Misesow Let Ale! (Amharic pdf)

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Kelkay Tekelkel kelayachin (Amharic pdf)

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Kelkay Tekelkel kelayachin (Amharic pdf)

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Anti-terror Terrorists

Teferi Atlabachew

Terror has been one of the most important weapons of the Woyane since its birth in the wilderness of Tigray. During the 17 years of rebel movement of the Woyane terror was used as a tactic several times in different places, different occasions and in different forms.

During those rebel times such strategies were not even considered criminal by many. However, those who were the direct victims of the terror acts of the Woyane still remember all with dread.

The Woyane has not stopped the use of terror after it took power in 1991. The terror crimes committed by TPLF/EPRDF regime in Harerege, Balle and Arsi in 19991 and 1992 were recent evidences, The crime that has been committed on the peoples of Sidama, Agnuwak, Amhara and Oromo were all crimes of terror which took place during the last five years time. The crimes committed on university students and residents of Addis Ababa as well on the Oromo students throughout the region before and after the May 2005 election were all acts of terror in their nature.

Since recent times, the TPLF/EPRDF regime is trying to win the friendship and support of the US government by the disguise of anti-terror partner of the US in East Africa. The invasion of Somalia by TPLF/EPRDF troops in December 2006 was meant to hit this and other ends such as disqualifying the H.R 2003 US congress legislation which has so far been pending for several reasons among which strong lobby activity might be the main one.

The recent release of political prisoners was also another attempt to paint itself good looks so that the congress bill will not be ratified. However, at the same time TPLF/EPRDF troops are conducting massive so called counter-insurgence operations on its own people of the Somali ethnics. Civilians have been targets of military operations; there have been intimidations and deliberately created food and supplies shortage.

This is the mockery. On the one hand, the Woyane tries to build positive image by releasing few internationally renowned political prisoners and on the other, it has continued the genocide in Ethiopia which has been started in Mogadishu. 

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