Name the Name! “A Man Bent on Serving Eritrea at the Expense of Ethiopia” is Called….?

Response to Gebru Asrat            
Getachew Reda

There is Tigrayan tradition what we called “Hinkel Hinkelitey”, a sort of “Name that Name or Tune that Tune” on which two young kids/shepherds test each other’s conscious of mind just to occupy their idle mind while they do their shepherding.

It is an application of knowledge/psychology game where each party challenge the other asking a question to fill the blank to identify the anonymous subject asked by the party after the tester revealed or tell the other party the physical shape (in part or whole), act, behavior, sound, walk, height, weight of the subject/object where the information reach the brain quite often incomplete or distorted to test the skill of the contestant. I saw a similar game here when Gebru Asrat Chairman of the newly launched Union of Tigrians for Democracy and Sovereignty party (UTDS-“Arena” held an interview with the  “VOA Amharic”  host Addisu Abebe, hesitated to call Meles Zenawi as Eritrean agent. For reason unknown, the host miserably failed to ask Gebru Asrat if his new party is going to demand for people’s justice to reveal on court for previous crimes carried by his party in Tigray.
Though the VOA is helping the people of Ethiopia to inform current issues, it failed miserably from time to time for not doing its homework what to ask when such officials are its guest. The way they carried the interview in many of the time “a slap on the wrist”/a joke!Though its reporter posted on its website in English some issues said by Gebru Asrat, it also did purposely or for unknown reason omit what Gebru said about regarding Asab sea ports to retrieve to Ethiopia in a legal and peace-full means: Assab was one of the issues Gebru explained as one of the motive and the agenda of his party to focus at which he also stated that his newly formed party UTDS gives the people of Tigray a chance to be directly involved in regional issues in a way that ensures its political, economic, and social interests. Though, there were many issues that I wished to comment based on his response to the interview he gave; the most among them which pulled my attention was the statement he brushed off to the side regarding the accusation that many people think of Meles as an agent/sympathizer of Eritrea due to his blood relation from Eritrea.The interviewer asked Gebru Asrat to brief the audience with regard to the Ethio-Eritrea relation and the “Badime” war and the case of the “source” of the” conflict for TPLF’s leadership split”. With such explanation, Gebru conflicted his different view from his previous interview of response with his latest response.  I like to brief with Gebru’s sample of interviews the question to the Meles being an Eritrean sympathizer/agent due to his blood relation with Eritrea, conflicted Gebru’s current position based on few samples of comments of his own. Let us examine the question asked and his response earlier

Deki-Alula Online Staff Writer Dagmawi wrote a report on August 29, 2001, sating what Gebru had to say about internal agents inside the party who had the power to remove him and his council from power in Tigray. You guest it, who those insiders/confidants in a power full position could be who are able to remove him and his council with the request of EPLF/Eritrean government. Read his statement of August, 2001

 “It is evident that Sha’bia officials used to reiterate that unless the Council of Tigrai was not changed and cleaned out, Sha’bia’s dreams could not be fulfilled. They were confidently saying that unless the persons they identified by name were not moved from the Council, Ethio-Eritrean relations would suffer. This attitude was shared by their foreign supporters and Locally-residing confidants. Their wish seems to have come true. I want to say congratulations to all of them!”
Who do you think he was addressing when he said “confidants” who are in a position to clean out him and his council members? It is obvious, he was pin point at no one but Meles and his puppets as Insiders.

Let us continue what he had to say about Meles reported by Dgmawi Alula six years back.Citizen asks: “What would be the future of this country under the Shaebia confidants?” Ato Gebru Asrat and former Tigrai regional council secretary general and member of parliament, Woizerit Aregash Adane, has a few words to say about it. Our youngest and promising journalist Dagmawi Alula, who was in Washington DC covering the historic meeting of Tigrians for democray and justice, has the details: Dagmawi: What was the main stumbling block with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi?
Gebru and Aregash: We had fundamental differences over the issue of Ethiopian Sovereignty with Meles. We wanted an open, public discussion between his group and those opposed to him. He was very adamant against public debate because if the blunders he committed were made pubic, he knew it would cost him badly. For instance, there was a recent news report that implicates the prime minister in extending over 1.2 billion birr to Eritrea. We learned about this crime like everyone else – from the independent media. The TPLF politburo had no clue he was engaged in the money transfer to Eritrea under his personal orders. The deal was between him and the Board members of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and the Office of the Prime Minister. With such crimes stuck in his personal folder, that is why he resorted to using cover-ups to evade public debate with us. However, we have no doubts that in the end the truth would prevail” Dagmawi Alula Deki Alula online Staff Writer August 29, 2002. What was Gebru here tried to say? Meles is an Eritrean confidant, that his politburo had no clue he was engaged in treason, secretly supporting his Eritrea by plundering the national bank. Now, what caused Gebru to hesitate and brush off the accusation that Meles is an Eritrean agent? Is he playing the shepherd’s game play the “Henkil Henkilitay” with us where he simply doesn’t know the name of the subject, the subject that was on his side with him for over thirty years?What was the reason for the new change of heart for him to harbor a fear not to name the name of this monster animal that everyone is familiar with? What would be his answer if some one asks Gebru to name the name of a person “a man who bent on serving Eritrea on the expense of Ethiopia? Let us find from his own word below. 

When Voice of Ethiopia in Stockholm Sweden, finally asked Gebru “how do you describe Meles?” Gebru said, 
 “A man bent on serving Eritrea at the expense of Ethiopia in particular, and to foreign forces in general” (Voice of Ethiopia- Dec,2004- source Ethiomedia Dec 24, 20004). Let me expand it for you how he sated it in a clear tone  “When the government’s stand was focused on how to punish the enemy, Meles had time to divide and turn over to his side some army commanders, and when he declared the war would be over in 24 hours with the liberation of Zalambesa (June 2000), we learned that he had been waiting to save Shaebia, and his commitment to serve Eritrea at expense of Ethiopia was lasting”  

Now, what would you people name a person  in power as prime minister and chief of the nation’s defense who was waiting to save Shaebiya/ an enemy, which he saved from a brutal humiliation and death? If such outrageous commitment in variety times and ways to support Eritrea would not be for his blood relation as Eritrean, could his service be possible rendered equal, if the war was with Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt or even with ONLF, OLF?  When are these fellows going to learn how to speak honesty and tell it the way it is? You people need to teach the public the nature of the enemy so that will be well informed to tackle the problem on time before more damage occur to the safety of the nation to get ready to challenge the conspiracy worst than what is currently in progress by the Eritrean agents inside TPLF. The other issue where conflicted his interview with his previous one and the recent interview was regarding the democratic nature of his previous organization (TPLF). He stated in his recent interview with VOA his party TPLF was democratic organization conducted discussions with members and each other openly with no secretive manner when it comes to important national issues when TPLF was a guerrilla organization in the jungle, contrary to the present manner of TPLF where one man show is controlling the Ethiopia’s political arena for the most part. 11/16/2007 with VOA Amharic.   

Let us see where he contradicts the above in his interview with Voice of Ethiopia Stockholm, Sweden four years back. Gebru was asked why it took the dissidents a long time to understand the problems, he said: “Our organization was built on highly secretive, and we were governed by anti-democratic rules that had negative repercussions on our future activities as government officials”. If party leaders such us him who promised us a bright journey with their leadership of a new party lie or hesitate to say what it should be said or misinform or distorted or brush off sensitive issues or conflict their comments in different times while the facts remains unchanged- who will tell us the truth and who will guide us through or how could people lay a trust on such elements? 

Regarding what he stated about the sea port and sovereignty issue, why his party TPLF allowed Ethiopia’s privileged compromised, his answer was- ; he and his friends were not aware of the important of Ethiopia’s sovereignty as they are informed well today due to their conscious level.My goodness! How pathetic! No doubt, TPLF knows well the importance of guarding sea ports and sovereign issues and lands and borders issue while they were in the jungle.  By what miraculous conscious were they been aware, when they designed on their manifesto, the location, /border/ distance and importance of the geographical territory of Tigray? Are they telling us they knew well aware of the importance of retrieving territory from Wollo and Gonder as that of like Alewaha-Milash all the way down, and Tselemt, Welkaet, Debarek , Humora and the rest and corporate/conjugate them with Tigray, but never had a rational conscious the importance of keeping and guarding the most important international borders and seaports that their ancestors, a great men, who were the moving power in Ethiopia, those of Tigray heroes like Alula and Yohannes bleed  and die for?  I mean, they meant to tell us that they were never aware of those great men of Tigray and their nationalism? Let me remind them what Hggay Erlich the author of (Ras Alula and the Scramble for Africa political biography; Ethiopia & Eritrea 1975-1897) said “I was not surprise to learn from the leaders of the TPLF, now the architects of Ethiopia’s new political structure, that my book on Alula was studied thorough out the 1980s in the caves of Tigre, and that the fighters of the TPLF were inspired by his heroism. It was indeed symbolic that the first elite division to penetrate Addis Ababa in 1991 to liberate the country from the yoke of Mengistu regime was the “Ras Alula Division”. Hello! Who are we talking to brothers? How about simply if they say “Sorry, we committed a crime”!You meant to tell me Gebruu was not conscious of those great men of Axumite kings and Alulas and Yohannes’s, their mission, their motto & pride, their land, and their location of their sovereign border?

You meant to tell me they do knot know who Alula was and the missions he stood for? Gebru as second year university student of History, can we believe him he never heard of Alula, Yohannes, or read their speeches, diplomatic communications inside and outside Ethiopia and the effort why these great men was bleeding and devoted their life in Eritrea fighting Western Imperialism and Arabs? How about Alula’s Horse? He never heard which one of those seaports Alula Aba Nega was taking about where his horse likes to drink and enjoying taking a recess after the long battle of chasing colonialists

If Gebru and his TPLF were not conscious enough to know Ethiopian sovereignty, where did the “conscious” came from naming the TPLF elite army as the “Ras Alula Division”?   TPLF leaders knew and were informed in 1989 when EPLF bandits liberated Dogali an EPLF then a prominent commander, personally boasted for blasted Mengistu’s monument of Ras Alula (the monument was proposed to be built ,-if I am not mistaken by Major Dawit W/Giyorgis. According to his new Amharic book). If so, why didn’t then reacted if they really honored Alula?  Or could it be, the TPLF fighters too were there to help them in blasting the monument? How long are we continue to tolerate lie and distortion?
Meles and Sebhat are Eritrean agents among the many of them inside TPLF ranks due to their blood relation proven time after time and still vowed to challenge anyone who wanted to confront the freedom of EPLF/ELF (in the name of a cover up name –the “people of Eritrea”). How is that hard for Gebru and his comrades then and now difficult to name a name of “a man bent on serving Eritrea at the expense of Ethiopia” as “Eritrean agent”? What worst staff could any other agent have done worst than what Meles and his crony did to save Eritrea, financial, military and advocacy as a spokes person in the UN stages speaking and defending the status of Eritrea than the interest of Ethiopia? Meles’s support and care and sympathy exceeded the line of damage brought to Ethiopia, beyond an undercover agent could have done.

Before I conclude, may I ask Ato Gebru and Ato Tsegay Berhe (the current TPLF president of Tigray) , when both will ask Meles Zenawi the only one man who runs the show to allow an independent court for Tigrayans who have legal grievances against TPLF officials, its member elements for different abuses that occurred in the era of TPLF in the jungle (for murder, torture, property, disappearance, treason and the likes of charge as they allow the Derg officials to be accused by the people who claimed abused) . This appeal was asked by me before and similar demand was also presented by the people of Tigray in Mekele and elsewhere which was rejected once by Ato Gebru Asrat while he was in power in Tigray as president of Tigray. Can he tell us why he rejected such demand?

Would Ato Tsegay Berhe the current president of Tigray also allow this important public demand to facilitate a special court to allow his own organization, members and officials of current and x- TPLF members as defendants to examine the abuse it did upon the people of Tigray while TPLF was in the jungle and while still abusing the people’s right as a government? -2- I heard Ato Tsegay Berhe, yesterday, labeling Ato Gebru’s new party the “Arena” as “enemy” of Tigray similar to the Kinijit (his own word), all Tigrayans warned to watch this new party, in the interview he conducted few days a go, with the pathetic TPLF Pal Talk/internet discussion forum calling itself “Ethiopian forum for political civility” posted yesterday on When is Tsegay Berhe or TPLF officials in general going to stop treating political opposition as “enemy”? Where is the political civility these pathetic elements are talking about?

Ethiopia will prevail!

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