By Bizualem Beza

Since time immemorial,Ethiopians had not been given a single chance of electing their governents.Given the long history of the nation as a cradle of civilization and the origin of mankind,it could have been exemplified as a symbol of Democracy not only in Africa but also through out the world,however,even today at this modern times as the current reality shows on the ground those who rule the nation by force are unable to learn about Democracy from others.As of today,Ethiopia is a long long way away from establishing the rudimentary elements of democratic governance in every unit of  institutions in the country.As it had been the case in the remote and near past, monarchical power  transition ,and in recent times and nowadays, military dictatorship were/are a common practice to seize power which is squarely against the will of the masses.I believe,this common practice must be changed and other alternative should find its way.

Therefore,it is the right time for all peace loving Ethiopians to declare a new era of democracy in the upcoming millennium whereby:

.The forces of peace will prevail over the forces of tyranny/evil/
.Unwavering committment for replacing TPLF`s tyrannical rule by the people`s will
.Democracy and the rule of law will prevail over anarchy.
.Hope and Development will prevail over despair
.Equality will prevail over partiality
.Accountability will prevail over impunity
.Tolerance will prevail over arrogance
.Peacefull solution in settling disagreements will prevail over the use of lethal means
.Peace and love will prevail over hatred among the different nations and nationalities
.Unity will prevail over disunity
.Compassion will prevail over animosity
.Belongingness will prevail over division
.Committment for building a democratic society will prevail over hesitation and self-interest
.Committment for fighting poverty,disease and illiteracy.
.Long term vision will prevail over short sighted one.
.Trust will prevail over mistrust
.Modern way of thinking will prevail over  backward looking

For these to happen, the lasting and the best medicine lies within the people itself and the realization of the above mentioned lofty ideals will be determined largely by the people`s committment to strictly follow their elected leaders.  


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The Shameless so called ‘Professors’: Ephrem Isaac and Hizkias Assefa

Yilma Begashaw 

1.           Abuse of Education and Humanity 

Attainment of a higher education was to build a capacity to make a great contribution to knowledge. It was to develop a capacity to serve humanity in the face of truth and good faith. We do not forget how much respect was won by our past highly educated fellow citizens – be it from the Church or from the modern education. It is shame to see the choice of some so called Professors to degeneration  their educational attainments, to abuse their positions and to lower their ranks to the levels of ordinary cadres, informers, hooligans, traitors, ‘Hod-Aderoch’ and ‘Bandas’. 

2.       Their Crimes 

We all know how much damage was caused to the Ethiopian educational level by cadres such as ‘Professor Endrias Eshete.  Instead of using his high education from the USA for the betterment of his position, his people and advancement of academic intelligence, he chose to lower his position to an ordinary service of Ethiopia’s internal and external enemies. Persistent with Woyane’s anti-education and ethnic cleansing policies, Endrias made a great contribution to the displacement of highly educated man-power of Addis Ababa University. The types of very low moral values he is showing to students and young people are common facts.


Another so-called ‘Professor’ Hizkias Assefa has been touring around with two missions:  to bring reconciliation between our citizens in the country and in the Diaspora, and to encourage the Diaspora to go to Ethiopia and join the Millennium celebration. To start with, there is no such thing as an animosity between our citizens in the country and in the Diaspora. The problem is between the Ethiopian people and the repressive dictators, the serious problem he does not want to raise. Secondly, he is acting as an agent of the dictators to pull as many people as possible to the celebration of the regime’s Millennium to show to the World as though there is peace and stability in the country.


Now it the turn of our yet another so called ‘Professor’ – Ephrem Isaac. I really felt sick and ashamed when I was listening to the yesterday’s interview of the Addis Dimts that tried to bring together Ephrem Isaak and Professor Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, the true son of Ethiopia. Listening to the way Ephrem was talking, there is no way that one can distinguish him from a street vagabond and hooligan. But at least he agreed to his mission against the USA Congress move –  HR 2003 – for Ethiopian democracy and transparency. His shameless excuse is his ‘concern’ for the release of the prisoners of conscience. What is the relationship between the two? Why should he use his position as a mediator to release prisoners for defeating a very important move by the US Congress for democracy and transparency in our country? After all, is it not due to his pressure that prisoners have to admit a partial responsibility for the murder of innocent citizens as a condition for their release? Is it such a person who wants to shamelessly tell us that he is concerned for the prisoners of conscience? My conclusion is that his only concern is to save the ugly face of his pay-masters – the Woyanes and their sponsors.

3.       Concluding Remarks 

The fate of Ethiopia is not in the hands of the US Congress. Paid internal agents such as our so called Professors and external lobbyists in New York can never, and should never damage our spirits and our resilience for a protracted struggle for democracy, peace and prosperity. These cheap servants may extend the life of the tyrants for a further couple of days. But its end is approaching fast. Let us join hands and make it even faster, with the help of our Mighty. 


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Sanenedef Silet Inendef (Amharic poem from Getachew Abera)

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