Never could you stall the “March to Freedom”!

Aklilu Demissie

The guilty verdict passed on the CUD leadership and journalists by Zenawi’s bedroom court is simply an extension and confirmation of the absence of rule of law.


The spirit of the unjustly incarcerated CUD leadership in subhuman conditions quite comparable to Robben Island of apartheid will definitely succeed on a psychological and political level in turning a prison  ‘hell-hole’ into a symbol of freedom and Ethiopia’s liberation from a low –down brutal ethnic minority megalomaniacs. Their fight for democracy and freedom will ever become a land mark to symbolize, not only for Ethiopia and the African continent, but also for the entire world, the triumph of the human spirit over enormous hardship and adversity.


There is no an inch retreat in the winnable war against injustice and brutality. The regime is rather hastening its downfall by feeding fuel to the almost being accomplished “Freedom March”.


In history there was no war won against tyrants by being timid, docile and begging for their mercy and leniency. Be it their release or detention, they have and will undoubtedly crush the evils of the despot.


Their extraordinary leadership skill has already saved the struggle from humiliation when they refused the bogus and incriminating instigation of the regime’s free way from prison in connivance with the regime’s right hand foreign diplomats by refusing short changing and abandoning the “March to Freedom” for their personal freedom.


It was then and there they humiliated and defeated against all odds, decisively beating the champion of tyranny.


Zenawi’s Kangaroo court is notoriously known for its institutional brutality. The assumption of Zenawi and his bedroom court is to isolate and crush the spirit of the people and kill the innate will of people to live in freedom. It is world fact that freedom fighters spent more than a quarter of a century in prison cells in Robben Island with giants like Nelson Mandela. Was their spirit crushed or did they ever think fighting for democracy will limp to burial. Never! They freed their nation from the most feared and ruthless regime of apartheid intact.


Blessed are their spirit, struggle and sacrifice: Our freedom is just around the corner!

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Abebe AV June 2007

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