chieftains and continue killing each other. Is that what you want? I do not think so.

    My proposal is to start with a name. And I have come with a name for Abeshas, the Gobenas or the Amharas, or any other tribes or races as AETHIOPIAN. You see, in GE’EZ script, it is easy to communicate but since I am writing in Latin script, I cannot write it here. Those who became literate through GE”EZ alphabet, can always read any book or literature. We can not do that in Latin alphabet, it is a hard work but if it can compete, so be it.

    Anyway, it is about communication. At this stage, it is not about language or cultural oppression, as you seem to discuss with Germame Neway, it is about cooperation and understanding for a common cause.

    The second part of my proposal is to have boundary of what we are talking about. That is address of AEthiopia. It starts from Moyale to Karora in north of Eritrea and from Assab in the east to Kurmuk to the west. I call this MAKK, ie. the new boundary of AEthiopia.

    The third proposal is to have a title or a career. Since most of us have been in the revolution of destroying feudalism with its titles, along with that we have missed many opportunities to have careers, we somehow lost in addressing ourselves or our neighbours. That is why we are having disrespect to each other. For instance, how do I address you and how do you address Germame? It is a tough question. Before communicating with language or any other media, attitude is very important. Unless and otherwise, you and Germame do not have respect for each other as human beings, you cannot communicate let alone to understand one another.

    I am sorry I said too much. I leave the forum for both of you or others who want to join. Thanks.

  11. Ato Fayyis,

    I did not expect and was not my intention to try to convince you. You have already proved my point- You are a true believer or faith-based fanatic OLFite. In Mafioso vernculaur there is what they call a “made-man”. He is the main enforcer in the hierarchy of the crimnial empire. No question asked, he is not expected to have doubts of the organization,just blind loyality(AMORTE) TO THE DEATH.Anything that stands in the way is an enemy.

    Ato Fayyis, you do not know my ethnic backgroud, you just assumed because I opposed your view I must be “Abessha” as if it is a dirty word.You consider yourself as autentic Oromo by denying others who opsed your kind of politics. You have the right to defend yourself and your ideas. Nothing less nothing more. Your world view,or to put it correctely faith based Ethiophobe ideology, needs a major shock treatment- in the form of checking the objective realty and correspond subjectvely to find solution to the myriad problems our people-Oh! THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE-are facing.
    That is why I mentioned your worn out and divisive “colonial” question presently marketed as “language”question , the same package that only changed its cover. When this “language”stuff do not work as expected “Relgion ” is already in the pipeline. It is in fact test marketed in some communities and waiting for final appoval from the chairmen of the board. The salesmen(OLF,WOYANNE,SHABIA CADRES)read from the same talking points and working overtime to divert the Political discourse once more to these divisve abuse of our time and resoures to buy time in the hope of reviving their “colonial”agenda.
    As you may inmagine, I detest your lack of respect for other people as you require and even demand recogntion for youself. By constantly employing the loaded word “Abeshä”,”Amhara” “cursed Empire” etc… and using blackmail or Guilt as weapon, your intention reflect collective blame and punishment for vast majorty of what you call Abissinians(Amara&Tigire ethnic groups). If push comes to shove do not expect these groups sit idly by and wait to be slaughtered. As a Progressive pan Ethiopian, I have struggled and will continue to struggle for equlity, jusstice and democracy for all our people regraless of ethnic,relgion and other form of discrmination. For these vision to be full filled, we mus first of all have a goverment of the people for the people to the people. To exercise this freedom we need a country though imperfect, which is our only home. That place is OUR BELOVED ETHIOPIA.


  12. Ato A. Shawl,
    thanks again for the nice response! Now you added two alternatives to the two ways of relationship we may have in the Horn:
    – GAABICHAA (Marriage)
    – MEGGEDAADEL (killing each other).

    I think, to put them in priority, we need to live together as follows:

    1) in good GAABICHAA, if the marriage is really based on love. As far as I understand, our “marriage” was based on XELEFAA (forced marriage), not on love. That is why the hitherto marriage is rather bad marriage, which definetly will lead to divorce!

    2) in good DEBBAALINET, if the “unity” we need is based on free will. As far as I know our hitherto “unity” is a forced unity at gun point, so that it will be lost at gun point!

    3) in good GURBITINNAA, which is better than bad GAABICHAA and bad DEBBAALINET! It is better to live in peace as GOREBET than to fight each other to death by living in one home!

    4) If the above three good options fail, the only alternative will be the last option you mentioned: MEGEDAADEL (be devided in clans and kill each other).

    It is our all responsibility to avoid this last option and to try to forge one of the first three. I believe the marriage based on love is utopia. Yet optimal solution is UNION based on free will. If these two good options fails, good neighbourhood is better than the bad alternative aka killing each other whereas living in one common home! Can you agree??

    Ato Germame,
    I will leave all negative remarks you made about me just for you. With your remarks you just showed your personality, but said nothing true about me. As far as your stand on the survival of Imiye Ethiopia is concerned, I wish you good luck! further existence of the empire with out due respect for Oromo’s right to self determination is doomed to fail. Be it in 1 or in 10 or in 100 years, Oromo will be liberated from Abyssinian domination. Unfortunate for you is that as long as there is domination, there will be liberation movement. You can hate and demonize OLF, fact is that you will deal with this issue till Oromo liberation gets victory over Abesha domination. Till then enjoy your phantasy about me or about OLF in particular and about Oromo in general.

  13. Fayyis,
    galatoomi, how a wonderfull metapher! For the nations in that region to live together there are only the three ways you listed:

    1) Gaabichaa based on love,
    2) Debalinet based on free will and
    3) Gurbitina based on friendship

    What we had till now is neither of the above, but forced marriage (gaabichaa) or forced unity (debalinet). Oromos and other oppressed nations are against such forced “unity”. They prefer peacefull gurbitina to the bad gaabicha or bad debalinet we had till now!!

  14. Obbo Ogina,
    thanks for the complement!

    Ato Germame,
    enjoy the following to comprehend how important language is for you Abeshas, despite your claim to be careless about language. I know the whole essence of your effort is to keep the domination of either Amharinya or Tigirinyaa or both at the cost of Afaan Oromo!!

    “Why Tigrnya has more weight than Oromiffa & Somali? (Blog)

    Opinion/ Oromummaa

    During the last near 20 years in Ethiopia under TPLF rule, it is an understatement to say that we have witnessed the highest level of Tigray supremacy in the country. While all of us know about the political and economic domination of the Tigrayans already (especially the endless number of manufacturing industries inside Tigray), some of the regime’s supporters have deceived many people about the so-called “linguistic equality” under wayane. It is important to look at this controversial issue because all former OLF members who have visited Ethiopia are giving trophy to OPDO/TPLF and talking about the nonexistent “linguistic equality.”

    While many more people have been able to freely use their languages, the grim reality is, the Tigrayan language domination and disproportional representation in Ethiopia has been ignored. According to the Ethiopian census done and monitored by the government officials dominated by the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), Ethiopia has a population of almost 77 million. According to this same census, almost 35% of the population is Oromo and 27% are Amharas. After that, the next biggest ethnic group is Somali at 6.2%, followed by Tigrays at 6.1%. Knowing this TPLF monitored census, one would expect the language power and application in the society would proportionally reflect these top ethnicities in Ethiopia. But let alone the Somali language achieving more or equal role to Tigrinya in the Ethiopian public at large, the Tigrayan language appears to be the de facto second official language of the country. From the Tigrayan language’s disproportional presence in national radios, TV stations, institutions and big company operations, one would wrongly think that the Tigrayan people are as populous as Oromos by looking at their domination.

    One glaring example has been on ETV, where Tigrayan language has always remained one of the top three languages used nationaly while Somali should have been included in the top 3 languages and the Tigrinya removed. The last remaining card the TPLF regime has played has been about “linguistic freedom” and “equality” under its rule because the TPLF can not trick people anymore by preaching about its “good governance, prosperity and democracy” in a country which lacks all of those. However, the implication of Tigrinya as a top 3 language in Ethiopia is also illegal. At best, Tigranya language should move down as a number 4 language, even though it might even slide down further to 5th Ethiopian language status because many urban Tigrayans are more likely to speak Amharic than Sidamas are to abandon their native language.

    As the recent census and other government documents also show, on websites and/or other publications, Tigray has always appeared first and foremost for a reason no one knows. Meanwhile, once again this week, the Tigrayan regime placed its language over the bigger Somali language inside its new company ECX. The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) announced that it has launched a new mobile service in the “Amharic, Tigrigna and Oromifa” languages to make trading information accessible throughout Ethiopia. While Tigrigna once again is mentioned ahead of Oromiffa, Somali is not even mentioned at all. This is another example or another reminder to all of us, just in case we forgot who is in power in Ethiopia.

    The “linguistic equality” gospel of TPLF is the last remaining gospel left since no one in Ethiopia believes any thing else TPLF says. If the regime wants to save this last remaining gospel, it has to follow these two steps to reverse the linguistic inequality and disproportional representation. First, it has to end its presentation of Tigrinya as another top Ethiopian language equivalent to Oromiffa because over 20 million more people in Ethiopia speak Oromiffa. In fact, Afaan Oromoo should replace Amharic as the official language of the country, pending accurate and non-political recount of how many people in Ethiopia speak Amharic as their second language. Secondly, Somali has more speakers in Ethiopia than Tigrinya has (as indicated by the TPLF census itself) so Tigrinya should never be depicted as a Top 3 language in Ethiopia in any stage, any where. If the regime wants to include Tigriya, it should also include the other 70+ languages because only Oromiffa and Amharic should be depicted as the majority national languages of the country, pending a final count to see which one is the biggest of all.”

  15. Fayyis,
    I have read your comments in different forums. I do support your views. But here I want to tell you that now it is not the time to emphasize the difference between Amharas and Oromos. The time is for broad based alliance against fascist Weyane, who is bleeding the two big nations. Now a days Amharas are as oppressed as Oromos except the fact that Amharic is privillaged to be the working language of federal government. Even this is left as “previllage” for Weyane wanted to intrumentalize Amharic in order to rule over the whole Ethiopia to develop Tigrai. Let’s focus on fighting the current BEAST in the empire, which is not Amhara, but Weyane!!!

  16. Obbo Ogina,
    thanks, well said! I do close my case here. It is not time to fight against the tootheless ones. This is my last post!!!

  17. Ato Fayyis,

    This is my last comment for your diatriabe.

    First, I am not attacking you personaly, rather your divisve and distorted views. If you feel personaly attacked that is not my intention. As the saying goes,if you do not like the heat get out of the kitchen.
    As for me, you can say anything and label me any name, I will take it for I heared and read worse things said and heniouse crimes perpetrated against PAn-Ethiopians and the enlightned and progressive generation.

    I am not against OLF per se oly its anti Ethiopian project. I do not equate and have never done so an organization like OLf with the Oromo people. I am not naive or joe-come-lately political activist. I have been around the block. Your attempt to pigeonhole me in divisive ethnic discourse ain’t gonna work. You see numbers not human beings. The great Oromo people have played a sigincfcant role in Ethiopian history. Probably more not less than other counterpartsin developing the culture,religion,language etc in the formation of the Nation state of Ethiopia. Most countries,I can say almost all here, came to existance through long history of WAR AND PEACE, EXPANSION,ANNEXION ETC. Note here,I am not endorsing or justifying the method, just stating the historical fact. It is only at the end of the18th and during the 19th century in Europe and much later in Africa- that is post colonial Africa-the consent of the ruled or self- determination ofthe people of the territories become an acceptable and viable option as long term soluton for peace and prosperty to prevail. As we have witnessed ,intentions and good will are as good as the paper they are written if they are implemented accordingly. Unforfunatley, the fate of most Nations and people were still under the control or influnce of the so called BIG POWERS. Inevitably, these powers went to two world wars to reshpe the balance and spher of their political and econmic power. To make the long history brief. we have to study and try to understand Ethiopian history in these seemngly complex scrample to determine one’s own destiny. The white supermacist colonial ambition to re-write the history of Afica particularly Ethiopia, and the incessant and still unabated policy of DIVDE AND RULE by encouraging and subsidising a PREFBRICATED IDEA ON AFRICAN HISTORY a grim reality. One comical example, the selection ofLatin by denigrating the home grown African & Ethiopian GEEZ alphabet is tesimoney the failure and self-mutilation of once indigneouss culutre.

    To conclude, in this rapdily shrinking transnationalworld, the medevial era political thinking is backward and harmful even for the very people in whose name one profess to argue.
    If Oromiffa is what is reqired and vast majoity of the Ethiopian people consent of the idea no one organization or party can stop that from happenning. I can argue for Amarignato contiunue to be a lingua franca but it is ony my wishand one vote. Let us not put or force the cart before the horce.Again .. FORM A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE.


  18. Dear friends

    Obbo Fayyis Ato Germame and Ogina

    Thanks for your civil discussion. I have some points to say in appreciation to the debate.

    First,three of you have raised your points of view.

    Two, each of you has shown empathy and sympathy to one’s nation or nationalities.

    Three, each of you ended the discussion voluntarily. This is unusual in our community. We do not know the status of limitation but both Fayyis and Germame has shown restraint. That is the best for ending discussion does not mean cowardice or fear.

    Lastly, you all understood where to focus. Personally, I believe language and religion are irrelevant to our problems, politics and democracy are at the root of our core problems. How do we solve them, one way is my proposal of using a new name of AETHIOPIA located within Moyale-Karora-Assab-Kurmuk.

    Let us discuss this proposal, if you will. Thanks.

  19. Ato A. Shawl,
    thanks for the invitation for further discussion. Actually there is no “discussion”, but there were verbal fights, between Amharas (including you and Ato Germame) and Oromos (including me and Obbo Ogina) for the reason I mentioned above,! I hope you accepted the fact that “good GURBITINA is better than bad DEBALINET and GABICHA”!

    Ato Germame,
    well, it might not be your intention to attack me personally, but your tone speaks other wise! As I said no need of FIGHTING between us now, rather we can fight against Weyane together! See you in a war front against Weyane!

    Other wise, bye bye both of you!!!

  20. Aradaw,
    I appreciate your article and it is not bad to discuss on the issue you now raised. Come up with your own opinion so that we can respond accordingly. Thanks!!

  21. Selam Obo Arada Shawl,

    Thank you for your invitation to discuss. However, it is not clear to me when you saÿ–
    “one way is my proposal of using a new name of AETHIOPIA located within Moyale-Karora-Assab-Kurmuk”.

    The phrase a “new name of AETHIOPIA…” is loaded . I am not sure you what you mean? Please explain. I will not be a party to discuss or propose differnt idea rather than defend the historical name and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.


  22. Dear friends

    Before I present my opinion to Ogina who addresses me as ARADAW and before I would like to clear for Ato Germame Neway, let me first address to Mr. Fayyis.

    OBO Fayyis

    You may not like to discuss with all of us, but I am sure you want Solutions for our people and yourself. If that is so, at least we have to learn from each other. How about that? Learning, Learning and Learning. For the time being until you join us, let me tell you what has happened to an Oromo friend and Me a long time ago. Here is it.

    In the Organization I was working, four people were assigned to sit in a single office. It was during the height of the Revolution. Every one of us used to jock and express our opinions freely. The Revolution was new almost all had accepted it. My Oromo friend was being teased by the Menze colleague like this showing him the map of Ethiopia “The woldes are going, look at the map, under your leadership,Ethiopia would look like a big ball” and so on and so forth, and my Obo Oromo friend whose name was Taddasa Abdisaa points his fingers at me and kneels down and says ” you will not seccede under our leadership”. At that time Obo Tadasse was really believing that Haile Fida would come to power and lead Ethiopia. Personally we were in agreement with the then contents of DEMOCRACIA.But for the things I did not know, Taddase helped the authorities to put me in prison. To cut long stories short, when I came back to the same office after some years.

    I asked Taddase why he helped for my imprisonment, his response was not logical, it was emotional.

    “One Asrate Kassa is gone thousands and millions have come.” This is because our colleague whose name Teffera Menghesha has a nick name proposed by Tadasse as little Asrate. Such things had happened in the past and nobody wants to repeat them again.

    Obo Fayyis, I know you are feeling of the same as Tadasse but you should put the blame where it belongs. The Woyanes are behaving like Tefferas. The Woyones were not urbanites, the majority are and were peasants. They would not understand what we have gone through. The Urbanites or workers were supposed to lead the peasants but they are leading us. Right there, we have a problem. We have to solve it. It is not about territory, it is not about secession and it is not about language, it is about power to gain access to wealth and money.Money for whom and power for whom? I leave this answer to you.

    As to Ogina and Germame, I am ready to put my case if I have not already done so. Thanks.

  23. Ato A. Shawl,
    thanks, LEARNING is an endless process we all have to persue life long! But is there really some thing we learn from each other regarding Ethiopian poletics? I am Oromo, who used to reason with you Abeshas for the last 35 years starting from time of Dr. Haile Fida you mentioned.

    Unfortunately we Oromos experienced no logical reasoning from you Abeshas, but we only were hearing and reading the same mantra about the UNITY of Imiye Ethiopia, nothing more. I came across no Abesha trying to understand poletics from Oromo’s perspective!

    Ont the contrary, there are a lot of Oromos persuing and practicing poletics in the interest of Abeshas at the cost of Oromo interest. Dr. Haile Fida belongs to these group. I personally used to be on this same line. Now thanks to the arrogance and ignorance of Abesha polity, I am one of those who do fight for the interest of Oromo people with out being dumbed and fooled by Abesha “scholars” like Ato Germame, who do pray their mantra disregarding Oromo’s right to self-determination.

    I think you are one of the very few who tries to be moderate, but still spin all facts in favour of keeping the empire intact. If you people are genuine about the possible UNION of all nations in the region, learn to put your selves in Oromo position and try to win our hearts and minds. Other wise, we hate the bad GABICHA/DEBALINET based on force (XELEFA) we had till now and we do prefer to be your good GOREBET, rather than living further in the bad relation we have now!

  24. Obo Ogina, Ato Germame

    Here is my proposal for the unity and solidarity of the country.

    First the NAME: Aethiopia : the key lies in the letters of AE. We are going back to phonetics. In Orromiffa, there is no GEEZ letter. That is there is no first letter, there is only RAB’IE FOURTth. It is difficult to explain without the GEEZ alphabet.We should refer to linguists. For our purpose, we should choose between GEEZ and LATIN alphabets. Which one is easy for our people. That is all. I believe that if we use the first letters with AE, it will sound like the FIFTh alphabet, EE where Eritreans are included and where the Oromos are also included because of their advanced sounds.

    As to the territory, Ato Germame should have a map in front of you. Where is Moyale, Where is Karora, where is Assab and where is Kurmuk? What Ethiopia do you know other than this. I think you have been reading my previous articles as you are used to comment on others comment, perhaps you did not pay attention to what I have been writing. You should be the least person to ask me such a question. If you do not know the boundary of Ethiopia for the last hundred years, then it is futile to comprehend the thousand years of Ethiopia existence. There seems a lot of myths in your head that is why DEBTERAW has been teaching us to demystify. The Internet has now helped DEBTERAW TO ACCOMPLISH HIS JOB. Besides, you should not put conditions for discussion, I think that is why Fayyis

    wants to avoid discussion.

    As for Ogina, this is my opinion and nobody’s else. Take it from me or leave it. I have no hidden agenda or Time bomb to explode when time arrives.

    Thanks for all of you. Happy Holidays.

  25. Fayyis,
    How about the version of Oromo history, which suggests that even Abeshas are biologically from Agew and Oromo, even though they are semetized! Can’t we deal with such people of “ours”??

    I personally don’t have problem with Aethiopia you try to promote as far as Oromos never stay to be second class citizens! Making Afaan Oromo a working language of the empire beside Amharic is the best solution. I expect Amharas support this move, other wise it will be a hypocracy from their side just only to cry about unity!!!

  26. Selam Obo Arada Shawl,

    I am responding to you because you misconstrued my enquiry. If your opnion about my question or my comment is–”
    “If you do not know the boundary of Ethiopia for the last hundred years, then it is futile to comprehend the thousand years of Ethiopia existence. There seems a lot of myths in your head that is why DEBTERAW has been teaching us to demystify.” Well, with all due respect,I disagree strongly. If you take it to mean that way, I hereby confirm to you that I am not infalliable. I respect your constructive input and knowledge and agree to disagree to maintain my pan Ethiopian princple.
    As to the other OLFite cadre I have had enough of him for he is Woynne/Shabia wannabe waiting in the wings. I do not see a scintilla of concilatory view except to repeat the most backward and narrow diatriabe camoflaged as an “OROMO nationalist.” If one reads the writings and comments of Meles and Isayas and other Ethiophobes you will find a common tread that bind all these elements togther. HATE-POLITICS. To see the wordl in black and white, collective punshiment and vengence. We should not under estimate and disregard thieir capacity to sow discord and suspsion among the working poor and the vast peasant population by appealing to the lowest human denominator. The Hutus slaughtered their fellow country men in hundered thousands, the Nazis rationalized their extermaination of 6 million Jews 20 million slavic(Russians,orthodox christians,etc)by means of collective guilt and punishment to supposedly redress the past injustice and grievenses……

    The question of opressed natioalities is real and must be addressed. However, it is not the one and only question that has to be solved in Ethiopia. The OLFite true believers even do not recognize Ethiopian identity from which they demand redress and equal citzenship. Their quest is to manufacture or recreat “New” reality in the ground by claiming as a “colonized” people by other Black African what they call “Neftegna” warrior tribe. If we take their bogus and SHABIA invented project EVERY ETHNIC GROUP IN ETHIOPIA CAN CLAIM ONE TIME OR OTHER ITS TRIBE HAS BEEN UNDER THE YOKE OF THIS OR THAT TRIBE. A case in point: Today the Amhara ethnic group can claim colonization under the yoke of Tigrian ethnic group and demand a separate and independent nation.The sane can be said with every other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. I Know the OLFites do not like this kind of argument and drive them crazy. Isayas once was chastisizing Meles for demanding a separate Tigray State for fear it will complicate or waterdown his demand. Even Separtists get envious and jeleous at the same time.
    To conclude,I won’t be dragged into parlaysis by worthless and divisive analysis coming from virulent anti Ethiopian groups or individuals. I believe and trust the vast majoity of the Ethiopian people have had enough of the snake oil salesmen of politics and the Messiah-elites who think they are the only chosen spokesmen of their tribes to lead them in the land of milk and honey.


  27. Ob Ogina,
    well the version of history you mentioned is not the history I do believe in. It is simply a history forged to dilute Oromo’s determination for liberty from colonial yoke. Other wise people like Aite Germame, who try to sow a discord among Amharas and Oromos at this particular time of seeking alliance between the two big nations against the Beast Weyane, are simply directly or indirectly Weyane supporters. Forget a discussion with such loosers! Surely we will get rid of them, be it in 1 or 10 or 100 years!!

  28. Dear friends

    I think we are missing something of value. The citizenship and an official language. Mr. Ogina is pinpointing that nobody should be a second or a third class. That I believe we all agree. As to the official language, it is about convenience and choice. Let me tell you a story.

    I have seen a letter head with English on the left side of the letterhead and Tigrigna on the right side of the letter head. But in between, there is an Arabic version. When I decephered it EAT I said to myself to EAT Meblat. Then I spinned my head and found out that there are people who wants to EAT with Amharic. So instead of Arabic, what about those of us who were educated in Amharic. Shouldn’t we eat with Amharic? This is the Eritrean version. What about in Ethiopia, are there not people who speak Arabic? Language is a tool of communication, we should not take it further than that. People’s citizenship depends on indvidual identity and Rights. In the eyes of God or in the eyes of Court every one and everybody should be EQUAL. It is not in wealth, identity or anything of that sort. That is why the Freedom Fighters are fighting for.In Citizenship, there is equality, in nationality there is no equality.

    As to History, we always think that there is only one history. That is our problem. There are thousands of histories. I believe Ato Germame and Obo Fayyis are discussing on Personal History whereas Mr. Ogina’s discussion is based on Social History while mine is based on Political History. And so let us agree to disagree. Thanks for the discussion. Let us celebrate the birth of JC which is 10 plus 3 = 13.

  29. To all of you:
    – Ato A. Shawl,
    – Aite Germame and
    – Obbo Ogina!

    I wish you nice X-Mass and New year celebration! Don’t worry, be happy! the village earth belongs to all of us!! Forget all the negatives we had experienced till now and focus on the common pleasure, love and hope we all can have in the future in our common home: HORN of Africa!! Marry X-mas!!!

  30. I hope we will see a change in the coming new year. Change is not bad, but the question is to what or which direction? I know Abeshas need a change towards UNITARY Ethiopia, with no respect for national rights of different nations in the empire. But to their Merdo, the change needed by Oromos is otherwise. Here is the suggestion from Oromos on the issue how to live in Unity with Abyssinians. The whole message sounds: good GURBITINNAA is better than bad GAABICHAA!

    Whenever we read Abeshas crying for unity, we need to ask them: before or after liberty (the mode of question patients ask their doctors)? For Oromos Unity at the cost of our national Liberty is unthinkable. But after being liberated, we can discuss the issue if we think the benefit of unity is more than its challenge!

    Otherwise, here is the priority set up we want Abeshas understand. I think, to put things in priority, we need to live in the future together as follows:

    1) in good GAABICHAA, if the marriage is really based on love. As far as I understand, our “marriage” was based on XELEFAA (forced marriage), not on love. That is why the hitherto marriage is rather bad marriage, which definetly will lead to divorce!

    2) in good DEBBAALINET, if the “unity” we need is based on free will. As far as I know our hitherto “unity” is a forced unity at gun point, so that it will be lost at gun point!

    3) in good GURBITINNAA, which is better than bad GAABICHAA and bad DEBBAALINET! It is better to live in peace as GOREBET than to fight each other to death by living in one home!

    4) If the above three good options fail, the only alternative will be the last: MEGEDAADEL (be devided in clans and kill each other).

    It is our all responsibility to avoid this last option and to try to forge one of the first three. I believe the marriage based on love is utopia. Yet optimal solution is UNION based on free will. If these two good options fails, good neighbourhood is better than the bad alternative aka killing each other whereas living in one common home! Can you people crying about YE IMIYE ANDINET agree on this??”

  31. I hope we will see a change in the coming new year. Change is not bad, but the question is to what or which direction? I know Abeshas need a change towards UNITARY Ethiopia, with no respect for national rights of different nations in the empire. But to their Merdo, the change needed by Oromos is otherwise. Here is the suggestion from Oromos on the issue how to live in Unity with Abyssinians. The whole message sounds: good GURBITINNAA is better than bad GAABICHAA!

    Whenever we read Abeshas crying for unity, we need to ask them: before or after liberty (the mode of question patients ask their doctors)? For Oromos Unity at the cost of our national Liberty is unthinkable. But after being liberated, we can discuss the issue if we think the benefit of unity is more than its challenge!

    Otherwise, here is the priority set up we want Abeshas understand. I think, to put things in priority, we need to live in the future together as follows:

    1) in good GAABICHAA 8symbol for unitary system till 1991), if the marriage is really based on love. As far as I understand, our “marriage” was based on XELEFAA (forced marriage), not on love. That is why the hitherto marriage is rather bad marriage, which definetly will lead to divorce!

    2) in good DEBBAALINET (symbol for federalism from 1991 till now), if the “unity” we need is based on free will. As far as I know our hitherto “unity” is a forced unity at gun point, so that it will be lost at gun point!

    3) in good GURBITINNAA (independence longed by oppressed nations), which is better than bad GAABICHAA and bad DEBBAALINET! It is better to live in peace as GOREBET than to fight each other to death by living in one home!

    4) If the above three good options fail, the only alternative will be the last: MEGEDAADEL (be devided in clans and kill each other).

    It is our all responsibility to avoid this last option and to try to forge one of the first three. I believe the marriage based on love is utopia. Yet optimal solution is UNION based on free will. If these two good options fails, good neighbourhood is better than the bad alternative aka killing each other whereas living in one common home! Can you people crying about YE IMIYE ANDINET agree on this??”

  32. @Obo Arada Shawl
    Did you write the article for yourself?You are all over the place.

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