Vengeance against the last “Goodwill Ambassador” of Ethiopia

Aklilu Demissie
A regime that is swimming in an all time destruction of the motherland has now unleashed it vindictive rage against the most popular king of Ethiopian pop music. Theodros Kassahun’s (Teddy Afro) songs have transcended all barriers of language, ethnicity, race and creed in our world that has become increasingly small, thanks to all tools of present day communication.   
Teddy’s only crime emanates from his songs that have always preached about love, unity and nationalism. Yet, the songs proved to be bone piercing for the minority ethnic regime, which since its inception has set the agenda of dismembering and destruction of Ethiopia as a nation. Quite contrary to the regime’s dream, Teddy Afro has quite successfully reinvigorated what being an Ethiopian mean and hailed storms in the upsurge of patriotism.
In a land that has become famous for celebrating injustices and trampling on individual rights, where the rule of law has become a sham, the nipping of Teddy Afro in an allegation of a hit-and-run accident seems to be the best way the government could manufacture a criminal legal wrangling in attempt to strip the moral integrity and independence by humiliating him and patriots in to powerlessness. The shrewd attempt is to indicate that the regime can do whatever it would with impunity and in so doing send its sworn, born signal, ‘I will eat you any time when I feel hungry for you.’ This detention may be a prelude to a long Kangaroo Court trial with floundering, coached witnesses typical of Zenawi’s courts. There is no reason to doubt that Teddy, an icon of contemporary Ethiopian music, is a prisoner of conscience.
The regime more than any time is besieged by insurmountable, unforgivable atrocities stretching from inside the country to Somali’s blood bath. It is struggling to keep itself alive by preventing citizens from getting independent and unadulterated news, reports like its communist predecessors. Dragging Teddy in the regime’s despicable dungeons for quite a while may have been devised to divert attention from ignominious atrocities and the bigger issue – change of regime in Addis.
Teddy has used his talent to bring the nation together which has also got a tremendous amount of attention in the world. He has ascended to international prominence proving that he is truly with impeccable character and charisma our country’s Goodwill Ambassador of love, peace, unity and independence. Today that is what unites the world. Those who are bent contrary to this belief will ultimately end up in defeat.
Unfortunately, he is forced to a different world where his passion for the motherland has openly let him spend days in jail with no power to defend him.
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  1. Greetings to all,

    It is with a heavy heart and indigination I write this piece without any paticular reference to any person or organizatio; rather to refocus us all WHO are seriously conserned to pro actively and tangiably take political action.

    Despite numerous outrages and condemenations, the Woyane/TPLF ETHNIC JUNTA continues acting with impunity bordering on insanity. The trend is unashamedly, and in- your- face modus opperandi to humiliate the vast majority of the Ethiopian people, and provoke spontanous reaction so that it can unleash whole scale violence against the so called “anti-peace,anti-devlopment etc”…Ethiopia is daily and totaly converted to a REPUBLIC OF FEAR AND VIOLENC.

    Wht is to be done?
    As a form of galvanizing the Ethiopian polity:

    First,call on all exiled pan Ethiopians to at least boycott any associations be it economic,political or social with the
    supporters and apologists of the Woyane/TPLF REGIME.(The diaspora community enjoys a protectopn of civil,political liberty in their host countries )

    Second , establish a union of genuine pan Ethiopian web sites,radio stations,journalsts etc… who collect and dissiminate information about the activites and financial
    associations of groups and individuals at the services of the Woyane/TPLF REGIME.( It is an open secert that Woyane is collecting information about its “enmies”in the diaspora. Why not us?)

    Thirdly, call on All Ethiopians,partticularly the well- off and the merchant class to rethink their sickly and greedy interest peddling against the interst of the vast majority of the people. Warn them implicitly and explecitly that their lasting interest is best served by siding with the Ethiopian people in our trying times instead of taking selfish and unpatriotic advantages.(This concerns fly-by exiles and speculators and agents of woyane business interest etc)

    Fourthly, develop a plan for Woyanes/TPLF’S EVERY ACTION THERE WILL BE REACTION BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.(This may be the work of political organizations which require command and control)

    Last but not least expand or improve or alter a better plan of action to the above four proposals.

    Finally, let us focus on action oriented mass moblization to stem the tide of Woyne’s IMPUNITY!! Let us back up our disgust by our actions. Let our friends and enemies know where we stand by our actions.


  2. I entirely agree on the proposals and opinions of Germame Neway on what to do against our people and beloved country’s enemies or Woyanne.
    As to some insiders, our beloved patriotic singer Teddy will be forced to the extent of pardon demanding on his some songs and poems unofficially.
    We can guess what inhuman action might be done upon him by the brutes of woyanne.
    As Germamy said it excellently, no way, other than taking an action against our merciless enemies, physically as well as psychologically.
    The first thing, what we must do is let’s think as what we can do in our level.
    The near measure what we must take and capable to do is, lets break the social fabric what we have till now with the sympathizer of Woyanne.
    The second and strategic solution is, let’s stop to support within the opposition groups for those who do not want to be involved in the action of waging armed resistance against Woyanne.
    Ethiopia will prevail!!

  3. But why?

    Were you,diaspoan politicians,not preaching for justice na drule of law? Should not the man killed by car get justice? Should he die unnoticedly? Oh my God you are mindless beasts whose actions and standa are inconsistent and partial.

    The truth is this man ia a suspected criminal. So he will be judged by the rule and law of the land.

    No matter how you shout, no matter how long you stage a demonstartion. He will be judged.

    All your shouts and vigillighting were in vain. so will be these now

  4. Henok, no matter you shout and whatever ruthless action takes upon us by your beast as well as the missing links, Woyanne and you will not escape from the swords of the opperesed, the degraded Ethiopians by you and you’re same.
    No, dialog, no justice for your beasts.
    Because, we do not know any justice in the nucleus of Woyanne, from the killer of Alem Zuriash families other than brutality.
    You and your same are a killer of Ethiopia.
    I have a great respect for the army of General Napier, who invaded Ethiopia,
    I have a respect for the armies of Mussolini who exterminated innocent Ethiopian at 6 kilo rather Agazi forces.
    Henok you never and ever will have places to hide yourself.
    Let me inform you as what the final cause of the First World War was.
    It was the killing of an individual, the Austrian king that brought the First World War.
    Recall the final cause of the Rwandan incident; it was the killing of the president that brought the final genocides.
    Today you may do against innocent Ethiopians as you want as you like, but recall as what will happen on the final on you and your goon.

  5. henock i justi want to say you are full of shit. they said the man died in 2006 and they did nothing at that time. is that how they respond to justice, if they were even to respond to real truth. look theis people are monsters trying to stay in power by killing people who love ethiopia, who fight for ethiopia. let me clear up some thing for you-we are going to have another election in the coming couple of years and this people are cleaning their way towards that election. they are scared that nobody is not gonna vote for them any more thank god for individuals like teddy, the people of ethiopia are aware of this and no vote for TPLF(monster).
    they arest teddy because they are scared that he will lead people to love and forgiveness, towards working for people not for some asshole individual, any ways teddy has succesfully achived his goal. and you are full of shit.

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