The Shameless so called ‘Professors’: Ephrem Isaac and Hizkias Assefa

Yilma Begashaw 

1.           Abuse of Education and Humanity 

Attainment of a higher education was to build a capacity to make a great contribution to knowledge. It was to develop a capacity to serve humanity in the face of truth and good faith. We do not forget how much respect was won by our past highly educated fellow citizens – be it from the Church or from the modern education. It is shame to see the choice of some so called Professors to degeneration  their educational attainments, to abuse their positions and to lower their ranks to the levels of ordinary cadres, informers, hooligans, traitors, ‘Hod-Aderoch’ and ‘Bandas’. 

2.       Their Crimes 

We all know how much damage was caused to the Ethiopian educational level by cadres such as ‘Professor Endrias Eshete.  Instead of using his high education from the USA for the betterment of his position, his people and advancement of academic intelligence, he chose to lower his position to an ordinary service of Ethiopia’s internal and external enemies. Persistent with Woyane’s anti-education and ethnic cleansing policies, Endrias made a great contribution to the displacement of highly educated man-power of Addis Ababa University. The types of very low moral values he is showing to students and young people are common facts.


Another so-called ‘Professor’ Hizkias Assefa has been touring around with two missions:  to bring reconciliation between our citizens in the country and in the Diaspora, and to encourage the Diaspora to go to Ethiopia and join the Millennium celebration. To start with, there is no such thing as an animosity between our citizens in the country and in the Diaspora. The problem is between the Ethiopian people and the repressive dictators, the serious problem he does not want to raise. Secondly, he is acting as an agent of the dictators to pull as many people as possible to the celebration of the regime’s Millennium to show to the World as though there is peace and stability in the country.


Now it the turn of our yet another so called ‘Professor’ – Ephrem Isaac. I really felt sick and ashamed when I was listening to the yesterday’s interview of the Addis Dimts that tried to bring together Ephrem Isaak and Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, the true son of Ethiopia. Listening to the way Ephrem was talking, there is no way that one can distinguish him from a street vagabond and hooligan. But at least he agreed to his mission against the USA Congress move -  HR 2003 – for Ethiopian democracy and transparency. His shameless excuse is his ‘concern’ for the release of the prisoners of conscience. What is the relationship between the two? Why should he use his position as a mediator to release prisoners for defeating a very important move by the US Congress for democracy and transparency in our country? After all, is it not due to his pressure that prisoners have to admit a partial responsibility for the murder of innocent citizens as a condition for their release? Is it such a person who wants to shamelessly tell us that he is concerned for the prisoners of conscience? My conclusion is that his only concern is to save the ugly face of his pay-masters – the Woyanes and their sponsors.

3.       Concluding Remarks 

The fate of Ethiopia is not in the hands of the US Congress. Paid internal agents such as our so called Professors and external lobbyists in New York can never, and should never damage our spirits and our resilience for a protracted struggle for democracy, peace and prosperity. These cheap servants may extend the life of the tyrants for a further couple of days. But its end is approaching fast. Let us join hands and make it even faster, with the help of our Mighty. 


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  1. Dear Yelima,

    I absolutely agree with you. I think this cheap band’s plot with his paymaster to confuse and hid his evil intent behind our precious culture should be exposed to public so Ethiopians continue their struggle for peace and democracy by being vigilant against such Hodam band. I would ask some one who knows the history of this hondam speak up so we all know how he got to this unforgivable sin of cashing on the blood of innocent people in the streets of Ethiopia.

    We need to be conformed on the fact that the work of such vicious evil agents won’t prevail our unwavering determination to free our people and our country.

    Long life to our struggle to free our beloved people and country.

    May God bless Ethiopia.


  2. FROM GETACHEW REDA: Selam all. How are you all, enemies, friends, compatriots, and my fellow country men/women? The so-called Ethiopian sectors of professors/educated sectors (majority of them not all of them) are distorted natures that are simply made of fools and mediocre. I am always (not only sometimes) but “always” amazed how they got their credentials that put them to be honored professors, BA, MA, PhD… They couldn’t figure out the most simplest urgent and issue of the current Ethiopia. Many of them enjoyed sleeping with the most dangerous enemy of the country and people. They gave mediocre reasons to sleep with enemies- with all kind of racists, bigots, mercenaries (banda) on which at the end “their foolish confusion and bogus dreams and visions” ended us up brought unimaginable shame and distraction and ordeal. Of our country and our people.

    Many of the so-called professors are sick in their head. I visited Tecola Hagos and Deki Alula website today and I saw a mediocre PhD holder talking about how the Diaspora/Ethiopia lacks leaders and how the leaders should be medicated by “ “ some capitalized code “MAAT” which is cleared to him not to the readers (to me) and made a call to anyone to challenge him. I said to my self, as if he is near by me in physical presence “what do you mean you need a challenger?” “Why don’t you just come out and tell us this is what my plan is and follow me and I will lead you and leave following the other leaders till they get my prescription medication “MAAT” (what ever that MAAT stands for).

    You see this is the problem. The so-called professors talks too much but they don’t have the gut to come out and lead us. We t the ordinary people needs a guide. We are in the desert, therefore who should lead us is the primary challenge to the PhD holders. But they are not there leading us. What they do is chatting with the enemies how to distorted our mind. The most ridiculous are also the die-hard AFD and OLF lover/concubine calling them selves “CUD”. They tried to talk with OLF kids. OLF leaders and their followers are not politicians, they are thugs who are living in a group fantasies of murdering and destroying Ethiopian people in gross mass, mind you “ not murdering single person only” but “in masses” as they did beginning 1991 till as we speak (currently as a thug entities- Lencho was coming in and out from Kenya to tell his followers to stop killing people an till further notice- this happened when the OLF is controlling Kinijit Diaspora- what ever their name were- they are many names) which is filed and recorded for the coming court challenges be it in the international, local or left for historical documents.

    Professor Ephraim Isaac! What a laughable century we got in? What a joke. I did comment some many years back when I was on EEDN network about this distorted elderly man; at the time none seems to understand what I was talking about him. I knew the fellow when he was flirting with EPLF figures and icons a long time a go. In fact when I wrote his anti Ethiopian position when he talked about the covenant in Axum that he tried to minimize or undermine the presence of the covenant in Axum while he was interviewed. He don’t considered himself as Ethiopian he conceder himself as a foreigner in that interview when he referred his interview to the Ethiopian people “they” claimed the covenant is in Axum, but…..”, This idealist man is a joke. No one understands who Tekie FesahaZion was. He was the CIA man who made a huge contribution to the distraction of Ethiopian previous (legal) religious leaders. He was his best friend. Who is Ephraim Isaac? It was already posted on some Ethiopian websites some six or so months a go. Learn him from that article. I said he should be retired before he confused his already retired and existed, useless, mediocre EPLF/EPRDF lover. Ethiopia will prevail. I came to conclude that the Ethiopian situation must be lead by EPRP politicians together with some of the (not all) Kinijit figures. I said this because the leaders in Kinijit needs a political guide not YEWAH political guide. It simply doesn’t work. Sorry Kinijit leaders are good Ethiopians but they need a little experienced politicians next to their side, otherwise, it is going to be WUHA KIDA WUHA MELIS.// Ethiopia will prevail

  3. We cannot consider Professor Ephraim Isaac as naive as other professors.
    He is the best mercenary and anti Ethiopia agents. You can recall his history during the so called transitional government as what he said during the conference.
    I can say there are also other significant naives who understood the release of CUDP leader are the results of the so called mediators. It is deliberately propagated by our enemy to undermine our struggle.
    Let us ask them where were the so called SHIMAGLE when Abera Yemaneab suffered and still suffering in fabricated charge?
    Where were the so called Shimagle when professor Asrat languishing and die at the hell center of TPLF/EPRDF?
    Our challege of the days to obstruct our struggle toward justice and freedoms are the so called Shimagle.then lets expose and condemn them mercilessly.

  4. To add just a few points on the comments of Getachew reda,
    Kinijit has to reorganize them; we had learned a lot about their members and leaders of the chapters, it was sorrowful to recall some of them. How leaders may be divided without having fundamental difference between the groups? What had to be happened to bring them into unity other than the imprisonments of our elected leaders?
    My purpose is not to deal about the lost days. It is to point out how the member of the CUDP weren’t dedicated and politically ripe, those who were assigned by the CUDP leaders abroad and those who were self appointed at home.
    The other CUDP leader’s problem is I think to be in shorts of understandings how our enemy is unprincipled and cannot be judged by any standards. Based on this they must reorganize themselves. They have to form an alliance with EPRP without any preconditions.

  5. I fully agree with the above useful comments. The education of those so-called ‘Professors’ is becoming just like the contrabands that enter through Djibouti. Just Like Gelaw’s comment, the motives of these people are malicious, deliberately trying to undermine our struggle. I was shocked when I read the article of our so-called Scandinavian ‘Scholars’ – the ‘Professor’ Mamo Muches who just jumped to a conclusion, thanking and admiring the Ethiopian Fascists and the pseudo mediators following the release of few of the prisoners of conscience. Is it possible to assume that these ‘Scholars’ do not understand the true nature of our dictators? I doubt it very much.

    Ephfrem Isaak was talking on the VOA telling us that Ethiopia should not lose her dignity by the foreign powers such as the US Congress HR 2003 move. But is it not the Woyanes that have degraded the whole nation into beggary? Is he telling us that it is OK for the Woyanes to seek the support of foreign highly paid lobbyists, the selfish ‘mediators’ and Western powers, and it is wrong for the opposition to see the passing of HR 2003 to promote democracy and transparency?

    Shame on you – Hod Aderoch; Hager Shachoch. The money you are being paid is the fund that is diverted from reaching the sick (HIV/AIDS) and the hungry. Eating that money will amount to being a murderer. ‘Afer biluna’!


    • HaHaHa, what a joke your reply is Selam. YOU, the biggest fraud of all! I heard all about what you did in NY, and there are people out there who know all about you. You are an ignorant, uneducated FRAUD who pretends to get by through cheating and manipulation. Someday your bad karma will catch up with you…HYPOCRITE!

  6. Dear Yelma,

    First of all I appreciate your persistent pro democracy stand and the continuing struggle against dictators’ especially those who were/are in Ethiopia.

    The VOA’s interview with Professor Yeshak and Prof. Alemayhu as you put it clearly, it helped people to identify who is who. Prof. Yeshak said that he lived abroad for 45 years that means he is Ethiopian by nationality apart from that I am sure he does not have a clue what the life of the majority of the Ethiopian people is like, even if we try to teach him, to me it is like telling a story of ‘Lema Be Gebeya’ to a foreigner .
    Forget about his negotiation with Woyane to free the opposition leaders, they are out because people struggled and made sacrifices of it.
    After all, Yeshak should know that he doesn’t have the moral capability to tell us about how to deal with Woyanes’.

    As we’ve seen them, some Ethiopian Professors and Doctors titles do not seem to hold the values. The good thing is, our people have learned from experience whoever said what people know what they want and deserve and will fight for it and win it. ‘Democratically elected Government’.

    Regarding the HR 2003, I am shamled to hear Professor Yeshak’s interview, especially when he admitted that he had not read the HR 2003 but simply said that it will be an obstacle for his negotiation with Woyane, ‘Le shemglenaye enkefat yehonebignal’. Its true ‘enkefatoch’ obstacles are people like him who are standing in our way to victory.

    In general I found Yeshak’s speech tedious and low standard. He is simply ‘le hode ader’ in the name of negotiation ‘shimglena’ he might be building his retirement home in Ethiopia. On the other hand Professor Alemayhu’s speech was very informative and knowledgeable; his kind of person can win the hearts and minds of the Ethiopian People.

    The EPRDF/TPLF’s days are counted. The true Ethiopians’ should firmly stand against Woyane and should get rid of their masked agents’ in the oppositions’ organisations’ those who are misleading innocent people.

    Victory to the Ethiopian People!!!!
    We Shall Triumph!!!!


  7. Overall, this is a good article. However, I want to make two quick points of my own.

    1. We should be careful that it is not because of their profession that these individuals have become pro-Woyanne and opportunists. Evaluation based on group identity is a wrong approach, as the author seems to imply subtly. For Example, Prof Al Mariam, Taye W/Semayat, Asrat Woldeyes, Mesfin W/Mariam cannot be included here. People should be treated on individual basis and held accountable like this.

    2. Ethiopia is for Ethiopians, not for Americans, British… It can only be saved by her true sons and daughters. Who are these true sons and daughters of the country? Those who proved themselves by their deeds and sacrifices. I believe there are many Ethiopians who belong to this category. However, they have not pooled their energies or efforts together to impact a significant positive change in the country. It is now time that they find a way to overcome this obstacle and work together to see the realization of their long-awaited wishes for their country and people. Agreeing with Getachew Reda’s suggestion, one means of achieving this is other like-minded Ethiopians or organizations to work together with the EPRP (Hibret).


  8. This is GETACHEW REDA:

    Look how the Ethiopian people are infiltrated by Eritrean undercover fighters sound and look alike Ethiopian patriots, tried to hijack the issue from Ethiopian cause to benefit secessionist OLF, ONLF conceder freedom fighters by the other latest arrival Eritrean Che Guevara calling its website Ethiopian Review. Read the following and judged it your self. This fellow was been Eritrean undercover fighter in the name of Ethiopiawinet for a long time. Insiders said- the reason why he was split from Ethiopian Register as part of the editor was that, he was allowing Eritreans (EPLF) writers to destabilize the struggle using the magazine. The follow for a long time act as he was a good patriot, but lately his true face is coming out very clearly as you might have following him. The follow was standing all night and day with candle and hunger-strike at the white house and all over the congress buildings all those years- NOW< I WONDER WHY HE IS HAPPY THAT THE H.R- 2003 IS DEAD? Can some one tell me why? Is it because Ethiopian educated patriots are coming forward to replace him and his Shaabiya and OLF loving groups? Please read this stunning fellow that I scanned it for you to read him. His name is Elias kifle (Elias Kiflay?) and he is the editor of the Ethiopian review website. Read this-He is asking you to support the secessionist plan be fulfilled- thugs are freedom fighters for him. The Degree holders are going to show us more jokes and ordeal destructions. Wey Agere! –
    Elias’s choices are OLF, ONLF- why? Because they are send with a mission from his boss Isayas Afewerki president of the prison land “Eritrea”

    H.R. 2003 is dead
    “This bill will not be considered by the full committee for now, but this does not mean the matter of progress in political and other rights in Ethiopia is closed…” – Tom Lantos
    [Good! Now we can stop begging the U.S. and start focusing on the struggle at home, such as supporting Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front, OLF, ONLF and the other freedom fighters.]” Lord, Lord!

  9. The dirty part of Elias Kifle is that, he exposes members of true Ethiopian political organizations to TPLF security personnel while they show a tendency to disagree to work with him.

  10. I also agree with you, Getachew Reda, about this parasitic agent called Elias Kifle. His enemies are not TPLF, ELF, OLF, ONLF etc but only patriotic Ethiopians and organizations, like the EPRP. He expresses this all the time. He has now started to write against the respected hero of Ethiopia, Dr. Taye. No doubt, Elias works for the destruction of Ethiopia and he is paid for this. From the way he handles his activities, I think he is a highly trained agent of a foreign government, who is capable of deceiving others by acting as if he is anti-Woyanne and a concerned Ethiopians. In this respect, he has some kind of similarity with Prof Efrem. As evidence, he has been writing good things about this Prof on many occasions. All those associated with Elias have similar objectives. Ethiopians who love their country and people should weak up and expose this individual and isolate him. He is an enemy of Ethiopia and its people. It is up to us to stop him from doing this.


  11. we still remember the so called professor Afework Yohanis? of facist Italy.For me all all professors are one and the same except Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and Professor Asrat Woldyes.

  12. I am an American of Ethiopian parents and I very much love Ethiopia eventhough I have never been there. I am afraid for Ethiopia from the Likes of Professor Ephrem Issac a stunch Zionist who is openly serves the interest of the world zionist movement and their racist idiology. I am not anti Jew or semite but Zionism has defamed jews and millions of Jews are against Zionism. Ethiopians should be careful and midfull of persons like Professor Ephrem.

  13. Dear Mr Yilma,
    Can you please tell what exactly Prof. Hizkias said about the millenium issue? Did he call to the Diaspora to go home? my God I’ve heard what he said about how to bring peace in Ethiopia but never recalled about him inviting Diaspora to go home for millenium.Can you post us the audio please? Thank you.I am asking because I know the stand of the Prof.
    Thank you.

  14. What is the price of defaming others without knowing them. My brothers, this writing a recorded history. What are you passing to the next generation and your children, when it is found out that Prof Isaac is a genuine Ethiopian who believes in tolerance. What defrentiates the writer from Elias Kifle who has destroyed many organizations and individuals. Remeber that you are only answerable to your inner conscience and or God when you write that cannot be proven. Tomorrow I will defend you if somebody attacks you. But I forgive you. Min Aynet Gize New!

  15. i also have too many misgiving about the ruling party, but going to the extent of writing malicious writings on respected fellow Ethiopians is utterly unacceptable!

  16. CIA active in Universities and watch out of all claiming to be Professors, distinguished Professors. All should be judged by what they did for their people and country Ethiopia not by the number of papers or titles.

  17. Wow! So much hate has been perpetrated, and so much time has been wasted in an effort to subvert the characters of individuals – had it not been wiser to discuss the really issues? I do not mind your critiques on the bases of your despondence over your government, but it seems to me that you are engaged in a personal attack the likes of which is paralleled to what happens when, sometimes, ladies get together to engage in hearsay. You and your sixteen friends could have spent the time discussing ideas and issues, formulating plans and initiatives, learning conflict resolution without resorting to negative rhetoric and so on – if you are someone who cares about the future of your country that is. It is one thing to express your frustration over your government, it is another to impugn someone with so much vitriol that your objective is clouded by your hatefulness. I personally know Professor Assefa and I know his intentions, passion and, his lifelong works. He is a genuine intellectual who has had a tremendous amount of experience, worked on a lot of high profile cases and achieved coveted results. He is a wonderful individual who needs to be respected. Remember, Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. (Eleanor Roosevelt).

  18. This article is a shit. I felt how little knowledge is really dangerous!

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