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To the subjugated community of uncertainty. THE GENESIS CURSE!

By Fretsidiq Fekade


We were told the story

Of the beginning of time,

A slice of eternity,

And its tantalizing mystery.

strained in the realm of uncertainty;

Man equivocated,

Yet, define the indefinable,

Obscure the unknown Eternal. ( G.I AM )

Semantic and science omitted essence.

Religions besieged by a leap of faith.



The mother of all bodies

Limited unjustly to its forms.

Icons and symbols

Serve to mystify otherwise.

The marvelous things of the universe;

Immanent and Transcendental,

Knowable yet mystical,

Punish human intelligence for eons.


Who did conjure up the spirit,

When it was sluggish and inert.

To know the unknown;

The unseen and hidden,

Where no points of reference given.

Who set metric system

For the naked mind to measure, and

As to how creation came to being.


Who did the creator;

Omniscient, Omnipotent, and

Omnipresent Being, whisper to:

Fire, wind, Earth, water-or

KJV, Einstein , Plato, or Aristotle?

The mystery of creation

coupled with awe and elation.

Something is felt.

Its grounds enigmatic yet.

Needs not clarification

But asks for explanation.


The genesis’ curse

Invokes imagination.

Beyond the micro and the macro,

(minuscule to galaxies )

The depth and the height,

The size of all creation,

To know the unknown self,

Shall “the GREAT I AM”

Unfolds the matrix.

And the genesis curse better redeem itself.



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