By Mulugeta Zerabruk

The US State Department is presently sponsoring a non transparent political maneuver aimed at bringing together a certain number of Ethiopian political forces deemed “reformist and moderate” to chart a working relationship with the ruling EPRDF led by dictator Meles Zenawi. It is a double pronged policy–on the one hand to strike a deal between groups that hardly love one another and on the other to isolate what US ambassador to Addis Ababa, Donald Yamamoto, refers to as “hardliners. The “moderates” now being assembled by the State Department are, on the one hand, those already in the EPRDF dominated parliament, namely Lidetu Ayalew of EDP-Medhin, Dr. Beyene Petros of the SEPDC, Dr. Merera Gudina of ONC, Dr. Bulcha Demeksa of the OFDM, Ayele Chamiso of the CUDP and Dr. Negaso Gidada, an independent MP and former president of the country. On the other hand, there are Dr. Berhanu Nega, Dr. Hailu Araya and Ms Birtukan Midiksa, all recently released from prison after they asked pardon from the dictator and who head a faction of the CUDP. The hardliners to be isolated are reportedly the CUDP faction led by Engineer Hailu Shawel and former Ethiopian Teachers’ Association president Dr. Taye Wolde Semayat and the longstanding nemesis of the ruling EPRDF, that is to say the EPRP.  

That this venture is bound to fail does not need much foresight to predict. What is at the base of the new American policy if not the continuing triumph of incoherence at the level of foreign policy as regards Ethiopia? Official American policy towards Ethiopia has often failed to be well informed and comprehensive. Numerous diplomats and so called experts have rather opted to cling to facile conclusions and ready made formulas to deal with the complex reality of the ancient country. Former president Bill Clinton was duped by Meles Zenawi and called the ordinary tyrant a young and promising democrat. Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, who now admits his mistakes, also saw in the tyrant and the ethnic chauvinist group le led (the TPLF) a democratic promise that was to remain an illusion up to today. American foreign policy has been narrow minded by focusing on what is perceived as American interest of the hour which is this time the so called war against  terrorism in the Horn. This myopic approach has hindered Washington from having a broader vision of the serious and fundamental problems of Ethiopia within the context of the Horn so as to seek a strategic solution that champions democratic governance as a source of stability and a safeguard against terrorism. In other words, the official American policy has been motivated by a “seek the most pliant puppet” mentality that ignores the people and their deep felt yearning for democracy. The whole situation is also complicated by the infamous and negative role of the lobbying firms that those in power have fielded in Washington. 

A brief overview of American stance and policy as regards Ethiopia shows the incoherence and the damage done to Ethiopian interests. During the Emperor’s time, the US maintained a military base/listening post in Kagnew/Asmara and was fully aligned with the imperial regime. American CIA officials (Paul Henze was one at the time) and teachers at the university kept a vigil against “communist” influence on the youth. The student movement that wanted change became radicalized because there was no possibility of reform and change. The winds of the time blew for the Revolution at the world wide level and, let us admit it, America was on the side of the colonialists, the racists in South Africa and the shameful puppets like Mobutu and the coup makers all over the world. When the revolution broke out and the Derg took over power Jimmy Carter aligned America with aggressive Somalia and once again the campaigning was against the pro Soviet Derg and America, as usual, threw the baby out with the dirty bath water, that is to say the hostility to the Derg was also against Ethiopia. During the Derg period, America practically set up the EPDA group under Dereje Deresa and Commodore Tassew, which achieved little but was used by the Reagan administration for various destabilization efforts. In the end, America used the Sudan and the TPLF and EPLF to achieve its goals and the secession of Eritrea was also promoted. We all know the end result. The transition process was also botched, the OLF was used as a wallpaper as Lencho Letta the OLF leader at the time admitted. The rush to replace the Derg with the TPLF, never mind the wishes of the Ethiopian people, and the rush to assure the transport of the Bette Israelis out of Ethiopia left no time for serious consideration on a strategic and long term level. Immediate and pressing considerations or interests once again shaped American policy and Ethiopian had to pay the price. That many years later, officials like Herman Cohen did admit their mistakes did little to help Ethiopia. An opportunity towards a democratic and broader transition was lost, Eritrea was separated from Ethiopia, and ethnic chauvinist thugs had assumed power. 

The prejudiced and even lazy conclusion on the reality of Ethiopia led to disastrous conclusions and policies vis a vis Ethiopia. Here is how two Americans who still claim to be experts on Ethiopia, Paul Henze and John Pendergast, analyzed the situation in December 1993 in the now defunct Ethiopian Review magazine: 

Heated rhetoric is raising the political temperature in Addis Ababa. Through the deceptively named All Amhara Peoples Organization and the Coalition for Ethiopian Democratic Forces, this possessed elements who have vested interests in the maintenance of the Mengistu regime, are baiting the new government with racially and religiously divisive rhetoric. They are being funded and encouraged by exiles abroad, some of whom were collaborators with Mengistu. They hope to provoke violent reactions which will lead donor governments and agencies to cut off aid to the Transitional Government and isolate it diplomatically. If the government and its donors fall prey to this trap, war will ensue and these same donors will be relegated to yet another cycle of humanitarian intervention, this time for the south instead of  the north. But, if they want to prevent conflict and help move Ethiopia from are life dependent economy, donors should increase their aid commitments…. to assisting and encouraging the nascent democratic process.” 

There was of course no nascent democratic process but a pro American dictatorship, Washington’ own “son of a bitch” as America’s representative to the UN Kirkpatrick famously put it. But, tale due note how the lie was peddled and the misinformation passed. The opposition was identified as elements trying to bring back the Mengistu regime while the Coalition mentioned above was made up of fierce anti Mengistu forces like the EPRP which was the main target of the brutal Red Terror. Henze and Pendergast are taking the chance that many readers will not know who is who in the Coalition of Ethiopian Democratic Force and the AAPO. They even went as far as alleging “racial and religious” agitation though the secular opposition was beyond religious fervor and the racial tag could not stick amidst Ethiopians. Just for the record, Paul Henze is still the firebrand in defense of the repressive regime while Pendergast is in the International Crisis Group and has formed a body called E?OUGH with Gayle Smith a well known Meles fan and TPLF groupie who was once national security advisor on Africa for Clinton. With such experts and advisors taking the front seat no wonder American policy remains incoherent and pathetic. No wonder from 1991 up to 2007 the same tattered analysis is brought forth and we hear Ambassador Yamamoto clinging to the notion even now that so long as “hard line Amharas and the EPRP” are sidelined and neutralized all will go well for America’s principal puppet in the Horn. Henze, Pendergast, Gayle Smith and the well paid lobbyists who “put a happy face on murder and mayhem in Africa” have all tried and are still trying to beautify the ugly face of the Meles Zenawi regime. Money matters and Meles Zenawi and Sheikh Alamoudi are spending millions of dollars for the lobby parlor make up. 

The foreign policy of America to Africa in general and to Ethiopia in particular is an example of utter disaster if we take up the issues of debt, trade, oil, HIV-Aids, war on terror, human rights and democratic governance. In the Ethiopian context, the overriding consideration is the so called war on terror in which Meles has signed on as a loyal foot soldier. Hence, the disastrous invasion of Somalia. Hence, the training at Blattein of anti guerrilla forces for Meles by American special forces. Hence, the financial and political backing to Meles by Washington. Hence, the attempt to pressurize a section of the Opposition to bend for Meles and to come in from the “cold”.  America’s rhetoric about democracy and human rights remains just that– empty words. Meles Zenawi knows that his violation of human rights will receive no approbation from the West so along as he toes the line drawn by Washington. There is no doubt that every Ethiopian worth his “Habesha” salt would tell the regime that any invasion of Somalia will end in a disaster given the enmity between Ethiopia and Somalia and that such an invasion will mobilize all Somalis against Ethiopia with grave consequences. Even if the Al Qaida threat was true, the best possible way to confront it would never be by provoking an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia. Meles Zenawi knows this for sure but he went ahead with the invasion because he wanted to please Washington and get its political and all round support. The myopic American policy that limits itself to finding the best possible puppet in the region has thus been hampered from seeking a broader regional vision and solution. Yamamoto may bee smarter than his predecessors but his vision is till the same and he has already fallen into the traps set by the Meles regime. That American officials arrogantly believe that they are inherently smarter than Africans has not helped to redress the situation. 

American foreign policy is not people friendly. Actually, it ignores the people and deals with regimes. The inhuman regime in Equatorial Guinea is tolerated by America because that country has oil being pumped out by America. Meles is “ok” because he does the bidding of America in the region. Djibouti’s Gelleh is an “ally” because America has Camp Lemonier base on his soil. Beshir of Khartoum is evil not because of Darfur but because is considered as an “Islamic radical” refusing to toe the American line. American foreign policy is dictated by American real politik, by the interest of America as perceived by the administration in place. Unfortunately, the Bush group is made up of people who stood in defense of apartheid like Dick Cheney, who backed and still support dictators deemed pro American like Meles Zenawi and there seems no hope in the near future that this will change. The ongoing attempt to divide the Ethiopian opposition and to make it bend for the dictatorial regime is a vintage American move. The Carter center is as usual mobilized to help the plot reach its conclusion. Once again we observe that official America fails to see the precipice as it rushes to “eat the grass”. The people matter but America realizes it not and fails to understand why the group it champions is detested and rejected by the people. Remember EPDA, Kifle Wedajo, Abdul Aba Bora, TPLF… Too much intelligence information can be confusing. America does get too much information but the sources are, sadly, prejudiced not well informed. The ongoing attempt to derail the democratic struggle of the people and to prolong the life of the Meles regime will not succeed not because the Osama gang is doing its work but mainly because the American officials have once against chosen to grope in the dark and move like a blind bull in a china shop. If we Ethiopians all stand against the American policy as regards Ethiopia it is not because we hate Americans but because we love Ethiopia more and we cannot be traitors whatever the price.  

American policy as regards Ethiopia goes against the interest of Ethiopia and her people. Will America stop being arrogant, reject double standards and correct this? Doubtful. Should America correct it? Definitely. Will Ethiopians accept the American diktat? Not ever. Will the attempts to make the dictatorship of Meles prevail succeed? In their dreams. Will the meeting of traitors and cowards produce any result to sustain the tyrannical regime? Not at all. In short, the writing on the wall should not be Geez to Yamamoto and his superiors: American policy in support of the dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi will be defeated. The best policy is to support the struggle for democracy and the respect of human rights in Ethiopia. This is the best way to preempt extremism in the region as a whole. Those who betray the country like Bandas during the Italian invasion will get the judgment of History. Their footprint in the sand will be ephemeral. No superpower can impede this. 


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  1. Unless one does not want to see the end of taking political power by killing each other, inclusive approach, including EPRDF is necessary. I strongly believe that we need to see things beyond our emotions and short cut self interest.


    You have written history in a way it is supposed to. A very admirable, wonderful factual piece of history. The truth which can’t be hidden. There is a lot to learn and quit a lot of work and challenge.

    If one doesn’t like the truth “TOO BAD”!!



  3. Dear brother Ato Mulugeta Zrabruk:
    Indeed you excellently elaborated the situation of the neoclonizers and their puppets in SAddis Ababa. They sell that country for their temporariy joy. That is really sad. These puppets are the shame of Tigray. When I talk about these puppets, I have no idea how to explain my anger for the shame they brought to the people of Tigray and the nation in general. Ethiopia now is a free way to all the Ferenji. Any one who support those puppets is free to ride and establish any cult any religioun to destroy the fabric and tradition of the nation. Yes, the underline I quoted you below says it all. Thanks brother. It is only a matter of time to see these puppts running when the anger of the people is fuklly rage. As usual US will promise the Arabs to take Meles and his puppets as Mengistu was allowed to go to Zimbabwue and will cover their monthly expenses. American policy is known evry where in the planet that they are too ignorant to know democracy. They oly support tyrants. That is their sign of their knowledge.
    “Yamamoto may bee smarter than his predecessors but his vision is till the same and he has already fallen into the traps set by the Meles regime. That American officials arrogantly believe that they are inherently smarter than Africans has not helped to redress the situation.
    American foreign policy is not people friendly. Actually, it ignores the people and deals with regimes”
    -/Ethiopia will prevail!

  4. Don’t worry, let them try it will never be realised. A least I konw there are no Beyne (who was promoted to prof for campining to EPRDF) no idit Merara and the shit Gedada. Currently, the problem is Berhanu. Wash his movement. I know also he will never br PM. He is finished. When the rest of Ethiopians fight and die for their freedom he was drinking WISKY with the murderer Berkit as he told us. What an idiot erson. He was encouaged and garanted BY CIA to go home.

  5. Trust me, brother. TPLF will put him in his prison cell back if he doesn’t join the assembly of the nobility of WEYANE TIGRAY parliament. I think a lot of people yet know TPLF’s mind. After all, TPLF doesn’t want a person in the middle. Because TPLF is lead by a coward leader who is surrounded by body guards for the last years without seeing the public- even in Mekele he was guarded the same as it is in Addis.

    Now, TPLF new what Berhan’s speach was all about. He made that speech strongly to sell himself as a strong opposition. That TPLF doesn’t like it. Now, he is in trouble. What is his choise? either to be in the TPLF parlaiment and be seen on ETV and swallow back his saliva that was foaming out in Washington Dc to shame him in fron tof us/ or be here with us. The choise is his. The brave strong patriotic Hailu Shawel is not the man to be intimidated by the Rats in the Palace. That is why see all this back and foorth collecting money for them to tell us BYE BYE!! as Meara and Beyene did to us. Remember? Ethiopia will prevail<

  6. America is a young nation only 200 years old while Ethiopia is 3000 years old.
    Ethio American relationship was at its peak after Second World War and before the fall of King Hailesslasse.

    Americans had Naval bases at Kagnew Station a sub city and Radio Marin in Asmara, Ethiopia and on the Dahlak Islands. They had their Radar Particularly useful the 6 day and 14 day wars between Arab and Israel.

    Americans were in all institutions from Air lines to Air force, from University to polytechnic, from Alemaya to Addis Ababa were omni present. Like the Russians during Mengistu DERG regime.

    Then comes a turning point, they left their Naval Base when they decided to destroy Ras Teferi. They became indifferent when KGB infiltrated Russian envision of Ethiopia.

    What happened during that time, does a climate change occurred that made the relationship extinct! Secrete deal between US and Russia?
    I think the policy the western world, particularly Neo colonialist on Africa might have been changed. How can we teach a black man to overtake our job?

    In the 80ties there were three or major world political problems
    1) Apartheid in south Africa, in the 90ies this problem is solve however racism is still continuing
    2) East and West, with the fall of the Berlin wall and USSR this problem is solved
    3) Israeli Palestinian war, This problem still exists. When the Americans left Ethiopia, they thought they will have good relationship with the Arabs. They know Sdam Hussien was financing ELF, EPLF and indirectly TPLF. With the Arab dream to make the whole Read Sea an Arab Sea and recruiting Eritrea as 21st Arab state an anarchy has occurred in Somalia. So this Arab objective is never materialized. With the loss diplomacy with Arab state particularly to block the US for oil supply, Americans wanted to return back to Ethiopia. Then It is the Americans and the British who were military advisors of Maoists TPLF who led and gave them green light to enter Addis Ababa and became partner and made them our Capitalist rulers, TPLF was confident in ruling Ethiopia even after May 2005 because the promise given to them by USA. And now with the arrival of China in the competition, the American desire to stay in Ethiopia is more than ever.

    Ethiopians had never never any negative sentiment against America it is in the hearts and minds of all Ethiopians. So why the Americans follow a negative policy on Ethiopia? May be Italian Diaspora like Mayor of New York Juliani want to revenge Menelik?

    I know America fears TPLF and EPLF and they are bottle neck problems in East Africa, but with the changing world politics now they are not important. I share the worries of Americans the environment is important and the Western way of development is not best. Because we have started counting the disadvantage of civilization so try to balance pull and push factors mainly do not push us.

    Why are the Europeans uniting against whom? Each other or Africa. If they were not united each European country will be free to deal with Africa, so Africa will profit and technology will spread. Although I do not support the spread of technology

    After the fall of USSR Particularly china and Asiatic countries become more involved in Africa. Still we prefer America but they are not doing it mutually. If they do not want to have direct involvement in the Economy please do not be involved in the internal politics of the country, by supporting tyrants, the Ethiopian people should have the fate to determine their fate. There are peaceful states in the world like Bhutan

    In the Globalization era. America wants to be the Capitan of Globalization. Probably Russian playing game on America. The Americans know the principle of decreasing scale to economics; it is this single factor that may drag them in to the ditch, if they continue to put their hand here and there. I advise them equally to focus on the internal affair of America

    There have been a lot of scandal in American history; they have to revise what is going on examine responsibility and accountability of their leaders recess at least before the next American election.

    God Bless America!
    God Bless Ethiopia!

  7. My Fellow Ethiopians,

    It is getting to late, to tell the USA “get out out” The Ethiopian`s life. Ethiopiand can rule themselves, as they did for several centuries without division.

    We muste tell the Americans to leave Ethiopia in peace.

    In the long run The Ethiopians shall regard the USA as primary enemy by the supporting the bucher, fascist regime which massacres children and left Ethiopia without doctors and teachers.

    Pleease fellow Ethiopian intelectuals write to the bush administration and tell him to leave Ethiopia, otherwise he shall be humiliated like in Somalia 1993.

    Ethiopia shall prevail.

    Thank you Ladise and gentlemen,


  8. A good piece of work Mulugeta. We Ethiopians need to come together. We have to look at what our country need. Are we getting this form foreigners or by working together for the betterment of our people? We have also think of history. The new form of banginet (working for foriegners to get money or power will destroy us including those who work for foreginers.

  9. Menelik abandoned Massawa because it did not had agricultural value. The Americans abandoned massawa because it lost its strategic value at that tme. in addition they descoverd new submarine technology and shifted their base in Turkey.
    When they were coming to Ethiopia, it was like wining DV, they were well integrating with the society, and this was considered as threat.
    Now they will not leave somalia untill replacement for oil will be descovered like bio desil, electric cars etc. this will need 10-15 years. So somalia will not be independent untill 2020. otherwise if they lose the oil war then we will sing INTERNATIONAL WILL BE THE HUMAN RACE. However untill then Americans please please
    1 Deport Brhanu Nega et al
    2 Shut down VOA
    3 Stop supporting tyrants
    4 Bring it back Lincon Legacy

  10. Mulugeta Zerabruk is not an Ethiopian . He is simly Hijacked our agenda and treking our discussion right or wrong

  11. No name, why do you come to this forum to spread your nonsense?Argue if you can.if not just stay put,read and try to understand.if you are on a paid mission you are not doing it come out too dense and foolish.Get it?

  12. You do not know whom you are feeding; never tell your treasure where it is hidden. Have ten hearts give them one keep the nine for you. I may have a different view or committed a mistake it is not my problem. At the same time this is democracy. Lead me were you go I will follow you? Do not accept all people with the fashion jargon. CIA TPLF, LIDETU, BERHANU. Some times you have to stop and think where you are, why are you doing it and when to do it? If you know that person he is please provide information. Do not assassinate personal character and no tag politics

  13. Let me first write what the imperialist dictionary says and put guidance how to put any given country that they prefer to make everlasting slave of them.
    First, .corrupt, and bribe the oscillators who engage themselves in popular movement like the two B (the two Birhanu)
    2nd and the most important thing is that, defame and eliminate in any possible way patriotism and patriotic as Elias Kifile is doing
    3rd remove psychics of patriotism in the heart of the people and substitute with certain moral opium
    I think I am dealing self explanatory facts what all of us experiencing it at this crucial movement.
    Let me take you into another Imperialists doing which always surprising me.
    You know, the permanent formula which does not change from time to time in most instances is the rule of mathematics and physics (relatively).
    But this rule doe not work for social affairs.
    Let me stop my jargons and come to the point.
    The American used the formula what are trying to draw from for the oscillators of whom I really fed up to mention their name in the period of EPRDF honey moon.
    I mean during the London mediation with OLF and TPLF.
    As you recall, at that time the Americans or Hermancon bring the insurgent forces of the then regime who were fighting to liberate themselves from Ethiopia by ignoring those who where fighting to solve our problem under the umbrella of ethiopianism,which was really ironic.
    GOBEZ,my point is here the Americans are repeating the same and the failed formula now days.
    Any way, let’s do our own home work. What is that?
    It is to stand against the plan of our enemy.finished

  14. If only leaders succumb to the new scenario of “join them if you can beat them idea”, by some with weak moral fibre, that are already in, and others from rleased prisonors of concience,joining hands with them; Ethiopians abroad and in the country need to focus on the implementation of HR 2003, which enhances the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights, under Eng. Hailu Shawl’s leadership. I believe that peaceful struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights will be facilitated with implementation of HR 2003. The other route is going back to where they started. It has nothing to with the struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights.

  15. Hellow Mulugeta Z.,

    Thank you very , very much this an excellent writing you did, I think, all Ethiopians should read your article. It is an important essay.

    Berhanu, Nega is not only dividing the CUDP but he is working to help the woyanes in power for more years to come and get some rewards for being anti Ethiopia. The sad story is that he is taking with him some innocent and poorly equipped persons.

    Hailu Shawel coul be a great leader of Ethiopia and can liberate and save Ethiopia from the Woyane distruction.

    The people of Ethiopia elected/voted for CUDP and Hailu Shawel to save Ethiopia from the woyane enemies not work, or collaborate with them at any cost. Berhanu Nega collaborated with the enemy the woyanes for the las 16 years. He is the enemy and the Ethiopians should know.

    God Bless Ethiopia.

    MZ thanks once again for your good job.


  16. I am happy about the supplementary propaganda anti BB et al apparently a bait to the reader
    However, the author of this article tried to pretend that he has classified information on CIA. Either the information is conspiracy or Mulugeta must be from the internal circle

  17. no name, where is the allusion to secret doucment? Yo are in fantasy land or you understand nothing at all. so tink before you write

  18. To Devil the wise man,

    “Too much intelligence information can be confusing. America does get too much information but the sources are, sadly, prejudiced not well informed”
    Mulugeta Z

  19. To Getachew
    The reason I did not want to tell my name is not due to free, but
    1) Brands A bad made in Italy is better than a good made in Ethiopia. So people are biased by name
    2) Stereotyping, if I am Tokichaw, you will call me Oromo, or Seyoum may be Tigre. The woyane are successful inculcating this cult so I do not want people to read my name. I want people to read my comment
    3) The moment I reveal my name people will now my qualification Oh PhD Oh Illitrate, so I want to make this vague
    4)I am not political activist, I am just a patriot and Stand for truth and the victim. I am not campaigning for my name
    No Name


  21. The Derg and the Woyane Leninist they made us totally blind and to forget the greatest nation on the planet by tagging Imperialism. America is a greater nation and had greater leaders. Mostly I was focusing on Chinese, Gandhi and Mandela quotes. After returning to sense here are some American quotations and humor

    “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it Abraham Lincoln

    Stand with anybody that stands RIGHT. Stand with him while he is right and PART with him when he goes wrong.” Abraham Lincoln

    A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
    John F. Kennedy

    America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense human rights invented America.
    Jimmy Carter

    “I heard somebody say, ‘Where’s (Nelson) Mandela?’ Well, Mandela’s dead. Because Saddam killed all the Mandelas.” –George W. Bush, on the former South African president, who is still very much alive, Washington, D.C., Sept. 20, 2007

    Clinton: “I can spend your money better than you can

  22. Someone said here: Mengistu is much better than the current regime. I can’t believe it!!!! Let me ask you this: Did Mengistu allow free election, travel in and out of the country? Did he allow any degree of dissent opinion? If so, then would you like him to come back to power in Ethiopia? Your comment is calling for just that. I hope I am not triggering a holy dance in here. This is so unlucky country turned into a den of scratching (Ikekam) people, a haven of beggars and pick-pockets by a pool of stubborn fukras!!!! Look at the number of PHD’s who don’t get tried of writing just nonsense diatribes and innuendos. God knows how and in what subject they got their PHD’s but it is totally worthless when it come to benefiting the country. They are just sitting here and gulping bags of chips and bottles of Johnny Walkers and puke. Find ways to go back and do something valuable to your people. The people are still scratching their ikek and bug bites. Show us your PHD is really beyond paper stock and has valuable asset to make a difference quick. Otherwise, in twenty year the population may double and these scratching people have no where to go for a relief from 33 years of terrible living condition. Look at what South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore did in the last 30 or 40 years. They were very poor countries. They worked hard and brought their people out pf poverty to a higher standard of living. India is another recent example. The educated children of these countries gave their people the first priority and worked hard days and nights undeterred for decades. Some of these had despotic governance during those years too. So what gives? Don’t give me that external factor bull crab I have been hearing and reading about!!! That is just a cope out for you lazy bums with sharp tongues!!! You have been taking advantage of the prevailing emotions of the naïve countrymen. When the population doubles in 20 or 30 years they will have no alternative but to turn into uncontrollable beasts and massacre each other to extinction!!!!! But you will still be gulping on your injeras and Chivas Regals!!!!Read my comment below again, brick heads!!!!!

    I have been watching and listening to many articles posted on this and other websites. My kin and kits had shed their sacred blood to liberate you folks from the fascist Mengistu and now you are taking us as your sworn enemy. I am in utter contempt and disgust when I realize that some of these so called ‘heroes’ of yours are former officials of the Mengistu regime. They are blended with some ‘fukras’, that is ‘confused philosophers’ such as Birtukan. What do you want from us? We gallant people from Tigrai, Oromia, Afar, Somalia, and other magnificent nationalities liberated you from that blood thirsty regime, kept our country intact and now you want to blow us away to smithereens!!!! Believe me that will not happen!!!! We have learned a lot from the Rwanda experience. Reconciliations mean reconciliations not annihilations!!!!!

  23. It is a pity that all of you with such an intelligen mind sharp tounges (“andebet”) are wasting your breath for nothing. While you waste your time talking wise peolpe are digging deep. The only soultion to Ethiopia is the Ethiopians with a positive mind, ready to fight for democracy from within, while sweating for economic independence. Thge “Ferenji”, they are just doing that, one of their strategies being destabilizing the country, thru capitalizing on our trivial differences such as the colour of the eye. Please wake up amichi.

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    intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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