Press Release on the Treasonous Border Deal


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Weekly News Round-Up (Finote Democracy Voice of Ethiopian Unity Radio)


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Anything for Money and Power is the Motto of Sellout Meles and Company

Yelfiwos Wondaya


A sell out man whose principle is nothing but money and power is equivalent to a cynic who knows everything about price and nothing about values.  Sounds like Meles ha!  The same is true though that a leadership without a body of knowledge and wisdom, a leader with no love and compassion to a country he leads is like a load of books on the back of jackass or like that of AK 47 without ammunition or a missile with no a projectile to shoot.  In other words, a man opposed to the values of the nation and engages in an active stance against the interest of his nation is nothing but a pack animal transporting a bulky load on his back.  Meaning such personality is too irresponsible to be in command of such force as national army and the nation itself at any rate.  In conclusion, a cynic like that of Meles is incapable of generating desired outcome to the country.  For instance, the massive troop with all the integral tools, procedures, and techniques deployed under the leadership of cunning Meles in the 1998 and 2000 was literally forced to lose the war just because cynic Meles betrayed his country and comrades in arms.  Sounds like a spy for foreign powers who supplies secret information of his own against the fate of his own deployed army. 


And also, on his domestic political front, he acts and speaks in a manner that is clumsy, rude, inconsiderate and ruthless and as a result everything in the country went wrong.  For instance, the mild freedom of thought and activity that had been permitted during the pre-election period had been permanently terminated, the high-level meetings and debates between his regime and the oppositions that took place prior to an election period of 2005 fall-short due to his wicked, blameworthy, and an unlawful act he committed against humanity, and most importantly the failure to obey the voice of the people on the part of his regime brought about morass that impeded the progress altogether.  In other words, a short period of good feeling somehow some quarter enjoyed in a limelight, brushed with fame and spree during the election period was disappointed while seen TPLF became a bestseller overnight.  Meaning, all the belief, anticipation and strong hope the opposition had had been completely dashed by the unlawful act of Meles of TPLF.  In the end, he took the leaders of the opposition by hand and locked them up in prison instead.  One thing we are not yet sure about is as to how the leaders of the opposition came out of prison and what made them blushed and fell silent in embarrassment to this very day?  Whether or not they appealed for clemency to get released is yet to be answered by non other than the prisoners themselves. 


Be that as it may, a strict adherence to anti Ethiopia and narrow-nationalistic dogma on the part of TPLF/EPRDF continues to manifesting more of its misdeeds against the interest of our nation.  This time he is selling the entire boarder line commencing from Metema to Gumbella out to the Sudan .  Earlier on, Meles of TPLF annexed parts of Gondar , and Wollo into ‘Greater Tigrai’ and helped Eritrea seceded.  Now the next episode at hand is selling part of our territory to foreign governments which is a new development and a trend that deprives Ethiopians of their own land, rights and privileges altogether.  Most remarkable about this new development is also that Meles’s denial of the incidents and his misrepresentation of the incidents to his rubber stamp parliament   He falsified every detail of the incidence in order to deceive his parliament and lied out loud to the public as well. Citizens are displaced as a result, even imprisoned by foreign forces in a foreign land, but Meles is busy defending rather how wise, farsighted and forgiving the Sudanese government was during their agreements than showing concern for his own citizens and national interest. 


After all, it is not a matter of region but a national affair that concerns all Ethiopian patriots of all regions to rise up against his misdeeds and tribal rule in protest and to put an end to his regime immediately.   Ethiopians endured years of war for so long does not mean that Ethiopians are fear mongers and careless about their dignity.  When provoked, Ethiopians are bold, daring and fearless, willing and eager to defend their territory against all odds.  Though the time is here and now to let Meles and associates know that if and when Ethiopia ’s fate is decided must be decided not by some narrow partisans but by Ethiopians themselves.  If need be, it is those genuine patriotic political organizations whose national agenda is well in place to serve our national interest and sovereignty that have got to take the leadership role in today’s Ethiopia.  It takes a responsible government to take such serious events like territorial integrity and protecting that territory against intruders at any cost.  Anyone who opposed to this notion and support notorious TPLF instead must be taken as a mole by the rest of us as a whole. 


Obviously, Meles is a Tigrai Separatist who is known to have been advocating secession during his time of rebelling against the central government and favored keeping his Tigrean tribe separate.  With that in mind, one would not wonder that his fanatical devotion associated not with the nation of Ethiopia but with a belief of Tigrean superiority over the rest of all Ethiopian ethnic-groups is still on the making.   And that is the reason why he still continues to decide and act against the will of the nation and selling out part of our integral parts in exchange for money and power. 


Likewise, since Meles is known to have been reading a book of vile confessing death to Ethiopia, since Meles is known to have been praising Killil in a place of greater Ethiopia, since Meles is known to have been watering down any thing Ethiopian, yes since Meles is known to have been accompanying himself with the sworn enemies of our Ethiopia to harm Ethiopia itself, and since Meles is known to have been telling so much of unfounded stories that negates the entire historic reputation of Ethiopia what else do Ethiopians expect from Meles other than dismantling our country and rewriting our history on his own image and selling out our territory to strangers?   Ethiopia with her rich experience of governing herself for so long has also a history of defending her territory against foreign invasion.  But unfortunately, she is turning out to be under foreign mercenaries paid to serve for foreign powers by selling their integrity for a short-term advantage.  That is what Ato Meles is like.


From the out set, many of us know that Meles of TPLF does not have the courage to win and the will to preserve Ethiopia ’s unity and territorial integrity intact.  So please lets not fail to speak clearly, frankly and firmly that neither WOYANE has any will power nor any drive cause for Ethiopian national interest and security at all.  I am not talking about the unity and territorial integrity of Greater Tigray.  From now on, with all due respect, we must conclude that this impotent group ruling in Addis is neither endowed with talent nor with some Ethiopian sentiment to share Ethiopianet with the rest us ever.  At a time when TPLF deploying every potential there was in the land of Ethiopia and assembled the entire human and material resources together, to fight EPLF in 1998 and 2000 many hoped that woyane may will have a change of heart for Ethiopia , but that never happened.  What now?  Somehow, we need to manage to march behind our genuine patriotic political organizations whose national agenda is well in place to serve our national interest and sovereignty and move on.   Let us pull our potential together and stand against the sworn enemies of our nation and replace it by a democratic system of government that would see things from Ethiopia’s perspective. 


In conclusion, whether we like it or not, this graceless leadership based in Addis Ababa is an occupying force and must be rejected as is.  The intent and purpose of the then deployed army may have been for the restoration of our lost land but thanks to Melse nothing was achieved but humiliation.  It is true that TPLF and patrons are not endowed with talent, courage to win the hearts and minds of our people by any standard much less to defend us from intruders today.  Let us do it ourselves!



The struggle continues!




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Uncommon valor, the life of Kedir Mohammed

On May 8, 2008 the man who devoted his life to the service of his country as a soldier for the aggrieved and the downtrodden finally gave up his valiant battle with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a scrooge that kept him bedridden for a couple of years. Kedir Mohammed’s death ended his unyielding pursuit and the selfless commitment that he made as freshman at Haile Sellassie I University in the early nineteen sixties.

Kedir was born in 1953 in a place called Mekere at the district of Silti from his father Mr. Edris Abdulwahib and his mother, Mrs. Marima Ahmed. Kedir’s father died when he was very young and he was raised by his uncle Hajji Mohammed Ahmed, a business man who lived at Wolkitie. Kedir’s primary school education was at Wolkitie where he completed 6th grade and moved to Wolliso. After he completed 9th grade, his sister, Rewda Idris took him to Addis Ababa and enrolled him at Kotebe High School. At 11th grade Kedir passed an entrance examination to Beide Mariam, a prestigious School for seniors inside Haile Selassie I University (now Addis Ababa University) at Sidist Kilo. The proximity of Baide Mariam to the University gave Kedir an opportunity to live his dream of joining the progressive forces that challenged the monarchy and the feudal system that dispossessed and abused the Ethiopian peasant.

After Tilahun Gizaw, the iconic student leader and president of the University Students Union of Addis Ababa was gunned down in 1969, Kedir with five of his fellow students escaped to Sudan to avoid persecution by the government. The monarchy accused Kedir and his friends of crime and attempted to get extradition from Sudan. The students were however granted a refugee status with the aid of UNCHR and Sudanese students. Kedir lived in Sudan for 8 years as a teacher until the monarchy was overthrown in 1974.

Even as a refugee, Kedir never ended his activism and the struggle for justice, human rights and equality of citizens of his country. He joined a budding organization that was cultivated by the Ethiopian students’ movement that culminated in the formation of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP). It is said that Kedir was one of the delegates that participated in the 1972 founding congress of the EPRP.

The Dergue that deposed the monarchy in 1974 offered amnesty to those who took refuge from the government of Haile Selassie and Kedir took the opportunity to return and continue his activism as an employee of “መሬት ይዞታ”, a state agency that dealt with land tenure. EPRP at this time has openly declared its existence by clandestinely distributing its political program and Kedir as a senior member of this organization was involved in implementing the Party’s program. Working at “መሬት ይዞታ” opened many opportunities to Kedir who was a fervent fighter for Tilahun Gizaw’s and the Ethiopian student’s motto – “land to the tiller”.

It granted him unfettered access to the very people he adored and fought for- the rural subsistent farmer that constituted about 90% of the Ethiopian population.

EPRP made an advance of historical proportion by reaching all sectors of the Ethiopian population in very short time. Unfortunately, in due time, the EPRP was weakened by the assault of the military regime in the urban areas and by TPLF and EPLF in the North were its military wing had encamped. The Party also split due to an internal factional fighting, and this exposed influential leaders and party activists that were covertly functioning. Kedir at this time decided to disguise himself and hide in the Northern part of Ethiopia leaving Addis Ababa. Since he remained in the Party’s structure, Kedir was delegated the task of facilitating the departure of EPRP members who were being pursued by the junta to join the military wing of the party. In 1977, a cadre that lived in Kedir’s neighborhood in Addis while visiting the area where Kedir was hiding recognized him and informed the agents of the military government and Kedir was apprehended. He was taken to Addis Ababa and was imprisoned in the Fourth Army Division Headquarters in Addis Ababa and the main prison where he spent five years. Kedir was released from prison in 1982 when the military regime granted a pardon.

Kedir was unemployed for many years after his release from prison because the regime through an internal communiqué had banned the bureaucracy from hiring political detainees after their release. Kedir was however employed in 1985 by the Ethiopian standards (ደረጃ መዳቢዎች) and then at the internal revenue office of excise and Taxes. When TPLF/EPRDF took power in 1991, Kedir was promoted to a position of branch manager at office of excise and Taxes. He fell abruptly out of the TPLF/EPRDF grace when the group within the Southern Ethiopian political block participated in the first Paris Conference that was attended by many exiled organizations. Kedir’s organization, the Guraghe People’s Democratic front (ጉሕዴግ), and other organizations that constituted the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Coalition (SEPDC) were members of the transitional government at that time. However, SEPDC chose to withdraw from government when the party in power demanded the denouncement of the resolution of the Paris conference that criticized the party that usurped power from Mengistu. At this time TPLF/EPRDF falsely accused Kedir of corruption and imprisoned him.

The courts however affirmed his innocence and set him free, but Kedir lost his employment.

In 1994 Kedir as SEPDC delegate participated in a meeting sponsored by the Carter Center and returned to Ethiopia. After he returned Kedir was harassed and ill-treated by the agents of the ruling party. His organization (SEPDC) at this time decided to send him outside of the country as the organization’s foreign representative. Kedir had served at this capacity until his illness. Kedir was an ardent voice of Ethiopian unity and an advocate for a united front of Ethiopian opposition against the TPLF/EPRDF regime. He played a selfless role in the realization of the Rockville meeting that formed the Unity of Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF).

A representative of an organization that worked with Kedir for a year in organizing the Rockville conference gave the following testimonial: “I have known Kedir since 2001. He was a true Ethiopian and I have observed him exerting untiring effort by sacrificing his resource, time and energy for the unity and prosperity of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Kedir was truly very instrumental in bringing together about 15 Ethiopian opposition political parties to a table for a conference in Rockville, MD, USA”. Another veteran of the Ethiopian student movement and a member of UEDF stated that “Kedir was a man who lived to struggle for the cause of all Ethiopians whole-heartedly. We have lost a life-long fighter for equality and a democratic system. We miss him a lot.”

Another person who has spent time with Kedir in prison from 1977 to 1982, and later worked with him as SEPDC representative gave the following testimony:

Kedir was respectful and loyal to his comrades. His most visible qualities that are in short supply among members of today’s generation are commitment to peoples’ cause and willingness to help others. Kedir celebrated successes of others as if they were his own and his heart rejoiced when good things happen to others. His world has always been that of collaboration rather than competition and his friends have always been from the ranks of the ordinary people. He provided service to his people at no cost to them and he taught his friends through his modest life style and giving heart. Kedir lived and died loved, respected and honored. May his soul rest in peace!

Kedir was a man who had a strong spirit and vibrant personality that was never diminished by complaint or negative attitude. Those of us who knew him as a friend and colleague will not forget him. We will celebrate his life and will continue to demonstrate gratitude for his service. He will be sorely missed by a host of friends, family, and those who fought and suffered with him to bring good governance and justice for the Ethiopian masses.

Dr. Feleke Eshete
May 24, 2008

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