Talak Mefesawi Gubae

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Adwa & Tsegaye

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Afi Yalew Teff Yikola (Amharic Article fro Beljig Ali)

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Prisoners of Conscience in Ethiopia

Appeal from Concerned Ethiopians on behalf of the people of Ethiopia: To all Mass Media of the World

Dear Sirs,

The struggle for justice, democracy and good governance in Ethiopia has been going on since the last half of a century and if there is any field that have been neglect of media coverage, it is this struggle for justice and democracy in this ancient country of the Horn of Africa.

 In the last fifty years in which the struggle passed through meandering processes many lives of daring democrats, men of wisdom, arts and science, philosophers, poets and uncountable number of young freedom loving Ethiopians of all ranks, students, farmers, workers, and intellectuals have been sacrificed to bring about democracy in Ethiopia.  And yet little has been said about it in the Mass Media.

In a world where we are living, the Mass Media plays an important role in; shaping our lives and to make the world an enjoyable place for man kind to live in. In this regard no matter apart the human race live the concern for the safety and peace of mankind is strong indeed. As a result of this concern democrats reveal acts of dictators in any part of the world and condemn the suppression and oppression they inflict on their own people. Thus dictators are pressurized to give way to democracy and injustices are targeted and watched through the Mass Media and Human Rights activists in order for justice to prevail in all societies of the world. Mass Media plays a front line role in revealing dictatorship so that political and economic sanctions can be applied on the perpetrators of injustices to force them submit to justice. In this regard the Mass Media has done a lot elsewhere in the world but nevertheless very little in Ethiopia.

Because the Mass Media of the world forgot Ethiopia, Ethiopian leaders have forgotten justice, democracy and good governance. Today
Ethiopia besides its poor economy created by poor governance that made it hell for the people to live in through famine and destitute it has gone a long way to become a safe heaven for dictatorship to prevail. One such a dictator in Ethiopia today is the infamous Meles Zenawi, a ruthless dictator that rules Ethiopia with iron feast. In the past 15 years of his rule Zenawi has killed thousands of Ethiopians of all walk of life. He has harassed, intimidated and imprisoned political leaders, public and professional Association Leaders, women, children and the aged. And yet condemnation of these miserable acts of crimes has not been made to the extent that affects the dictator in the Horn of Africa. In some cases some governments of the world who prioritize the national interest of their countries before human rights had no shame to encourage his criminal acts.

In the May election of 2005 Ethiopians have demonstrated their wish to oust the dictator and replace him by those of their choices. Accordingly they used their ballot in favor of the opposition party that officially won the election. However the incumbent government that declared itself a winner overrode the peoples’ voice. In doing this the totalitarian personality, Zenawi used guns, machineguns and tanks to crush the will of the people thereby killing hundreds of civilians who refused to accept the falls victory.

According to the release by the Enquiry Commission that Zenawi established the death toll in the June and November public demonstration had reached more than 293. This bloody massacre committed by the lethal forces of the dictatorial regime did not stop its crime right there but continued to terrorize the people searching for the opposition members door to door to arrest them in Military garrisons situated in arid zones. It also continued the terror in the city arresting prominent party leaders elected by the people to represent them in parliament. Without shame, the incumbent’s totalitarian government then accused of the peoples’ leaders of genocide.

On the 5th of March 2007, the kangaroo court established by Zenawi to hear the allegation is expected to collect the final evidences allegedly submitted by the Public Attorney and pronounce a verdict presumably just after an adjournment of a few days. The totalitarian government of Meles Zenawi is ready to pass a verdict on the lives of the innocent opposition leaders who committed no crime except challenging the incumbent government in a legal election contest that gave them a landmark victory. 

We believe that all democratic forces should condemn this act of unparallel tomfoolery and painstaking game in the lives of human beings.   The Mass Media as one of the forces of democracy has to interfere and demand the Ethiopian government to stop its mockery in the lives of innocent representatives of the people. We appeal to the community of the Mass Media to wage a horrendous pressure on the Ethiopian Government in order to get the release of the innocent prisoners accused of committing bogus crimes.

In the name of the people of Ethiopia 

1.Kinijit Discussion Forum

2.  Ethio Event Assimba,

                        3. Ethiopians in Diaspora Discussion Forum

                        4. Ethiopians Struggle for Democracy and Unity (ESDU)

In support of the above forums I ___________________________ residence of ___________________________ submit this petition to  _________________________ and am available for comment through tel. ________________ email  _________________ at __________hour. Signature_____________________________

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March in NY

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