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HOly Synodos annoucement (pdf in Amharic)

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CALL ME BY MY NAME: A small talk with Debteraw, IX

Wolde Tewolde alias Obo Arada Shawl, April 23, 2007

Why have you forsaken me?

The Military ruler of Ethiopia aka DERG used to classify its arch enemy EPRP into 4 categories, MEWAQ’REGNOTCH (in reference to the leadership); Qitr Nebse Gedayotch (in reference to MEDEGNOTCH aka EPRA); DISIPLEGNOTCH (in reference to the regular members) and JELEWOTCH (in reference to associate members). The history of EPRP cannot be complete without the full account of these categories, though.

But who knows or who is responsible for the dead, the living, and the lost and/or for those coming of age? On the one hand, to give due credit to EPLF, but mostly to the family structure of Eritrea, all are accounted for, while on the other hand, be it under the DERG or the current regime of EPRDF, few has the ability or the gut to search for the dead, the lost or the living. What a terrible dilemma we all are facing?

What about EPRP’s accountability for its members and supporters? Although I believe Debteraw is alive and well, we have to know what has happened or happening to his compatriots in the field of Struggle of ATM (referring to AAssimba: Past; Tselemt: Present; Mercato: future)? Where am I? Don’t abandon me! Call me by my name!

Two decades ago, Debteraw had sent me a message from Quara via a personal delegation advising me to return home in his own words “Home is always Home, no matter what.” On my part, I was projecting as to how to resettle Ethiopians or Eritreans in the Appalachian Mountains of America in contradiction to the government of Ethiopia which was resettling the Abyssinians into the lowlands of Ethiopia. My view was that all Amharas or Hamassiens alias known as ABYSSinans could not live in low lands. They can only live in the natural setting of room temperatures. Debteraw’s view concurs with me but it must be in Ethiopia. He is unappreciative to be neither immigrants nor emigrants. He loves the country of Gherhi (ADAM) and DInknesh (EVE). Debteraw said he will never exchange living outside Ethiopia for all Worldly WEALTH or POWER.

At the time, I was in Blacksburg, VA Tech University when he sent this important wisdom. A week ago, the world has seen what has happened in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. Personally, I have failed to resettle either an émigré Eritrean or an émigré Ethiopian. Debteraw was right again. Call me by name! What is my name?

A decade ago, I have attended a funeral service for one of the DISIPLEGNA who was gunned down while working in a parking garage. He was new to America. He was in prison during the era of the DERG. He was also against the nationalists of Tigrai and Eritrea while in Ethiopia. Incidentally, he was from SEMEN ETHIOPIA.

About five years ago, I have also attended a funeral service for one of the MEWAQREGNA who committed suicide for unknown reasons. I am told his family members were glad for his passing away. He belonged to an Ethiopian aristocratic family. It was a kind of revenge for his involvement in EPRP. Incidentally, he was from MEHAL ETHIOPIA.

Last week, I have attended a funeral service for one of the MEDEGNA (rebel group).This time it was the service for the dead who became paralyzed for 11 years. Although a large number of people attended the funeral service and his corpse was placed in an expensive Casket, there was real sadness in the community. There was nobody who was related in blood. He was by himself. His only family was EPRP community. Full Stop.

Incidentally, he was from DEBUB Ethiopia. Surprisingly, all three services were conducted in the same funeral home, in Georgia Ave, NW, Washington, DC. I wonder whether EPRP owns the Funeral Home or could it be that we Ethiopians use the same place, product or service time and again. And I am wondering myself why I keep attending these services as I am not so keen in attending burials, weddings, or meetings. One thing, I like for sure is that I want to deal with the living, especially with the underdog. Why one might ask?

Let me briefly explain. The first was gunned down by an assailant, the 2nd was suicidal and the third was paralyzed for 11 years. EPRP was and is an immense and unparalleled political party, mainly as far as doing the right thing. Nevertheless, EPRP remains largely unappreciated by Ethiopians and Eritreans. Why because many negative comments and criticism have been launched for so long. But the fact of the matter is that there are very few negative figures in the entire history of EPRP. One should not forget that EPRP is a political party. Its personalities stand on Principle as opposed to Blood or Benefit (BPB).

EPRP will be the first legitimate Political Party rested on genuine popular support of the entire Ethiopian and Eritrean populace for it has brought public politics to a country where for thousand of years, politics had been confined to the kings and the aristocrat’s court intrigues and Politburo who fight behind the back of all Ethiopians.

EPRP has a clear vision and a strong sense of purpose. It is trying to attain freedom for Ethiopia, whose people had always lived in fear of the State. EPRP has achieved both goals, at least for its members and supporters. Yet EPRP made many mistakes. Some were inevitable; some probably could have been avoided. But it took responsibility for all that its members did in its name. EPRP yearned to make Ethiopia a better place. And so nobody in his right mind would be interested in destroying the mission and the institution of EPRP.

EPRP, from the outset wanted to establish a multi party system, a representative government, an independent media, and a sound judiciary system, all of which are still missing in both Eritrea and Ethiopia. For now, two countries and one system may be the answer.  Hellewe, Hellewe, Laba Sebertani is the current cry of all Ethiopians.

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