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By Selam Demeke 

First of all, please allow me to express my sincere condolence to the families, friends and followers of our Late true Father, Like Tebebt Ayalew Tamiru. I will never forget his famous Book – ‘Mech Telemedena Ketekula Zimdina?’. I will never forget his relentless prayers and spiritual struggles against the puppets of the Woyanes from the Hierarchy of the Holy Synod. He set the highest moral standards and examples, for which he paid heavy sacrifices, even including his Pensions at his dying age. May Our Almighty God Rest His Sol in Heaven, in Peace!

  1.         Categorising all genuine individuals and groups as EPRP members 

I can witness, with full certainty and confidence that almost all enlightened, democratic and genuine citizens, from students to Professors, from peasants to trade unionists, from ordinary soldiers to the Generals, from East to West, from North to South, irrespectively, have, in one way or the other, supported the EPRP leadership of the protracted past struggle. History will clearly tell how many of those genuine and brightest members that paid heavy sacrifices for the sake of the betterment of their people. Today, however, although the EPRP usual struggle is continuing unabated, I do not know who is and who is not a current member of this Party, conclusively.

 But what is so strange, so funny, and so contradictory, is, however, the repeated categorisation and blaming of any one who tells the truth as though he or she is a member of the EPRP. If such truthful and genuine individuals are truly members of the EPRP, it will only be a pride of the Party. Even if they are not true members, the categorisation of their truth with the EPRP is also a similar pride. When the respected Dr. Maru talks about truth they do not want to comment on the content of his messages but simply jump to the conclusion that this is the work of the EPRP. When they cannot face Dr. Taye or fail to find faults in him, they jump to the same silly conclusion – the work of the EPRP.  If the CUD meets with ups and downs, they blame the EPRP. If Dr. Taye joins the CUD, they blame the EPRP. When conscious citizens wish to be organised under the EPRP or when the EPRP recruits genuine members for the genuine struggle against the Fascists, they shameless open their dirty mouth to blame this party. When can they understand the natural rights of parties and individuals to exercise their human and democratic rights? Is it not shame and suicidal on the part of these sick people to happily entertain the Fascists and brutal dictators and to rather embark on defaming genuine parties and individuals with cheap fabrications? But the problem is that they are shameless corpses.

When Jesus Christ comes back again to give last judgements against the murderers, fornicators, Fascists and their puppets, I would not be surprised if the Dewes and the Gemorawsy do blame the EPRP.

2.         Who is the people’s enemy and who is the people’s friend? 

Of all times and places, Dewe Ibrahim’s choice to declare a shallow war on the EPRP at this critical time of the Woyane tyranny is indeed abject, hopeless and criminal. Just like the Gemoraws accusation of Dr. Taye for not respecting the Woyane law, Dewe is repeating the same accusation against the EPRP. He accuses the EPRP for anarchism because of its mobilisation of the trade union against the Fascism of the the Ethiopian brutal dictators. Did he expect the EPRP to obey the Fascists? Did he expect the EPRP to get an operational license from the dictators? Did he expect them to take the Fascists to the Kangaroo courts to complete the popular revolution for democracy? What is he talking about? How sick, cheap and hopeless he could be to say that the EPRP is worse than the Woyanes in brutality. Is it really?  Doesn’t this absurd contrast clearly show his close affiliation with the Woyane tyranny for his petty personal interest? Is there any one in the world, with a right mind, today,  who can portray true and genuine opposition parties for being worse than the Woyane tyranny?  Not at all, except the Woyane cadres such as the Kemal Bedris, the Kihdetus, the Dewes and the Gemos – Wusha Kebelabet Yichohal!!

EPRP is the only opposition political party that struggled for democracy for human and trade union rights over the last 3 and a half decades – tirelessly – non-stop – and selflessly. How about his Woyanes? They are devils who do not only destroy innocent lives but also the Nation. They are the ones who are looting the national treasury in the name of privatisation. They are the ones who are bringing untold misery to Ethiopia and to the Region. What a contrast? It is really shame for a person who at one time in history was by chance a Leader of the famous Ethiopian Workers Confederation to put himself so low and so cheap in a dirty propaganda against genuine and totally selfless opposition parties for the sake of small handouts from the Fascists to fill his dying and closing up belly.

3.         EPRP and organising the Trade Union Movement 

He tries to accuse the EPRP for infiltrating and organising the trade union against repressive regimes, to facilitate democracy for human and trade union rights. Who told him that it is a crime to do so?

EPRP is a Party that was formed especially to struggle for the emancipation of oppressed people – for the equality of the Peasants, the Working Class and the national groups, through democracy, unity, peace and prosperity. Besides, if Dewe had the right mind and self-respect, he wouldn’t have missed the fact  that left wing political organisations such as the EPRP and the trade unions are hands and gloves in their political struggles, as are the rich and the Conservatives – all over the World.

4.         In Conclusion 

I am sorry for wasting my time and that of my respected readers. Such trashes do not deserve replies. People who cannot utter a paragraph of condemnation against the  acts of tyrannical regimes and rather choose to write 6 pages of fabrications and blasphemy against genuine and respected organisations and individuals are truly sick and wicked.

I will leave the judgement to the human conscience and to God.

Mech Telemedena ketekula Zimdina?????

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