The Unlearned Lesson of the Afabet War & the Diaspora Zombification

By  Getachew Reda

No question, some websites owners building Zombies, are working hard to replace real people by play write actors to derailed yours and my attention that would have had focus against the treasonous mercenary regime of TPLF Meles Zenawi.  Zombification or the work of a cult that has increasingly taken over the mind and soul of the Ethiopian Diaspora is sucking the morrow of our energy destroying our unity to the extent you can see naked cults praising website owners who invited EPLF to come to Ethiopia to save it from TPLF. The degree of such Zombiedom is that bad!

Particular websites for months now, been dedicated to add more moss to the oak, dragging the attention of the struggle from Berhane Mewa to Andargachew from them to AFD/OLF/EPLF from it to KIL from KIL to Berhanu Bertukan , from the BB to the attention of Democratic EPRP, from there to the tour of an actor, from the actor to Siye.  Who knows from Siye what will follow. In the midst of this, the real focus is marking a new rout of hate to each other which can dwarf us even more dwarfed from standing tall in front of a monster who is praying to see us all fall.

As repeatedly said it before regarding Siye and the rest; I have no anger at any of them. If he can be the solution, I will be more than happy to see it and support him. But, by Golly! Give Colonel Mengistu and other the chance to save the nation, which were been destroyed by TPLF and the Derg.  That could have been the Thanks giving gift to Ethiopia indeed if we are talking reconciliation issues.

The amazing thing that we felt as a sprinkled of freezing cold water on our face shocked us is the writing of some commentators who told us the Meison Leader Dr. Negede Gobeze whose hand is wet with Ethiopian blood therefore condemned him not to participate in politics while the leaders of the most treasonous and blood thirsty organization of TPLF who are primary responsible for mass killings and sufferings are suddenly qualified for reconciliation and rehabilitation. The worst thing of it is; when people tried for expressing their reaction based on the pain inflicted by such leaders to their families and country are labeled as “few extremists”. I can’t tell you what made such individuals to cross the line to defend individual leaders of TPLF is beyond me. I like to remind readers or those who seemed to forget the nature of TPLF to hear it through the words of a victim excerpted from my article TRUE STORY The harrowing stories of TPLF mass murders in Tigrai as told by a surviving elder. (By Getachew Reda, November 12, 2003 ). Quote:

 “Those are not Tigrians, those are not Ethiopians; those are some evil creatures from hell! They have no respect for even the old. They were educated by us, by the Tigrian parents; they were schooled by the farmers’ and tax-payers’ money, they were armed by Tigrians but turned their back on us, and humiliated us in a way difficult to express in words.”

If such victims or their families just react as any human sense with feeling reaction even for temporary reaction as humankinds suffered from such organization, why in the world do victims deserve an insult to the extent calling them “few Extremists”? Don’t they have a mild word to express than to label us as such? In my opinion, it is not the hate/dislike of Siye or others that made things rough; it is the people around him the words they use to describe Siye and to his reactors made it ugly.

As the NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu in his commentary of “Zombification” he, said the word is undergoing Zombification. It was gradual for a while a few Zombies here and there. But it is becoming massive now”. The Other day said Andrei: “the other day in Colorado, 20,000 people showed up at a bake sale for Rush Limbaugh calling themselves” Ditto -Heads”, because, they have no thought of their own, only a voice that says “Dito” every time Rush speaks”.  (Rush Limbaugh is a conservative talk show host on TV/Radio. The word “Ditto” as I understood meant nothing but a habit to fill the blank as we sometimes say, “Bingo!”

Mass Zombification is the art of building cults. There are degrees of Zombification, of course. Mass Zombification is not new; said Andrei. Ditto- Heads” are benign compared to the suicidal mobs of followers who gave up every thought in their heads for the sake of slogans that lead them directly to mass graves.

What truly happening here in our community in the Ethiopian Diaspora (all sides- pro or against Meles Zenawi’s party TPLF) is mass Zombification in the name of reconciliation or new politics or Fara and Arada politics. When we heard such political baptizing, the rest of us the un-Zombies turn our heads hoping the epidemic of Zombification will just worn out soon. But, it seems there are individuals/groups who are engaged in such business of Zombification who took fun out of the slow paralysis that they induce in people who are not quite Zombies yet.

This disunity and hate among each other of us reminds me the 1988 of the mercenary Eritreans against nationalist Ethiopian army war in Afabet in Eritrea.  Gebru Tarekeng in his paper “from Afabet to Shire: the Defeat and Demise of Ethiopia’s Red Army 1988- 89; journal of modern Africa Studies Volume 42, 2, June 2004) said;  Quote:

“The heads of the 14th and 19thdivisions were so busy arguing that when head quarters warned them the rebels had been seen moving weapons around by Camel and ordered them to close off a 5 K.M gap between their forces, they ignored command. Lost in their hatred for one another, Ethiopia’s commanders virtually forgot to hate their enemy”

From there we know what happened. Entire divisions were being allowed to fall into separatist hands (remember the strongest of all the five Divisions the NADOW Division!). Not only the hate among each other that made the commanders virtually forgot to hate the enemy, but also the deliberate sabotaging the war effort by insiders who were able to infiltrate the army key positions did contributed to the fall of the might army of Africa, in similar way, as the Kil/AFD did mange to destroy the unity of the opposition inside and outside Ethiopia currently by derailed our attention away from focusing the enemy.  The unlearn lesson of the Afabet commanders and the struggle we lost would have been now a lesson for all of us. But, we seemed to forget why we lost all odds over and over. 


Ethiopia will prevail!

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  1. Dear Getachew,

    I am so proud of you. Keep up the good job. May God Bless you!!!

  2. Patriotic Ethiopians :
    Are you shock as me to hear from the top Zombidom organizer ant Ethiopia, anti Amhara , TPLF/OLF/AFD/KIL seravant Andargachew Tsige in his Zombification project when he said “Yih Derijit Bewustu Sint Guud Yizo Neber”? (he is talking about Kinijit;. Can this man for a moment entitle when such person used the word “GUUD’? This TPLF puppet who dirt himself with all kind of negative contribution to wards our people who created so much hate, conflict and left a book of hate and racisim for generation ethnic communities to be poisoned and murdered each other, still wants to open his mouth by creating cults who are not aware of this ant Ethiopia anti Amhra “racist dirt” individual to use them as a hiding institution to spew his poisonous “Mercenary-GUUD”? I tell you, in many years that I saw like him who served TPLF as he served (being TPLF’s Vice Tmayor In Addis Ababa) and other distractive contrinutions, –This one seems to be the stupidest of all by still showing his anti Ethiopian patriots by organizing his own like sof x-TPLF servants. Around him. If I was him, I wouldn’t organize myself with X-TPLF lovers, diplomats, press people and so on. That in itself showed how ignorant this fellow is to some of us who were been following the TPLF workers for 15 years. Just watch him, he will finally leave to Asmara or OLF. Mark my word. GUUD, Ye GUUD GUUD is such elements still have the moral nerve to lie over and over. By giving away his own GUUD to others. Ethiopia will prevail.

  3. Andargatchew has already been to Asmara.This is not bad by itself but what was he after?Andargatchew works with the TPLF in one way or another.He destroyed Kinjit UK. But, as Berhanu Nega plys ethnioc Gurage politics with others (Mersha Yosef,Kinfu of EMF,etc…) Wedi Tsige will be left in the cold surviving on the handout of Meles maybe.

  4. Dear Getachew,
    As usual I admire your daring spirit to unravel anti-Ethiopian plot wherever it hatches. I wish our fertile mother (Ethiopia) could have a few more Getachew’s. As you articulated it very well, our inability to stand together is going to cost us more. No people have ever fare well by setting against each other. At this age even property is transformed from family ownership to public ownership and transnational merger. It is always in the back of my mind, why we can’t be able to reach consensus as a people of a great historic nation?
    Let me share with you what I found something shocking to see the Wikipedia online dictionary took extraordinary measure to disable users input to edit the “Ethiopia” page out of a concern of vandalism. It is understandable that, how enemies of Ethiopia are fighting tooth-and-nail to tarnish the image of our nation and to manipulate our history in the way that fits their destructive agenda. I was tried to countercheck whether this measure is taken for other nations to discover that none of our neighbors or any nation for that matter are under such conditions. This is pretty good lesson for every Ethiopian to stand guarding the well-being of our nation even at the expense of whatever sacrifice. It could be huge mistake to underestimate the danger we are facing. Any legitimate Ethiopian has to act for the benefit of his / her nation in whatever capacity better now than later. Remember, the law of harvest governs; we will always reap what we sow – no more, no less.
    Brother, we stand together!
    Respectfully yours,
    O. Ujilu

  5. Wude Getachew,

    Let the God of Ethiopia bless u. Ur the true patriot of our motherland. Please keep on writing & expose those bandas & anti-Ethipians like andergachew tsege. Our struggle for a better tomorrow 4 our country will continue. As my brother O. Ujilu said together we can!!

    with great admiration & respect
    our motherland will SHINE

  6. Thanks all: Did you read MR., PhD Maimire Mennasemay’s usual sell of lie in his article posted on (the next Kinijit and us)? This man forgot what he used to write in Ethiopian Register and now, he is calling us poisoned rhetoric to defend the distortion of his Bertukan’s fabrication in Mediapolis to use us (the Tigrayans ) in to here divisive silly, premature and temporary propaganda. I tell you. I invite here this nonsense PhD holder here to debate me right here why he wants to defend her lie. I guarantee you Maimire, I invite you here with your PhD brain to explained to me why it was poisonous and hers was sweet honey and justifiable. This is why I was telling all of you my brothers, to be careful still that the work of derails our attention is continued in a dedicative way. No one believe this jabbering of new old Kinijit unity nonsense crap serious to talk about unity and strength while still wanted our attention taking us back into the argument by mentioning names and what they said and what the reactions. As long as these Zombification project builders keep defending building the lie and called us “poison” is a tactic to derail our attention to focus not the enemy but to their distortion and lie. Maimire can’t come here and tell us why Birtukan was right when she apologize us (Tigrayans) from nowhere. If he saw any thing let us here it. Where was he all this months now he wanted to bring this issue? If you followed his writings he repeatedly, talk about the Mediapolis and Birtukan. Is there any trick to why he repeatedly wanted to mention it in this latest paper of distortion? Let us here from him. This is what he said; – .

  7. This is what he said;-.

  8. .

  9. Sorry,the paper kept cutting off. Here is what he said. Mineapolis made Birtukan a target of poisoned rhetoric”. No matter what he said no Tigrayans (at least majority) took her theory as Mataleya propaganda..Good Luck Maimire!

  10. Ye Guud Guud Simu!!!!! Bertukam Mediksa Exposed video posted on Maimire Semay and his clicks might have some information to detail us about this. Can we hear what this application is all about from BB Ditto-Heads? Guud Yeggud Guud- Betinachew Tsiga’s guud is in Addis with Aba Efrem YeshaK!!

  11. I was actually critisizing the Ferensay Legation award for Birtukan at the time even before the CUD division come out in open. My reasoning was, as simple as that there are thousands if not millions who deserve that recognition even before she dreamt for. No body know her before CUD formation. She suddenly rose from the dust and automatically become the uncontested queen. In truth let alone to ride free such status, she can’t even hold a candle for ordinary princess. Common sense told me that there is a scandal on the corner. Her unnatural growth suggests there is some one behind grafting, watering, fertilizing and pruning. Someone who is waiting with a ladder, long shear and empty basket to reap the fruit.
    The US tour pretty much demonstrated her like a constitutional monarch, used for cermonial errands, while their State of the Union style message was addressed by the man behind the throne none other than a low ranking official Birhanu Nega. A few more appologies rained to appease Tigreans by presenting Bedru Adem as the sacrificial lamb. Then she went as far as inviting the host (Hailu Shawel) to his own house. It was pretty fun! What my compatriots call it YE-ENGIDA GABAZJI.
    On this trail, I have no doubt, the lady was running by a remote control. If she was by her own, she wouldn’t let her eggs spoiled. She wouldn’t commit more fools that spell disaster. The truth is her calculating master choosen her from the crowd for she is so green and never hesitate to conform. Birhanu did surely doped her to submit without questioning him. Then, she ended up doing the dirty cleaning of Birhanu’s power politics at the cost of her own political future. Perhaps, Birhanu may got some friendly advice from his buddy Bereket Simon the how’s and how nots of political cannibalism. Now true to her colors, she oppenly embracing the business of political prostitution by flirting and adulterating with a new customer. On her words she told us sleeping with EPRDF. My question is whether her Pentecostal religion allows prostitution remain to be seen.
    Good day

  12. Dear brother Oujilu;- Aa always, you did it again! What a commentary! I love it! Amazing view. Thanks again!!!!

  13. All this is paper work. Now a days politics is fashion. No one tells the trueth and do the real thing.

  14. Brother, show us the truth. I can’t. What was truth? Men soght it- Gandhi said his whole life was spent mostly in the persuit of trut- but he or any other man, or saint, attain it?Fully? Even the truth about oneself- the one who is saying his is not a fashin? You see, ven the truth about onself?That was the most difficult of all. “what manner of man am I?” Stendhal kept asking all through his life and books, finally admitting: “in truth, I haven’t the faintest idea.”//Ethiopia will prevail!!!!!!

  15. I am an editor for which is a social network dedicated to the christian community. As I look through your web site I feel a collaboration is at hand. I would be inclined to acknowledge your website offering it to our users as I’m sure our Pentecostal audience would benefit from what your site has to offer. I look forward to your thoughts or questions regarding the matter.

    Vicky Silvers

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