Excerpts from a letter sent to Jeffery Gettleman



I read your report and video with amazement for the exceptional courage it took you in telling the truth as it is: “In Ethiopia fears and cries of Army Brutality.” As you have observed it is not an isolated incidence but rather a daily criminal act of the regime all over the country.

It is my first time to read a true, vivid revelation of the horrendous human rights abuses from a Western journalist who, I feel miraculously escaped the government’s self censure imposed on journalists as a whole on their reporting.  Your exposure of the heinous crimes being committed by the one man State of Meles Zenawi is a selfless commitment to promoting freedom, democracy and the right to live.

Living in Ethiopia as you have noted for many Ethiopians is an every day road to perdition.

It won’t be long before they [Meles and his cronies] start giving you a hard time for telling the truth nor would you get assistance from the US ambassador Yammamoto who is benign treated like a child by Meles Zenawi. We all know what happened to your guy’s for five days recently in Ogaden.  They know no domestic or international laws nor do they abide by them. Don’t be disarmed by the oratorical skills, subterfuges and shenanigans of Meles.

I can tell you Ethiopia will remember you for the courage you had in telling the truth.  And Ethiopia will definitely be free from the jaws of a blood thirsty, rotting despot, whatever he relies on America to commit his crimes against humanity.

You are the maverick US journalist I have been waiting to see in telling the truth as it is. But believe me; the regime will accuse you of anything under the sun. And convincing Americans working with Meles is also going to be a though job. In Ethiopia truth is bitter.

Be watchful and keep yourself safe!

Best regards of the day,

Aklilu Demissie

A concerned Ethiopian.

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