Abebash Mergefu (Amharic poem)

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Assistant professor poet Debebe Seifu who was born and die for art

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The Embassy’s white lies and the Millennium Celebreation

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Yeaworopa Shukishukita

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Ethiopian Human Rights bill re-introduced in the House, H.R. 5686

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Poems from Debteraw & Wallelign

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The Squandered Opportunity and Dashed Hopes

Seifu Tsegaye Demmissie

It was widely expected that the post cold war era would see the flourishing of democracy, freedom and prosperity in the less developed and disadvantaged parts of the world. It was natural to expect a world moving in the direction of cooperation, harmony and forging mutually beneficial relationships. The world anticipated progress in democracy, development, peace and relief, which are in reality becoming remote things. It is well known that the two irreconcilably opposed power blocks (capitalism or the free world as the proponents of the system call it and Communism) had been waging proxy wars to spread their spheres of domination and influence in the poorer part of the world. Ethiopia was apparently one of the theatres where that game of the super powers was played and it has paid an exorbitant price in terms of the misery and suffering the situation inflicted on its people.

Ethiopia has emerged as a big looser from the cold war in that it has fallen into the hands of its sworn in enemies, has lost sovereignty and territory and is risking disintegration, God forbid that. The post cold war Geo-political situation has not been conducive for democracy and development to take root in Ethiopia. Now we are experiencing the harsh reality of the world almost at the mercy of one block or super power.

The remaining sole super power, the United States has not been willing to help advance the causes of democracy and freedom in the parts of the world where humanity is still under the choking yoke of repressive tyrants. The United States and its western allies have fallen well short of our expectation when it comes to the issues of helping or championing the causes of democracy, freedom and progress in our country. It is regrettable to state that they have colluded with tyranny in Ethiopia making us face a formidable alliance of anti-democracy and anti-freedom forces. It is clear that in their quest for global domination and exploitation, the United States and its western partners, have discovered servitude and surrogacy in Meles Zenawi. Servitude is a manifestation of human debasement or degradation but can be a merit the west seems to desire of African power holders. Proxy rule and servitude are part and parcel of Meles Zenawi`s strategy of garnering foreign support to cling to power in Ethiopia.

Determined and resolute Ethiopians will overcome the collusion and usher the country into an era of democracy and freedom. The collusion will only present temporary hurdles and breathing space for the besieged and despised tyrant. The disgraceful fall of the disciple of neo-colonialism, Meles Zenawi is inevitable and it is a matter of time. We will be able to close the most shameful chapter of our Ethiopian history with the demise of Meles Zenawi`s surrogate rule.

The emergence of communist led China in the global scene as a world power to be reckoned with, can offer tyrants with yet another God father. Market and resource hungry China is known to have begun its push into Africa naturally triggering concern and worry in the west. China is one of the countries the wests accuse of violating the human rights of its people. So the issues of democracy and human rights may not be present in the vocabulary the other power (China) projecting itself in the World. Cunning surrogates like Meles Zenawi would not hesitate to shift masters depending on the bids they offer him, and the United States can take his services for granted. Sooner or later the US and its western allies may be crying for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia when their interests are threatened by another bidder.


Ethiopians have known their double standards, duplicity and hypocrisy and it will be difficult to gain the friendship and partnership of Ethiopians. It is all the fault of the west. The genuine opposition in Ethiopia should be prepared for the right game in anticipation of the changing global balance of power since we can not insulate our selves against the possible change.

I am for seizing opportunities when ever they become available at least when we can not create them. I am sounding pessimistic but let us hope for the better.

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The Somali Crisis (Amharic PDF)

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Yewoyane Wushet (TPLF’s fabrication of lies upgraded to international standard)

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Yewoyane Wushet (Woyane’s fabriication of lies upgraded to international level)

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