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Does EPRP Match a Good Example of Leadership and Lives up to Its Name?

Yelfiwos Wondaya


The worth, the virtue and the effectiveness of the party in question is in the horizon for anyone to examine and have a clear understanding of what consistency is all about.  The party in pursuit of achieving its goals against all odds remains an all time potential rival of all tyrannies in Ethiopia and continues to be so until it makes sure that sweeping political, economic, and social changes take place in Ethiopia as opposed to so-called traditionally supported movement by some quarters to keep the status in quos alive.  In other words, EPRP is not in favor of reforming the existing ethnocentric political institution and joining the tyrant regime to share power in Addis.  Until then, one may attempt to marginalize the role of the brave, and can act as substitute for its leadership, and may well continue to undermine its conspicuous influence in our national struggle but will not succeed in persuading the public to change its mind about EPRP and prove the party a failure.  Never!  This is something that is so clearly true about EPRP and must be put in such a way as stated above if one can say in all truth about the work of EPRP and affiliates.  Isn’t that a blow for any political group who purposely presents arguments that run counter to the work of EPRP?  And also, one would question whether or not those quasi-support oppositions are capable of being as enduring, courageous, bold, daring and fearless as EPRP and affiliates are in the real sense.  In their method of struggle, however, Narrow Nationalists together with reformers believe that radical change is a sin because of radicals’ failure to obey so-called international system led by the west, which is why they fell at the first fence in their attempt to prove EPRP non-existent and make it feel like a failure.  Do they have what it takes to be broad-minded, decisive, enthusiastic, strong, brave, genuine, self-confident and all-inclusive so to suit the personality of EPRP and affiliates especially, in a movement that requires the qualities mentioned above?   


Be that as it may, honesty, competency, consistency and the ability to inspire his/her constituency are basic leadership qualities.  Isn’t that what many of quasi-support groups together with Narrow-Nationalists mentioned above lack to acquire? Without doubt, unlike WOYANES, and false profits alike, Ethiopians have a tendency to praise individuals and public figures not based on what ethnicity or religious conviction they are from but based on their political position and mind-sets they hold towards Ethiopian unity.  That is all there is to it.  In the end, a leader with all Ethiopian sentiment and wisdom at his/her heart shall win the hearts and minds of the vast majority of Ethiopians.  Likewise, a senior politician who is widely respected for integrity and impartial concern for the public good, a statesman and also a selfless nature that prefers to live above and apart from the material world is an ideal one we expect EPRP to offer to Ethiopia . 


True, unlike narrowly based ethnocentric organizations, such transcending leaders from such broadly based political parties as EPRP are bound to have joint expression of aims common to the vast majority of Ethiopians.  Neither Ethnicity nor religious conviction could discourage them from doing what it takes to be great in a world of leadership, outlooks and visions.  So ethnicity, religious conviction or how much rich or poor he/she is could not be part of the characters we seek to see from a future leader of Ethiopia .  Such characterization aside, however, what we need to see most out of our leaders is ability, the ability to combine ideas and the ability to make unusual connection with others to use whatever potential there is at their disposal to utilize it on time and accomplish their objectives.  After all, all is done both in the best interest of all ethnic-groups regardless and of course, for the betterment of our people and permanent interest of our country.  This is basically an inherited character we need to see from our contemporary party leaders that would have something in common with Theodros, Minilik, Yohanes and other great leaders Ethiopia ever had in the past. 


When he is a leader, he is a public figure looking after the huge responsibility he bears and the highest office he holds.  So, much so, such leaders are not bound to be parochial in their views and would not be limited within the boundary of a home turf like that of Meles of TPLF.  To that end, I believe EPRP is in a position to show a good example of such all-inclusiveness as being comprehensive in its content, knowledge, experience, ability and application.     


Every organization in Ethiopia is not an isolated entity working for an isolated instance, so long as it stands for unity and territorial integrity of our nation.  in that case, they must be forced by the people to broaden their horizons and to get into the center space to fit in and join the mainstream rather than hanging out of balance to go downhill due to some sort of defective ideology they carry on that goes against our unity and due to some bad influences from some bad elements as well.  It is a public pressure and constrictive criticisms we need to conduct in order to bring organizations of diverse views together and to be productive in their political works in today’s Ethiopia .    


In summary, in our modern times, also, a leader who involves his party members, and constituency in a decision making process is what we seek out to see from our leaders.  A leader who has the willingness to exert high levels of efforts to reach our goals and objectives is what we seek to see from our contemporary leaders as well.  Ethiopians expect not egomaniac, but gentle, compassionate, selfless and of course politically humorous leader.  In short, we need a new breed of leadership, ingenious and enterprising by nature that is full of initiative and good at problem-solving processes especially, at times like this and more.  A leader that has the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, and pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action.  A leader that can make decisions quickly, firmly, and clearly on time, and moreover, a person of conviction who is led to believe to win the mother of all battles is a kind of leader we need to see taking headship in our national parties including EPRP today.  I believe EPRP can deliver that and will continue to live up to its name.  



Justice shall prevail in the land of Ethiopia.

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