The double edge sword, Democratic Centralism and Apartheid Policy at the hand of WOYANES’ politburo

Yelfiwos Wondaya 

TPLF believes that the basic way in which its rule of law works is only when it adopts a top down command system.  A system in which few are favoured to size up the situation and take command of the entire state machinery all together. Besides, in order to further ensure domestic tranquillity under its command, and of course, in its own favour, the politburo at the top formed an ethnic based federal system with its own government and legislature and controls over most of the state apparatus including but not limited the bureaucracy, the army, the election commission, the police and the security forces.  In short, today’s Ethiopia is a country in which the government uses all forces at its disposal to exercise repressive control over the population.  So without exaggeration, using force against any opponent that has differing political views is what the current regime knows best to settle differences.  To that end, in TPLF’S code of rule, there is always an ultimatum that says either one has to adopt a one party democracy to survive or leave the state high and dry. Meles’s faithless assertion aside, sadist Aboy Sebehat, once implied that although withdrawal is always possible in case of possible crisis still the TPLF always considers a number of options.  One of which is deploying an excessive force that discourages, intimidates and terrorizes its rivals on the ground and staying on course until the task is completed. However, if push comes to shave and his regime is threatened as a result then withdrawal becomes unavoidable.  Now then, does TPLF view any proposal other than its own as an attempt to undermine its authority?   

Be that as it may, TPLF’S Revolutionary Democracy has many features in common with S. African Apartheid policy and of Leninist Democratic Centralism.   As Democratic Centralism is to control power from top down, Apartheid policy on the other hand is to divide and rule the general public at large.  To that end, in the ideal form of democratic centralism the ruling party permits no competing institutions and accommodates no diverse views at all.  Also, in the ideal form of apartheid policy, the notion of divide and rule is in place and the excess of its segregated political system is justified by racial ideology. Simultaneously, though TPLF uses both Demagogies to stifle the voice of its opponent on one hand and to divide and rule the general public on the other.  Nonetheless, those alien and foreign Demagogues were clearly borrowed from a far-away land in a bid to suppress domestic uprisings and prolong its repressive rule over Ethiopia .  However, could the foreign and alien demagoguism provide TPLFS’ regime with a sound base of authority in Ethiopia ?  Well, it did not work then for S. Africa and neither does it for Ethiopia today.  I see now why Meles is going wild and feral when seen the error of his ways are broken beyond repair.   Besides, time and time again Meles tried everything he can to reduce our national consciousness into a fundamental tent of narrow nationalism.  Aside his violent objections to the unity of Ethiopia Sadist Meles also loves to treat our national symbols that reflect our deep-seated emotions often expressed through our flag, slogan, oaths, and national anthems with contempt.  And that was really a serious error of judgment and crime on the part of  Meles and TPLF/EPRDF ever committed against Ethiopian nation state.    

Next, “Democratic Centralism” is a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the politburo in general and in the secretary general of the party in particular.  So the hallmark of such totalitarian system is an elaborated ideology, in WOYANES’ case, an ethnocentric set of ideas that has no space for diverse views and differing ideologies.  By no means, this very self-styled institute of ideology that WOYANES accept as true to practice in Ethiopia is clashing with every bit of Ethiopian traditional and sentimental values is a case in point the vast majority of our elites be it political or none argue on the ground on a daily basis.  The reason being that this institute of tribal ideology clashes with every bit of our sentimental values and believes is also because it failed to meet Ethiopians’ standard of thinking and beliefs.  In essence, woyanes’ way of assuming nation is a one-dimensional view rooted from a one distinct social perspective, which in effect has nothing in common with the rest of our conventional wisdom.   In other words, the doctrine of TPLF neglects the strength of traditional values associated with Ethiopians’ emotional attachments to their history, legend and unity. So, since such an elaborated ideology is bound to be one-dimensional view it doesn’t take a genius for one to determine how much inequitable it can be to diverse views of any given society.  Besides, as narrow and as foreign it sounds, it fails to provide us with an alternative to our diverse views nor we believe it gives any spaces to any other political thinkers to argue thereby to reform their narrowly based political establishment.  

Clearly though, from the outset, TPLF adopted the concept and practice of democratic centralism based on ethnocentric viewpoint, which further makes the notion of “democratic centralism” itself a lot worse than its original connotation.  To ensure the control of the party over the government which in practice TPLF is in a total control of Ethiopia’s state machine, Meles as a secretary general is charged with task of transforming the material and mental condition of TPLF/EPRDF and the entire social order in order to create the ideal socialist system which he calls it in his own term (ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY). 

Unlike V.I Lenin’s Democratic Centralism, Meles’ ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY is based on his central theme of dividing Ethiopians along ethnic line.  By any standard, ethnocentric ideology is perceived to be a lot worse than what the original thinker V.I Lenin had to practice in the former Soviet Union.  Because, the practice of democratic centralism and tribalism led by Meles in Ethiopia are causing a far more destruction than both systems brought to S. Africa and to the former Soviet Union respectively.  To all intents and purposes, TPLF remains firm in applying the concepts and practices of both democratic centralism and apartheid policies to further its wanton destruction against Ethiopian unity by tearing down the social fabrics of its society.   

Apparently, Meles’ ethnic based democratic centralism lacks the substance that V.I Lenin had to practice then in order to drive and justify his legitimacy in the former Soviet Union .  Rather, Unlike V. Lenin, Meles on the other hand has got to depend on his heavy hand and yes he is continuing to employee an excessive force in an effort to defend and justify his totalitarian system in Ethiopia to this very movement. 

TPLF’S goal is sought under the leadership of elite group carefully crafted by individuals to serve their narrow purpose, which exercises national sovereignty in the name of one ethnic group namely Tigregna speakers.  So, TPLF/EPRDF in turn are led by the politburo (political bureau), a small group that selects its secretary general.  Meles Zenawi  is a secretary general and is the one who holds all the reins of party and government power in Ethiopia today. 

As it is required by Democratic centralist system, Meles’ ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY is marked by such an overlap of both local and national governments.  The very system in place is primarily designed to feed the elite; the elite sitting on the top of everything including but not limited above the laws, the constitution, the legislature and the judicial system of the nation as a whole.  After all, it is a one party state that we are talking about here.  The secretary general of the party can and often does serve as prime Minster of government, which Meles is in effect doing it fitting into that category.  Many politburo members are also members of the cabinet.  As they are part and parcel of the legislature they are also members of their handmade coalition or their associated organizations.  Practically, all policy debate originates and is settled within the politburo way before passing it around or already disseminated by low profile cadres for public consumption.  Shortly before Decisions are made are referred to the central committee of the party and to the legislature for approval.  The function of these unauthentic groups is not to debate or amend the decisions once made by the politburo but to demonstrate the obvious correctness of the decisions made by the politburo at the top.  So they approve the decisions once passed by the politburo unanimously.  This is the extent of so called democratic process we see in Meles Zenawi’s ABYOTAWI DEMOCRAY in Ethiopia today. 

In practice, both TPLF/EPRDF and their handmade parliament contain a variety of special interest to cook in the nation of Ethiopia as a whole.  The politburo at the top is in control of several industries, agriculture, military, police and all subjects to be precise the assigned cadres and tribal chiefs are deployed all across the nation to keep their respective ethnic groups in check.  On the other hand, it is a foregone conclusion that the secretary general manages and totally dominates the politburo; he has every right even an ultimate power to arrive at decisions with little or no consultations. 

In the ideal form of what WOYANES ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY, TPLF is the ruling party that permits no competing institutions or success of independent power in Ethiopian political landscape at all.  To prevent any development of such sort, it has already its own line of defense in place.  An elaborate network of security apparatus, including but not limited police surveillance and informers are throughout Ethiopia ready to step in anytime to distract such developments.  Besides, it is obvious that TPLF/EPRDF also inhibits the development of independent power by placing loyal party members in all-important positions of all institutions in the country. In their establishment, free and fair election is unthinkable.  Unthinkable, because if one is nominated is definitely nominated and approved by the politburo itself.  And also the entire candidates for political offices are approved by none other than Meles.  Every active member of TPLF through out of its own chain of command manages all publications and other sources of information and opinions.  Every military unit has a political officer, a party member that is to monitor every movement of its own unit.  Every key economic sector such as factory, trade union, and major retailer has a member as employee in key positions.  Meaning, the entire system is designed ostensibly to make sure that all elements of society are working properly to fulfil the goals laid down by the party leadership itself.  In practice nothing escaped the party control. It is no wonder that many critics of this vicious system agreed as that TPLF is an outright control freak and a freak of nature.   

After all, what else do we expect from a clique who’s social and political culture is deracinated away from the mainstream political and cultural views and tastes of a nation as a whole?  Could a clique that parted on bad terms with its own identity be frontrunner for national unity and sovereignty?  Or are we still expecting the miracle from TPLF to temper with opposing views and comply with the decision of majority rule in Ethiopia ? Is TPLF a freak of nature for the fact that it is eccentric and outlandish to our norms and values?   So do we still expect them to change and respect the social and political norms of Ethiopia ’s society as a nation?  Be it traditional or revolutionary, TPLF says the opposite of what they think is Ethiopian.  That is the fact.

Therefore, to date, neither we expect a change of heart from TPLF/EPRDF nor do we look forward to see them modifying their attitude so to peacefully Coe-exist with the oppositions and live up to the quest of the promise land.  TPLF has a ritual of its own representing none other than its own established practices.  As a result, they still are incapable of going well with the newly prevailing situation and won’t have the audacity to come to terms to reconcile differences in the best interest of our common nation.  Why?  For sure, one would say that aside the animosity WOYANES have for AMHARAS, they also tend to have a deep-seated hatred for the Ethiopian nation state as a whole.  To that end, we in no doubt can tell where their method of distraction has begun and what purpose it is serving ever since their ethnocentric dictatorial regime took place.  Nothing is further from the truth. Once again one must say that it is a method of distraction so long as their plan of action is remained to be dismissal of anything Ethiopian and so long as is bound to be limited within the boundary of ethnicity in order to limit and undermine everything Ethiopian too.  Moreover, so long as their ideology is designed under the guideline of ethnocentric cannon of scripture to run a one party state project, which is consistent to their code of rule at all times, one cannot expect a change of heart or anything of that nature from TPLF.  It is democratic centralism (ABYOTAWI DEMOCRACY) in which WOYANES continue to insist on in order to satisfy their lust of power and monopoly of coercive force. To that effect, the politburo is still in control of every financial resource, top political positions and the entire military and governmental bureaucracies in the country.  Security forces are deployed to subdue and block the movement of all genuine oppositions not to operate freely in their own native soil.  That is the fact.  This is why Ethiopians ought to prefer to have their own ultimatum to run their political affairs, which is to topple TPLF/EPRDF’S regime if possible peacefully if rejected by the use of force.  All Ethiopians have to resolutely refuse and shall continue to do so not to comply with TPLF’S partisan rule.    After all, it is a game designed by Meles and patrons to satisfy their narrow interest.  It is also a threat of punishment for all Ethiopians if you will, and was carefully devised to hassle all the genuine oppositions and compatriots not to have an access to a free and fair election and win the election itself.  Isn’t that even a more serious offence ever committed by TPLF and cadres during the so-called national election in 2005?   So it is even worse and useless for one to keep on speculating on this negative development alone and yet waiting for any miracle possible from TPLF/EPRDF yet again.   

In conclusion, given that that my chain of reasoning is true, how is it possible to hold a free and fair election in Ethiopia today.  And I want anybody to tell me as to how the oppositions could gain access to the process of this election while we know for fact that the clique in power has such an elaborated and embellished political establishment in today’s Ethiopia.    

Here we go again what we see is what we get.

The struggle continues!

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