Leadership and the struggle for our freedom

By Yelfiwos Wondaya

Ethiopia is crying out for an official leadership responsible for coordinating the popular uprising of her people.   

Basically, Meles is a bridge to no where; so it is time to replace him with a broad based organization and an effective leadership that provides all Ethiopians with a means of coming together.  For he is a tribal chief who generally makes decisions to benefit his own clan and political clique at the expense of others, the degree of trust by the public on him and his political institution has declined  and his failing system is facing a fierce resistance on the ground.  Apparently, his social policies, practices, and procedures deny equality of treatment to individuals, and groups because of their ethnic backgrounds.  So, as an alternative, Ethiopians deserve to have a statesman who is widely respected for integrity and impartial concern for the public good and a broadly based political party consisted of all Ethiopians regardless of their religious convictions, languages and ethnics.  This sentiment is deeply rooted in the concept of the Ethiopian sociopolitical culture and tradition which can be described as a set of attitudes and ideas common to all Ethiopians as well. Thus far, the events leading Ethiopians up to such a collective form of protest against Meles’ Ethnocentric dictatorial regime needs to acquire three important continuities, unity, organization, and leadership.  

Taken as a whole, the popular insurrection of Ethiopian people is prone to generate more of pragmatic actions ahead.  With certainty, the Ethiopian people are determined to set a limit and restriction against Meles’s dictatorial regime.  So, at this critical time, an action oriented political entity capable of providing them with an effective leadership is highly required to appear into the political arena in order to topple Mele’s regime and rescue the victory on the horizon.   Indeed, a leadership envisaging and contemplating a future ahead, a leadership that has a firm hold on the public’s imagination has to come forward to assume a new role of leadership to lead the revolution.  In short, a resolute leadership is what the Ethiopian people are looking forward to see coming into the scene of Ethiopian political landscape.   

Unlike before, however, one would say that the struggle is becoming an eye-catching, irreversible, the enemy is in a state of shock and moreover, the prospect of our national struggle is showing that it is moving into the right direction now.  In return, Melese is trying his best to appease the situation by massacring the people indiscriminately.  Surprisingly, though he has never once mentioned how terrible his measures were or has he yet, said that he is sorry for all the pain and injuries his excessive force inflicted on Ethiopian youths.  Rather, he continues to take aim and fire at the crowd and continues to compete resolutely against the will of Ethiopian people to stay in power by any means necessary.  In his petty and modest calculation, the nation as a whole is less brilliant, less glorious, less organized and less strong than his myopic political cliques and military muscle.  And yet, he does not realize as to how much his laws are badly broken on the ground and fail to function as expected.  To that end, no matter how much he boasts of his social and political stability, his power, and above all his glory, the fact remained solid that the entire system he once put together is doomed to fail.  And the people are moving in a full force to defend their human and constitutional rights in the open.  In the final analysis, the popular insurrection carried out by the vast majority of Ethiopians all across the nation and abroad is appearing to be more imminent and unfolding than ever before.   

Be that as it may, in spite of all WOYANES’ deceptive and distorted information that is systematically spread to confuse the international community, still the people are standing firm and unwavering in their resolve to put an end to his tyrant regime.  To this point, the decision and action taken by the people of Ethiopia in response to his extrajudicial killings must be accepted by all genuine citizens and international communities as appropriate and correct measure.  Enough is enough, one cannot keep on entertaining anymore of argumentation with regard to Meles’ position, but we have to tell him that he cannot have it both ways; either he has it or he doesn’t’, that is to say that unless he withdraws his forces out of the capital and other towns, cities and villages, the people of Ethiopia shall not also withdraw their quest for freedom and social justice.  Contrary to his belief, the people are animated by a warm and sincere love of liberty, impartiality and social justice.  They say “NO” for ethnic cleaving and “THUMBS DOWN for destruction! 

Nonetheless, the Ethiopian people are left with no any other option except changing this situation mentioned above into something promising and certainly the revolution just began is likely to be successful and shall turn out to be well in due time.  In brief, it is time to change trend and embark on a new strategy that would take Ethiopians to the point where their struggle is be fruitful.   To that end, providing the Ethiopian people with an effective and coordinated leadership and promoting a pragmatic course of action in a bid to liberate our people from the yoke of tyranny is the burning question of the day.  In fact, it is time to turn the spotlight on our weak points and fix it like a man of action with the aim of resolving our national dilemma once and for all.  We had been at ease and idle for quite a lot of years.  In some cases, so many of us were even tending not to participate actively and usually letting others make decisions for us.   

Be that as it may, in order for us to win the right leadership and act in unison, we have to learn how to vote for the right candidate. Acting spontaneously and using negative remarks that are causing all the internal strives from within would also undermine our unity and ability to make intelligent decisions and sound judgments with regard to picking the right leadership.  It is true that lacking leadership is one of the leading factors for our shortcomings that had been getting in the way to limit our progress in the past.  An effective leadership that leads the nation in the fight against the ethnocentric dictatorial regime in Ethiopia may well be the answer to put an end to our complex problem.   Then only then, the initiative taken by the people will get to the point where their uprising is be escorted by such a compelling account of a formidable force to topple Meles’ dictatorial regime.  Once the question of leadership is resolved, the rest is possible to change the no-win situation around and move on the next level that is to say to wage a pragmatic form of action that makes our deliberation of thought evident.  And then again, move on to the next level in which our superior moral truth is caused to dominate enemy’s position and brings about the downfall of our last few rivals in power.  If not right, Might is absolutely essential for us to survive my fellow Ethiopians.  In all fairness, might is the answer for an upper hand: as lip service is for an empty technique of rhetoric.   

One has to trace the history of mankind to realize that human history is indeed a history of struggle to survive.  Evading, raiding, manoeuvring enemy’s position and scrambling for power and victuals are indicative of all lost and won battles in human history.  Do your best to survive and conquer or depart this life in vain.  So, in this case, the ultimatum is either be the victor to survive or lay down your arms and bites the dust.  “The survival of the fittest” is the name of the game. The battlefields that had been fought between two or more contending enemies have been consistent so far in determining destinies of all nations on earth.  In my opinion, though the battlefields that marked the entire sequences of events in human history shall continue to be the decisive factors to be or not to be of whom you are as has had been the case in all of human history in the past.  So much so, nothing ever has been achieved or has ever been possible for humans only under the influence of God’s grace for them to survive. 

In conclusion, might together with an effective leadership is ultimately needed to check and limit enemies power base at the appointed time.   That is the only time I suppose that the on going popular uprising can capitalize on every situation one can think of.  And Yet again, the positive aspect of all it is that victory is inevitable so long as we are determined to keep on struggling in spite of obstacles.  Eventually, the premises you stated publicly with regard to socio-political resolve shall begin to have some positive results which we will get better off then by making use of our strong hold on politics in a way civility is well served.  In the aftermath, though the upcoming leadership will find itself in a position where the vast majority of the people are awaiting in the wings to cast their vote to it given that friendship is the product of privileged circumstances and authentic victories and hardly ever any enemy thereafter.  Besides, those political prostitutions that are messing and dancing around in a circle will also join the main stream of our struggle at our own pace. Those false prophets aside, however, the foremost duty of all genuine Ethiopian political and civic organizations is to depose TPLF/EPRDF and replace its ethnocentric regime with a democratic system of government.  Clearly, this is the central theme as is a dividing wall separated us from the enemy.  TPLF/ EPRDF together with those fortified collaborators that are relentlessly reinforcing its political muscle must be condemned permanently to the fire of hell.

“Blow your own horn loud, if you succeed, people will forgive your noise.  If you fail they will forget it”.   But, if we keep burning the candle at both ends and work as hardly ever there is no way you can make your voices heard.  Ladies and gentlemen, please, for God’s sake lets persist in doing something clever and move on to the next level where we can be in control of our own destiny.  “Actions speak louder than Words” Lets take it upon ourselves to achieve our own objectives instead of looking up to others to clean our dirty laundry.   Action, action, and action, the real action with which we have to enforce our deliberation of thought out to the might-worshiping world is what is missing on our part today in order to win the hearts and minds of our people and the rest of so-called international community abroad. 


Knowing that the so-called Ethiopian constitution is framed by ethnocentric dictatorial regime to serve their narrow purpose, one would not expect to see it working for all parties on board.  It also lacks the basic substances one of which is a common platform in which both parties [the regime and the oppositions] built concuss to settle a difference of opinion in a way that is acceptable to all.  So it is time to change Meles’ ethnocentric dictatorial regime along with his constitution and replace it with broadly representative government and democratic constitution that allows a free and equal participation of all variety of views in which the decision-making processes is also made by different professional and political organizations.   

One final note: once again the movement of the general public is making it clear even clearer to that of our defectors and collaborators not to taking side with the dying regime and more.  WOYANES and patrons are the sworn enemies of our native land.  So having decided to take side with them is nothing but terribly upsetting for the vast majority of Ethiopians.   Clearly though, the twine leaders of UEDF have left us with nothing but to be on the warpath against their unfaithful decision respectively.  By any means, to be supportive of Meless’ parliament is to refuse to comply with the voice of our people.   

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