The Wrong Linkage of the Millennium Celebration and Professor Hizkias Assefa’s Efforts of National Reconciliation

By Yilma Begashaw 

Professor Hizkias Assefa appears to be on an important mission to facilitate dialogue among Ethiopians in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora for achievement of a national reconciliation, for peace and prosperity. This small comment thus refers to the Saturday, 28th of April 2007 meeting in London.

As this initiative is a golden effort that every peace loving citizen has been waiting for, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Professor Hizkias Assefa. In the mean time, I would like to express my concern that this golden initiative is hijacked by those whose interest is not the wider picture of bringing about a genuine national reconciliation but a temporal interest of celebrating the Millennium side by side with the Woyane Regime.

The Woyane regime is the only single group that blocked every chance of a national reconciliation. Please remember the following facts:

  • The Woyane regime consistently refused to attend important conferences for national reconciliation such as those known as Paris I and Paris II.
  • The opposition political parties that travelled to Ethiopia for the Hilton Conference on the national reconciliation were picked up from Bole Airport and were thrown into jail – remember to what has been happening to signatories such as Fitawrari Makonnen Dori, Aberra Yemaneab and others up to the present date.
  • The Woyane regime refused to accept useful discuss calls from the Coalition for Peace and Democracy (CUD) for a national reconciliation following the   2005 rigged national election. Instead of respecting those important calls, the regime flagrantly threw those peace loving leaders and members of the CUD into jail where they have been languishing for so long.
  • Instead of discussing with and respecting the human rights of the civic groups such as the members of the free press and the free Ethiopian Teachers’ Association, the brutal dictatorial regime chose to throw them into jails.
  • Despite calls from international donor agencies and the international human rights agencies, the Woyane regime did not show any willingness to get into a dialogue and national reconciliation conferences for democracy, peace and prosperity.

This regime does not have any moral capacity to invite the Diaspora to dance to the tune of the song of Ethiopian shame and humility especially for the following factors:

·        Its lack of willingness to participate in the national reconciliation briefly explained above,

·        Its wrong allegations of treason and genocide against innocent citizens and its refusal to release these prisoners of conscience;

·        Its assertion that Ethiopia is a colonial state of only a one hundred years of history.

My message is loud and clear:

  • Professor Hizkias Assefa shall continue with his good efforts to facilitate a national reconciliation for democracy and peace.
  • All the opposition political parties, the civic and faith groups  should learn from their past mistakes and strengthen unity to bring about democracy,  peace and prosperity.
  • Every concerned Ethiopian should avoid a temptation for petty personal interests and stop being the tools of the Woyane regime that seeks to fool the international communities by rallying many people, including the Diaspora, behind it in the pretentious celebration of the Millennium.
  • Let us all join hands to make the next Millennium a better place at least for the new generations. 
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