SOCEPP Condemns Illegal Detention of Popular Singer (Amharic pdf)

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Deportees from the Sudan Held in Inhumane Condition (Amharic pdf)

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EDHUM Prees Release (Amharic pdf)

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Tensae Le-Ethiopia

International Ethiopian Women’s Organization (IEWO)

A vigil for reaching out to our Higher Self  so as to gain wisdom that will surely lead us forward by remembering that wherever people meet to achieve higher aims is Holy Ground.
The IEWO, International Ethiopian Women’s Organization Forum Paltalk Room will be open for three days, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday to bring the plight of our people and our nation to the fore front during this end of lent. Acts of kindness, compassion and taking time to think of the suffering humanity is within the creed of all religions and faith.
We invite all Ethiopians to join us in this vigil and keep the forum alive for:
Celebrating Tensae ….kerb new ayrekem ye Ethiopia Tensae, be andenet kegeban ye fekir subae…to illuminate the Tensae of Ethiopia bringing the children of Ethiopia that are spread all over the World to reach out and hold hands to work together, respect each other & build our nation in harmony peace and love. 
Vowing for the release of the thousands of political prisoners who are still languishing in the dungeons and jails of woyane.  We call the names of Tedros Kassahun (aka Teddy Afro)   Tsegaye Gebremedhin, Aberash Berta, Abera YemaneAb; these are names as symbols representing the thousands of people imprisoned.   
Renewing our commitment and strength to establish a system of good governance and a just nation for our people


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