Abay (Nile) let us return back! (poem in Amharic)

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Yilma Begashaw  

1.                  Attempt to divert from current issues 

The Meles Zenawi – Bereket Simon Alchemy to divert attention from their brutality and rules of the jungle to looking abiders to peace and international law will not work again.

Even their own external sponsors have shown dismay and concern regarding the verdict of the Woyane Kangaroo court.  To divert internal and external attentions, they came up with a dispatch of the usual unprincipled silly letter to the United Nations, shamelessly declaring that, in principle, they are happy to implement the International Court’s verdict to surrender Badme to their Eritrean kin’s and kits.

 2.                  Lack of principles 

My fellow friends,

The Meles _ Bereket mafia quango alliance cannot talk about principles:  They never had one.  The wicked Meles Zenawi lived and continues to live in a number of personal inferiority complexes. When in the jungles, he was well known for changing principles every time he completed reading a book or a manifesto.

Ø      When he read about Lenin, he supported the Bolsheviks and the Soviet Union.

Ø      When he next read Chairman Mao’s Red Book, he supported the Chinese Communisms.

Ø      When he wanted to distance his hopeless MALELIT group from the Ethiopian revolutionaries he found a book on Enver Hoxa and defected to worshiping the most hopeless Albanian Communist line – the line that brought the untold misery to the Albanian peoples – similar to what is happening to our people today.

Ø      When the Western Capitalists started getting an upper hand over the shabby leadership of the last Soviet Union leader Michel Gorbachow and the eventual decline of the Durgue Regime, our opportunist Meles and his Shaabiya counterparts resorted to becoming the loyal servants of the West.  That declaration of their service – body and sole- to the Western Powers  and to some Middle East and Gulf States gave them the ammunition to come to stare powers in Addis Ababa and Asmara.  When a Representative of the World Bank was touring Africa some years ago, he surprisingly suggested that the imposed Structural Adjustment policies of the West cannot work in regions such as Africa. At the same time, Meles was boasting that he has the best record in implementing the Structural; Adjustment Policies of the World Bank and the IMF in Ethiopia. Shame, shame. What a great jump from the ultra-left Albanian style Communism to becoming the champion of  the ultra-right Western Imperialists’ Structural Adjustment Policies? On may ask – should he care? Not at all. To care for a good principle you must have one. But definitely he has a nasty principle – to get to power and to cling to it, in any possible way, including the invasion of Somalia as a favour to the West for keeping him in power after.

Ø      It should only be the work of the Almighty God that the honey between Addis and Asmara did not last beyond some six years after coming to power. Due to their utter selfish nature, however, Badime become the cause to instigated a nasty war that cost the lives of over 100,000 people. Moreover, both sides did not even bother to collect rotting corpses –  hyenas and eagles had to do the job.

Ø      When Shaabiha invaded Badime, the Woyanes could not defend. Their cadres were already in the different world of loathing business. They had to wait for two good years until the displaced professional ex-Ethiopian Army Pilots of modern fighter Jets had to be begged and temporarily deployed that destroyed the Shaabiya army. When the Ethiopian Army was pushing forward towards Asmara to complete the mission once for all, the Meles-Bereket pro-Shaabiya clique shamelessly called back the army to save the Shaabiya  mad state. This flagrant sabotage appears to be one of the main reasons that led some Tigray nationalist elements such as Siye Abraha to jail. Apart from those selfish elements, most of the Tigray people are not happy with the pro-Eritrea tendencies of the Meles-Bereket clique.

  1. Are Meles-Bereket going to surrender Badme?

This is a one million Dollar question. The Meles-Bereket clique does not have any problem with this.

Ø      In the history of any nation, Meles is the first leader that wrote to the UN to beg for offering Eritrea, the then integral part of Ethiopia an independence.

Ø      It was this clique that called back the winning Ethiopian Army before the completion of the War.

Ø      It was this clique that deliberately refused not bring valid evidence to the international court. They were happy with the null and void maps of the Italian Colonial Power that were presented by the Shaabiyas. Both signed that they will accept the Court decision. The outcome of the Court decision with such wrong evidences was a fait accompli.

Ø      When they came out of the Court, Meles and Seoum declared that the international court decision was to Ethiopian favour. Their supporters started dancing in the air. Afeworki said it was to the Eritrean favour. That side also started dancing to that tune. When the truth came out, however, Afeworki was right. The Meles clique was only bluffing, as always.

Ø      Then came a heavy resentment especially from his Tigray power base. It was due to this fear that Meles was reluctant to surrender Badme up to now.

         If he surrenders it now, then his life will be in the hands of his own trusted bodyguards from Tigray, whose trust he can not bet on for ever. The response of a nationalist feeling cannot be pre-determined. Otherwise, the whole futile exercise is to divert temporary attention from the verdict of his Kangaroo Court regarding our Prisoners of Conscience, and to silence his external masters.

  1. Call Upon the Ethiopian People

Ø      I would like to call upon our Tigray people in particular to stop giving support and protection to Meles and his brutal dictatorial regime. What ever benefit they get from Meles cannot be sustainable. Peace and national unity shall come first. Meles should be told in an unequivocal language that he should stop trading in the name of the Tigray people.

Ø      To the rest of my fellow country people, I ask you to join hands and strengthen your joint struggle for justice, democracy, peace and sustainable prosperity.

 May Our Almighty God be With Us and Protect Our Beloved People, Country and Its Integrity.

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National Reconcilation (Amharic PDF)

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