Dr. Getachew Begashaw’s paper “Is it really Lessons learned and the Way Forward?”

 LA UEDF Support Committee
June 23, 2007


Why are our lessons learned from the May 2005 elections and its aftermath so different from that of  Dr. Getachew Begashaw’s as presented to the Canadian Peace-building Coordinating Committee in Toronto – entitled Lessons from the May 2005 Ethiopian Elections: The Way Forward” .  Before we address the topic, we would like to say this is written in the hope of starting a healthy and constructive dialogue from which we believe refined positions and clearer directions will ensue.  We hope our modest contribution will foster a democratic culture that will contribute towards building a democratic system. It not meant to score points and engage in a “win/lose” discourse.

Dr. Getachew Begashaw   presented the government and the opposition’s political positions on the May 2005 election in the form of narratives. Narratives cannot be proved or disproved and when he uses narratives, he confuses fact with fiction and endangers the truth. The May 2005 elections in Ethiopia cost hundreds of precious lives and   thousands were imprisoned. There was empirical evidence collected and deliberated on by the Ethiopian Inquiry Commission set up by the EPRDF government. The commission concluded that the shots fired by the government troops in June and November 2005 were intended not to disperse the protesting crowd but to kill them. That is why we say Dr. Getachew’s confusing narratives is a distortion of the facts, contradicting the reality of major events that took place in May 2005 in Ethiopia.Dr. Getachew also asks. “who won the Ethiopian federal election of May 2005?” In May 2005, 90% of eligible voters turned out to polling stations throughout the country and waited in long lines to cast their votes. Despite huge irregularities, shortages in ballot papers, and outright cheating government cadres planted in some polling stations, the voting ended relatively peacefully. It was indeed a resounding and stunning victory for the people of Ethiopia and the opposition parties. While the final vote counting was going on in the some areas, the Prime Minister announced on national television that public demonstrations and outdoor gatherings were banned in Addis Ababa for a month. Knowing that the opposition parties were heading for a land slide victory, the ruling party prematurely declared itself a winner of the majority of the seats for federal Parliament and Regional councils with the exception of the capital (Addis Ababa). Following this, leaders of opposition parties in Addis were placed under house arrest. The government imprisoned en-masse, in violation of  basic human and civil rights, leaders of opposition parties, trade union leaders, civic organization leaders, independent journalists, students, and peaceful demonstrators.

What is the meaning of “fair” when Dr. Getachew inquires into Ethiopia’s 2005 elections?  Does “fair” for the ruling party and the opposition mean the same things? EPRDF’s fundamental policies towards the opposition have been consistent rejection, hegemony and dictatorship. Now on the defensive, the opposition in pre-May 2005 elections showed the relatively successful formation and unity it lacked in previous elections.  

What does Dr. Getachew mean by “the May 2005 election was a marked improvement over the 1992, 1995 and 2000 elections”? To attribute “improvements” to the May 2005 election process as gratis of   EPRDF and calling for praise while disregarding the decisive contribution of an effective united front of the opposition is a gross oversight.   What was different in May’s 2005 election, Dr. Getachew, was the opposition decided to apply pressure in unity and mobilize the Ethiopian people against EPRDF; that was the real “marked improvement” over the previous elections. EPRDF has consistently maintained its dictatorial rule with Meles at it head in 1992, 1995 and 2000 elections. EPRDF’s perpetual offensive on any opposition to its rule began with its march into Addis in May 1991 and the years subsequent to EPRDF ascent to power ushered the demise of some opposition parties, the regrouping of others and the coming into being of new ones. None of these parties were a match to the organized power of EPRDF & EPLF that continually thwarted their formation, development or advance.  

The opposition parties’ united front, a progress born out of the persistent and determined struggle, created a legitimate opposition coalition force that got popular support.  It forced Meles and his party to come to the negotiation table for the first time in March 2004 and make concessions ; i.e. discuss some of the oppositions preconditions ( e.g. change electoral laws, admit international observers into Ethiopia, access to media, neutrality of the National Election Board etc). Sorry Dr. Getachew, we don’t share your praise for “the ruling party” that you claim facilitated “a largely conducive condition to conduct elections”. We believe it was the opposition leaders and the Ethiopian people  in the May 2005 elections that forced Meles to play out his hand , the hand he dubbed “a calculated risk”.  EPRDF’s vote rigging, ballot destruction, harassment and innumerable sabotage activities during the elections became more visible to the international community in May 2005, but were always there in 1992, 1995 and 2000 elections.  As such, talking about “conducive condition to conduct elections” rings hollow for us.  

Furthermore, no lesson can be learned by stating the May 2005 elections as a “marked improvement over 1992, 1995 and 2000” without adequate comparative analysis of the periods, the contending parties and their relationships to the ruling party.  The ruling party immobilized the opposition parties with pernicious propaganda and curtailed their movement around the country while PM Meles continued to scream for a “viable opposition”. The feeble opposition boycotted the 2000 elections and the outcome of 1995 election was predetermined before any election campaigns began.   Meles kept his pretense of no viable opposition until his rude awakening in the May 2005 elections; i.e. until Ethiopians in there millions demonstrated their support for a united opposition.  We credit the staunch support of the Ethiopian people, which catapulted the opposition into prominence and gave a legitimate challenge the ruling party.  Only months before the May 2005 elections, Ato Meles refused to have the presence of international observers during the elections citing “sovereignty” in these matters, refused to change the electoral laws tailored for EPRDF’s hegemony, refused and curtailed the opposition’s access and use of media outlets.  No! Dr. Getachew, EPRDF does not deserve any praise.   The lesson learned in the May 2005 election is a strong united front of the opposition got results and forced   EPRDF to concede to numerous opposition demands though it came only a few weeks before election day. Some of these concessions were allowing the presence of international observers during the May 2005 elections, changes to the electoral laws, use of media (Television debates, etc.).   The lessons learned is a united opposition is a formidable force that can mobilize millions to effect change. 

Now Dr. Getachew’s advises the opposition parties to “diligently exercise responsible politics and playing the role of loyal opposition.”  Hasn’t Dr. Getachew heard that the job of “responsible politics” and “loyal opposition” is occupied by the likes of Ato Lidetu, Dr. Merera and Dr. Beyene who are diligently exercising responsible politics and playing the role of loyal opposition?  Who are you advising to conduct responsible politics and loyalty? To the opposition leaders in prison and scores of journalists, civic leaders and opposition supporters languishing in Meles prisons?

There is symmetry of opinion between the ruling party and the opposition” and that “an agreement between the opposition and the ruling party might be a distinct possibility”?  Here is a quotation from a March 2007 the Economist report that summarizes where the relationship of the party in power and the opposition is   At present, the expectation is that most of the prisoners will be found guilty and sentenced to serve time in jail. Under this scenario, the best case in terms of maintaining political stability would be if most were quietly released after serving a few years of their sentence, once their political powers had been drained. The most pressing concern is that there are a number of elderly defendants with pre-existing medical conditions and there is a risk that some will not survive internment, which could spark a new bout of political unrest,” the report said. (Report Guilty verdict very likely: Report the Economist Intelligence Unit | March 1, 2007).  Dr. Getachew, do you still say symmetry of opinion and a distinct possibility for agreement?

“Effective power-sharing presupposes an innate belief by both the ruling party and its opposition that they are both toiling for the good of the country,” says Dr. Getachew. We have yet to see a leader, party, group or person now and in previous years that has not claimed its mission as “toiling for the good of the country” (Emperor Haile Sellasie, Col. Mengistu and the champion of peasants PM Meles). The only toilers are the people of Ethiopia that have been disappointed by opportunists who sell them out with every turn of event. Action speaks louder than words and the fact is negotiation at present only means negotiating away our people’s hard won gains. Victory in establishing democracy can be certain if the need for clear and trustworthy leaders with concrete political actions are met. The illusion in the opposition camp that EPRDF will change  through national reconciliation or will share power has been demonstrably shattered by innumerable events in its seventeen years reign and more dramatically in the May 2005 elections. EPRDF will not share power without an intense struggle involving our people. EPRDF is quick to put the tip of bayonet on our peoples’ throats that demand freedom and democracy, always making confrontation unavoidable.

And what about Dr. Getachew’s call for “third parties” to resolve our problems? The lessons of third parties involvement (Cohen in London 1991), Congressman Harry Johnson (1993) have not been helpful for Ethiopia to say the least.  In the post communist world, Meles, Museveni, and Kagame in Africa and Karzai, Nouri, Awaki, Mushareff etc., in Central Asia have become models of modern day democracies lauded by the world dominating powers.  That is the kind of democracy we see globally when third parties are involved in resolving the questions of democracy.  Democracy is not looking for equal “opportunity to rule” with the blessing of third parties.  “Ene Ishalalehu, lenes tera Setugne”. We can’t afford to sideline our people and make them spectators.  Instead of mobilizing and organizing our people for the painful struggle that lies ahead, why does Dr. Getachew point to “third party” solutions?  What are we to make of this downplaying our people’s bitter experience and Dr Getachew’s aspiration for backroom negotiations? Such calls for third parties at present detract our people from self-reliance in solving problems and preparing themselves for the decisive struggle needed to create a democratic system. Third parties showed no effective influence or leadership even after Meles ordered the shooting of students and Addis dwellers that were demanding the recount of votes in June and November 2005.  In spite of “essential third party” mediations and negotiations, there is in essence, no resolution to the voting “irregularities” and no resolution to Meles’ repressive measures.  In fact, third parties were pressuring the opposition to call off boycotts, be happy with the votes they got and join the parliament or take matters to the courts in the aftermath of the May 2005 elections. Dr. Getachew. this is a lesson worth noting and should never be forgotten.  And where are the opposition leaders now who resisted this “third party” intervention? The leaders have been charged and found guilty of for “treason” and “outrage against the constitution” facing possible death.  Shocked, aren’t they these “third parties” by the outcome of the Meles’ verdict?

All opposition parties, civic groups, and individuals are still the target of EPRDF’s destruction. EPRDF has unleashed a reign of terror. The lessons we draw from the bloody suppression of the opposition and its supporters by   EPRDF’s harassment, arrest and eventual imprisonment and guilty verdict of opposition leaders is not the necessity of wheeling and dealing with EPRDF or screaming for third parties or a “middle road” as it has now becoming fashionable in certain quarters. The “ middle roaders” lesson is “no chifen telacha, no chifen degaff” a la Ato Lidetu,  “Yewendemamach tegel new”. Interestingly those who call  “Beherawi Irque” have gotten their response from PM Meles.  “Man tetalana?”   And lately, an advise from a cadre of the ruling party, “gold and dirt, don’t mix”.  

Our people’s struggle and the May 2005 elections taught us the meaning and importance of a united opposition.  At no time since EPRDF ascent to power did the effectiveness of a united front demonstrated as in the eve of May elections. . It taught us the necessity of the participation of millions to sweep EPRDF/TPLF out of power. Ethiopian opposition politics has opened a new chapter in the country’s journey towards democracy and  it is our people that got us here and deserve praise  and not  “essential third parties”. 

May 2005 and the subsequent developments have also clearly demonstrated to our people the limitations of populist electoral politics. EPRDF government was in dire straight and decisively beaten in major cities and even a veteran TPLF cadre admitted publicly recently that the ruling party knows it lost the elections. However, this veteran TPLF cadre added that the EPRDF will not  “let go” of power it won by the barrel of the gun in exchange for paper ballots of the opposition for the sake of democracy.  Will the next election be any different? Those who claim to be in the opposition –but who, in reality, desire to impede our movement by calling us to focus only of the 2010 election only detracts us from summing up our bitter experience; election (2010) would not resolve the problems that emanate from EPDRF dictatorial rule based on sheer military force.

Participation in parliamentary elections has served the participating parties as a brilliant means to extend their political influence and membership. This is yet another lesson learned.  The electoral politics helped to effectively get the opposition parties message out and we all have witnessed the millions that came out in Addis and other cities and towns during campaigns in support of the opposition parties.

Today, the activities of opposition forces outside parliament has been the target of EPRDF/TPLF terrorizing  onslaught, so why talk about “effective power-sharing” when the ruling EPRDF is busier than ever reversing the democratic gains with so much indifference! Reversing gains that even EPRDF held as bragging points in the “democratization process” to its donor partners. The free press is snuffed out including selected websites critical to EPRDF’s rule. No one is held accountable for the indiscriminate killings and the blood split in the June and November 2005 demonstrations. The horrifying killings and the subsequent sharpest increase in human rights violation unmistakably point that EPRDF is not by any stretch of imagination toiling for the good of the country or wants to share power.

The lessons of May 2005 and it aftermath show the importance of mobilizing of our people and conducting a coordinated struggle aimed at stopping the EPRDF from leading the nation into dangerous and destructive paths. No real movement towards democracy is possible until the EPRDF’s rule is brought down to its knees by the mighty force of millions; is there really an alternative to this? The opposition’s unrelenting struggle must continue to concentrate on demands to reinstate all the democratic gains that were reversed by EPRDF/TPLF. No real movement towards democracy is possible until we thoroughly expose the double standard of some foreign governments who play “deaf and mute” to our people’s plea for justice. We must expose their indifference to EPRDF’s government injustice, cruelty and sheer state terror in the aftermath of May 2005 elections. Sadly, we have observed some EPRDF foreign supporters indict the oppositions’ peaceful demonstration and vociferous demands equally with Meles’ bloody suppression and brute response.

UEDF has in many ways communicated, and we share the view,  that restoring and consolidating the gains, further building on them, moving the democratic struggle forward and disallowing EPRDF leaders from derailing our democratic movement has become the urgent task of Ethiopians in the democratic opposition. The struggle to win back, consolidate and build on gains should be conducted simultaneously demanding for the release of all our leaders and the thousands of supporters in prison, release the members of the free press so that they can continue their work and hold responsible those that have committed atrocities on our people. As has previously been repeatedly expressed by UEDF leaders, short of conducting these struggles and creating a democratic system where there is supremacy of law, gains made and the rights won can easily be reversed by EPRDF.  EPRDF incarcerates opposition leaders and followers when it wants too, release them and then put them back in prison again.  We have to stop falling for this nonsense, and believe it is our historical responsibility that we win back our gains and struggle towards a stable democratic system. 

Fairness, marked improvement, conducive, praise, possibility of agreement, effective power-sharing, reconciliation are not exactly timely vocabularies used when engaging  EPRDF. We say let’s concentrate on organizing and  mobilizing our people  for an effective struggle to restore our gains. Focus on exposing  the double standard of third parties. Let’s do what we can to contribute to the democratic process.

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  1. Dr. Getachew are you kidding me? why don’t you join
    Dr.Beyene,Gudina and Others or get onother job!
    The more you try to convince us the more you get hated!

  2. Is this paper written by LA UEDF support committee or someone within the party (EPRP) who allegedely oppose Dr. Getachew’s view? I would say the later. If it is from the later, it would be appropriate at least for the sake of the well being of the party, to discuss and resolve it within the party-not here.

    I have re-read Dr. Getachew’s paper several times, I have not found any problem with it. All I see here and at other places is just a MIS-REPRESENTAION of his opinion and FALSE EXAGGERATIONS. Let’s be positive and stop attacking one another. After all, it is not going to help the struggle against Woyane. At the end of the day, it is only Woyane that will be benefit out of it.



  3. Dear Editor,

    I always enjoy the good quality and sincerity of almost all of the papers that are posted on your wonderful website.

    I also like your great policy of giving chances and opportunities to every one.

    However, the publication of the above article is out of date.

    Dr. Getachew Begashaw’s article was already widely discussed on. It was also a subject of a series of discussion paltalks. Through those important discussions, all possible misunderstandings arising from that academic paper were resolved and the file closed.

    Now it is the time to talk about and campaign against such issues as the verdict of our prisoners of conscience, the flagrant and illegal invasion of Somalia and its implications, the continued gross sufferings of our people, and the negative interventions of foreign powers that extend the lives of tyrants on power.

    Unless we are serving the tyrants we do not have to look back and dig for matters that divert attention from important issues. If we are genuine, we have to look for ways of strengthening the international joint task forces for a protracted struggle for democracy, justice, peace and prosperity for our beloved people. Let us not act as strange creatures that appear from the aliens. Ethiopia is for all of us. We have to share the common concerns.

    Let us fear the Mighty God.



  4. This is very sad! I dont think this is genun comment on Dr. getachew’s paper. Many ways, such as high jack some current issues on up coming saccur field Old Eprps meetings other mettings, its personal heatra, because we been discusing a lot on his issue on paltalk. Why we allways tackeling the good ones to stuck on an neccesary fields?


  5. Dr.Getachew, you are a shame to your organization. If you want to work with Weyane like Beyene and Merera have the courage to leave the EPRP and go to the Adwa bastards.You have no credit to call yourself a doctor and a militant.This paper of yours is a mess.You try to present surrender in a good light but you have failed.Tnak you LA UEDF committee for exposing this Weyane ashker.I am sorry ythe EPRP has sunk so low as to have such asafari fellows as leaders.oh God!

  6. Yilma Said, please wake up.No EPRP can post article in the name of the LA UEDF. Can’ youa dmit that this fellow’s postition is despicable even to UEDF and the general public?By the way arfe there people within EPRP who hate this so called leader of theirs?if so why did they put him in that place? You guys are funny!

  7. I wonder why the LA UEDF committee or the people behind it selected to post this nonsense article at this time. Because…….We know your objective. Don’t try it. This is not going to help anyone.


  8. Ehapa Iytesnateq nowene?

  9. yilma, your comment on uedf la support c article as outdated shows your fear to debate dr getachew’s mistakes. lot of smoke no fire wont help you.

  10. Why this article is removed from the site.

  11. Dr. Getachew, Go lick your master’s boots, but don’t yap at others.We will see you soon in addis or makale.Enugh is enugh !! Do you think that you are loyal to your own people. Shame on you!!

  12. I belive we have to stop defaming, and focus on facts. Late us not loose our heroes. Late us not open our mouth since one can see our head in our mouth. Late us proof that we all are doing what we preach andd speak.
    If ther is no diffrence then we have to be more genuine, more democrat, and shold tech reconcillation. But be fore we die we all are getting old late us bring a stronger and one EPRP

  13. From Getachew Reda

    Good point. Thnk about? If you had some one a victim on that onslaught!

  14. This page is cutting my points. plaese connect this with the above.No one is held accountable for the indiscriminate killings and the blood split in the June and November 2005 demonstrations. The horrifying killings and the subsequent sharpest increase in human rights violation unmistakably point that EPRDF is not by any stretch of imagination toiling for the good of the country or wants to share power.

  15. I wonder why some individuals from the leadership of our organization still felled to see their reckless behavior? Dr Getachew said over again its his opinion as well invited to the Ottawa round table as himself, not representing any group, so if we believe individual rights, freedom of expression, why jump to condemnation? I just don’t understand till this day even after so many damage done dwelling on some thing don’t help us come together? Same individuals trying hard to slip with our arch enemy with those killed our dearest comrades in day light at red terror time same token try hard to paint their own comrades as a part of the so-called Birhanu group. What a shame,

  16. Why publish this at this June 2007 article at this time, in January 2008? Even then, it was a highly misunderstood and misrepresented presentation. Those who have issues like this have ended up splitting EPRP. THAT I SUPPOSE IS THEIR PATHETIC SUCCESS! The rest seems to me SOUR GRAPES. Those demagogues who would never agree to change and transform themselves will never leave any dirt unturned to defame, maim, and destroy people like Dr. Getachew. But they will be thrown into the dust bin of history. Ethiopia, especially the so-called opposition is in a very sad state of affairs. With groups like these who wants a struggle.

  17. First of all the LA UEDF shouldn’t have involved in the issue in that trend. If there is any concern it need to be addressed to EPRP or UEDF or its member organizations. That is common sense. Other wise it would invite a wrangle between the different UEDF supporters on the paper presented. It also makes questionable the commitment of embracing and encouraging different opinions and freedom of opinion. I do believe UEDF was/is a stage where different or divergent Ethiopian opposition opinions are accommodated. The paper could also be analyzed and interpreted in different way, if some one want it to give the political favor he wants.

    I don’t think this trend would give a political credit to any one except defeating the purpose.


  18. Ayalew, yosef and others who asked why DEBTERAW should post June’s Article; have u asked yourself why Dr. Getachew raise the issue and post a paper. have you read his recent article posted on ethiomedia who praises Seeye Abraha who has got blood of many EPRP members in his hands, who is among the few actors in jailing Debteraw and other leaders? Be fair and have an all round look, please. do not ask the Editor to be one sided.

  19. Dear Debteraw,

    You are going down and down again. All I see on your website is INSULT AFTER INSULT. Do you think all this insults is going to help the struggle against Woyane? I don’t think so.

    I think you need to review your papers before you post. So sad, all this in the name of Debteraw?


  20. It is amazing to see the editor of debteraw posting an article written before SIX months just to attack an individual. Instead of attacking individuals, the editor need to bring articles that deal how we can remove woyane. All I see on the website is articles written by few attacking other groups, indivduals, etc instead of woyane.

    I think the editor need to revise its policy.

    Very sad,


  21. Shame! On Debteraw web page! Shame! On LA UEDF.

    The comment I wrote today has been removed after it appeared for a short moment on this section. Isn’t this page supposed to be un moderated and un censored? You are telling us that you fight for democracy and freedom of speech? You are a disgrace for those who scarified their life. Please stop using the name of Debteraw. Instead, name it after Eyasu Alemayehu the dictator, the lampoon and Mr. know it all. Tsegaye Debtraw was a gallant fighter for freedom not for dictatorship. Getachew Begashaw is leading a group that ditched you on the extra ordinary congress and they are garnishing all the support they can get using their civil and issue oriented approach unlike your day in and day out. Your full of insult web page and paltalk rooms such as Assimba and forum of Ethiopia are the most venomous and the most hated. In contrast to your trash program, their pal talk room VEDR is attracting so many Ethiopians from all walks of life. Those who want to learn and debate on issues than nonsense name calling and mud slinging are showing their support and admiration for EPRP (Democratic).
    Ato Mersha and Dr. Getachew have shown the high road with their “on the issue” attitude. The more Eyasu attack his X comrades, the more he tightens the noose on himself and his Chiwawas. It is time to call a spade a spade and get rid off this obsolete dictator.

  22. Please would you post a speeches of Siyee that appeared in ethiomedia and says a lot concerning, Ethiopian unity, ethnicity,?
    Have you read his answer on how he looks his past crime?
    He said I did not promise not to commit a mistake. But I will correct it when I am able to do that.
    Men it is not a mistake Siye committed, it is a crime committed against humanity and innocent Ethiopian.
    The editor, please post it and let’s debate on.
    The other and the most important thing is, we will ask him on the conditions of Debteraw and his comrades.
    For those who read his speech, he said” I am committed for the rests of my life in the struggle to release political prisoners”
    If so, who are political prisoners in the eyes of him?
    Would he tell us how many and where TPLF have unknown prison center?
    Would he explain us the whereabouts of Tsegay?
    Please post it, I beg you in the name of Debtera to do it.

  23. Well, the LA UEDF is arguing in a civil manner by pointing what they may have believed flawed on parts of Dr. Getachew’s opinion regarding Ethiopian politics. And if we want to be counted for on this issue, we have the opportunity to forward our own 2 cents worth opinions courteously and constructively. This is a public forum for an open debate to hammer out our differences and to reshape our strategies in the struggle that benefits all of us. And I do not see a room for personal vendettas to score aginst what one may consider adversary while we are looking for a better ideas and creativity to share about.
    It is still mind-boggling to have a good number of my compatriots are still engaged in gross distorsion of objective reality – to meet their internal needs, refused to swallow the naked truth – because it is too threatening and willfully behave delusional- fearing the truth that may brought them about the end of their fantacy worlds. It is simply unthinkable to engage in civil discourse while some of us are building defensive walls to be eaten away in callous ignorance.
    with respect

  24. kebero Keep ur hero to yourself the way ur righting
    is familiar BS you have no way to advocate to wyane’s except insulting EPRP as hall
    What is Getachw’s article said at ethiomedia and Addis voice I guess asking forgiveness?


    How the simple attempted burglary, into the offices of the Democratic Election council at the Watergat Hotel in Washington DC, at the end of the first Nixon adimnstraton,led to the President’s impeachement and resignation? IT WAS THE ATTEMPTED COVER UP OF THE FIRST CRIME. Every time one tries to justify the wrong path to follow by twisting the direction of the compass,it only multiplies its problems and,finally losses the logic of its argument to hold the compass. Dr.Getachew like the cake and eat it too.
    In his revised piece on the other web media,he is trying one more time to unlearn us about his “Ottowa debacle”. Now the cover-up is starting by scape goating. Like Nixon,”enmies list” will be compiled. Bunker mentality expressed as “I” a target of character assasination which is foreign for EPRP RANK AND FILE MILITANTS,LET ALONE LEADERS. It is a contemparay malaise which afflicted the armchair/ARADA politicians who care more to their egos than the cause they stand for.

  26. Debteraw editors, it is very shameful. Instead of full of negativism you could do very effecient duty. Your website posts nothing important issue to our country except Iyassu’s ill motive ideas. You are taking the website down to the earth. Once I loved and appreciate your site, now I hate to visit your site.

  27. First of all we all should agree that our movement is towards implementing a democratic society in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is ruled by a group of individuals led by Melese Zenawi. This group is committed itself in rulling Ethiopia as long as we allow them. Sure enough we are allowing Woyane to dismantle our nation by attacking to each other instead of focusing our enery against Woyane. Dr Getachew’s article has been a major issue as if his article is ruling our nation. He as an individual citizen spoke up his mind to an audience that completely committed to find peace full resolutions. As a scholar, he was asked to present his views in locating peaceful solutions for his country. Dr Getachew then presented his case based on the request he received and based on his audiences. His party has declared to struggle in the ways of Hulegeb Tigl which means all of his presentations are also allowable based his party resolutions. If his party has a one only form of struggle, which using arms, then all this condemnations towards Getachew would have been understood.

  28. Adamu,
    Are you unhappy Getachew posted his article? Was he any wrong factually? Why is all the infighting among the opposition while woyane is ready to continue the grip at the helm of power? Tell me who will best benefit from this? Getachew? Are you blaming Getachew or Ethiomedia for Siye? I thought you are thinking Ethiomedia, for Getachew has nothing to say about that. I am afraid the time for business as usual as matters the EPRP is over. It seems to me there is nothing salvageable. The gaps are widening by the day and even the Eyasu wing is not delivering their promise of a “reconciliation committee”. When is it going to happen? Do they really believe in bringing everybody even at the expense of losing their grip on the party (if they did, i do not want to be the judge and i am not one of you)for the sake of party unity and moving forward with renewed vigor? I just hope all of you come to your senses. The cost of the struggle is immense—who should carry the burden? I think new ways, new leadership and new ideas and new VISION is a paramount quest Ethiopia cannot afford to lose. And your EPRP will reap the glory.

  29. Sorry to say, this largely worthless and outdated article is written by none other than individuals with recognized dictatorial behaviors, who suffer from mental conditions that urge them to attack anyone who expresses different ideas from what they little know. The fabrication, exaggeration, negativity, arrogance, emptiness, etc. shown in the write-up are the usual patterns expressed by this group since having this website in monopoly. It is sad to witness that the good name of the Ethiopian hero Debteraw is being abused by this group to fulfill their sick personal egos and/or to benefit (possibly intentionally) the dictator in Addis. It is said: “Action speaks louder than words.” None of these individuals has the moral authority and intellectual caliber to criticize Dr. Getachew. He is an accomplished and internationally recognized scholar and a true son of Ethiopia. In recognition of his expertise in Ethiopian politics and as a serious opponent of the regime in Addis, he has been invited to provide his views on contemporary Ethiopian conditions, not only to Ethiopian communities in various places and pal talks but also in major international conferences in different countries including Canada, Norway and USA. By contrast, those who criticize his presentation by mis-representing it (negatively) have never been near to this. Let alone to be invited, they are not even capable of presenting their case to their own small circle in a convincing and mannerly fashion, without itching to fight. As has been observed time and again, they are incapable of organizing and leading a even small group of local level. The more serious problem is that they do not seem to realize their deficiencies/mistakes and are not ready to change or be corrected. It also seems that their egos have blinded them with something like: “The grapes are sour.” Some of the previous postings on Debteraw against all Ethiopian intellectuals are a more relevant proof for this. This is not a healthy attitude and it is now becoming more and more counterproductive for those associated with them. It is about time those who are close to them should realize this problem and take appropriate actions before it is too late. The madness should not be allowed to continue at the expense of the Ethiopian people. We need somebody like Dr. Getachew who can significantly contribute to the solution of our problems. Let them leave him alone, and by extension let them leave the Ethiopian people alone (if they are not able to help). I want to stop with the following Chinese proverb: “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it”


  30. I went and read Dr Getachew’s article. First of all he presented the article in an individual bases and should be seen as personal opinion or suggestion. He did not represent any political organization or group. Second his suggestion was not that bad. He did not suggested to any political organziation or group to participate in the next election. Rather he presented his opinion about the early negotation between political organizations including EPRDF. That is not a negative idea. Participating in any kind of dialogue doesn’t mean making a deal or compromising a previous political position. Any political organization must learn to open his door for dialogue with his political enemies/opositions. This is the ABC of politics. I don’t know now but the old EPRP I knew has beleived to bring peace and change in the country with peaceful measures. EPRP fought all wars as self defence and after exosting all non-violent struggles. EPRP did want to participate in a peaceful stuggle in Ethiopia. Rather EPRDF prevented EPRP, with all its powers, not to participating in any negotation/dialogue about the political future of Ethiopia. I don’t think so Debteraw will support your idea if he come out from his prision cell( if he still alive). He never been a war mongger. Please don’t preach war under his name. Please don’t expand the division among comrades. LA UEDF has no business in EPRP internal problem. Please don’t destroye this old democratic political organization because your personal ego or vendettas.

  31. I noticed from the responders to the article, that ÄPOLOGISTS of Dr. Getachew are worse than certified EPRP HATERS. It seems they did not read the article to grasp the essence of the argument;instead they chose to see the “the Learned PHD”.”The intrnationally reknowned scholar”. They ask the critcs, HOW DARE YOU TO…? blah,blah.. APOLOGISTS knows no bounds to stoop in order to defened their fello travllers,as birds of the sam feathers fly together.
    If the same Doctor stick to his orginal belief(if he has one?)as militant IHAPA,todays apologists will turn against him faster than N.Y time. That is the nature of APOLOGISTS/APPEASEARS. There is a saying,GIVE EVEN THE DEVIL ITS DUES. I give Dr. Getachew credit to express his views boldly. There is IHAPA BLLOD in his viens,even though it is dwindling and in short supply.
    The main point, however, is not the presentation of contrarian outlook he devloped. It is the way he conducted and operated outside the perview and rules of his organizations. Democracy with out the rule of law is autocracy and worse when it is practicesd by the state. The very Doctor whose mantra is “Fighting dictatorship” for his bolting out of EPRP THE SECOND TIME,DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR EVEN HIS APOLOGISTS.

  32. Ayalew,

    The paper Dr. Getachew presented in Ottawa is wrong in two aspects when I see it from the side of the opposition, the real opposition. Number one, Dr Getachew was member of the party leadership until the opening of the conference and his walked out from there. Till the opening, I believe that he shouldn’t promote any thing which is against his party’s policy and views. By the time and even now, to my knowledge, EPRP’s stand is that the 2005 election was rigged and the struggle is to force Meles to respect the Ethiopian people’s vote. So, should he talk about the next Election? No, as he souldn’t go outside the party’s line. Number two, I do support the arguments raised by the UEDF Support ctt. Moreover, do not you think that his choice of media out-lets such as ethiomedia and adiss voice which are in new love with Seeye and Co, imply a fishy smell? What do you smell when the Washington based radio of Dr. Getachew and co announced about the public meeting called by Seeye who is not willing to speak out about the whereabouts of Debteraw and other heroes and heroines? That is indeed a very bad smell. ON the question of who should be the leader of EPRP, it is up to its members to decide. The resilience and commietement of Eyasu and other senior leaders are among the two most valauable leadership qualities. If they are needed to be changed it is the upto the party’s members. Why me and you who are not member shoulld bother?

  33. I don’t think the perso who name with symbol of the doctor good enough for his measure study. One thing what he lern unoutstanding gready, week nationalist, arrogant. Lonely , hopeless. He is a treator of the nation of ethiopia. God mercy when the time comes true. I ask ethiopian people to revoke who he is, I will bring him for justice. I will promise.

  34. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off
    the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but
    I figured I’d post to let you know. The layout look great though!

    Hope you get the problem resolved soon. Many thanks

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