Article from Haile Liul Girma (DC) (Amharic pdf)


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  1. Few questions for Haile Liul GIrma on “yetedengetew woyane ena jelewochachu” it was easy to put my ideas in Amharic but i am not able to do it since i use public computers which do not allow to down load fonts but i will try to say my ideas and raise some questions what the writer is telling us.
    First and foremost when we talk about politcal views what we have to substantiate is what our objectives,strategies and goals are and the next thing which comes is how to dessiminate to the public and bring the publics idea to the initiation of our parties.Being this the basic cornerstones what i read in you ideas is just to through disarrayed opinions which as think is against the EPRDF or the other party but what you did is you are showing those who are reading it that it is just words without essence.
    The first crude idea was about hijacking the struggle of CUDP which i do not understand,CUDP was an amalgamation of four parties and the manifesto belongs to all the four parties and if these four parties are going in two ways it is their right to adopt,formulate and reorganize the ideas and go further in their ways, with this i do not see the hijacking here.But what is crucial is are both parties playing the role to lead the people? Here is the basic question which i raise because as far as i seen in different forums these two parties are eating each other which is a bonafide to the ruling TPLF ather than organizing the people behind them.
    The writer has raised about funds which were collected for CUDP which is a right question but before the disfragmentation the issue of funds were the basis to disorganization since i myself never seen transparency by both sides which very irresponsible.
    The third issue is that the visit done by the Andnet which the writer try to make it unnecessary as well as a failure but what we have to realize is that CUDP support groups were voluntarily formed by themembers who live outside the country then what has to be done after fragmentation has to be to adress them,which needs working visit, the one who has got the vision started to reorganize the fragmented support group members and try to understand what has to be done.That means there is no curse here because the decision is made by the individual members who participated in the last years. It is sharing ideas and gaining momentum for the next step whci may be given the team more experience and more questions to refine their straategies.
    Lastly i want to raise one crucial question the end goal of a political party is to take over power by the voice of the people,if is so and if preconditions are fulfilled why not oppositions make crucial preparation than extending the tyrants life for more than another five years.What we have to do is just try to not became hinderance for the others even if we could not help them to move forward and respect their ideas but confront them with visions if we have better one because it is upto Ethiopians to decide like what happened in 2005.

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