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Misikilikil (Amharic poem by Asradew)

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HR a2003 pproved

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Knowing failures is helpful if one is ready to learn from them

By Wowoka Abebe 

On one of the cyber discussion forms on Ethiopia, a participant once asked why it is so difficult for the Ethiopian people to be free from Woyanne barbarism, while this is the most important wish of every Ethiopian.  Yes, the Ethiopian people have expressed their wishes for freedom from Woyanne repression by the huge support they have shown favoring the opposition parties since the last general election.  In the opinion of this writer, the lack of success in accomplishing the people’s desire is more closely linked to problems of leadership in the opposition camp.  He considers the following factors to have contributed to this unfortunate scenario.

1.  Holding contradictory viewpoints on certain important issues.  

  • While accusing Meles/TPLF for ethnic federalism and the weakening the unity of Ethiopian people, some opposition party leaders are in support of anti-government rebel groups that aggressively promote ethnic politics and the dismantling of the country for narrow and dangerous political objective.  A good example for this is the support being given to OLF by the Kinijit leadership via membership in the AFD.  This has led to the division of kinijit supporters and to unhealthy relationship with other patriotic opposition parties such as EPRP or Hibret.
  • While accusing Meles for being a dictator and undemocratic, some leaders in the opposition also tend to practice dictatorship in a style of their own version.  Like Meles, they are reputed to be infected with the “I know it all” disease inhibiting others within their own organizations from fully participating in the political processes.  This has become one cause at least for some opposition parties for the meager progress they have been able to achieve.     
  • While it is recognized that Meles/TPLF is the common enemy of the Ethiopian people and the genuine opposition groups, the leaders of the different oppositions, instead of working together, often fight among each other, leaving the real enemy mostly unchallenged.  Quite usually, they seem to be unclear differentiating the real enemy from potential friends and collaborators.      

2.  Lack of commitment or courage to do the right thing


Many opposition leaders claming to stand firm in defense of the rights of the Ethiopian people, have been observed to make a “U-turn” almost in every turn of events.  Looking at earlier “turn-arounds” Lidetu Ayalew and his likes can be mentioned as visible examples.  After obtaining the full trust and support of the Ethiopian people, these individuals decided to join the Woyanne parliament, betraying the people.  They are currently serving their own interests and those of the suppressive regime and its backers against the will of the people.  Very recently, it has been reported that the Birhanu-Bertukan group in the Kinijit party, by giving up its fight against Woyanne, has volunteered to work with the regime, again in direct contrast to the wishes of the Ethiopian people, who have sacrificed enormously by supporting the party as well as individuals.  Embarrassingly, some individuals in this group have even expressed their views against the passage of the HR-2003 Bill by US Congress.

3.      Lack of competency.

Some leaders of the opposition have not been competent enough to run the business of their organizations effectively, although they are endowed with good intentions to serve the Ethiopian people.  This could be related to lack of skills and/or some kind of personal problems.  While this kind of problem could be widespread, it was manifested more openly in the Kinijit party.     

4.      Undue reliance on foreign governments  

The most important duty for an elected Ethiopian politician is to make sure that the interests of the Ethiopian people are not jeopardized.  Such is the mandate given to the leaders in the opposition parties.  Rather than carrying out the people’s business, some elected opposition leaders have shown preference to follow blindly the advice of foreign governments.  Since foreign governments are after their own interests, their advice does not necessarily be compatible with the interests of the Ethiopian people.  Because of the cozy relationship between Woyanne and the US State Department, the advice that has been obtained from this Department has been found by in large harmful to the Ethiopian people.  Disregarding this shortcoming, the Birhanu-Betrukan leadership group in Kinijit has very recently chosen to go this way.  Accordingly, presently, the Sate Department through the US Embassy in Addis Abeba seems to have a determining role in Ethiopian politics and, consequently, in the fate of the Ethiopian people, without the say of the latter.     

Although excessively simplistic, the factors listed above merit some consideration if one desires to make an effort to minimize the prevalence of similar problems in the future.  In the opinion of this writer, the most important asset for any politician is the support he/she gets from the people.  Success can, therefore, be measured in terms of accomplishments made towards the fulfillment of the people’s agenda.   This should be the guiding principle- not personal ambitions, indecisiveness, incompetency excuses, or policies of foreign governments.  Short of this, the struggle is doomed to fail.            

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They Became Heartless Horses & Mules That Missed Aim & Judgment (BEHIG AMLAK!)

By Getachew Reda 

As I read  Professor Getachew Haile’s book “Dekike Estiphanos” the  Geez translation of it  into  Amharic version, some where in the  page, I read,  the Geez prayer of  Abba/Kidus  Estiphanos , if I correctly understood it which stated,  saying, ” WOKONU- KE ME  FERES -WO BEKIL- ELE ALBOMU -LIB. FITAH LEETE- EGZIO- WETEBEKEL BEKELIYE” (They became like the heartless Horses and Mules that Missed aim and judgment. For they abused me, Oh! (God) take the vengeance on behalf of me, yourself, with your justice).  

The “Kidus” was viciously attacked, defamed, betrayed, chastised and a prolonged of campaign of tarnishing his name by the Emperor’s worshipers Dekike Abba Yonnas and others for not bowing to the Emperor but to his creator God and his differences with others on the definition of the law of faith.

The above conflict mentioned elaborated in the book in detail  under the title “BEMENGED LAY YETENESAW HUWKET”  the entire event  was supported with  “BEHIG AMLAK ” slogan by the followers of the Dekike Estiphanos during  the struggle  which has  some resemblance  to the present Kinjit situation and TPLF authorities.

The resemblance of the part is that when St. Estiphanos  was betrayed and viciously attacked by his opponents similarly, as the leader of Kinijit– Kibur Ato Hailu Shawel  is currently betrayed, mistreated and disrespected unfairly and illegally by his followers in the leadership circle who are currently galloping like a Horse and Mule, to every state, and countries to collect money and gain a cheap diplomacy without him with the despicable behavior and the way they are selling themselves to the public. Indeed, forced us to repeat those voices of Dekike Estiphanos’s slogan “BEHIG AMLAK!”

Regardless, the group’s tour to the Diaspora was disputed by the chairman, finally, signed & approved out of respect to the majority (if at all is true all members participated ?); his subordination to the principle of law for okayed it under pressure, seemed gradually built the acute split personality of  mob behavior on the “rebellious elites” (Berhanu. Bertukan & their crew)

You might wonder why I am devoted to use the word “mob” to describe the behavior of such professional elite class, even got me condemnatory articles for using the word “mob”. This is because, our society is oriented and accustomed to use the word “mob” occurred only on the low-class sectors of our society. Normally, the consequence the low-class mob group could only bring to the effect of a material destruction, since; its desire end is temporary. But,  In the developed country, it is the  elite class that is feared the most due to the  consequence of ruination it created by aligning itself with external and internal enemies of the country in a well thought orchestrated plan to carry changes in system, religion, power, culture, moral and financial corruption.

“Prestige hunger” elite, is the most hardheaded, dangerous mob, any society can’t afore to be ease with.  We have read few articles advising us not to fan it or not to wider the conflict beyond necessary, regarding Kinijit conflict. Not only, by neutrals and members of the organization, but, we are also told by “one of the mobs” in his radio interview recently from Europe, “nothing is happening, besides the differences with ideas”.

Such aromatization /flavor of denial is the typical mob tactic of survival when it thinks the pain and the dismay is felt and disapproved  by the large sector of the society. The mob is expected to act as law abide body superficially  for public consumption and act as if it is well and okay (remember the split of TPLF CC?).

I am not particularly care what the “mob- circus” had to say after it run all continents of the planet fields like a Horse & Mule running out of sweat with its lies, near to halt dying to collect money and a cult type followers. But, my concern is not such elements but the other Ethiopian brothers/sisters who accused us for fanning the flame as if we enjoy the flame. The flame that was blown by the mob and their collaborators websites and writers to the air for us to be engulfed with to begin with was not blown or inflamed by us but by these media groups and their close collaborator elites.

Our position is clear. We said, “No”.  We have to challenge the mobs that are supported by Elias Kifle, Andargachew Tsige-(Betinachew Tsige), Berhane Mewa (Trader Joe) Addis Voice website, the popular artist Tamange and my god! Ethiomedia website! (Which is shocking and odd to me to still believe seeing in such partisanship participation- I pray my brother to come back to his sense indeed? I still respect him as one of my friend and comrade, hope he took himself out of such mess).

I like particularly to send a message to those commentaries with decent heart.  They seem to forget one fundamental issue when they come with an advice of Hash! Shush! Shush!   Of comments as if it is superficial and acute, as if the kinijit conflict occurred suddenly in our continent. I will tell you from my part of view, such Coup and Defiance against the leader (Kibur -Hailu Shawel) was well planned conspiracy in order to seize and gain territory of support group to easily accommodate in the chastising of the legally elected CUD chairman here in the Diaspora possibly also at home (if at all possible to chastise him- they will try). Such disconnectedness was woven no question by inside and those who are outside Ethiopia.   It is not here say as if some wanted the situation to deny it. It is clearly, power struggle and a “Mob-Coup”.

Whether, we like it or not, some conspiracy has been going on while the leader was in jail, and after his released from prison, few individuals who are known to all of us facilitated the secret of dismantling Kinijit under Hailu Shawel to replace it with foreign agents and TPLF conspirators and their puppets and comrades of the past and present. That is not hypothetical, it is fact that will be seen near future as we predicted with Lidetu’s status before and after the election, which we were proven right.

Therefore, is not that we fan it or flame it, or put off it that could have eased the Status Quo. But, the truth was engulfed by the flame of lie already behind us and inside us without knowing it was burnt for a longer time while we walked nude out of our conscious. The conflict was meant to be that way.  The plan was so sophisticated, well nurtured for so long and designed to be hard to detect beyond the knowledge of those of us who simply are unaware and came with the advice of conflict restrain strategy with decency and good wish to smoothing the conflict. 

When you examining the conspiracy to neutralize the struggle of the oppressed Ethiopians back home and here in the Diaspora; there were some signs that it all started before the leaders of Kinijit arrested. You and I all know how individuals tried to dismantle Kinijit in the Diaspora by associating themselves with the most terrorist groups known in Ethiopia (OLF, ONLF) to hijack the struggle to their advantage. You all recall our positions and predictions at the time when we oppose such alliance.

And now you are well aware currently the outcome of allowing conspiratorial and racist elements to lead Kinijit supporters in the Diaspora how it ended cracking to un-repair conflict of status. This current conflict is the extension of that conflict with its consequences of division with in Kinijit members and leaders in its final and ugly stage. 

How do we Ethiopians see dispute? We came from society who has been built upon ant conflict values. Parents in the home, teachers and administrators, in school, teachings of the church, and authority figures in social groups all traditionally reinforce the belief that disagreement breeds discontent, which acts to dissolve common ties and leads eventually to destruction of the system. Certainly we should not be surprised children raised to view all conflict as destructive will mature into adult managers who maintain and encourage the same values.

Therefore, it is this tradition of view that many of my Ethiopian brothers posting on different websites came out with condemnatory commentary against those of us who believed, that, such mob behavior of elites which is moving dangerously becoming a bad example for our present struggle be challenged openly without hesitation to those men/women so lacking even the most meager shreds of humanity for disrespecting an ailing elderly senior leader icon of a nation.  Before I conclude, I urge those of you condemning EPRP unfairly, as if it was the source of the present conflict and stop your accusation. If it was not for EPRP offices, members, announcement posters, efforts, media and devotion all over the Diaspora, cities, towns, counties and localities -Kinijt and Hibret- will never had the power of organization opportunity that they got now outside Ethiopia.  

Before EPRP, no one had the organizational skills and manpower available voluntary to bust the formation of the current opposition “Kinijit”. Let us give the appreciation where it deserve and stop blaming EPRP for the failure of your circumstances. You should look for your circumstances with in yourself, if you can’t find it, look for it somewhere else. Stop looking EPRP as your punching bag as excuse when ever your organizational ability failed on you. EPRP has nothing to do with the present elite-mob behavior seen inside and outside Kinijit.  It is unfair and ridiculous habit that needed to be restrained “BEHIG AMLAK”!  

Ethiopia will prevail!

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Ye fara politica Zenebe bekele

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HR fact sheet

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Letter of appeal

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