Denail of due process continues

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Denial of due Process Continues

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Arena Tigray Endegena (Amharic pdf) by Ayalnesh

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Lewit Felagi?! Adegdagi (Amharic pdf)

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Weekly News Round Up, Nov 24 2007 (Finote Democracy)

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Ibsaa Guutama’s Self Doubt Plunged Him to Swim Deep In to the Lake of Hate

Getachew Reda

Monday, 26 November 2007

As Children who grew up in a feudalistic society in Ethiopia, we were all wounded in some way and to some degree by the wild world we encounter. Our hope thought the educated sectors might help us helping in the heeling of each other’s wounds which we carried it with us through our child and adulthood. Unfortunately, the educated turned out to be the worst intensifier of racism we ever experienced before.  

Ibsaa Guutama is a member of the generation that drew the first political program of the OLF (source- from the paper presented by Ibsaa Gutama at the Second Annual International Oromo Human Rights Conference in Twin Cities- Minnesota on July, 2007).  Remember, he is one of the few elements who frame the OLF program which demanded Ethiopia to be destroy to unviable state (for total elimination from existence!- I have posted that particular program for readers five years back on the internet-if necessary, I can post it back to those who didn’t see it)

As I was searching for important document on the internet few days a go, I saw two files attached each other from two popular personalities with different contradictory views addressing social, political and Human Rights issue. One of them was Mr. Obang Metho of Gambella addressing his respected views of love, brotherly reach out for humankind and the love he have to his beloved nation “Ethiopia” at the mentioned rally and conference invited by the host calling itself “International Oromo Youth” (the piece mouth of the OLF Right-Wing, mainly packed with racist and ill informed youths whom many of them born and grew up outside Ethiopia/Africa).

The other document was written by Ibsaa Guutama and speech presented by him at the above mentioned conference held on July, 2007 (posted on the political prostitute website called Ethiopian Review- where the entire door is open twenty four/seven for anti Ethiopian groups to spread their distortion and hate propaganda). For a reason I can’t pricise, I missed this one at the time from reading it.  As I looked at Ibsaa Guutama’s paper, the injustices he was complained done to the Oromo by the “Abyssinians/Habesha people (a replaced name given to us by his preferential way to replace the name “Ethiopians”) was used by him as a cover up to prove he was a worthless leader who is not qualified to speak on behalf of the abuse in search of justice.

What surprised me was, none of the so called Ethiopian educated elements react reading such racist speech and unstable position of his program. It might be the patience and tolerance of the Ethiopian’s absence on media to expose this element’s racist character contributed to the continuation of the distortion and group fantasies of the OLF followers showing too much disrespect to Ethiopins.

Reading Ibsaa’s vision, his wounds (if he really had one) is justified by his own bigotry and unworthiness. Many of you recall, the elites of the OLF beginning from the Derg- era demanded the name “Gala” be replaced to “Oromo”. Was it reasonable or not, we leave that to the psychologists and psychiatrist experts to figure that out. In our part, some though debated the validity of name changing and its effect and production in the social relation with others and its legality; ~ vast majority Ethiopians agreed with them to call them with their preference name “Oromo”, not as “Gala”.

The name Gala according to some historians and highly researched documents showed/argued using such name (Gala) was never been a derogatory name. According to the historians and linguist, Oromo or Gala is the same of one proud name of the Oromo. What ever triggered this inferiority complex/vulnerability for name change, many people are now calling them Oromo not Gala. If one calls them Gala at the current situation, he/she is liable to be exposed or labeled as “racist” and anti Oromo people. Let us now examine the psych and the paper presented by this top veteran OLF member.

Ibsaa complained the Ethiopians calling the Oromo as Galla. But when it comes to Ethiopia and Ethiopians, his paper asserted he is in titled to call Ethiopians and Ethiopia in any ancient names we had been known by denying our Ethiopianity as if it is not us but others of his choice and the name Ethiopia as not our name but Habesha/Abyssinia.

Quote “Oromo struggle is against the illegal occupation and domination of oromiyaa by Ethiopia for over hundred years. The present Ethiopia is name sake of ancient civilization of upper Nile centered in Merowe; it is not that Ethiopia. This one used to be called Habashaa (Absinia). Oromia fell under Habesha rule at the end of the nineteenth century, during a phenomenon known in history as Scramble for Africa. Habashaa was the only Black Country that participated in the scramble with European imperialist “.

Can you sense clearly the inferiority, the ignorance of history, the fear, the talk back attitude campaigned by  anti-self stereo type  racism out of this man’s uncontrollable emotion downgrading of history and identity of millions of millions of Ethiopians?  Is Habesha/Abyssinia our name too? Yes! We never complained of it, even in the face of the most vicious Eritrean racist elements when called us “Agame”, never tempted to change Agame to different name out of unfounded fear and destructiveness.

The case of Ibsaa Guutama, the man as a veteran OLF leadership who demanded from us (from Ethiopians) to respect his identity as Oromo not as Gala- since Gala is not (according to OLF) a proper name but Oromo as the “legitimate” name. When such person and his organization’s press releases (see all OLF’s press releases) deny our country’s name not “Ethiopia”, our name and identity not “Ethiopians”  but “Habesha and Abyssinians; don’t you fellow Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia think OLF is walking shackled its own self with the very first injustice it claimed hurt when someone calls them Gala?  

The entire presentation of self denial, to hear them demanding “Oromo are not Ethiopians” is NOT new ear for us.  One can’t force one who is already leaving its poor community behind dying and sacrificing while the top leaders and framers of the program of OLF are comfortably living with their family in the Diaspora in the defensive and belligerent mood suffering from self inflicted wound.

What we are worried here is, if truly the mission of OLF is to establish justice, why would someone in the leadership position claiming millions of millions of people representing fought hard for over 35 years, demanding for identity respect, violated millions of millions of Ethiopian’s identity?  When OLF is denying others to give equal respect that the way Ethiopians agreed with them to call them their choice of their respected name which is “Oromo” not “Gala”, while OLF prefer to remain aggressively a racist institution; – then, no question in my mind it is creating/heading to a dangerous self territory mental terror and ignorance that it cannot afford to know. I urge its followers and many Ethiopians to not follow this racist entity, which is simply a bunch of low- esteem opportunists who are suffering from a jolt of inferiority that lacked itself into the territory of self segregation suffering from integration shock.

Denial is a refusal of painful self-acknowledge. I like to conclude my reaction to the OLF self denial and name changes and name callings where this organization is deeply plunging itself to the lake of hate year after year regardless Ethiopians was so tolerable to the crime perpetrated by OLF in Ethiopia against any Amharic and Tigringa speaking Ethiopians in the Oromo area which is on record.

Let me present you with an amazing writer “Shelby Steele” an African American a professor of English at San Jose State University in California where I live. His book “the Content of Our Character”- he says

      “I think the most recent example of black pride-as denial is the campaign (which seems to have been launched by a committee) to add yet another name to the litany of names that blacks have given themselves over the past century. Now we are to be African Americans instead of, or in conjunction with, being black Americans. This self-conscious reaching for pride through nomenclature suggests nothing so much as despair over the possibility of gaining the less conspicuous pride that follows real advancement. In its invocation of the glories of a remote African past and its wistful suggestion of homeland, this name denies the doubt black Americans have about their contemporary situation in America.

There is no element of self- confrontation in it, no facing of real racial vulnerabilities, as there was with the name “black”. I think the name “black” easily became the name of preference in sixties, precisely because it was not a denial but a confrontation of inferiority anxiety, with the shame associated with the color black. There was honest self-acceptance in this name, and I think it diffused much of our vulnerability to the shame of color. Even between blacks, “black” is hardly drop-dead fighting word it was when I was a child. Possibly we are ready now for a new name, but I think “black” has been our most powerful name yet because it so frankly called out our shame and doubt and helped us (and others) to accept ourselves. In the name “African American” there is too much false neutralization of doubt, too much looking away from the caldron of our experience. It is a euphemistic name that hides us even from ourselves.  At the end, no black identity however beautifully conjured, will spare blacks this challenge that, despite its fairness or unfairness, is simply in the nature of things. But then I have faith that in time we will meet this challenge since this, to, is the nature of things”. Shelby Steele (The Content of Our Character- A new Vision of race in America page 47)

Would OLF leadership recover from the self inflicted wound and inferiority complex it is suffering currently and pulls out from the lake of hate it deeply is plunged itself?  Will OLF be foolish to demand a name change and expect a respect while it self has no drop of flagrant injustice in its soul for sample?

Ethiopia will prevail

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Inenetu (Amharic pdf) by Abraham Beyene

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Zimta Le-Begim Alibejat (Amharic pdf)

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Abreh Azigim (Amharic pdf)

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