A commentary: CALL ME BY MY ADDRESS: Solutions with DEBTERAW

Obo Arada Shawl alias Wolde Tewolde


November 1, 2008


What: Intellectual gathering

Where: along the golden gate to the White House in a place called Ethical Society

Why: To celebrate 36 years of ideological and political struggle


There is neither ONE Ethiopia nor Ethical Society as at to date. I am of course, speaking ideologically and politically not intellectually.


When Walleligne Makonnen was writing about nations and nationalities, he was writing ideologically about the oppressed nations and nationalities of Ethiopia that were dominated by the elite TAGS’s political power i.e. Tigrai, Amhara, Godjam and Shewa. In other words, Walleligne was referring to the century old modes of thinking and governance namely of the kings of Yohannes of Tigrai, Tewodros of Gondar, Tekle Haimanot of Godajm and Shewa’s Minilik.


Nations and nationalities of Ethiopia duped by the propaganda of their own so-called liberators were fighting ideologically to become independent from what their liberators call Amhara domination (notice Amhara implies to Gonder). In Marxist terminology, however, it was referred to as the oppression and exploitation of nations and nationalities ጭቆና እና ብዝበዛ. Alternatively, the Eritreans were seeking for Employment, The Oromos were seeking for Opportunity, while the rest of nationalities including all Amharas were seeking for Equality (EOE). These concepts of equality, opportunity and gainful employment had galvanized the so-called nations and nationalities. Walleligne and his party EPRP broke with the ranks of the majority of Ethiopian elites not only ideologically but as well as politically speaking. For Walleligne and DEBTERAW both Amharas could not stand against the plea of all nations, nationalities or internationally for that matter.


And so with a single idea of self-determination including secession as written by Walleligne as and an impeccable Theory of Organization by DEBTERAW led us to the current state of affairs. For their principled stand both individuals were labeled as agents of either of EPLF or foreign countries. Both were agents of their own party, EPRP and conversely EPRP has supported their principled position.


In order to bolster EPRP’s existence and to show solidarity with the outside world, Walleligne had coordinated a group of Revolutionaries to hijack an Ethiopian plane. The objective and history of all the hijackings including that of Walleligne’s group will be known in due course and it is not the purpose of this commentary. The confusion in relation to self-determination, secession and association with Woyanes’ policy of path to separation and Shaebia’s association of struggle has blurred the real EPRP’s belief and path for an Eway Revolution via DEMOCRACIA – the antithesis for all nationalists.


Those who blame Walleligne and his EPRP see things through the prism of mechanical and ideological connections. Take the simple case of importing a bomb and a gun from Asmara! Take the case of the sole survivor from from Adua! Take the name of Tadeletch whoever or wherever she is! Take the case of Emmanuel who is an economist not a student of medicine as claimed by the “so-called know it all”! Take the case of the current Eritrean implementation for self-determination camouflaged in self-reliance! Take the case of Woyane’s policy on secession! These and other claims are all outside the realm of EPRP’s circle. Let us put the blame where it belongs. Call it whatever and however you like; this is an irony, a paradox or an aberration.


I believe it is very essential to tell the whole truth and understand of the origin and destination (O-D) of EPRP by simply reviewing the political history of (TTsW). ጥላሁን፤ ዋለልጝ፤ ፀገየ  while focusing on the current EPRP’s struggle for finishing the Marathon of struggle.


Having this in the background let me go back to the meeting of October 25, 2008, which is relevant for all people in the region.


The gathering, first of all, was a well coordinated and ethical at the same time. Coordinated because, there was no lack of attendance despite of the heavy rain. Secondly because many activities have been conducted despite limited time constraint.

·        A clip of film showing the fate of prisoners and the inhuman nature of torture applied

·        A musician, Telela Kebede has motivated the audience with the good side of the era of Monarchy and yet firmly asserting herself in the demise of it for the sake of “Mother Ethiopia”.

·        A musician, Maritu Legesse has inspired the audience with the Revolutionary music of the Derg’s time albeit with the time of the moment.

·        A youth’s call for a balanced history of the Eway Revolution

·        A powerful and value laden speech was given by Fassika Bellette. Ato Fassika’s thinking transcends beyond 21st century.


Besides, various support letters and poems were read to the audience and groups and organizations such as Representative from Ethiopian woman’s association

·        Representative from mass media

·        Academic and

·        Political parties

Were all represented in this eventful event.


The most amazing thing was the Recognition of an Ethiopian woman dubbed as the “mother of EPRP” who joined EPRP leaving her 13 children to pursue the Eway Revolution. What an amazing dedication and belief. It is a role model to be emulated by so many of us who claim that we love our country and people.


While on dedication, the other person many of us should respect and dignify is Ato Fassika Bellette who has been in the ups and downs of the Ethiopian struggle for change. On a personal level, his background would not allow him to aspire for Revolution but he did for the sake of all AEthiopians. Ato Fassika, true to his name, wanted everyone and everybody to have ፍስክ every week if not every day.


Ato Fassika Bellette, one of the Tsinhate Muhuran ጽንሐተ ምሁራን elites of Ethiopia have finally spoke up on political and intellectual terms. It is better to listen or read his speech as posted in www.Ethiox.com. He ultimately reached the peak of Ras Dashen having traveled the long march from Mercato-Assimba-Tselemt – Ras Dashen, an arduous journey እልህ አስጨራሽ ጉዞ to bring democracy (the rule of the people, by the people and for the people) by means of DEMOCRACIA – an Ethiopian version.


This person is a dedicated man who kept the party of EPRP intact. He was not an ideological man, he was all throughout an intellectual man and he has kept his intellectual integrity and party ideology intact for 36 years. What an amazing man.


Ato Fassika, however, laments in the following that “the ease with which all Ethiopians are distracted by the petty and trivial, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions, our preference for scoring cheap political points instead of rolling up our sleeves and building a working consensus to tackle the big problems of Ethiopia”.


His only drawback is that he is ahead of his time for F comes after E i.e. 6 > 5. Besides F has one missing leg F = E i.e. 5 < 6. In addition his father’s name as in B has yet is to be deciphered to be 13. This is part of my entertainment with Latin alphabets and Ge’ez Fidels.


As far as I am concerned, the letter F is ahead of me and the letter B is not my forte unless it is deciphered.


Concluding Remarks

Although I have met individuals who were labor leaders in Ethiopia and ESUNA (Ethiopian students in north America), none of them were represented in the event.

The role of these two organizations before and during the Revolution was highly significant. It is somewhat ironic that the labor union leaders of Ethiopia who actually led to the demise of the ancient regime and Esuna leaders who were at the forefront for the supply and provision for EPRP financial and foreign literature did not have a say in this forum. It is unimaginable that the downfall of the Monarchy, the dictatorship of the Military known as the DERG would collapse without these two giant Organizations.


For the surrender of Woyane or Shaebia’s leadership, these two organizations should be re-established again. For without the working class and the intellectuals, nothing will happen in either Ethiopia or Eritrea.


At this meeting, I have sensed a hunger for new ideas and new kind of politics that favors common sense of ideology, and one that focuses on those values and ideals that hold common as AEthiopians. The common bond between the Red and the Blue state of Ethiopia must be coordinated. It’s time for all of us to learn from the American way of Red and Blue political system of classification.


Lastly, I am very proud on the organizing committee whose courtesy and bond of friendship were easily discernable. Thanks to Ato Ayna Alem of Radio Finote for inviting me and thanks to Ato Bellette Yemane who constantly and relentlessly informs me about all the activities of EPRP around Washington Metropolitan Region.


It is all-important for all of us to cope up with the digital age for an individual person has presented the evils of Pal Talk by a means of a poem. I think the first step for democracy is free speech. Pal Talk discussions is crucial for understanding the nature of democracy. Pal Talk discussions whether online or print largely depends on the moderators like any other low – tech meetings. For this I have an admiration for the Assimba Pal Talk moderators.

Truth will prevail



For comments and any critic: Woldetewolde@yahoo.com


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    LalaChiHum Jegnochae
    LeHilanachiHu LemitQomu
    LeMotachiHum SemaItat
    Tibiawun Lemitalemu;
    Ene Lene EyenorKU, LeKerse BCha Sgomalel
    AyZuachuh Yachi Midrua, AferachiHun YemitaQel
    Esua Nat Hizbuan AQfa, WuLetachun Yemitkefil;
    Ya Tibia SigaChiHu nEw, BemereTua Yemiyabib
    TwusTachihun YmiYazekir, BeTarik AwuD YeMiyasnebib.

  2. Shame on EPRP the one which turned to ‘Zeregna Amhara Org.’

    Shame on the leader ‘Hama Tuma’ who put the top ignorat Gondere Zeregnaw Ato Mirchaw (Ethiopiawinet radio host) as his leader on top his head and put the shame on EPRP.

    Your name is Zeregna Amhara!!!

    You adrress is EPRP the top the Zeregnaw who lead by Hama Tuma or Ato Mirchaw (Ethiopiawinet rdio host!)

    EPRP, who is your leader ? Mirchaw Sinishaw Gonderew and top Zeregnaw or Hama Tuma ??? which one????

  3. Sometimes when i browse the net what it comes to me are two words”CURSE OR BLESSING”,it is not a phobia for the words but the words clearly show us who we are and what we are doing.
    Let i come to my idea,First is about the comment by Ato Ewnetu Tesema which is a curse side which always focus on blind fold assumption,that is just catagorization of ideas based on names of people.We are in the 21st century and are always ready not learn to defeat ideas with ideas but we want to smear and bring our ideas to defeat others which is nonesensful. As a brother i advise Ewnetu to think about the issue.

    My second idea is about the cermony of EPRPs 36 years which is a fact in the struggle of the Ethiopian people but what i read even if it is a report of Ato Wolde Tewolde when we see it detailly it looks good but as a grown up patry with 36 years of experience it reminds me two issues which are not ever touched in the content.

    1.The day of the anniversary was on the 25 October but as indicated above this day is almost the same time thousands were put in inferno and many were killed to bring the torch of democracy in the country and it was easier to make it on 23 October for the third anniversary of their sacrifies and day of rememberance.

    2. EPRP being the party with lots of experience did not made any move to invite and assemble other parties (even the ruling party side)to show that in the anniverssary there are more ties than differences against the opposition parties with different strategies but the ultimate objective being to bring justice,democratic rule,free military and police from any patry`s slavery,free electoral board etc.
    So i will come back to my two words is it a blessing or a curse to have experience which we could not bring two and two to four but two and two zero?

  4. Dear Ato Berhanu

    Do you believe that Ewnetu Tessema is a real name? I do not think so. It seems to me that he is one of those people who do not want the truth to come out. And also he is one of those who do not want to hear let alone to listen. That is why he is faking his real name. So Ato Berhanu! do not waste your time and energy to judge individuals. This person does not even know the difference between evil and good let alone between curse and blessing.

    For the record, there is no close connection between Hama Tuma and Mirchaw. Whereas Hama was trying to bring DEMOCRACIA to Ethiopia Mirchaw was attempting to implement DICTATORSHIP in Ethiopia. This is first witness. As to the current connection, if there is any, must be something to do with ETHIOPIAWINET, I do not know whether it is an ideology or something else. I cannot tell. What I wrote is about TAGS. I think this Ewnetu is a true ZEREGNA himself. I bet he does not understand what an Amhara is. I suspect he is an amhara with a small A. So let us not waste our time but let us allow him to enjoy his freedom of expression in writing.

    As to you two important words, let me say this. In religious terms, these days there is no curse or blessing in Ethiopia. There is only a blessing if you have money or be a liar or a cheater. This status will change though. So do not give up. Change will come with blessing.

    As to the 36 years of struggle,the meeting was only a symbolic organized by some committee members of EPRP. It was not meant as you say to celebrate the entire EPRP ANNIVERSARY. Every where, members and supporters of EPRP are reaching for assistance or help whatever it is.

    Finally Ato Berhanu, I do not think EPRP is playing the zero sum game theory.Please, understand about the nature of DEMOCRACIA. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Dear debteraw Editors,

    I am a regular reader and unabashed suuporter of
    EPRP. i have my share of critisizing and even eondemning the eneemy of EPRP and the Ethiopian people. However, I have always mindful of attacking their IDEAS as opposed their HUMAN PERESON.
    What surprise me most is your unconditional opennnes in this time of LIFE AND DEATH STRUGGLE not to monitor,I said MONITOR,NOT SHUT OUT-THESE AGENT PROVOCATURES. I know you may not know exactly who the person is but you have the capacity to figur out wheere it come from.


  6. Hello! Obo,

    As always it is a pleasure to read your article.
    Walleligne’s Article starts with clear invitation by
    Saying “to provoke discussions”.
    But, paid windbags like “Aleme Eshete” or the ‘educated koolies'(Servants of Meles) can not change Walle’s or that outstanding Generations excellent history full of sacrifice and bravery!
    In the final analysis the main target of this concerted campaign is EPRP.
    “Wolaad bedebaab teheed!!…EPRP gave birth to Thousends of Wallelignes,Belays,Debteraws…etc! And more of them exist to stand guard againist tyranny and dictators!!
    For those who are smearing to discreditWalleligne or that Generation,people like ‘Aleme Eshete’and the like, Thomas Pain
    Long time ago said :

    “Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but i should suffer the misery of devils,where i to make a whoe of my soul…”

    Ato ‘Ewnetu’,
    I must tell you that this article is not for Lower Animals. It is just my opinion. . .Ki..Ki.

    Truth will prevail!
    Happy 36th EPRP!!!

  7. Thomas pain’s,correction:
    Thomas Pain
    Long time ago said :

    “Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but i should suffer the misery of devils,where i to make a whore of my soul…”

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