A “common goal” should be central agenda for all opposition groups

By A.Geremew 

Since the early 20th century, we had the information all about the knowledge, technology and resources could bring the feature of bad governance and poverty to an end. What we don’t have even in this modern age in Ethiopia is the moral and political will to do so. And it is becoming clear that it will take a new moral energy to create that political will. Our bitter political struggle to remove the existing tyrant regime is significantly crucial and timely our society desperately needs for better future.   

Alongside technological triumphs and unprecedented scientific advances, we are still in all type disasters; including poverty, bad governance, backwardness and social conflict, which are all the outcome of supreme evil regime. Life has no meaning at all for majority Ethiopians in these days. For how long Ethiopians remain parallel to the global development, peace and democracy? For how long our people weep, grieve and slaughtered and pushed to the marginalised bottom line of the livelihood by the murderous regime? 

The quasi – scientific way politics has been dressed up in Western tradition might be justifiable, what would be the core problem in Ethiopia it may not be achieved since a long time ago? I personally call all the opposition parties for urgent action to acquire faith and hope to work together and build movements of political change against the repressive TPLF regime. These ambitions can be amply achieved sooner when the LFs become additional forces to the multi national parties of CUD and UEDF. These parties have great energy and welcoming the LFs to work together for all nations and one sovereign country. 



Everyone can reconfigure the current political landscape how TPLF has driven the fate of Ethiopians to the crisis point. On the other hand, political reasoning has to come on board to criticise OLF in particular and all other oppositions in general to work as one to come out of the Zenawi’s led crisis and fulfil the dream of freedom, democracy, civil liberty, equality and development for all Ethiopians. Nonetheless, the OLF leaders have dismissed the merit idea of pluralism due to their narrow and wrong vision. 

The big issue about the LFs politics is that they have no courage to confront the truth about our history so, they come round with the divisive tribal agenda in which they have deceived us all, and the depths of our soul are still black due to their evil demons. That was the very reason the separatists agenda had never sound and no longer be additional opposition force to speed up the removal of the nearly died TPLF REGIME. The language and thought of the LFs leaders are fatally contaminated by false consciousness or are subject to endless and inconclusive interpretation never reach the truth. The diet of paradoxes and obscurities produced by the LFs reasoning was unclear and super lie. Their destructive mission statements are all fabricated; neither fact based nor linked to the Ethiopian history to be credible. Further, anyone even with the smallest knowledge of history, when raise basic questions, they do not explain things in terms of the ultimate reasons for things being as they were. And the more we know the OLF mission statement, the more doubtful it is as there is any form of truth. The themes and reasons all about Ethiopian history are dressed up in modified way to disguise our unity and totem. Their incapability to work together is purely connected to praxis of unswerving rigidity and aggression like in an Eolithic Stone Age time. 

The LFs philosophical spectrum remains myth as long as they have falsified the sole source of certainty and the long time history. We thus avoid the impasse of scepticism by defending our bright history that symbolizes the rooted ness and the brotherhood ties of all Ethiopians. Any intentional pretensions of Oromo, Amhara, Afar, Kembata, Sidama, Gurage, etc, as independent country are absolute madness or a baseless dream. Artefacts of highly questionable and disreputable approaches, which we unthinkingly imagine leads to a critical political crisis like the OLF had experienced in the past. Secessionists need to have assertive talent to move their plan to larger premises at the heart of the common interest of all Ethiopians. Great leaders have passion to make corrective measure that will minimize the risk of making further mistakes. 



In many cases, as seen in world history, the national parties leaders had enormous power because of the totalitarian political system that was structured under the far right fascist or the far left anarchist ideologies. Such state structure, in due course was a mentality that could be both inward looking and servile towards the rulers. Oppression, arrogant and corruption were the well-known characteristics of the ruling elites, secular and religious.  

Totalitarianism is a form of government established by many national parties in which the state claims control all the activities of the people. Unlike the ancient Roman dictators, they gained power within the framework of democratic politics, and then, after they come in power ultimately eroded the constitutional rule of law through a continuous state of exception. The nationalists mostly form a one – party state without democratic institutions. For that reason they are against democracy and fundamental freedoms. Personal freedom is sacrificed to the common interests, which are defined by state.   Moreover, the narrow nationalist movement is very old fashion and has no place in the face of rapidly advancing world civilisation where there is freedom, democracy, civil liberty and equality. The nationalist movement has adverse effect as a product of intolerance motivated by inability to accept the unity and national values deeply held the concerns at the heart of contemporary political issues. Too narrow vision in political life and the emptying out of values visionless leaders creates leads to crisis to crumble social values. 

Basically, oppression didn’t apply to certain kinds of Ethiopians. It is a burdensome yoke imposed by Woyanes indiscriminately within the nations. In that sense liberation cannot be a choice for one or two particular nations however, protesting against the tyrants in common should be the united role of the whole nations to get our natural freedom, equalities civil liberties and all egalitarian – based development. Contrary to this notion, the undercover mask of freedom for separation is not justifiable and a baseless reason as long as toleration of plurality is our power if established with the sense of diversified unity in one sovereign country.   

Apparently, there are more doubtful issues to be discussed in the premise. Separatists’ ideology hasn’t been endorsed then or now and uncertain whether that could strike responsive chords among many people hungry for liberal democratic system. Ideology is a guidance force in politics, which is a unifying power between the party and the supporter. Without the democratic vision and endorsed ideology neither civil rights achieved nor freedom established. Furthermore, the secessionists’ aspirations only satisfy their egos and not their souls and that is the reason they cannot find meaning. The satisfaction doesn’t go deep enough. It is like desert sand with nothing to root it down and hold it in place and easily blown away. 

Eventually, the key challenge at this point to the opposition parties in general is to get a new energy to carry on action focused united struggle until the repressive regime is removed. In addition, the Trade Unions in Ethiopia should directly enter to the political arena so long as their strike over economic and industrial disputes has a lot more contribution as part of the overall struggle. Besides this, the LFs leaders would have to have a charisma to acquire inspirational and visionary talent to reform and reappraise their policy to advocate for all Ethiopians. 

Expectations of politicians should be often found in the possible way. If they are exaggerated or full of uncertainty, they remain as baseless ideas or myth. Genuine democrat leaders never use their political power to abuse, exploit and humiliate others. Constructive criticism and innovatory ideas mean a lot for them to assess their weaknesses and shortcomings. The best thing in politics is to look too far ahead. 

I hope there is no ontological reason generated on intense loathing for anti Ethiopian feeling in the secessionists group. It is vital to give value for our historical bond and unity to work with the grain in this respect rather than against it. Our diversified unity is always important in which ethnic, linguistic and religious identities are recognised and affirmed than neglected and denied. There are too many vested interests at sake when people stand united to work for common goal. Big is beautiful and unity is power. 


You may reach the author in his email a1_geremew@yahoo.com    

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  1. It is a good analysis about those LFs. They have to be told.


  2. Nice job and thank you. As a democratic and patriotic person, I do not have much respect for those narrow-minded LFs leaders. As you described them, they are usually self-centered, tools of foreign powers, incompetent and outdated. To justify their existence, they have to lie and brain-wash the less informed innocent citizen. Meles was, and perhaps is, one of them. We have to expose these poisoness parasites and get rid of them from our society in whatever form they may exist. Unless we do this, we will always remain in a problem and this is how they are able stay in power to creat nothing but problem. Every good-intentioned Ethiopian has the responsibilty to speak out. It is now high time to do this.

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