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The Phony OLF Lacks Distinguishing Between Truth & Falsehood

By Getachew Reda      

As I explained to my readers in the past, OLF is not political, but criminal entity. For well over a quarter of a century, the organization as a faculty for group of myth dreamers & mercenaries, it demands the dismemberment of the Oromo society, its human affairs with its god made fabrics and relations with the rest of their Ethiopian brothers and sisters.

At this time, its leaders knew how vulnerable they are becoming in the face of a qualitative political competition and thus, preferred to dwelling by lying and distortions focusing on how to exploit the vulnerable poor ill informed Oromo refugees around the world using mind control sedative tactics (as how Eritreans used to fool Eritreans), assuring its members to haul them very soon to an imaginary world where there will be One Oromo Physician for three Oromo patients, where there also no cruel and  tyrannical system under the world never saw a heavenly democratic system called “Gadaa and its  Odaa Nabee  with its Caffee/parliament, a gentler and kinder system where the “lord” of Milk and honey, where every stone in the East Africa will converted miraculously as the classic story bible told us into a loaf of bread in substitute to what the OLF members called it in their Pal Talk the” un”-Oromo cultural food  “TeFf –InJJera. 

Recently, while I visited two of the Ethiopian websites whom now days openly devoted to serve the OLF’s propaganda without no restriction regardless its contents and lies that damage Ethiopians and its image on their website (EMF & Ethiopian Review websites): – an OLF puppet/or could be perhaps one of the distorted leaders by the name “Kallacha Dubbi” tried to dehumanize the Tigrayan population disguised as if the aim was to TPLF. With the same stick, it tried to prematurely bruise the politics of EPRP leaders for exposing OLF’s ill mission tried to come with another cover-up name called AFD/OLF to poison and weaken the Ethiopianism struggle. EPRP warned the public early before such conspiracy & its results of danger was known to the population as the Diaspora community Ethiopians were not well aware of the danger as they are this time. The writer was so naïve with the nerve to focus other organization’s political development and discipline than to examine the quality of his own party’s rotten flesh visibly appearing scary maggots in it for the world to witness. 

OLF elites as I argued many times are made from bricks of lies. They spirit gets fully energized when they lie. The problem that they do not know is, under normal circumstances OLF as a liar is defeated by reality, for which there is substitute no matter how large the issue of falsehood that an experienced liar like OLF has to offer. The scenario is also, it will never be larger enough for OLF even it enlist the help of computers, to cover the immensity of factuality. This liar organization who may get away with any number of single falsehoods, will find it impossible to get away with lying on principle. 

This is one of the lessons that could be learned from such distorted organization in whose its blood and soul generated through the fountain of lie. Frightening confidence in the power of lying-in their ability, for instance, to rewrite history again and again to adapt the past to the political line of the present moment or to eliminate Data that didn’t fit their cause. If the Oromo are saying we are Ethiopians, they will distort such document as none exited assertion. They mythically are intoxicated with the arguments of the term “consent” Consent by itself can’t guarantee freedom. Any consent or agreement or voluntary concept can be violated by any tyrant be it local or outsider. The item itself (consent) is simply as one factor for dialogue but can’t by itself a guarantor for human liberty or freedom whichever term wanted to be used. Any term of agreement or consent is never been shield from breach by any powerful tyrant. It is simply a factor to prolong understanding if at all that even is reliable. It is like democracy. You can talk all you want about it, if the system is a tyrant it is a quasi democracy good for paper. People’s consent can be violated before or after contract is charted. No Gadaa, no matter how many consent is written on paper/constitution, nothing guarantees human relation as the natural human interact (market. Marriage, commerce, joining entertainment together……). 

OLF leaders doesn’t seem to realize that there always comes the point beyond which lying becomes counterproductive. It is time for them to distinguish the line between truth and falsehood. Everything Ethiopia can’t be evil to the Oromo population, even to those mercenary bricks (leaders) Ethiopia was good for them in many, many, aspects. Before I conclude, I will briefly advice the leaders of OLF to listen to their cult on their Pal Talk Internet discussions with Ethiopians and see how shameful plague they are producing to their own society. It is unbelievable the pace of speed they increasingly became insecure in the art of self denial surrounded with myth, The result is similarly, as the maggot appears in the rotting flesh, their cult followers too are depicting their psychopathic thoughts what their were taught by the rotten OLF leaders to encouraged human family and communications for conflict and dismemberment. 

I invite anyone to listen the rotten evidence and result of OLF teachings posted an audio version of Pal Talk OLF Internet media still available on Ethiolion.com posted for the record (very alarming record!). When you listen at them, one patriotic Ethiopian by code name “Wefefe”, challenged them with reasons. He tried to approached them with love and brotherhood saying “ we have traveled a little distance since then, not always in a straight line, but we have kept on traveling. And we are traveling still. We expect at last to arrive- to come to a full humanity, to kindness, gentleness, friendship, brotherhood. He told them after they cut him off by giving him Red light (what ever that means in the language of Pal Talk)…after lingering, the admin allowed him to continue argue and concluded… this has become our hope, our anticipation, our reasonable faith. If you deny this good will of ours as an Amhara “you will never achieve your dream to extinguish Amhara”! It was this factor that none of them grasped its humanity and reasoning of the fellow. 

 Its members act as pets to the OLF elites. They spew hate when they are told to spew un-restrictedly without thinking future consequences. The irony of it is, you will be surprised by little attention has been paid by the so-called Ethiopian educated elites. They too seemed to gravely affected by OLF disease. They never told them as Wefefe did openly and frankly with humanity “enough is enough!” 

The leaders as made with bricks of lie and distortion, the followers too are reflecting what exactly they were programmed to say. What you hear in their Pal Talk is anarchy with no order of quality to exchange idea, thuggish style stage, irrational, emotional, attitude of criminality, wishing and dreaming of seeing murdering mass population of Ethiopia, specific target the Amhara and Tigray community. They are so premature, cold-blooded criminal entities, which believe in detachment, extremism and removing or destroying things something that was there before they were created. They believe situations can’t be changed in time. Even their intended subject is seen with their eye as “unworkable” unless physically removed/destroyed/deported and cleaned/wiped out from the face of earth with their might dream of force formulated by remote control from the Diaspora OLF bureau (long live to Isayas, he gave the life, but they still moving like frighten dog hiding to even openly walk in Kenya).


Every argument they present on such Pal Talk is supported by “Myth”. It is them who are larger than any one. It them who are powerful the rest are soft grass to be easily bent over to their wills. As I hear each of the participants of OLF die hard cults: the argument they present is barbaric, untrained, un-couched, outdated, irresponsible, childish and most of all they spew ignorance in the media and act as if they are in jungle forgetting they are in electronic medias that can be recorded as file what they are spewing from their mouth by traveling back to the none existing world digging and looking for injuries/scars from past conflicts of human society in the old world order to create and re-erect solid community.


It this brain injury sorted to dwell with a desire to ethnic cleansing. They removed themselves with furious uncontrollable emotions of hate and anger from they physically is located and travel million miles far where anarchy is the judge of the day. One of them in their Pal talk openly confessed that he will murder the Amhara/Tigrayan ethnic and made the skin of the dead body of his victim to a sack to use it as a jar to hold water as similar to the goatskin. These are the elements of OLF who are simply intoxicated by OLF elites misguiding teachings, and sedative mercenary propaganda visions that destroy the conscious level of human mental capacity. The reality and the sad thing is, regardless what OLF is planning to do, neo colonialists are already there a head of the OLF in their area destroying the mind of little young Oromo children capturing their minds to reduce their thinking mental power without shooting a bullet in the name of religion. It is that scenario that OLF should worry about instead of teaching its member how to talk about current & future ethnic cleansings and hatreds towards Amhara and Tigray and Ethiopia by OLF cults.   

At last, I like all OLF elites and other Ethiopians to read the following fact and think about which people you are fighting to rule in the future. If you are lucky to live to witness, if the children will recognize OLF or any other of you Ethiopian elites as their mentors and care takers in the future unless you come together as an Ethiopian to challenge to reduce future colonized mind of the new generation. Read this file from BBC and learn the facts from the ground than to cannibalize each other to open a wide door to colonizers in our midst of conflict and understandings. “The BBC’s July – Sept 2005 Focus on Africa magazine recently wrote, “Africa is being colonized and Christianized all over again. The colonizers this time are Americans not Europeans and the brand of belief they are bringing to Africa is Evangelical Christianity, a fundamentalist version of the protestant faith that many Pentecost lists, Baptists and others have allied themselves with. http://www.iheu.org/node/1754It this scenario why the phony OLF lacks distinguishing between truth & falsehood.

Ethiopia will prevail!   


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