The Will

(by Sahlu Bekele – Toronto)


They were out in the field

Roaming together

To search and discover

The things that matter

Like grass, like water

That made their lives better


There were monkeys and donkeys

Somewhat bizarre but a possible mix

There were sheep and goats

Relatives and cousins

There were chicken and eagles

Same family but enemies

There also were buffalos

In the jungle in the plains

But there also were foxes and wolves

Hyenas and wild dogs

The predators and the carnivores


Everyone was out in the field

Tending to their need

While most were grazing the grass

Others were waiting for a chance

While most neglected the danger

Others waited for their dinner

Mobilized by their hunger

Specially the hyena

The tireless observer

Of animal behavior

Was waiting patiently

To attack suddenly


While the field seemed tranquil

It wasn’t safe still

And peace was about to crack

With a hyena strike


Silence was broken

Peace was shaken

Safety was forgotten

Survival uncertain

For the grazing masses

Of peaceful animals


It’s shameful and embarrassing

When one hyena chases

One thousand lives


The herbivores running for life

The carnivores setting the strife

Here chaos, there chaos

Everywhere chaos

Total confusion total turmoil

Fills the air, fills the plains

To the advantage of the killers


In this drama in this course

There appeared a heard of buffalos

Organized and formidable force

Never scared of the hyenas

Fought back with zeal

In unison, with will

Stood their ground

Since they found

What mattered most

Wasn’t in numbers but in the will

The will to cooperate

The will to associate

The will to stand together

The will to do the job


And peace was restored

And the hunters were hunted

And the preys breathed a sigh of relief

And life went on as usual

Thanks to collective defense

Of the buffalo force


Because one needs the whole

And the whole needs the one

To succeed to win

One has to be twin

This business of ours

Needs conviction, needs passion

To keep our being, to save the nation

To take Ethiopia in the right direction

From this generation to that generation¨

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