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by Zelalem Misikir



There is at present a concerted campaign launched from several quarters to vilify the Ethiopian generation of the 60s and 70s that struggled for change and for the basic democratic rights of the people. This really dirty campaign is orchestrated, on the hand, by the remnants of the defunct regimes (both feudal and military-totalitarian), by the ethnic centrist Tigrean regime and its poodles, by intellectuals knowingly or otherwise sold to the super power. That generation is defended by its valiant deeds and if it did make mistakes that was because it was struggling and not engaged in action, and paid for all of it with its lives. But bear witness we must in the face of the vile attacks by the dregs of history, sycophants and criminals trying to escape blame and justice. Ewunetu Felleke who penned the article “Ethiopian Political Elites and Their Foreign Policy Perspectives” emerges as an American worshipping, vitriolic, hypocrite and anti progressive individual who has done injustice to the memory of our martyrs and the history of a generation. And all this is directly confirmed by his article and assertions as we shall cite and show below.


It is said lies have short legs. Ewunetu lies. As far as my information goes Ewunetu is a former active member of Meisone and as such he should have come clean on the role his group played in the tragedy of the Ethiopian red Terror and the short circuiting of the February Revolution. Instead, he has chosen to hide behind the generalized label of “the “Left” to lump the victims and the killers into one big you are all to blame basket making the Ethiopian progressives responsible for not only the crime of the Derg and Meisone but also for “making Ethiopia landlocked”. Unless Ewunetu, who wants to project an aura of erudition in his article, argues that he considers the wretched Tigrean ethnic chauvinists as “Left” his accusation on making Ethiopia landlocked does not hold a drop of water. As seems to be the case with present day pseudo intellectuals who want to deny history (and their own non existent or negative role in its proceedings), Ewunetu writes loudly about the present being “dramatically different” from the 20th century we all know and, according to him, some of us still cling to. Such an assertion has become necessary for Ewunetu and others like him to paint the political organizations that struggled since the 1960s as archaic, as stuck in the past and all the other adjectives of this sort thrown up by Ewunetu and his cohorts (on some of whom I shall comment in a second article). Ewunetu stands against the blame game but blames with vigour that generation as the one that brought disaster to Ethiopia. He shows his lenient side to the ruling Tigrean chauvinists (perhaps in anticipation of a similar consideration from the other side) and blames the opposition: “putting blame on the ruling party and its leadership will not do”(mind the respectful way the Weyane is addressed).


The truth that Ewunetu cannot cover up is that a decadent feudal autocracy was overthrown by a people’s revolution, by progressive youth and intellectuals who were bold enough to sacrifice their lives for a better Ethiopia. This Revolution was sabotaged by the military elite supported by intellectual opportunists mainly grouped within the Meisone that Ato Ewunetu belonged to then. Now, Ato Ewunetu can argue as a firebrand Meisone usually did that the EPRP and others were anarchists, leftists, counter revolutionaries, etc… and defend,  like Meisone’s Alemu Abebe, or Fikre Sellasie Weg Deres, Melaku Tefera, etc  that the carnage they unleashed on the people of Ethiopia was justified. But, he cannot hide behind the general condemnation of the Left to wash away the truth. He who tells lies to cover his misdeed wipes his nose on his sleeve to save his napkin.  Ewunetu states that “the left’s short lived experiment has been a disaster to the Ethiopian people”. No! What was a disaster to the Ethiopian people was not the bright vision of a democratic Ethiopia but the military dictatorship, the totalitarianism and nefarious role played by opportunist intellectuals to bolster an anti people regime that turned around and devoured them too. Those who struggled against the dictatorship did so knowing full well what they were fighting against, what they were fighting for and why they were giving their precious life. Ato Ewunetu shows his elitist contempt for the “masses”, the people, those not claiming to be as intellectual as he claims to be, by asserting that they died knowing not what they died for. Ivory tower reasoning or rich folks never understanding why the poor people cling to their lives. No one just gives up his life, Ato Ewunetu. For someone who did not have the courage to live up to the consequences of his convictions, however meagre and fleeting that may have been, it may be easy to declare as Ewunetu unashamedly does that thousands just died though they had no clue or vision. Shame on you Ewunetu!


Ewunetu goes further: he states” thousands were sacrificed to a cause that was not ultimately sustained through reason, dialogue, a long term vision and strategy that will server (sic) the Ethiopian people as a whole”. Here Ewunetu is trying to pander to his present day bosses, to their anti communist basic instinct and he is also  reaching out to those confused self declared nationalists who rile against what they call “foreign ideology” while parroting what is basically so called liberal capitalist nonsense. World Bank and UN banter, NGO talk, buzz words of international conference halls, all ending up by echoing another foreign ideology that is synonymous with disaster for countries like Ethiopia. Thousands were sacrificed (and Ewunetu should know by whose hands) for a cause that was Ethiopian, that called for a democratic government, for land to the tiller, for an end to imperialist domination. for the respect of human and basic rights, for the equality of peoples and religions, for the rights of women and minorities, etc… What is so foreign and unreasonable in this? Ethiopia also did not become landlocked because of the Left, Ato Ewunetu. True, the world has changed but not so much as to make struggling for the cause of the people obsolete, not so much as to make opportunism and cowardice heroic, and not so much as to justify handing over the fate of our people to the West. For this is what our holier than all  preacher Ewunetu does as he states boldly: “A NEW DEMOCRATIC US ADMINSTRATION WILL PROVIDE TOOLS, MORAL AND DIPLOMATIC SUPPORT TO ENBALE THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE TO REALIZE THEIR ASPIRATIONS”. There you have it: the crime of the heroic generation, the Left, was that it struggled to take the destiny of Ethiopia into its own Ethiopian hands instead of putting its trust in “democratic America”. After all the admonitions and I know what is best for Ethiopia and leave the political parties aside prattle, Ewunetu reveals himself for what he is: a preacher for American domination and superiority. Believe in America and Obama, people of Ethiopia! And you shall be free!! His other friends talk of the kingdom of God or of praying for salvation, of never raising arms but of being civilized and treating the enemy as a friend.  Do not struggle, do not try to fight on your own, let America provide you and be the tools for your salvation. Isn’t it shameful? Doesn’t this show the hypocrisy of Ewunetu? Isn’t this being stuck in the past we know, the past of kneeling for foreigners like a common Banda? Has not Ewnetu Felleke ended up as Hasetu Berekete?  Shouldn’t we be justified if we tell him to shut up with all due respect as we are a very polite people who nonetheless know who really puts the interest of the Ethiopian people first as opposed to those rogues serving America?

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