By Yilma Begashaw

Julius Caesar had a very famous and loyal General called Brutus (like Gebriye of Theodros). During his last moment Caesar was handcuffed, tortured and bled. At this critical moment of his suffering and sighs, he saw his loyal army General approaching. He thought that the General was approaching to give him the usual comfort and protection. Instead, Brutus pulled out his majestic sword and pushed it into Caesars heart. The totally surprised and dismayed Caesar uttered a last word before he fell on Brutuss shoulders – Etu Brutu? Meaning, ‘And you, too, Brutus?

Gemoraw Kassa and his groups can never have a moral duty to treat Dr. Taye, the way they did. This refers to their statement to suspend Dr. Taye, published on Ethiopian Review, dated 15 August 2007. Not only the suspension, but also the shameless blasphemy contained in their statement.

As the readers all know about Dr. Taye, it would be necessary to go into the details of invaluable contributions Dr. Taye made to the Ethiopian Trade Union movement in general and to the Ethiopian Teachers Association ETA) in particular. He struggled day and night. He campaigned all over the World. He paid heavy sacrifices. He never gave priority to his private life like others – no house, no wife, no children, no property, nothing. Had it not been due to his campaign, leadership charisma and charm, the casualties on the members of the ET A would not have been limited to Assefa Maru and few others.

Dr. Tayes charismatic and persuasive leadership brought the international teachers associations and international trade union movements to their feet, whether they liked it or not.

It was due to Dr. Taye that the mere existence of Gemoraw was known. It was in the name of Dr. Taye that Gemoraw has met the ranks and files of the international trade union dignitaries. It was in the name of Dr. Taye that Gemoraw has been making personal business and gains in the name of the ETA, including homes and schools for his family in London. It was in the name of Dr. Taye that substantial sums of money was raised worldwide to support the ETA members in need – how much of it really reached those in need? – I cannot comment it should be the responsibilities of their own members to investigate it. But this is not his first time. He is well known for biting the fingers that fed him (yagoresew ije nekash)) ;Yebelabet wechit sebari’.  

2.         Their Wrong Allegations 

2.1       Non-respect of the Ethiopian Law

As shown in their introduction, they imply Dr. Taye for lack of respect for the Ethiopian Law. Which Law?

Ø      The law that sophisticated the ETA properties?

Ø      The law that massacred young Assefa Maru in broad day light?

Ø       The law that caused the displacement of thousands of heroic ETA members?

Ø      The law that degraded the standards of the Ethiopian education system?

 Ø       The law that threw millions of children on the streets after completion of just 10th  Grade?

Ø      The law that steals people’s votes?

Ø      The law that throws the winning political party members, members of the free press and the civic societies to jails and concentration camps?  

Ø      Which law, for goodness sake?

What does this allegation imply? To appease their pay masters – the Woyanes. This is the repetition of what Gemoraw’s friends such as Lidetu Ayalew (sorry, Kihdetu Afyalew) have done to the genuine leaders of the CUD – betrayal, betrayal, betrayal­ – hod aderoch. Now a new name – Gemo Kihdetu (the Gemoraw – Lidetu Alliance for Woyane).

2.2       ‘Lack of Moral Values’

They label the respected man of integrity for lack of moral values. Following his decision to join of the CUD leadership, Dr. Taye wrote a sensational open letter to the members of the ETA.  In this open letter, he expressed his gratitude to all the ranks and files of the ETA during the ups and downs of their struggle for democratic and trade union rights. What is wrong with the President of ETA writing an open letter of appreciation for the members he represented and struggled for such a long time, at the time that he is departing to join a political struggle? Did they want him to just ignore them and walk away? What moral values do they have themselves, to question the integrity of such a genuine hero?

2.3       Joining a Political Party

Personally, I would have preferred to see Dr. Taye’s continued non-partisan trade unionist. But if he genuinely thought that he could make a better contribution to the struggle for democracy and to the strengthening of the leadership of the CUD at the time when the true leaders were languishing in jails, I should be obliged to respect his decision. That is his basic human right and his own choice. History will judge us on what we do than on which mode of struggle we choose to follow.  Are the Gemoraws trying to tell us that they are distant from the Woyanes? They cannot full us.

3.         Malicious Public Announcement

If the Gemoraws were genuine enough, this is not the right way to treat a self-less and heroic Leader.  If they were sincere enough to the causes of the ETA, they could have terminated their formal ties with Dr. Taye through a simple internal memo and wished him good luck  in his new and chosen capacity. The public announcement they made to ‘suspend’ Dr. Taye and to ‘spoil’ his good name is not for the good sake of the ETA, but rather to the benefit of their newly found masters – the Woyanes and their law. How can they suspend a person who has already left them to join an other political mode of  struggle? How can they question his moral values because he sent a humble and sincere message to his members following his decision to leave the ETA to join a political struggle? He made his position abundantly clear to the ETA when he wrote an open departure letter to the members, including his kind and humble appreciation. 

4.         Small Message to ETA Members and Supporters

Dr. Taye and the genuine members of ETA have made historical contribution to the struggle for trade union rights and have paid huge sacrifices. Please do not get misguided by the venom, malicious, and politically calculated words of the Gemoraws against your hero. Please follow the moves of the Gemoraws day and night, to find out for yourselves, who are in the camps of your political enemies, under a hypocritical cover. Expose them and throw them in the dirty bin, where they belong. Find another genuine hero to lead you to your trade union and human rights victory.With your genuineness you will win. Maliciousness, fabrications and distortions will only serve the interests of your enemies. This is not the right way, at all, to treat a genuine and self-less hero. What kinds of examples are we setting to guide school children? By defaming and killing genuine, internationally renowned  and highly educated heroes and dedicated leaders? No, No, No. That is not what we learned from our parents. That is not the way we were taught in schools during the good old days. This is not what is expected from respected educational establishments, but only from the vagabonds, hooligans and bunch of idiots, whose only motto is their selfish stomach – hod aderoch, hager shachoch.

Our silence for so long was not because we did not know the hidden political agendas of the Gemoraws, but for the sake of the integrity of the famous ETA. Now that the Gemoraws have shamelessly started it themselves, we cannot afford to sit idle without responding. But it is good to know your hidden enemies.


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