“Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!” (Response to Abebe Gelaw & Lulit Mesfen)

Getachew Reda

The recent article of Lulit Mesfin of Ethiomedia and Abebe Gelaw and some members of  the “BB delegates” new style of tone to approach unity with Hailu Shawel as a leader sounds the Alan Funt’s great TV show, the famous catch line that swept the country “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!”

Ethiomedia.com Lulit and her staff editors started coming out with a tone of unity stating “…….under the leadership of Hailu Shawel, Kinijit-the soul of the nation- will no doubt lead Ethiopia towards a healthy democratic future” (no problem with such healthy commentary, sister Lulit!), leaving aside to the slanderous articles and action of the past two months campaign against the leader with your abbreviation “HS” aside;

There comes Abebe  Gelaw, with an interesting article headline “If only we remain united….”, urging unity, though still, “playing mud sling” on his recent article in the usual Ethiopian “Wax & Gold” style 

As media editors and owners these fellows boosted & facilitated the propaganda and the mission of the “bigot” Andargachew Tsege in variety ways. They have caused unbeleivabel paranoic atmospher to the unity and caused the community to fragile more than ever before.  Berhanu Mewa and the bigot Andargachew Tsige’s “KIL” group asked those media to go “one” mile, and went “two” miles with him.  

Andargachew Tsige was the worst dangerous racist element, a man with nothing different of those TPLF/EPLF teachings of “ethnic hate”, whom Ethiopians need to avoid facilitating this bigot until he asked publicly in writing and on stage an apology to those of us who degraded our ethnic affiliation and our Ethiopiawinet while he was TPLF’s highest official in Addis Abab! He still is a bigot with no remorse (according to the interview he gave)! 

As we promise 16 years back to fight anyone who tried to isolate or have intention of isolating the Amhara ethnic Ethiopians and their language, we still promise one more time to our people, that we will challenge those media owners who carelessly or intentionally boost those elements to get space to divide Ethiopians with their skill of dived and destroy playing ethnic game. 

What we are asking those media is to have a strong position against bigots like that of Andargachew Tsige and his likes who intensely wrote and work against the Amhara ethnic society. It hurt us seeing those media boosting the moral of such bigots no more less boosting the moral of the bigots of TPLF politicians. We urge one more time the following media owners to stop flirting with terrorists and boosting and stop publishing articles that sent from bigots like Andargachew tsige until he apologize for all his actions and distractions. 

We urge Ethiomedia.com and Abugida website (to stop publishing Andargachew Tsige’s articles until he came publicly apologize on stage or write apology to the Ethiopian people and promise us to destroy  his bigoted books publicly before they poison young ill informed Ethiopian youth for the future. We believe, his agitation is not better than Meles Zenawi’s when it comes to Amhara and the hate for Ethiopia to those who asserted their ethnicity nothing other than “an Ethiopian”. We strongly urge all Ethiopians (concerned) to condemn this fellow of his definition he got us for us what Ethiopia meant by defining it “ETHIOPIA as YEHELINA KEHDET”. 

We ask ER (Elias Kifle to stop asking Ethiopians and Eritreans to support EPLF and encourage EPLF to seize power in Ethiopia. This is odd and perhaps insane, to hear from a person who claimed an Ethiopian. 

EMF- we ask you to totally stop degrading the patriot and hero of Ethiopians Dr. Taye, an Ethiopian who proved himself universally what his wish is for his people!

We like to offer our advice one more time to the mentioned media editors and owners to come back to their sense honestly. Yes, it is always better to be caught making mistakes than “intentionally and constantly” dehumanizing elderly patriotic leaders and veteran Ethiopian patriotic fighters. Seeing and weighing the past two months of unbelievable galloping of stubborn & illusion from those media owners with the current comparative “cool- kind” of  attitude, we were not sure what they putted us through if we were on “candid camera” or not. But, in case you are serious, I say to you welcome to “earth” as one compatriot said it.

Ethiopia will prevail!

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