“Arena” Should Stop Hatching TPLF’s Decadent Egg! (Amharic pdf)

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“Arena” Should Stop Hatching TPLF’s Decadent Egg! (Amharic pdf)

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Violence VS self-defense

By Yelfiwos Wondaya,  12 April 20008


Contrary to citizens’ percepts, most of the illegal crimes are committed by tyrant governments themselves. Oddly enough, the political authorities who supposed to have the power to make and enforce laws that protect citizens and maintaining order in their streets, break the rules themselves and abuse their powers by using an excessive force and exercising their powers cruelly and unjustly against their own respective citizens. In fact, it is the unjustifiable atrocities they carry on against their own public that causes havocs and instability against their fates in the end.  Often times than not, they launch a series of campaign against the will of the public aimed at the very heart of the publics’ peace and life in the name of cracking down on political parties opposed to their tyrant regimes.  In effect their unprovoked violence gives rise to mass of disruptions and a state of complete disorders in their respective regions and beyond.  For this reason, violence is an act of disrupting a peaceful quality of life and it is also an aggression of privacy by intruders against the will of the person or the community at large. Self-defense on the other hand is a plea of justification for the use of force against intruders. One cannot think of any valid reason than defending of one’s own ideas, principles, actions, freedom, family and property against intruders and trace passers alike.


On the whole, the task of governments is to ensure civil order, protecting the weak from the strong and the law abiding from the lawless, but ironically enough the so-called governments across the globe are breaking the civil orders, the laws and disturbing the peace of their own countries themselves. Today, tyrant regimes holding simultaneously the principal political executive, legislative and judicial offices use their power against their own citizens.  Tyrant regimes in disguise commit atrocities against humanity than any persons who are convicted of a crime including homicides of all kinds.  Instead of protecting citizens however, the complex of their political institutions, laws, and customs are designed to disrupt citizens’ peaceful quality of life on a daily basis as opposed to the sole purpose of freedom fighters on duty.  True! Unlike self-appointed regimes and trespassers, the sole purpose of freedom fighters is nothing but to defend freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of press from strife. Freedom fighters believe and fight for the safety and the interests of the majority to take precedence over any personal wishes of any bully dictator in their country.    


After all, “violence” is inevitable in Ethiopia so long as TPLF/EPRDF is in power. As the offensive intrusion of TPLF/EPRDF against the will of the public unfolds, taking precautionary protective measures on the part of the public to safeguard its civil liberties is inevitable.  So much so, the people of Ethiopia in general and the genuine oppositions in particular have every right to react in response to WOYANES violent act.   Collectively, we should defy and defy now to the ethnocentric dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi sat pretty in Minilik’s palace of Addis .   


Beyond doubt, the vast majority of Ethiopians are believed to be defiant to all forms of tyrant regimes.  They dethroned the king and unseated the military junta.  And yet, let it be known that it is also within the capability of Ethiopians to depose the ethnocentric dictatorial regime out of power in Addis Ababa today.  In fact, an all out war against the ethnocentric dictatorial regime is within their reach also to defend their inalienable rights and achieve their end.  Unlike, some secret admirers of the west, TPLF on one hand and the peace and freedom loving people of Ethiopia on the other are at war against each other. Quite the opposite, the allegedly ideological agenda of peaceful and legal movement promoted by some quarters is nothing more than an elite-centered analysis of conflict. It has nothing to do with the mainstream of the popular movement rising in protest to do away with the current dictatorial regime.  In reality, the secret admirers of such approach have already made it difficult for themselves to gain legitimacy as leaders endeavoring in the current political environment. Afterward, the so-called nonviolent and peace studies stressing on such notions as pacifism, mercy, reconciliation, constructive engagement, and forgiveness had been primarily concerned not with the current reality of Ethiopia but with nuclear disarmament, the avoidance of international conflict on an international scale to resolve the then cold world war with the soviets. 


Be that as it may, an armed struggle that may well bring about a motion to end violence in Ethiopia is in close proximity.  So it is time to plan big and act quickly.  Besides, using any means necessary to defend one’s freedom and employing any methods possible to achieve one’s liberty is a privilege that is granted to any given society under any circumstances.  That is when we can prove their tenuous justification of what peaceful and legal means is nothing but to serve the interest of academic zeal. We must get it over with and cease to be confused and misdirected by those who intentionally give us a false impression about so-called peaceful struggle in a plain, open and emphatic way. Say no more for the answer to their empty dreams!  Let the public itself endorse a campaign of brief action that brings about the downfall of TPLF real. Do what is necessary to bring about the largest possible balance of power against enemy. 


After all, any valid means of struggle aiming at ousting WOYANES out of power is not a matter of choice.  It is rather a matter of mandatory comes out of the situation triggered by none other than WOYANE itself.  The situation in which we find ourselves into due to the repressive nature of TPLF in Ethiopia is giving us no option but to use whatever means of struggle is necessary to defend our existence    ‘Give me liberty or give me death’


Slowly but surely, the opposition groups need to come out to be strong enough including but not limited in supply with materials of all ammunitions and in the source of all capabilities to fight on in defending of their existence from violence.  The violence aimed at the very heart of our nation must be bridled. Afterward, whichever method serves best our interest i.e. to topple WOYANE so as to replacing it with a democratic system of government is yes it is yet to be put into practice by our people and our united force since we are forced to do so.  Presumably, it may well be regarded as an antidote to alleviate our dilemma and to secure our future.  If there is any other method better than an armed form of struggle to defend our existence from tyranny and that can pin down and twist WOYANES’ arm I will be the first to submit to that grand gesture.  Up till then, it must be silly to anyone to believe or to say otherwise in regard to this burning issue.  Hence, whichever method we think is consistent to our movement must be pursued with out postponing it for another decade to come. 


With conviction, the utmost method would be the one that leads us to gain a great deal of faith on ourselves and to win a vote of confidence from friends and alike across the world.  Since we are in a search of such a method, which is sound and counteractive to succeed our objectives we have got to choose it earlier than the incidence itself is in place to take its own toll.  Without fear or favor, the wickedly act of WOYANE must be bridled by any means necessary if you will. With that said, a method that can bring about a counterbalance, a method that we can count on in regard to stepping up our struggle is remained to be second to none to our preferences substituting the first option if ever tested, or if at all fall short to succeed. 

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