The Sword of the Fascist TPLF & the Constant onslaught of the Amharic language in Tigray

By Getachew Reda

 TPLF is currently breeding young Fascists in Tigray by orienting them on race, ethnic, blood and language purity, “in the name of language development”.  The media in Tigray calling itself radio Dimtdi Woyane Tigray has intensified its campaign against Amharic language in every Tigrayan Tigringa-speaking tongue in its latest program conducted called “The usage of Tigringa language”

The program allowed callers to present their complaints and discomforts with Amharic words mixed with Tigringa. Listening most of the callers and analysts invited as guests of the program were all speaking what they called it “Tigringa Guramaile” (Mixed Tigringa). Many of the callers and the analysts seem to have delusions regarding “purity’ (ethnic and linguistic purity) similar to the fascist ideology.

What is amazing is that the callers were sort of pre chosen purposely by the program producers depending on the type of calls. For example, the host asked a caller who claimed to be from Metemma, to tell his listeners what he thinks about the community in Mekele and their usage of language, sort of comparison to the Asmara boys used to denigrate the “Agame” way of usage of Tigringa!). The callers included church people (Deacons, priests….). The TPLF Deacons vehemently insisted that priests in Tigray avoid teaching the age old Amharic prayers and replace them with Tigringa translation. Each callers and analysts unanimously insisted not to use Amharic language.  All of them use the expression “Them versus us”.

The callers and supporters of this campaign of eradicating every  Amharic word from Tigrayan tongue believe that using Amhraic in Tigray, be it on business commercials, or church, or governmental institutions, or music, or art, is an obstacle for civilization and development of Tigray. They foolishly believe “purity” is the way to go–pure ethnic, pure blood, pure bone, pure flesh, and pure language.  They fervently insisted that stopping giving Amharic names to Tigrayans is a must. This is a very frightening tendency of sign that Fascism is growing in its full force to reach to an alarming stage within near future in Tigray, if the sword of the fascist TPLF is allowed to keep on the assault on Amharic language.  This type of delusion is one of the tenets of Fascism.

What were the main tenets of fascism? Historian George L. Mosse, wrote extensively on fascism – among his most important books on the subject were “The Crisis of German Ideology: Intellectual Origins of the Third Reich and Toward the Final Solution”.  He correctly stresses the crucial role of nationalism—the “bedrock” upon which all Fascist movements built themselves. Fascism promised a “third way” between Marxism and capitalism that would celebrate the organic national community. To be German, Italian, or French, the Fascists asserted, meant something more than just inhabiting a piece of geography; it meant something outsiders could not really enter into, something beyond reasoned argument”.

One of the guests claiming to be a Tigringa-language expert gave his analysis that Amharic is the dominant language mixed in Tigrayan tongues so far.  His study was conducted in (Maychew, Addigrat, Adwa, Aksum, Shire…..).  Usage of pure Tigringa language in Maychew is 6%, in  Addigrat 22.38%, Aksum 30%,  Adwa 22.5%, and Shire 18.8%. The over all average of usage of pure Tigringa language of entire Tigray based on such study was 26% Tigringa the rest is Guramayle, “mixed Tigringa with Amhraic language”.

A caller who identified himself as member of Limat Tigray (one of the associations which vowed to uphold, and devoted to, the purify Tigringa language, according to the host, from Metemma, Gonder?),  was asked what he thinks about the way Mekele residents’ of Enderta Awrajja way of speaking Tigringa? The caller said “It is a very disappointing community. One expects of  Mekele, a geographically part of Tigrayan community, to talk in pure Tigringa, but alas, they sadly speak either in a Tigringa mixed with Amharic language or in Amharic”. 

The host asked him the reason for why the Mekele community wanted to speak in Amharic or mixed Tigringa? The caller couldn’t answer it except he expresses his disappointment with the Mekele community. Is this dangerous? Of course, it is pure fascistic tendency, particularly identifying and pointing to a certain community to demand “purity”.

This kind of such hate tendency could give rise to the third degree (the first and second degrees already seen under the leadership of TPLF) of fascism in Tigray. Such demand can lead to organizing a skinhead type of dangerous young people in Tigray, as has been seen in Russia. “The rise of fascist and nationalist movements in Russia is an uneasy issue that Moscow and Astana carefully avoid in official talks. But public reaction to nationalist attacks in Russian cities is something hard to couch in diplomatic prose. Late in February a 32-year-old Kazakh woman was stabbed to death by a group of nationalists in St. Petersburg, apparently for talking in Kazakh on her cell phone. Immediately after the killing, the Kazakh national movement “Fate of the Nation” and the youth organization “Future” staged a protest rally in front of the Russian Embassy in Almaty and sent an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin demanding punishment for the perpetrators of the racially motivated crime. Later, the leader of Future, Dauren Babamuratov, announced that St. Petersburg’s Kalinin district court had ignored the protesters and reduced the case to an act of common hooliganism (Turkistan, March 2 -2006). (Russian Fascism from world affairs magazine).

Such demagogy from callers who are organized under the TPLF as “Limat Tigray” expressing dismay and regret that the Mekele community and surrounding speak Amharic or mixed Tigringa is a very alarming and cause for concern. If such vicious people staff such organizations, the kind of killing seen in Russia for talking in Kazakh on her cell phone could be the norm in Tigray and elsewhere as well. What prevented the danger from happening is that the large community of Tigray is using Amharic as their own language. Of course, Amharic was not any bodies but Axumite’s own language. Learning writing in Amharic is learning to write in Tigringa, since their base is Ge’ez.

One wonders where will this madness of indoctrinating these young people in fascism stop in the name of language policy stop.  I am puzzled and pose a question to these would-be young fascists: never mind the Amharic mixed in Tigringa and Geez, if they are looking for purity, but what are they going to do to the Geez and Tigringa language which is synthetic or mixed, framed, structured from different languages such as India, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Agew (Bejja)? What are they going to do with the calendar; some names still bore from Arabs/Egypt? The Geez of Orthodox Christianity has loan words from different languages. Not only the Geez language but also the religion itself did not hail from Tigray. Are they going to create another pure religion based or created in Tigray by TPLF which doesn’t carry an Orthodox Jew, Roman and Greek believes? What are they going to do with the signs that did not originate in Tigray, such as the scripts that are still in tact engraved on obelisks, caves, proclaiming their Arabic, Sabaean and Greek origin?

Amharic was initially created in Tigray, to be spoken in Axum and was spread later to other regions of Aksumite Ethiopia, and developed as the language of the nation for more than 700 years as official language. TPLF as a fascist organization lead by young fascist feudal Tigrayans who created ethno fascist organization in Tigray preach as though the Amhara are different from Tigrayans. They portray them as the core enemy of Trgay and the cause for the misery of the Tigray community, to be sacrificed as a scapegoat (I already discuss this false claim before in a separate article).

The ethno guerrilla members and followers of TPLF wrote books, poems and the like presenting Tigrayans as the only heroes in the Ethiopian community who never flirted in the face of the assault of fascist Italy.

Leaders of the fascist TPLF, such Meles Zenawi, preach openly in public gathering that Tigrayans are proven golden community compared to the rest of the ethnic groups in Ethiopia who failed to show their purity through the filtering process on fire (what ever the fire he is talking about). “We are the heroes and the braves while the others are wimps”–pure fascism chauvinism. 

These fantasies have a number of causes. This nostalgia is similar to what happened in Russia, Italy, and German…. Because “we” are never in fault, and it’s always “them”, people start pointing fingers at “them”. Not only that but also they target the uneducated to preach them as their followers during such fascistic campaign which was largely practiced at the time of recruiting for membership in the TPLF and giving assignments.

Historically, there are like Jews in Russia, the belief amongst the Russian uneducated class of Jewish conspiracy is strong. They believed that the Jews are stealing things from them. These elements consider Amharic as a language of foreigners as English is foreign to Tigray.

Mother tongue as the door to start neo-Nazi, neo Fascistic ideologies, which instantly become well-liked by the moronic youth of TPLF cadres and their followers is an issue of great concern. The belief “It is not us, but they who did it, we should get rid of them, and get a racially pure Tigray” is the ego we are now witnessing this time in Tigray by TPLF media.  The false hope is that when the last “black-Amharic” mixed with the “white/pure Tigringa” (Guramaile) is dead or gone, everything will automatically become better. Therefore, pure Tigrina for pure Tigrayans with pure Tigringa name Tigrayans would elevate Tigrayans to civilization is the current motto of those ethnos! This is the latest TPLF fascist agitation in progress finger pointing at Mekele community and Raya and the rest, who speak a mixed language.

Having the skinhead of TPLF gangsters ruling the marketplaces, is inviting danger. These would-be skinheads growing in Tigray might start to beat everyone not racially pure, who speak Amharic or a Tigrayan with an Amharic name. I urge all Tigrayan educated elites who love their Ethiopiwinet better than the bandit organization that never sleep a night dreaming abolishing Amharic name and Amhraric vocabularies in Tigringa in Tigray, to wake up. I just want to tell you “be aware of the sword of the fascistic TPLF & the Constant assault on the Amharic language in Tigray”. The encouraging phenomenon is that many printing business owners in Tigray refused to publish books if they are written Tigringa for a failed market (no buyer).  It is worth noticing also that Tigrayans refused to buy or read the Tigringa book written in Tigrina by TPLF cadres which has nothing to address or educate but hate and venom to divide the community and endanger the harmony Tigreans enjoy with other Ethiopian communities. They consider the TPLF publications pure propaganda literature.

With all this demand for purity campaign in the name of language and civilization which is truly an excuse for instilling fascism in the mind of the new Tigrayan generation as  Amahara hater is unacceptable. We have to challenge the propaganda of the ethno fascistic elements and their motto in Tigray with full alert.

 Ethiopia will prevail!

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