08 December 2007: Debteraw Day (Amharic pdf)

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December 5, 2007 

Wolde Tewolde, alias Obo Arada Shawl  

TSEGEYE DEBTERAW has challenged many of the basic assumptions and beliefs of why and how Ethiopians have approached the natural world as opposed to the artificial world. Debu’s provocative thoughts and actions have inspired some and infuriated others, but no one can dispute his premise: that it is time for all Ethiopians to develop a new and more sustainable relationship with Ethiopia’s ECOLOGY. 

Debteraw reminds us that the task of solving ecological, cultural, intellectual and spiritual (ECIS) problems is not just only a matter of Revolution but of law and morality. Connecting abstract legal notions of property to land holding in Oromo land and communal aspects in Eritrea is not enough. Debteraw’s enlarged sense of responsibility and community in our dealings with the land issue, which is not solved even at the present moment, was his essence for his long struggle. 

In short, for DEBU justice and the Land Question of (DEGA-WEINA-KOLA) are interchangeable and they are the main issues and should be our obligations to pass to the future generations. 

Debteraw predicted that others will govern the daily lives of Ethiopians and that the emerging power holders the DERG and his cronies will aggravate their helplessness. He enlightened me by arguing that  

·        The products/services we should buy

·        The transport system we use and

·        The homes in which we live  

All are to be controlled by others. “ We will be offered choices, but they will be limited choices”, Debteraw used to argue with us. Is this not a true prediction? Do we need a scientific proof? As for me, I have seen what products I could or couldn’t buy during the DERG era, I have seen how my residential place was controlled and I know how the transport system have and still working against the interest of Ethiopians. 

As at today, everything what DEBTERAW TSEGEYE GEBRE MEDHIN has predicted forty years ago, the time I met him has happened and is happening. We should stop this madness of land misuse, family break and community disintegration. 

The point to be made about this understandable sense of confusion and helplessness is that our problems are societal in scope, which means that our solutions must be equally broad. Organizations, political or otherwise can adopt some resolutions and sanctions, but their range of action is limited – absent of a decision to drop of society and return to the “fields or guerrilla” mode of warfare. 

EPRP of DEBTERAW can rise up to confront this complexity only by joining together as a community and a people to demand justice for HIM, YOU and US. 

What we can do? We can set out what to do as part of the solutions- what we value and what we want and demand to the current local, regional and global power holders of our houses, products/services and our means of transport. It is time to challenge and confront TPLF, EPDJ, EU Parliament, the UN, China and the State Department. 

As for me, DEBTERAW in his first interview transmitted his ideas of solution in the transport system as AGGMELAGO.  This is a ROAD MAP for all Ethiopians starting from the RED SEA (from sea level) to RAS DASHEN (highest mountain). I hope we will deal with this concept in great length in due course.  

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The Not Imprisoned Letters of Debteraw by Gemoraw (Hailu Gebre Yohannes)

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