The More You Lie, We come Harder on You!

By Getachew Reda

September 15, 2007: It is becoming clearer this days than ever, that, the self serving OLF leaders are becoming more isolated, more corrupted morally and politically in the bid to progress human relation.

Solving a genuine social issue is not as easy as you read or writing propaganda lies. OLF is been as explained by many in the past including my self that OLF is an organization lead by corrupted extreme elements with history of difficulty to transfer themselves to the human world. OLF as organization continuing living in the stage of denial, this time it reacted to the “commemorating of Ethiopian Millennium” as  “a Day of Sorrow for the Oromo People” in its filthy propaganda press.

One reads their press with sorrow, weighing the label of denial and wisdom the paper contained.  Over 40, 000 Oromos are suffering of torture in Ethiopian prisons such as Kaliti, Maikelawi, Zeway, Nekemte, Dhidheessaa, Harar Jaarsoo, Mekele, Adwa, Bure, Zaraba Gidaf, Gimbi, Robe;…..”  Because of this,  OLF leadership claimed,  The Oromo people have nothing to do with the so called Ethiopian millennium. It is neither our heritage nor our culture. For the Habeshas attempting to force the Oromo people to celebrate their own festival amounts to insulting us, Oromos”.

Opposing a tyranny from a government is another thing; denying identity because of government repression is different thing. To me these fox are absolute criminals need to be brought to the international court for forcing society abandoning their religious beliefs for political manipulations.  Religion is part of culture.  And Habesha is the source for Islam and Christianity, therefore, if Oromo people have nothing to do with the so called Islam and Christianity colander or culture, then there is no question that OLF is telling the Oromo Christians and Islam to abandon their Christian and Islam religious culture and reverse their religious belief to OLF culture/religion? Isn’t this crime worst than what OLF is accusing the TPLF accusing for arresting 40,000 Oromo? Is OLF a religious/cultural organization? If so what is the OLF culture and religion?

The near death experience of these liars read this way “We do not share anything together. While they are dancing, we are in jail, in refugee camps, and in the Oromian jungle in search of our freedom”.

It is true that OLF leaders do not share anything with us, because they are terrorists, mass murderers, and extreme mercenaries on denial, clinically dead brain who have no identity or country. But the Oromo people share their religious beliefs as Christians and Islam, married, shared their culture and soul for more than Millennium confronting the bad and the good together. The Oromo farmers have nothing to do with OLF or never told OLF deluded leaders that they wanted to abandon Christianity or Islam which is Habesha culture and religion.   

We are not dancing either. There are Oromo who dance with us when we dance there are Oromo who arrested and suffer with us when we are arrested and suffered. Oromo are not the only one jail or in the jungle for freedom, thousands if not millions of Ethiopians too are in refugee camps suffering if not singled out and mistreated apart than the OLF and Somali or Eritreans in Djibouti, Yemen, Somalia (in the old Somalia) Sudan. Stop lying! No more distortion. We the Ethiopians fought hard, wrote, demonstrate, published on websites and Amharic and English magazines and papers (Ethiopian register, Hwarya, Tobiya, Goh, Zega, Menlik. …and many and many of them…….and in many opposition radio websites (specially EPRP- Finote radio- how can you forget this patriotic radio station who day in day out reported about Oromo people’s –student’s suffering and arrest?) about the suffering of Oromo students and people by TPLF more than the OLF elites and websites for 16 years; while the OLF website was dormant for many years with no current update simply decorated by OLF flag of distortion. You have been lying for forty years with no one exposing you- it is now our time to go after your necked lies. Stop lying! Enough! The more you lie, the more we come harder on you!


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  1. This is really agood explanation about ethiopiaism,and what is going on in ethiopia.

  2. To me OLF is nothing but it is an organization of anti Ethiopian agents who spread hatred between Ethiopians and have got their license to do in the name of Pente or protestant religion which is simultaneously intended to eradicate ethiopianism sentiment and culture Ethiopian.
    The most important thing in relation to OLF is how the so called KILL headed by Birhane Mewa and Andargachew are a tool for the malicious elements of OLF.
    These groups or the so called AFD is the cover of these criminal elements of OLF.

  3. I think the most important thing here what we must pay great attention is not OLF.
    Because OLF by itself is nothing, its own narrow political program will eliminate from the land of Ethiopia, at the same time in he heart of the Oremo people. To think Self determination up to secession is a night mare in a country like Ethiopia.
    As you recall TPLF was unable to cross the boarder of Tigray into Wollo and other parts of Ethiopia in the absences of treacherous Ethiopian who organized them self in the name and title of Ethiopia.
    By knowing this fact,OLF is trying to use AFD as a cover to fulfill its vested interest.
    So, let’s condemn and take strict measure against member of AFD these who signed a contract to fragment and fracture our beloved country.
    The spear head for this harmful act are Birhane Mewa and ANDARGACHEW.
    There are also rumors inside the mother kinijit peoples are in the way to share the malicious acts of these morally bankrupted and socially outcasted members of Kil.
    Lets watch them till they come to the war front.

  4. Thank you very much Getachew. You put the fact clearly and firmly. We have to expose ill minded OLF leaders, who are distorting history for their malacious political gain. They are a bunch of criminals, terrorist and hate mongers. If they get the chance, they dismantle our beloved country and commit genocide.Their phony politics nothing to do with Oromo people freedom. All Ethiopian people are suffering from tyrani and repression. For narrow political gain the leaders of OLF commit whatever crime. All Ethiopian people should struggle them in all political platform.
    As one commentator said above we also got to challenge the hiden agenda of the so-called AFD in all chances specially those who signed this agreement on Kinijit’s side.
    Victory for Ethiopian people

  5. Ato Getachew,

    Oromos consider you as a clown buffoon. That is why nobody responds to your gibberish writings. Your audiences are pro-Nazi neftegnas. No body with sane brain takes you seriously. Therefore, just talk to yourself and a few Neftegna group who you are trying to please.

  6. Ato getachew
    ethiopia is a failed nation
    amhara is a dead nation
    fuck off

    Dear my Ethiopian brothers and sisters:- Thanks all of you for being with me all those challenging years. Wish you Happy New year seeing the end of Meles the Banda and his shameful puppets and the rest of anti Ethiopia mercenary OLF self serving elites and the rest.

    Many people now days are really getting stunned, disbelieve by the OLF elite ignorance to the extent OLF is engaging preached Injera not an Oromo culture, therefore telling the Oromo community to boycott eating Injjera or deny that anything Ethiopian Christian orthodox and its spiritual, art, literature, humanity, calendar, pride as none Oromo culture and preach the Oromo population to condemned and abandon their Christian Orthodox faith.

    “ Such ignorance struck me as if struck by a bullet, and feel motion less and speechless when I think of how their ignorance daily grew to the extent of going against human development. I understand many of us knew that OLF is a school for racism. That is why the leadership is so backward; self centered that constantly preaching the Oromo people not to enter to a new world. Condemning Injera or preaching society Injera to be boycotted by Oromo people as an agenda of OLF is not politics but racism and ignorance. What does Injera has to do with politics? Meles Zenaw or any tyrant in Ethiopia or king or queen didn’t create or crop it. It is a poor farmer’s product, knowledge and effort. Why would someone hate Ethiopian farmer that have nothing to do in politics be condemned his/her product to be boycotted? For an organization to come with such nonsense is to run out of an ingredient of quality politic.

    Did you see them avoiding eating injera while they live in Europe, Africa, America, Canada as refugees? No, they don’t! But, you see them preaching the poor oromo community confusing them not to eat Injera the Habesha culture while they enjoy it openly and in their private meals. The OLF leaders and their children and wives are enjoying Injera in each of their own house in Europe and In America as their daily meal and they die and rush to Ethiopian stores and groceries to buy Injera and Habesha spices. Hello! Who is fooling whom?

    This ignorance is preaching the Oromo community not to join the new world community and to stay living the living of the jungle without mixing, sharing, enjoying the worlds different culture associating with their culture. By OLF ignorance view -the matter of having meals at regular hours, of eating on tablecloth, using a napkin, the use of bathtub and of the toothbrush, as well as the use of sheets upon the bed, ought to be condemned and boycotted by Oromo people because they are not Oromo culture.

    This way OLF is devaluing the use and the value of the bath just because it hate outside culture out of oromo culture. The value of using and respecting outside culture is significant if one wants to survive as a part of a world community. We know that using such device not only in keeping the body healthy, but also inspiring self-respect and……In Booker T Washington’s expression “not only keeping the body healthy but inspiring self –respect and “promoting virtue” (in his book Up from Slavery – the struggle for education). If OLF condemned such civilization as none Oromo culture and preach not to use it, therefore it is teaching the Oromo people in order to stay bathing oneself has to slipping away to some stream in the wood as it was the practice and still there in the villages.

    The ignorant OLF leadership as criminal entity is been long since it was looking to create conflict among Christian and Islam. There are some Islam OLF extremists in their Pal talk that preached against the destruction and elimination of Christian institution in Ethiopia. These are not of course real Islam at heart. Mohammed told them in the Qur’an “leave the Abyssinians in peace” But since they are extremists who claim themselves fanatic Islam- they never respect Mohammed’s order. The Prophet knows how much we the Habesha people were the first people to assist his mission before anyone- before those bandits in OLF claiming themselves as Islam followers. The first converts from Christian to Islam was an Ethiopian. One Example was Belay (Bilal) an Ethiopian who become the 1st Muezzin (a man who calls the faithful to pray) Mohammed in his word called Belay as “the first fruit of Abyssinia). Mohammed’s daughter and close families were our gusts in Tigray/ Axum living as a refugee. We gave our “UMM Habibah’ to be his beloved wife and she was his last wife an till his last day-death. Our Muslim guests as refugees lived in Axum and they enjoy the hospitality they got from us. That is why Mohammed told his followers not to temper the Habesha people.

    We the Habesha people had a close family connection with Mohammed than those fanatic OLF bandits who claim they know Mohammed the prophet better than we do. It doesn’t limit there, we also had first Muslim converts to Christianity from Arabia “Abed Allah” who lived and die in Axum all his life (those are icons of Muslims- first Islam community on earth – they were with us in the land of Habesha- no where but in that land called the land of Habesha/Abyssinia/Ethiopia). Our emperor arranged Mohammed’s family marriages and sent Mohammed a gift including two girls called Welete- Mariam/Mary- the other Akbar/Akbaret. Mary was retained as Mohammed’s wife the later was given to his poet Hasan. Can we go on? No, this is enough for the ignorant M. Hasan –the OLF historian (he cracked me up when I read his appears and his book- how silly his knowledge is when it comes to Ethiopian history). The OLF Islam fanatic bandits who claim themselves Islam, but truly speaking none Islam brigands need to stop tuning their mind to 2nd Century. Enjoy your Injera! Stop preaching the Oromo people not to eat Injera before while you are enjoying it every day as your meal paying for it. We the Habesha were there with Mohammed before any one gets closer to him, our 200 Geez words/fonts are still used and readable in his Qur’an to honor and express his respect to our Ge’ez and his knowledge of Ge’ez. Habesha was the vanguard of Jew, Islam and Christian. We are the owners per say. We were the first players of the game. Ignorant OLF need to stop acting like a lost child. Ethiopia will prevail!!!

  8. Down with ethiopia
    Ato getachew
    fuck off

  9. Mr. Pinocchio,

    Please go ahead and read what Pinocchio is all about. That is what I am going to call from now on. Pinocchio- you have a gut to criticize Dr. Mohammed’s book when you never wrote one yourself, and you may not understand what is written because you English language proficiency is very poor. I heard that Aleme Eshete writes for and you post low level sub stabdard articles on EPRP SITES. Shame on you man. Try to do it your self. It deos not matter how bad it is. Btw, Dr. Mohammed is a professor. Aren’t you a cab driver or something? How can a layman of history like you say anything about a professor who published several articles on well respected journals? That why I suspect your sanity. You know what they say? Little knowledge is dangerous

  10. I Getachew Reda:

    There is nothing-fancy being a professor brother OLF! Weren’t after all the German Physicians professors and historians utilizing psychological methods how to isolate German race from the rest of Human fabric and participated on how to murder the Christina Jew and serving all their soul to De Fuhrer who was not a professor? What makes OLF’s Hasan different than the Nazi historians who serve, write distorted history for the purpose of serving to self-serving bigots helping to isolate human relation from the rest of the Ethiopian people? You need to take out yourself from being dependant of those of your professors and join your Ethiopian brothers and enjoy your Injera and god given Ethiopian calendar that is known for its astronomical accuracy.

  11. Dear Pinocchio,

    It sounds like you not doing anything. Please go to the following ling and a very good article about fake Ethiopia. If you can, I am 100 percent sure you can not do it, but try to refute. Publish your article some where. Please educate me something else. If you guys had accepted Isalm religion why is it forbidden to build mosques in Axum till today. Racism ah ?

  12. Pinocchio,

    Come back with another bag of white lie. BTW, HOW LONG IS YOU NOSE?

  13. brother OLF, you asked “If you guys had accepted Isalm religion why is it forbidden to build mosques in Axum till today. Racism ah” ?

    You might not where Axum is and the local law of the area regarding religious laws-imply, you are driven by-Emotions. There are exceptions that you too need to understand in society. The church law` in Axum not only restrict Islam to built Mosque inside the town but also Christian women are also restricted from getting inside the old Cathedral. So, it is not that they accept Islam or not accepting Islam issue- there are exceptions to traditional laws that need to be respected and solved wisely, change can’t be born abruptly as you wish. If your wishes could have come truer in a second by demand- then OLF could have got its mystical dream of Oromia now in a second. Right? Good! Now, Islam is not abandoned or no Tigrayan is against Islam in Tigray, because Islamic followers are freely praying and can built mosque in every village they want. That much you have to understand it. The rest is Der Fuhrer’s destructive outlook- “now or I will destroy you” type of irrational and premature emotion that could drive society into worst conflict. That is what terrorist, extremist Islamic OLF members need to know and understand. Don’t ask religious institutions to follow politics. No one has the right to order the religious clergy in Axum to allow Islam built Mosque. It could have been nice, but it just doesn’t work that way in religion You and your organization need to grow up a little bit and back of from creating conflict between Christian and Islam for your political purposes. I care and fought and spoke and wrote harder than you and your OLF to defend the Axum Islam for years than your self serving OLF elites who are enjoying life in Europe and US while they preach hate to create conflict and sent underage children to Sawa /Eritrea to be the lamb and Hen for Isayas. So, now the exception in society- Only Fuhror demand changes overnight. Can you tell us how many churches and priests, monasteries, and holly books OLF murdered, burned, slaughtered? Ha? You people need to get out of such cult and start to think human. Would you?

  14. By the way,leave this OLF fools aside, since they I know they have no substance- let me move you into a new topic. Ethiopian brothers – I am a little hesitant to jump in uncertain hot water of the so-called Kinijit delegates for not to make things worst. But can we talk this between you and I and promise me not to tell Berhanu Negga? Wow! His speech made me feel the Katrina of the new Orion and made me feel wear a raincoat in the hot California summer climate. You see, when you are a good friend of actors the advantage you get to perform as a good actor/ it looks, they trained him excellent. We need more training actor and senior trainer actors in this politics so that they quickly act like Regan in a stage. He warns and advised his audience not to create division and respect each other and have tolerance- AND ALL IN A SUDDEN- all that advice turned us in to a nation with out a conscience, and all that he read the ten commandments as Moses of Kinijit ethics code -threw it to the ground and engaged himself into insulting others. I didn’t know that disrespecting others made audiences fools that forced them to clump their hands! Keep it between you- and me so that the actors wont hear it and made a drama out of it. Would you?

  15. Dear Pinocchio,

    One of African renowned writers once said “old people are uncomfortable when dry bones are mention in a proverb”. Likewise you (I mean the neftegna tugs) are uncomfortable when the name Oromo comes up in any form. Whether it is writing or verbal or when you hear some one conversing in an Oromo Language. I exactly know why? The reason is, Mr. Pinocchio, that you guys know what you did to the Oromo peasants during the feudal regioms for the last 115 years and scared of avenge. Right? Otherwise why on earth you search any article written about Oromos and try to offer you negative comment. For long time you were craving for someone to respond to you. You know Pinocchio, you are simply wasting you time. You do not know much the Oormo you are organized in and outside of the country. You do not know that you are sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode anytime also playing with one in your hand. BTW, if you are brave enough why do not you come to OSA meeting next year in Minneapolis and ask questions? Challenge Oromo intellectuals/OLF on their presentations. Otherwise, you are just like a paper Tiger. Nobody cares about your rhetorical diatribe. Just be a man show up man. It is free.

    Pinocchio let me say this to you and think about it before you go to bed.


  16. Ignore the ignorant of OLF; we need only them to bring into court when we have spare time. As a matter of fact, bunches of OLF by themselves are not political threat unless they are accompanied in the process started in the so called the absence of such cover,OLF is nothing but a social sect.
    Let’s come to our topic. We will not stop mentioning of individuals name unless they are not far away from the destructor of Ethiopia.
    We will stop mentioning of individuals when they stand with the mottos of kinijit.
    We will stop mentioning of individuals when they stop degrading our heroes while they signed an agreement to work with renegade forces such as OLF and others.
    We will respect the leader ship of kinijit as a whole when they take a measure against those who committed strategic mistakes as had been done by the former kil members which was manifested in signing of an agreement with anti Ethiopian elements .
    Whereas they became obstacle to work with true Ethiopians such as D/r Taye and other members of it is healthiness at least to ask these people for whom they stand?
    A group who committed strategic crime against the mottos and principle of kinijit should be condemn unless they declared their mistake and stop insulting of our heroes.
    At the same time if there is any top leaders of the mother of kinijit who hold in arms these criminal should be condemn.

  17. From Getachew Reda
    You are right. I am sick of these emotionalists in DC who are tools for the anti Ethiopian elements. Engineer Hailu or Dr.Taye do not deserve such slanderous reception and coup d’etat by the so-called AFD insiders. Birhanu as economist, he is a good trader and he knows the value of the market when he sees fools and emotionalists. The problem is he might not sell all his commodities due to too much efficient technology going around. And he can’t afford to buy all the media technology. You know what I mean? And I wish they stopped using Weizerit Birtukan as their easy prey. Poor young lady needs to get herself out from them ASAP. Otherwise, man! You know how it goes! Most of all, Birhanu need to shut his mouth from disrespecting those who paid dear sacrifice and struggle than him. I advice him to shut his mouth from now on from slandering others to look as if we are not familiar with him. SuK TuuM says Tigringa- “ZIMITA WERK NEW_ ZIMITA TAFACH NEW_ it does not mean he has to be silent, but he need to cool it off and take his fever down to the normal range

  18. Any group or member of kinijit who associate itself or them self with those who committed intellectual crime such as Andargachew and Berhane Mewa should be watched attentively. it is not only watching them attentively, please inform us as soon as possible when they speak out such malicious act. the group of Mewa did not committed a simple discipline crime such as abusing of money.
    They are renegades of Kinijits political stand. They must be purged from the party if their party is really democratic. We still beg for those who associate with them to come to their sense in the name of Kinijit martyrs who have been betrayed by members of Kil.

  19. Dear Getachew Reda of former Zega Megazine contributor,
    I appreciate your out look and writings against those social ill who are gathering around the Amharicsaying goes,GIM LEGIM ABRO YAZEGIM.
    I would like to suggest you one book which really seems written by deeply taking a look on OLF and others similar to it, if you do not take my suggestion as daring of your knowledge to the book of which I am going to mention here under.
    Title of the book philosophy who needs it.
    Author ayn rand.
    Sub title that refers OLF And similars“the missing link”
    Sincerely, yours dmasu

  20. Here we go again. Let me repeat this cliché “in a blind country one eyed man is a king”. Pinocchio, there is at least one person by the name “Adamasu” who thinks you can write a book. A book in what language? English? Getachew Reda? Give me a break man. See yaregu ayta alu. Writing a book is not as easy as hiding behind incompetent EPRP sites and writing rhetoric and chauvinistic diatribe. If Pinocchio, a great liar on earth, can write a book, I believe the whole farmers in Ethiopia can write a book. Then the publishers will become busy for the next milenium. Ye miy tegib injera alu.

    Let me ask you a question. If OLF is not a treat then why worry? Why do you guys cry like a baby? Why don’t shut up ignore and live your low life?

    Never again. Never again. Never again Pinocchio. Oromos shal never be slave in the empire and will not be ruled by these deteras who graguated from WASHARA UNIVERSITY.

  21. Brother Admasu; I got her book. I will read it. Thanks so much, I really appreciated for pointing out such book. Regarding the BETINACHEW TSIGE’S and Trader Joe (Berhanu Mewa) group- yes, we have to challenge and expose these group to not use the Ethiopian struggle to benefit the secessionists as Endrias Eshete and the racists Tamrat Layne.

    Did you see also the so-called Deki Alula (the so called splinter’s web site and conservative TPLF groups? Who now started to demand release Tamrat Layne and post his photo when they never demand or post Tsegaye Debteraw and thousands of people’s disappearance by their own TPLF? We know why Deki Alua is upgrading this bigot’s photo- (there is a reason behind it which for now let it be not open to the public)

    You and I know, that Tamrat was the one who invited the Southerners and Somali community to rise up and murder Amhrara referring as “It is your time to avenge against Amhara……” The worst also is the website operated by teen age university students who have no clue about the struggle whom many of them are a young candy “SHEWIT- SEGENAT” (YOUNG recruit- TPLF) calling themselves Tigray Net who serve Meles Zenawi and chose Meles Zenawi, Shitaye (the Meles parliament lady), Tamrat Layne, Tecola Hagos as men/woman of the year. Saint Mary of Axum! Can you picture that in any dream such could fit for that title?

    So yes, Betinachew Tsige (Andargachew, and Trader Joe- Berhanu Mewa and the new NERVE groups in DC need to cool it off their inflated head and restrain supporting bigots and divisives and arogants before it got flatten in shame //- Ethiopia will prevail

  22. Obo Aboma, let me correct you how the old English adage can be write down.
    “Among the blind, one eyed man is a king.”

  23. Dear Ato Gelaw,

    To comment upon an article is a very respectable thing. But to allude to what is not written diverts readers from the central point which the writer intends to convey. My point is that stating the statement that “Pente or protestant religion which is simultaneously intended to eradicate ethiopianism sentiment and culture (Ethiopian”.” Is not only wrong but absolutely divisive. Ethiopianism and the ethipian culture is a multifacated phenomena and no single relgion has absolute control. The last thing our coutry need is diffrentiation among religious groups and within religious groups. If your statremtnt holds any validity then you are not any different from the OLF that has turned itself into a relgious icon.

    Ke Akberot Gar

  24. Tiru,

    I do know what Obo means. If you are trying to call me Mr. in Afan Oromo it is spelled Obbo not obo.

  25. Mr. Daniel: If you are adressing to me to Getachew Reda- my name is not Gelaw. With god’s help if I read you right you are adressing it to me, I will answer your comments an till Ato Gelaw comes and commented on it. You said – “ My point is that stating the statement that “Pente or protestant religion which is simultaneously intended to eradicate ethiopianism sentiment and culture (Ethiopian”.” Is not only wrong but absolutely divisive. Ethiopianism and the ethipian culture is a multifacated phenomena and no single relgion has absolute control. The last thing our coutry need is diffrentiation among religious groups and within religious groups. If your statremtnt holds any validity then you are not any different from the OLF that has turned itself into a relgious icon” Where did you read me saying such? If you point me out where I said it then, I will recall my memory and based on what I said not based on your interpretation- answer will be given to you. -/Ethiopia will prevail!

  26. To the brother who posted commentary on Mahder regrding me and OLF. Here is my response to you here posted on, since, I lost my code to get in to Mahder discussion site.
    Mr Dan Berhanu-You see, my problem is not only with OLF, but people like your comments. You simply don’t throw one phrase of line and leave us on the air to argue, “If argument is not acceptable by you”. You have to tell us how we to “discuss freely and brotherly” to use your recommendation. How do we pursue “discuss freely and brotherly’? What does discuss freely mean? And what does brotherly mean in politics of destroying a country and preserving a country- during an era of betrayal? I am glad to read your comments and recommendations if you show us what “freely mean”? – Your motto of “God help us” is good for the ear but we need more detail to eat than to throw one phrase and ran away. Mercenary thick sticks were broken our back for the last 16 years due to mediocre positions who allowed them to beat us right and left. That is why you see us- that is it- Stop! Enough is enough! So, please help us how instead of throwing one line and disappear. Nothing against you but, I am frustrated by mediocre positions that they think it is easy and throw one line with some kindly and candy testy words and disappear from there leaving us on the air lost. I am expecting you to come back and show us what freely discussion mean? — /- Joyin me here or on discussion and let me hear you again. You know better than to throw one line and disappear. Ethiopia will prevail!

  27. Dear Ato Getachew
    My comment was not on your writing. In fact it was against the person who commented on your paper. The quotation was taken from Ato Gelaw who made his comments on September 17, 2007 on the negative role of the protestants in the making of the Ethipian culture(s). Please scroll up and see the comments of Ato Gelaw. I am really sorry for the misunderstanding.

  28. Wendime Daniel,Sorry my brother. My appology.
    Getachew Reda

  29. This is Gelaws with his response for the grievance of Ato Daniel and to the writer of the main article Ato Getachew Reda,
    I agree to condom all Pente in the eyes of OLF is wrong.
    I agree it is not timely and relevant to debate on that issue at this time.
    But the bunch of OLF is using the protestant religion for malicious action.
    Refer the saying of D/r gudinna and the pictured and writings of Getachew reda which he posted it including the l;ink in debteraw website a few weeks a go, as how these people are abusing children in Tigray.
    Men,I would have forwarded how the elite of this religious are doing against ethiopianism.but as I promised you it is not timely to say it.

  30. Getache Reda and Gelaw enjoy reading the following:
    The full article is on American Chronicle

    Oromo Orthodox Criticism of the Abyssinian Misuse of Orthodox Christianity in Politics

    First and foremost, I would like to make clear right at the outset that I am not against any sort of religion, ethnic group and society in general. Respecting and accepting all human beings, irrespective of their geographical location, religion and race is my personal guiding principle inherited from Oromo ‘Safuu’.

    Parallel with that principle is my inclination to thoroughly disapprove of those who engage in acts of moral turpitude, thus depreciating the entire Mankind. This attitude became the reason of composing the present article that I believe will shed light on several historical – sociological aspects of the Abyssinian tragedy that went unnoticed for too long. Sharing personal experience and analyzing characters of the Abyssinian society will certainly help many understand the Abyssinian paradox. I will concentrate on the ways the successive Abyssinian ruling classes have misused my own religion, Orthodox Christianity, against myself and against the entire Oromo Nation in general. The targets of these actions have been the justification of the Oromo subjugation, the termination of the Oromo massive resistance to the Amhara and Tigray rulers, and last but not least the obliteration of the Oromo Culture.

    Having realized their targets and identified their means was a matter of great and persistent disappointment for me; I am seriously considering getting back to my original Oromo religion, as I have enough of the abuse made by the Orthodox Church, an ever ongoing process. By the term ‘Abyssinian ruling classes’ I denote here the Abyssinian regimes that helped establish the still existing despotic system, and the Ethiopic Orthodox priests who are directly or indirectly affiliated with the Abyssinian governing body. Before my presentation as to how Orthodox Christianity is misused at the hands of the Abyssinian ruling classes as a cultural – political tool against the Oromos and other Kushitic nations of the South, I would like to draw a brief portrait of the traditional Oromo religion.


    Prior to the adoption of Orthodox Christianity, the introduction of Islam, and the diffusion of other Christian denominations (example Pentecostal) among them, the Oromos practiced our original and traditional religion known as Waaqeeffannaa. Waaqeeffannaa is the belief in One Waaqayoo/Waaqa (One God). For the Oromos, Waaqa is the Creator of everything, Ultimate Source of Life, Omnipresent, Infinite, and Incomprehensible. Waaqa can do and undo anything; He is Pure, Intolerant of injustice, crime and all falsehood. The manifestation of the One Waaqa takes place through saints called Ayyaana (male) and/or Ayyaantuu (female). An effective relationship between Ayyaana and Oromo is often maintained by means of Qaallu (male) and/or Qaalittii (female). Qaallu is equivalent to a bishop in the Christian religion and to Imam in the Muslim religion. The place of the worship of the Qaallu is called Galma.

    Political Misuse of the Ethiopic Orthodox religion by the Amhara tyrants

    For many long years, the Abyssinian ruling classes have considered as of paramount importance for them to inculcate false ideas in the minds of the Oromos, Sidamas, and other oppressed peoples. For an idea to serve the interests of the ruling classes, it must diffuse among the subjugated people the belief that it would be either impossible or wrong (or preferably both) for them to organize resistance and attempt to defeat their exploiters. The real essence of this systematic approach to permanent subjugation evolves around ways to keep the Oromo masses passive and loyal, divide them against one another, and finally lead them to docile identification with the ruling class. Consequently, the Ethiopic Orthodox religion is manipulated and misused by the Abyssinian ruling classes in order to serve such a political approach.

    At the onset of the invasion, the first phase of attack on Oromo Culture by the Abyssinian ruling classes was aimed at the traditional Oromo religion. The Orthodox Church, as misused by the Abyssinians, has been instrumental in equating Waaqeeffannaa to Paganism and Satanism, thereby degrading the entire Oromo religion, and creating false pretexts for the Oromos to do away with their own – monotheistic and aniconic – religion and culture. Quite indicatively, the Abyssinian ruling classes, by means of educators, administrators, etc. intentionally confused the Oromo word ‘Qaallu’ and the Amharic (Abyssinian) word ‘Qaallicha’ for being one and the same.
    The Abyssinian ‘Qaallicha’ is a fraudulent person, who resorts to witchcraft and black magic as a means of living. He is socially despised for collecting remuneration by threats and other miserable means.

    A lofty Qaallu and an unholy Qaallicha

    On the other hand, and contrarily to the Abyssinian ruling classes’ effort to diffuse confusion and therefore negatively and deceitfully portray the Oromo word, ‘Qaallu’ is for the Oromos a religious and ritual expert, who establishes a special spiritual relationship with an Ayyaana, who becomes the source of his illumination, opening for him every now and then new spiritual and transcendental paths.

    By interpolating Christian Orthodox contextual terms confusingly and for their political purposes, the Abyssinian ruling class disparaged the Oromo term and concept ‘Qaallu’ as evil, therefore promulgating all kinds of castigation against the persons, and in parallel discrediting them socially and religiously. This is a calculated political machination intended to debilitate the Oromo Qaallu institution and with that the entire Oromo religion and culture. Not only the term Qaallu has been purposely confused, but also its place of worship has been intentionally and fallaciously misrepresented.

    Oromo Places of Worship

    Besides Galma, places of Waaqa worship and Qaallu rituals involve space under huge trees, areas adjacent to large bodies of water, peaks and cliffs of high mountains, etc. Further misusing Ethiopic Orthodox Christianity, the Abyssinian ruling classes disseminated volumes of malicious and fallacious propaganda purportedly concerning an eventual worship of trees, rivers, etc. by the Oromos. Through extensive use of these misrepresentations and falsifications, the Oromo Qaallu ritual places have been ignominiously and inhumanly desecrated and almost completely eradicated, as Ethiopic Orthodox churches have been erected in complete replacement and effacement of the Oromo sacred places.

    Irreecha – a Millennia long Kushitic Religious Ceremony prosecuted

    Just before the beginning of the harvest season every year, the Oromos attend a prayer ceremony (thanksgiving festival) called Irreecha / Irreessa. Irreecha ceremonies have to take place alongside a lake and / or river meadows whereby now the Ethiopic Orthodox Church takes its holy Tabot (tablets) for the special yearly festival, the ‘Timqet’.

    Under the communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam, the Qaallu and the Irreecha were proclaimed as absolutely illegal and those spotted practicing it risked imprisonment.
    A conspicuous irony here is that the Abyssinian ruling classes denounce the Oromos intentionally for erroneously worshipping rivers, while they themselves take the holy Tabot to rivers at the spot where Oromos have been celebrating Irreecha for ages before the Abyssinian invasion.
    This political choice is nothing but arrogating places that are not theirs, and depriving the Oromos of their ritual places; the entire process consists in an obvious misuse of the Ethiopic Orthodox Church. Not only Oromo’s ritual places, but also the Oromo fertile lands and residential areas have been expropriated again through use of the same Ethiopic Orthodox Church unabashedly, and without an iota of remorse.

    Unholy and unethical use of Orthodox sacred objects by the Amhara tyrants

    The fertile Oromo lands and residential areas that the Abyssinians deemed as strategic place for their domination are first pried into, after which the Tabot is transported dissemblingly from one region to another in the direction of the land they had an eye on. Upon arrival at the fertile land and/or strategic residential area, they devise a shameful fib, saying that the Tabot refused to move. Consequently a church has to be built there, rooting subsequently the Abyssinian ruling classes’ despotic system, and uprooting the Oromo residents.

    During Ethiopic Orthodox Church ceremonies, some Abyssinian preachers resort to political discourse instead of teaching spirituality. Unimaginable but true, flags are waved inside the churches! Furthermore, Oromo Qubee is despised publicly in the church, etc. Numerous other examples can be given that evince how Ethiopic Orthodox Christianity is misused by the Abyssinian ruling classes.

    All these practices clearly demonstrate, beyond any peradventure of doubt, that the Abyssinian ruling classes have left no stone unturned, and have stopped at nothing to appropriate the Oromo land and eradicate the Oromo Culture. The Ethiopic Orthodox Church has been extensively and repeatedly misused in order to create mitigating circumstances that militate against uprising and public revolt. The oppressed nations have every right to resist this implacable injustice, and will come up against the stone wall of Abyssinian ruling class brutalism. Especially the ordinary Abyssinians and others who are followers of Ethiopic Orthodox Christianity have to react and never tolerate anymore the unethical misuse of their religion.

    Victory to the oppressed!

  31. From Getachew Reda-

    ! – ! – I am not surprised to see OLF adamantly working to destroy Orthodox Christianity in Ethiopia and its flag. It is expected since it works for foreign elements. But to get their ego going from sleeping in order to make them busy themselves, let me give them the headache they wanted to hear. Sorry for those of you Ethiopian sisters and brothers to drag you to this long reading, since I did it intentionally to make the OLF head spin and dizzy, so they will devoted their time reading this article of response to give them a break and a healthy headache to take them away a moment from their devotion of fixing their explosive dirty bombs that is going off in Addis Ababa and elsewhere to kill our people.

    A fellow who wrote this doesn’t deserve article to be posted on website, but sort of coffee shop talk response which I preferred to do it in the following presentation, here.

    is the title of this silly fellow. Sorry brothers and sisters- they deserve to be called silly- okay?

    To begin with the title has one great mistake. And that is- not only Orthodox Christianity of Abyssinian involved in politics or to use the writer’s word “misuse” but all including the Oromo culture had been abusive and discriminative to the great number of the Oromo sects –by age, by gender, by attitude, by the look, which to some degree push those sectors to abuse the meaning of a “decent marriage” between “wife and husband” (no need to go detail as most of it is been explained in professor Getachew Haile’s Amharic book “Aba Bahri” (Ye Aba Bahri Dirsetoch). Not on such, but also to the extent push some of the mentioned sectors (age….) to commit crime to marry or to hold power in society. In other words- criminal behavior as a criteria was one of the commandment/law of the Oromo culture. So what these brothers from OLF who are pulling us into such unnecessary exposition of our society on both sides is purposely to use it for their own silly politics. But, we didn’t want to engage in such society weakness, but, we have to, because we are forced to response. And it is been too long to shut our mouth and it is time to tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. Okay!? So let us go on to the next nonsense argument.

    First and foremost, I would like to make clear right at the outset that I am not against any sort of religion, ethnic group and society in general. Respecting and accepting all human beings, irrespective of their

    Geographical location, religion and race is my personal guiding principle inherited from Oromo ‘Safuu’. >

    If you are not racist, you could have been out by now from such ridiculous barbaric, terrorist destructive group called OLF and yourself telling us you hate Ethiopian flag be raising or appearing in Orthodox churches buildings and walls. Can someone tell me such argument is healthy, and can you call this thinking mature and rational?

    What moral turpitude of Abyssinian culture/ faith -would you compare with the moral failure and attitude that foster criminality in your own culture that was not untold for too long? If Abyssinians did engage in acts of moral turpitude thus depreciating mankind, then, the Oromo culture, faith was not better either. How silly! Can’t you guys shut your moth instead of using this innocent society to expose them to use them in your mercenary politics for your self serving leaders to use it? You see, when you engage in such silliness, there is also a fire that will throw at you exactly what you deserve to hear to balance your silliness.

    “ I will concentrate on the ways the successive Abyssinian ruling classes have misused my own religion, Orthodox Christianity, against myself and against the entire Oromo Nation in general.>

    Not only the Abyssinian ruling classes have misused your own religion and the Oromo people, but, if you have a bright mind as you are acting one, any ruling class abuses anyone including his own. Just exactly your own rulers, clans and sub-clans were fighting each other against each other, though they were all from Oromo.

    The target of such actions have not only the subjugation of the Oromo, but as any ruler, be it Oromo ruler or any one as a ruler, the target is subjugation of community to rule them-and widen their power to the last land of the corner of the earth. This is not unique in Ethiopia, but also happened in every land of the earth planet. The Oromo did the same act and rule the entire community exactly if not worst than that of the Abyssinian rulers. They burned, destroyed, slaughtered, took over lands, villages, and burned books, valuable church items, pictures, classic and very, very important human source of civilization. History, monuments, graves, raped women, cut of men private organs; you name it every horrible, horrible crime you can imagine. You can see where the Oromo are extended, all the way to Tigray and sacked in with society of Tigray and stopped there in Maichew. You see them not in one territory, but dispersed- not evenly or formally attached in each other in many cases (some are far and far from the other one) , all over as the result of expansion to subjugate the rest of the none Oromo community. You see!?

    They are not there by God’s seal and stamp that told them here is Oromo and here is Britain and here is Tigray. No, that is not how the world history and constriction of any country goes. Re read your cortex and think how this world country stands as they are now!


    Any culture including your Oromo culture was not created by God from the heaven of the sky . Oromo people had a copy from other culture’s – behaviors, words, food, and looks. As long as Oromo were not created and live by themselves on this earth in the original sense, they too were part of some other community and family attachment which you and I didn’t see or known. Even if you know, you will never admit it, because you are on a denial. Any person who is hypnotized like you has his conscious snatched away and replaced by secondary. It is like some one is taking over your computer-PC- and takes you everywhere he goes. You have no controlled over him, because you are a controlled subject. So, here you might have a problem to believe that Oromo was never been mixed with any one culture, language on earth as “Human”. Because. It is obvious that racists always believe their race is “pure- gold” (even gold never stay as gold by itself- it has to be mixed by silver or with copper if gold to stay strong –for not to be bent easily or broke easily). But, in OLF case- Oromo is pure race! You see- that is what Nazi party used to teach. What will the Oromo in Kenya or in Burundi or in Tanzania or other places will say- when they hear your accent/ Ethiopian/ Oromo accent and culture? Are you the real Oromo or they are the real oromo? Who is pure and none pure? Who mixed his culture with others? Aren’t you silly too much of talking someone diluted your culture as if they just landed from heaven without living or separated at one point or another with others?

    You see, brother! There is no Original Oromo religion! There is only one religion- Humanity! You simply can’t prove it, that the Original Oromo religion is free of abuse. Period! Original religion- all religion that were called classic in your term “Original’’ what ever name you have for, all of them have “a history of abuse and misjudgment and copy something one from the other- each religion or cult has similar or close familiarity and history of development and procedure and faith”.

    It is human attitude to glorify his original source of beliefs. But in reality- all faith except what called “rationality” , many of the faith or culture has lethal consciousness. No matter how beautiful usage of it. In some culture including the Orom and Afar and Turks and you name it— they glorify sharp blades/knives as their pride/ religion or motto. This glorification of the lethal power of the knives accompanied a way of life in which the organized slaughter of other human beings, along the destruction and looting of their property and the subjugation and exploitation of their persons, and appeared normal.

    So, the beginning of slavery didn’t start only in the Abyssinians rulers but also in the Oromo and other rulers and clans and sub clans. Because, the ownership of one human being by another seemed to be closely linked to these armed invasions. So, Oromo community was not unique in such game in talking original faith/ religion part from human behavior. Let alone you to know your original Oromo religion, you can’t tell what your ancestor’s original language was. You go back to find out you will be lost. This might not be acceptable for closed mind cults like OLF, but it is simply reality.

    Oromo be it original followers of such culture, of what you are seeking currently to go back, – you will never ever guarantee or prove me protected the then society restricted them commiting abuse or any human horrible crime- including murdering or subjugating other communities. You know that, one who did not kill doesn’t shave himself, so much so that he suffers from lice. Even a married Oromo man doesn’t shave himself if he didn’t kill. For the reason they are zealous to kill people!

    Original religion as you are glorifying out of proportion was never been full of humanity as you wish to dream it. In every religion there are good and bad. The original Oromo religion doesn’t know the Ten Commandments, including one shall not kill. But, killing, revenge by burning or looting in some in some sense is acceptable for some purposes consider faith and heroic act.


    The problem with such glorification of a heavenly type society with a wonderful faith is childbirth defection wisdom type that is difficult for such fellow to see how the classic community too was just another human community ruled by traditional or written law that are good in look or good for ear, but failed to recognized that these community too were human fellows who never watch Holly wood murder movie living from in side skyscrapers, but, they themselves were part of the real actors in the theater in real forest stage, in the jungle, murdering, robbing, slaughtering, cutting arms, burning settled communities and chase them out of their settlements and farms and took away their herds in order to survive as human beings not as law abiding sweet community. As thunderstorms were chasing each other violently in the African sky, the Oromo community and the rest of the Africans were also chasing each other violently to subjugate one the other. Society is the work of man in their time and faith, so do wanted to rule the weak by human instinct –what scientist call “Adrenalin rash”!


    This exactly why I said earlier, you are not looking for equal justice, but looking at one side abuse complaining how the Orthodox Christian institution who played a major role in aspiring spiritual faith to large Oromo society than you wanted to distorted:- at the same time hiding or ignoring the abuse of the pastoralist/ pagan or Islam Oromo that burned and destroyed the entire civilization of Human development and progress, art, literature documents, books and whole lot of community forced to leave their land, seized by the Oromo pastoralists and change names of provinces ,villages, communities, rivers given Oromo name. The people of that time will tell you what happened on both sides, but the men of OLF of our time as mercenaries are only dying to highlight what they wanted to highlight, leaving the real issue of both events aside. That is ridiculous. Shame on you! That is the reason why I never respect OLF as political or social entity but criminal mercenary and source of conflict and situation.

    Under the communist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam, the Qaallu and the Irreecha were proclaimed as absolutely illegal and those spotted practicing it risked imprisonment>

    No one on earth could found and exist like OLF who can distort records. Mengistu Hailemariam might come with communism doctrine to eradicate such practice. But, it was not Megistu who introduce such punishment and step in Ethiopia. It was Arab and Turk colonizers, Mussolini and some German friends of OLF who are mainly protestant missionaries in the south came during Menlik and even way before Emperor Menlik that went preached society and the government to ridicule Orthodox Debtera knowledges and astronomic philosophy of the Orthodox Christian teachings, in order to replace with foreign religion (what we call it -METE- new faith) and discourage Ethiopian literature and language as backward (as OLF is now preaching and preferred to use his bosses’ Alphabet ABC>>>>>) to colonize and brainwash and devalue our own African alphabet and literature and philosophy and astronomy.

    You fools, should know this. If we are victims –it should be all of us! Don’t also forget, that there were many, many liars calling themselves -Kalicha, cult or Ttenquay- or religious faith- shek (siheer) or clergy who were engaged still practice as we speak in fraud to fool society. Do not think Oromo community was pure human society who does not do such fraud! What ever abuse one does to someone in return others or himself was the victim or the perpetrator of it. So think of all our faults as unitary and common mistakes.

    “A conspicuous irony here is that the Abyssinian ruling classes denounce the Oromos intentionally for erroneously worshipping rivers, while they themselves take the holy Tabot to rivers at the spot where Oromos have been celebrating Irreecha for ages before the Abyssinian invasion>.

    Why would you be surprised when religious institutions devalue each other as long as they don’t engage in burning or slaughtering each other’s institution or members? It is natural that, religion is mainly run by dogma ideologist/or ideology. You claim you went to school and yet, felt sad to hear and see such in practice. What do you think all those world wars and distractions that you see in conflict until present time of ours cause them? It is religion. You simply don’t hold accountable religion to be democrat/only in OLF world! It simply doesn’t work that way. What you should have been surprised is when someone like you claimed educated -, insult, Orthodox Christianity and you hear he wanted to go back to original religion of “Oromo’s” , forgetting, that not the religion is that cause a conflict but the leaders of the religion that create confusion and conflict.

    So, here you are, looking at the entire philosophy as dogma, but forgetting that when good leaders of such institution born, such faith could become the source of brotherly and fraternity. This is the problem with OLF followers. They wanted the entire Oromo to be separate from the rest of the Ethiopian community- because they don’t like the rulers. They forgot that no matter how the institution on paper looks and sounds great- the key issue is on the hand of the leader who leads the country. Instead of looking for a visionary and a bright leader- they wanted to go somewhere to a dream world where Stone will be Turned into Honey and Bread (just like the situation in Eritrea turned sad!) So, in this case, this brother wanted to go back to his religion while he thinks the entire institutional faith has no humanity in it –which absolutely is naïve to deny that Orthodox Christianity never had or still have so many golden contribution to all humanity. It was the leading institution for freedom and pride in Africa that stood strong against colonization. If OLF rethink we still colonize them, then they are trying to bring havoc discussion which I really do not want to start and engage in such silliness trying to drag me into.

    The fertile Oromo lands and residential areas that the Abyssinians deemed as strategic place for their domination are first pried into, after which the Tabot is transported dissemblingly from one region to another in the direction of the land they had an eye on. Upon arrival at the fertile land and/or strategic residential area, they devise a shameful fib, saying that the Tabot refused to move. Consequently a church has to be built there, rooting subsequently the Abyssinian ruling classes’ despotic system, and uprooting the Oromo residents>.

    What keeps the ghost dancing in your mind is sympathy for conflict. That is your aim to go digging all this claim that doesn’t hold water when it comes to real ownership of such area. Since, it is documented from eyewitness writers and residents of such century and it is unique in its presentation and eyewitness for the whole world which such document is preserved honored and placed in the world museum- you and I can’t bring any dent here in this internet no matter what we foam. So, leave the farmers leave each other as they were living in peace and friendship since planet earth came to exist where they knew how to resolve their conflict as god’s nature- leave them alone! And you! If you want to live in your dream of war and conflict and isolation and going back to the old world it is your choice, but if you think you only you will be safe and the entire Ethiopia will live in a havoc and discomfort, then you need to think more than what you are thinking now. Learn from Eritrea- Okay!

    During Ethiopic Orthodox Church ceremonies, some Abyssinian preachers resort to political discourse instead of teaching spirituality>.

    It depends on the event. Churches are partner of social institutions and they have a full right and obligation to evolve in politics when abuse or some mercenary groups or institutions like yours are creating havoc in the country in the name of religious right or political right. You don’t expect the church to stand idle when mercenaries and students and apostle of Mussolini are engulfing the country. The church has to assert its existence to make sure the political institutions too do not push her aside. As much as the church contributed greatly to the existence of Ethiopia, it is entirly her right to defend it as it did. It concerned her! Sure!


    You the members of OLF need to understand the following. The real enemy of Oromo people is no body but, you the OLF. A country where none religious leftist like OLF and extremists and mercenaries who have no value for life, civilization, human relation and no respect for elderly leaders, national flags that taught you, freed you from European colonization, and now, to see you destroying your pride and African identity in the name of freedom and in the name of oppressed people to gain nothing, but, to be mercenary for those who wanted to fostered a society that is not safe from , murderers “abusers of themselves” as the bible calls them is indeed shocking and revealed ignorant of you.

    OLF can think disregard our Orthodox Christianity simply from its premature knowledge of religion institution and its contribution to Ethiopia and Oromo community at a challenging and trial time. Any one in Ethiopia without Orthodox strength and without god’s grace any community in Ethiopia, could have turned to a “moral barbarian”. To fool yourself all culture were equal and strong in teaching moral value and national love and community and flag love is wrong.

    Orthodox does not teach barbaric human sacrifice or one teaches to kill. The root of any culture is cult or religion. The religion of Abyssinians’ Christianity is not a faith in river as you think of washing ourselves imitating. The founder of our faith is the son of god, whose teaching, true all time, are contain in the greatest book ever written”

    You think by disrespecting Orthodox Christian might help OLF to gaining political stage. But the more it involved itself in religion as it is actively currently engaging (though not new), it will destroy itself very, very fast. You can burn our churches, but the result on OLF leaders will be very costly later. Orthodox is not mainly as you tried to darken its pride. There are many millions of Oromo orthodox brothers and sisters who are now angry at OLF hearing such disgusting animosity of Ethiopian flag and Orthodox Christianity.

    The need of Orthodox was in search of God’s assistance in success of our nation under any foreign enemy. When some Oromo community armed by Italians and murder their Ethiopian brothers and sisters, they were doing gross human crime- the church had a huge responsibility to reverse such moral barbarism to humanity convincing and teaching the barbaric behavior and crime of such selected community to act right. And it did to some extent by asking the king to forgive the perpetrators and mercenaries at the time of sorrows and death by Italian colonization.

    By my own view it was the second most bloody and monstrous seen in Michew /Tigray, and Alewaha Milash/Tigray during Italy since the classic barbaric distractions killings occurred. The church has to teach decency laws and reverse the barbaric behavior in a course of constant teaching during a foreign aggression and cruelty. The church deserve thanks for job well done. This time also, OLF is repeating the same havoc by aligning itself with enemy of Ethiopia with Arabs, Eritrea, Somalia extremists and European and American’s mind cult control expertise that are ruining the national unity, strength and pride of Africa “Orthodox Christianity” .

    For OLF to oppose Ethiopian flag to be wave in churches, funerals, ceremonies, holidays and in every office and institutions tells us one thing. And that is- “OLF is not against repression or system, but against the people’s flag and country” . When you hear this slogan from an element who claim African, then you have no other definition but to call these elements “enemy and mercenaries who need to be fought to the last minute- no dialogue with an enemy who is demanding no Ethiopian flag should not be raise or present in churches, funerals, offices and any institutions” . Flags are always waved, and are always raised, present in every church in America and in every country: the bible, the Quran, and the wall of churches are decorated now and will continue be the pride and the cover of the “Arch of the Covenant” and the Mosque of the Ethiopian Muslim as the vanguard. And such pride and flag, which OLF saw it and see it as “ENEMY” will continue honored by the Ethiopian nationalists and by its mighty gallant followers and Ethiopian women and men. Whether OLF skeleton buried in Eritrea or in Europe and America where they surely are caved in for life – the Ethiopia flag will raise high, touch the sky of the universe for the planet people to watch it and worship and honored it as it did in history many times in history. Ethiopia will prevail!

  32. dr getachew you are one of my true son of ethiopian why this issue this time?

  33. @@@@@- Getachew Reda
    Brother tadesse: I understand, but, what elese can we do except to tell them on their eye who they too were in order to tell the informed people to befa,iliar with their distorted way of presentation. It is time, we have been to silent too long. Enogh is enogh. those idiots were playing to long.

  34. Pinocchio,

    I squeezed more juice of lies out of you by posting the well written article unlike your gibberish one. I do not understand why you call yourself an Ethiopian. Aren’t you an Arab, who migrated from south Yemen? The true Ethiopians are according to history (forget about the stories that has been authored by Debtera from Washara university like aleka Bahere) are the Kush people.

    Pinocchio are you a loner? You sound like paranoid psychopathic person to me. Don’t you think you need a medical professional help?

    Oh. What happened to my invitation to OSA conference next year in Minneapolis?

  35. Dear Getachew Reda how do you argue with ignorant of philosophy of history?
    How do you argue with dormant who have not healthier rational inquiry and who dos not distinguish social and individual consciousness between today and yesterday?
    How can argue with those who are living physically at the dawn of 21 century but mentally at the Stone Age?
    If all what he claims about my grand father were true; what is the relation with me?
    Am I going to be asked and jugged as a result of my grand fathers’ wrong doing?
    How it is nonsense. If we go back as the ignorant of is OLFdoing,there was no as destructive as GIRANG AHMED who was a mercenary of Turky in the history of Ethiopia. But even the stupid of OLF have not to be asked as a results of GIRANG Ahmed wrog doings.
    Brother Getachew I am sorry I involved my self at the game of OLFs stupidity.

    Please ignore them it is their principal interest to drug us from our main agenda.

  36. Gelaw,

    We never wanted you. We never wanted discussions with you. We never asked for discussions with you. You know, we do not have common denominator. We do not want you. We have over 40 Million people. A big nation. Ignore us. Fine. Do not write anything about Oromos. We want you to ignore us. We ignored you a long time. We do not come to your meetings, demonstration, churches and do not listen to you mass Medias. Even true oromos do not vist your websites. Live us alone. Go straight to hell. We will never be slave to you again.

    Never again. Never again.

  37. This is a last posting and last vist to this site


  38. I respect your decision if you come in the name of OLF.
    You are absolutely writ we do not have anything in common with OLF and its sympathizers.
    But, we disagree when you come in the name of the sons and daughters of Abddissa Aga,Habte Abamella and Ras gobbena Dache. When you come in the name of Oremo I will argue. I will repeat my first word that, I will leave you or respect your begging only and only from the perspectives of OLF.
    You do not deserve to represent the great and the ancient peoples of OREMO.
    Who gave you the right to trade in the name of Oremo?

  39. destructive as GIRANG AHMED who was a mercenary of Turky in the history of Ethiopia
    getachew you are made
    GIRANG AHMED was not a mercenary he was the Oromo Hero
    in the history of Ethiopia , say in the history of Abyssinia
    at that time there is no ethiopia

  40. Gelaw:

    Goeben, Hbte giorgis, Aba dulla etc. are what Malcomx refred to as “house negros”

    “To understand this, you have to go back to what [the] young brother here referred to as the house Negro and the field Negro — back during slavery. There was two kinds of slaves. There was the house Negro and the field Negro. The house Negroes – they lived in the house with master, they dressed pretty good, they ate good ’cause they ate his food — what he left. They lived in the attic or the basement, but still they lived near the master; and they loved their master more than the master loved himself. They would give their life to save the master’s house quicker than the master would. The house Negro, if the master said, “We got a good house here,” the house Negro would say, “Yeah, we got a good house here.” Whenever the master said “we,” he said “we.” That’s how you can tell a house Negro.

    If the master’s house caught on fire, the house Negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house Negro would say, “What’s the matter, boss, we sick?” We sick! He identified himself with his master more than his master identified with himself. And if you came to the house Negro and said, “Let’s run away, let’s escape, let’s separate,” the house Negro would look at you and say, “Man, you crazy. What you mean, separate? Where is there a better house than this? Where can I wear better clothes than this? Where can I eat better food than this?” That was that house Negro. In those days he was called a “house nigger.” And that’s what we call him today, because we’ve still got some house niggers running around here.

    This modern house Negro loves his master. He wants to live near him. He’ll pay three times as much as the house is worth just to live near his master, and then brag about “I’m the only Negro out here.” “I’m the only one on my job.” “I’m the only one in this school.” You’re nothing but a house Negro. And if someone comes to you right now and says, “Let’s separate,” you say the same thing that the house Negro said on the plantation. “What you mean, separate? From America? This good white man? Where you going to get a better job than you get here?” I mean, this is what you say. “I ain’t left nothing in Africa,” that’s what you say. Why, you left your mind in Africa.

    On that same plantation, there was the field Negro. The field Negro — those were the masses. There were always more Negroes in the field than there was Negroes in the house. The Negro in the field caught hell. He ate leftovers. In the house they ate high up on the hog. The Negro in the field didn’t get nothing but what was left of the insides of the hog. They call ’em “chitt’lin'” nowadays. In those days they called them what they were: guts. That’s what you were — a gut-eater. And some of you all still gut-eaters.

    The field Negro was beaten from morning to night. He lived in a shack, in a hut; He wore old, castoff clothes. He hated his master. I say he hated his master. He was intelligent. That house Negro loved his master. But that field Negro — remember, they were in the majority, and they hated the master. When the house caught on fire, he didn’t try and put it out; that field Negro prayed for a wind, for a breeze. When the master got sick, the field Negro prayed that he’d die. If someone come [sic] to the field Negro and said, “Let’s separate, let’s run,” he didn’t say “Where we going?” He’d say, “Any place is better than here.” You’ve got field Negroes in America today. I’m a field Negro. The masses are the field Negroes. When they see this man’s house on fire, you don’t hear these little Negroes talking about “our government is in trouble.” They say, “The government is in trouble.” Imagine a Negro: “Our government”! I even heard one say “our astronauts.” They won’t even let him near the plant — and “our astronauts”! “Our Navy” — that’s a Negro that’s out of his mind. That’s a Negro that’s out of his mind.

    Just as the slavemaster of that day used Tom, the house Negro, to keep the field Negroes in check, the same old slavemaster today has Negroes who are nothing but modern Uncle Toms, 20th century Uncle Toms, to keep you and me in check, keep us under control, keep us passive and peaceful and nonviolent. That’s Tom making you nonviolent. It’s like when you go to the dentist, and the man’s going to take your tooth. You’re going to fight him when he starts pulling. So he squirts some stuff in your jaw called novocaine, to make you think they’re not doing anything to you. So you sit there and ’cause you’ve got all of that novocaine in your jaw, you suffer peacefully. Blood running all down your jaw, and you don’t know what’s happening. ‘Cause someone has taught you to suffer — peacefully.”

  41. This is me- Getachew Reda-
    Thanks, brother Gelawa; I understand everything what you said. These barbaric ignorant do not deserve response, but, they need to hear their ignorance as well for the record. Every thing was tried to cool them down these terrorist barbaric minded group in a civilized way by many good Ethiopians, ended with no result- in fact the more those “Diplomat theoreticians” of ours created communication, it made them more arrogant. So they need to hear who they were in the period. No more ISURURU with this barbaric/ ignorant.
    That fool is talking about the Oromo are 45 Million people. OLF and the fools might believe with such theory not in reality demography. Look Professor Berhanu Abegaz’s recent study made house to house- it will destroy every wrong research OLF or TPLF or every ethno centric demographers got us so far for propaganda reasons.
    The propaganda number OLF and their masters telling people Oromo are majority in number is all counted every one mixed with them by force, by marriage. They fought in an era of weakness and starvation organized as the barbarian ruined Rome civilization. When they tried to push in to the center from “Bali” as pastoralists and continued fighting during TserTse Dengil and continued spreading everywhere burning and looting during Susnios as far as Tigray-.
    You see Kereyu to Tigray Merewa to Begemdir Etuna Boren to Gojjam, they seized the entire territory, subjugate evry settled villagesr, farmers, robbed, burned, raped women, destroy every civilization they saw on their way. In a cruel manner and organized campaign, they colonized the original settlers “Sidama” and what ever they could destroy and snatch, robbed, mutilated , took over houses and cattle, farming fertile lands for their cattle and horse grazing area and made the Sidam people and the near by population who are original settlers made them speak Orominga/Mifa half of the population took with them by force to participate and help them in the subjugation and robbing, destroying institutions and churches deep far and deep center and went every where and changed their culture and their religion and made them and shaped them as “Oromo”-
    The Sidama preferred at the time to be converted to Oromo culture and speak Oromo than to be murdered cruelly with their entire wives, children and family. Seyu, Abono, Leka, Hagelababo, Abbo, Harsu, Limu were not Oromo by Origin by made and converted by fear and by force to speak and follow Oromo culture and now, they are counted as Oromo. (Bilata MersiE Hazen) for more read “ZenaHu Le Gala” authored Amharic by Professor Getachew Haile. BereyTuma, and Boren clan of original Oromo (what ever original means , just to go along with them) two of them in no way they can be 40 Million oromo without mixed with us and the rest entire Millions of Ethiopians.
    Those ignorant idiots think we are Arabs- because they think they are darker and claim “Kush”. Who is Kush? If they are going to talk and judge by skin color, I am afraid the entire majority of Oromo can’t be darker than many of us. If the situation of color is the criteria to be Kush or Africa, then what will the Gambela and Gumiz say about the Oromo skin or the rest of the Africa different skin? Is Gambela more African or Kush than the light skin Oromo population? If the big flat lip conceder original, authentic African, then what will the Oromo beauty who has small lips will be considered in the eye of the OLF referring as Arabs. Where the map of Africa and where was it to begin with? If OLF think there were no people in the Abyssinia location then, OLF should tell us if Oromo were in Medebay Tabir!! Please don’t laugh those of you from Tigray. So, in this criteria, Million type of black, mixed colors and the light skin color Oromo very, very much different lighter skin color than the Gambela and Gumiz, and Kunama is going to be another race by OLF’s criteria of nose, posture, and skin color. Let me conclude with the victim and eye witness of the 15 century monk who left us an amazing eye account for the world community to record it. “ Yenegedun QuTtir- sewin Lemegdel- Yetigatun Neger- YeTtebayun Ensisanet LemaweK Ye Galan Zena LiTsif (Eniho) Jemerku; – “YeKufuwun Zena Inde Degoch Zena Lemin Tsafe?” YemilennG Kale- “Be Haymanot Telatochin Honew Sale yemeHamed Tarik inna Ye Islamoch Negestat tarik IndeteTsafe tay Zend MesTaHiftn Mermir” Sil Mels IseTe walehu…………….” Translation from the Ge’ez to Amharic by Professor Getachew Haile page 75-

    , Yes, it is a cramp to hear OLF such reality and left document for us. They have hated local authentic documents left written that talks about Oromo history and life story in the 15 century. As professor Getachew Haile, said it- let me paraphrase it- “They hate it, because, they chose and wish not such document left and written as evidence by eye witness writers and event participants from local writers” –They know reality hearts when it is from the first hand evidence witness than the outsiders in many cases presented from -guess and scholar theories and assumptions”
    For example some Oromo writers thanks orthodox Christian Emperors for converting the Oromo pastoralists at the time- to Orthodox Christianity and help them stop killing human being as a culture as the criteria required to be in power or married and the value and meaning of Husband and wife. As you know the respect for a male lover who committed adultery with his wife was acceptable as long as he paid him a cow and some Shama for his wife. Any time, the husband finds his wife sleeping with other man in his own house, and if the concubine left a sign –a Speer- outside the door to signal he is inside with his wife having an affair- the husband leaves with no problem as long as he paid him a cattle as compensation the next time around. So, Church was moral supporter for many pastoralist communities at the time to those with a culture of fidelity as acceptable culture. Such decayed -moral was reduced very much by the help of Emperors from Abyssinians/ Christian Emperors. Christian orthodox and Ethiopian flag was the back bone of Oromo or any community.
    Still, OLF need orthodox Christianity for its barbaric soul to cool it down to restrain itself from cooking Bombs that is planted in Ethiopia in every Hotels and taxi and transportation and government installations and energy plants, wounding, killing many of our families, workers. By the way- I have a close family injured by this extremist OLF terrorists just few years back in one of the Hotels OLF planted Bomb that went off and murder and destroy business. OLF should be accountable in time! No more fooling aroound!

  42. Hey Pinocchio,

    Did you go to school in “Ethiopia”? Did you take Ethiopian history? Your Debtera’s are the once who wrote the history that said you guys came from South Yemen. No Oromo historian wrote that. Are you saying that was wrong? Btw, light skin only does not make you an Arab. The are so many light skin Africans, African Americans, and others.

    Pinocchio, how many times I have to tell this? Do not quote those Debters who are bent on destroying Oromo culture and language. We know now all those written books by these debters are intentionally to mislead the public. I had one of those books now it found new home in one of the landfills.

    Are sure you are okay Pinocchio? You keep on lying. Lie is pathology. Do you know that? Relax man. There is nothing you can do, babe. We fought you for the last 100 years and we shall continue fighting. Nothing stops us until we attain our freedom.

    Never again. Never again

  43. Did you read Shewa Kena’s article?

    The emotionalist Shewa Kena with his a new Hopes and Hooplas… drum of DC Dance with his another new political coat is back again after we successfully torn apart once for all, his AFD/OLF Geberdeen/Suf coat dying hard to show off his AFD Hoopla of Shir Gud with the mercenary “country sellers”. This time his hope as a peace mouth to sell Berhanu as his new fighter representing from “ DC Metro -Kinijit” inviting Meles Zenawi from Weyane Tigray- Gibee sefer – Addis Ababab” to box him in the political Arena singing the Wolo Kint group song “Fetan New Baburu” type against Shaul and Shaul’s group in his article “Hopes and H hooplas..” Saying “Someone tell these people that the train has left station. Worry less my friends, everything will be ok! “. This idiot keeps expressing his disappointment about Shawul saying
    You see how this moron, sees politics? Can someone tell him back- the train might left with empty bravado of horn? Wey CheGOOD! WEY GIZIYE!

  44. By the way, is this the return (what is done and doing by Birhanu Nega) was expected and proper for the Diaspora community who lost and contribute their energy as well as money for the release of kinijit leaders?
    They gave the return, the reward for the Diaspora community who fought for them in one voice the gift of Betinachew Tsege.that is to be divided and weak, to succeed the mission of our enemy.
    They presented a gift for the Diaspora who fought for their freedom under enduring experience to be laughable by our enemy.
    When such episode happens, my villagers lamented in Amharic as the following.

  45. Wendime Gelaw!! May God of Ethiopia be with you. I love brother. OIndeed, Indeed. Those Mobs In DC are realy creating so much Havoc to our unity. Now, they even have controled a popular website to air their mission. Sad! indeed sad! SuK TUUM (Zem- AyneKzim)!
    Ethiopia will be prevail!


  47. When someone writes an paragraph he/she retains the idea of a user in his/her mind that how a user
    can know it. Therefore that’s why this article is perfect. Thanks!

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