Open letter to Ethiomedia

From Feyissa Woyessa, Sweden.

 Ethiomedia`s coverage and reporting of issues related to the crisis in the former Kinijit and other subsequent political developments have led many of us to doubt your genuinity and objectivity.


The following two points in the recent piece on ato Temesgen Zewdie in which it is stated he is in trouble for raising the issue of Ethiopian land Meles Zenawi has awarded to the Sudan, illustrate the website’s deviation from objective analysis and reporting.

1. Depicting ato Temsegen Zewde as a genuine opposition figure as opposed to the other rejected loyal opposition figure Professor Beyene Petros. It is well known that ato Temsegen Zewde has been serving the TPLF in various ways. He was among those opportunist politicians who have abandoned and betrayed the struggle and joined Meles Zenawi`s herd of cadres or the so called parliament at the critical moment. By doing so he has helped to legalize the illegitimate assembly, stabilize and strengthen Meles Zenawi`s hold on power. He has lost the competition to be Meles Zenawi`s most loyal servant to his friend and another opportunist ato Ayele Chamiso. Meles Zenawi has selected Ato Ayele Chamiso as his most loyal servant and relegated ato Temesgen Zewde. Losing the race, ato Temesgen has joined another loyal opposition in the making led by Ms. Birtukan Mideksa. Ato Temesgen`s betrayals and services to Meles Zenawi are of recent happenings many remember him for his deception and intrigues. I hope that Ethiomedia is aware of ato Temesgen`s political career and should have avoided the blunder in its coverage of the person.

2. Ethiomedia`s assertion that the former Kinijit was divided into 2 groups, namely Andinet (UDJP) and Genbot.  It is unfortunate that the struggle has suffered set back as a result of the division within the former Kinijit. Though the editors of Ethiomedia would not like to mention, the group led by Engineer Hailu Shawel is one of the factions which is trying to reorganize itself. One can not deny the fact that this group has the longest history of struggle against the regime of Meles Zenawi and better and well known among Ethiopians in the country. To ignore or sideline this group is not commensurate with the guiding principles of the pro-Ethiopian and democracy websites like Ethiomedia. The Ethiomedia that has devoted unproportionatly much space and time to the coverage of the TPLF man Siye Abraha, should have covered the pro-Ethiopian and unity forces led by Engineer Hailu Shawel. The way Ethiomedia is covering the democratic and pro-Ethiopian forces is biased and does not help the struggle for democracy, freedom and justice in Ethiopia.

 Feyissa Woyessa

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Pity the Nation


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