CALL ME BY MY NAME: A small talk with Debteraw

By wolde tewolde alias Obo Arada Shawl


Background: In the 1970s, a Symposium on Ethiopian Holidays was conducted in the auditorium of Haile Sellasse I University. In this auditorium, two leading Artists were listening carefully to what was being discussed. They were Tsegaye Gebre Medhin, the Revolutionary and Tsegaye Gabre Medhin, the Evolutionary.

Long aware of each other’s work, they have never met until they air their view in the auditorium on how to change Ethiopia and the Ethiopians. Debteraw had ignited a provocative thought that would escalate the leading Revolutionaries in the Intellectual University Community. He asserted that KINET (Ÿ=’ƒ) is the domain of the majority of Ethiopians known as the “Masses” whereas Tsegaye, the “Laureate” indicated that KINET (Ÿ=’ƒ) belonged to the Elites. According to Debteraw’s Political philosophy, the Ethiopian traditional values included

  1. Tolerance in Democracy
  2. Unity in Diversity and
  3. Freedom in Religion

According to the “laureate’s” political understanding, the Ethiopian traditional values were embedded in

 1. Gratitude

 2. Respect and

 3.  Love

From the above line of thinking, our intellectual capacity still persists in our current differences. Where are we now? Whose idea was correct? And whose methodology are we to follow? Are we in the same wavelength about KINET? What is the current issue? Is it political or apolitical? I leave the answer to readers?

My relationship with Debteraw is perpetual. I contacted him on Christmas day of this year and I posed some important questions. Here is how he responded?

Question: In order to make it current, can you decipher your name for me as you decipher once to distinguish yourself from the Artist “laureate” Tsegaye GM?

 “G” = government of the people by the people for the people = Democracy.

JC = Jesus Christ is equal to 13. I remember you were trying to discuss something along those lines.

Answer: Your remember that very well? OK. As you know, we were attempting to explain the Ethiopian situation and how to change
Ethiopia and the Ethiopians.
My proposal at the time was how to proceed from Q = 17th century to T = 20th Century via R = Revolution
S= Conspiracy + Secrecy = 19th Century = Gabriel
} = Cross = T = ø =  20 = Hintseta  (I”ì)

The letters of T and S should contribute to the Ethiopian Revolution. Putting them together will sound my real name. Other than Ethiopians, no one can pronounce this sound çì. A case in point about the disaster Tsunami (èì<“T>) in Asia. Ask small kids where you live, they cannot say my name. Teach your kids to say my name. That will help.

Back to your question, my name is deciphered in numerical like this.
Tsegeye = 79
GM  = 20
E ===== one
Tsegeye + GM  + E  = 100 is equal to a Century

Question: What is the significance of this number?

Answer: You may remember when we embarked on the Ethiopian path of Revolution, we recognized the Kedada, (kÇÇ) in the letter R and we allowed the letter B to be deciphered. Feudalism expressed in the “land to the tiller”, Bureaucracy expressed in “Ishi Nege” and Imperialism expressed in terms of “paper tiger” as labeled by EPRP, “airless tire” labeled by MIESON and “man eater” as labeled by the DERG were our tri enemies. I cannot tell you where we are now in terms of ideology. Personally, I am in a messed up Amara-Tigre bureaucracy worst than Ishi Nege. At least, during the Minlik era of Ishi Nege it was balanced by No (Embyew) concept. Today, there is no embyew to any of the FBI (Feudalism, Bureaucracy and Imperialism) pressure. Let alone to combat Imperialism, nobody dares to label or to say no. I assume you have a better understanding about Imperialism since you live within it. I hope you will expound it to me when we meet next time. Be a connecter of 18th c to the 22nd century. We are still embarked upon 18th going on to the 21st Century, a long way to catch up but still we are making it, though at a high cost. That is the significance of my name ie. a Centruy. By the way are you coping up with your people? I mean the Eritreans?

Question: Can you assess the Ethiopian situation now?

Answer: Oh yes! The Ethiopian Revolution is going fast, probably if not at the speed of light, at the speed of sound. Creation according to theology, Adam was born in today’s Eritrea and Eve was born in today’s Ethiopia. Archaeologists and Historians confirm that too by discovering bones and artifacts and they named them as Lucy and Innocent. We in turn baptized them in our own languages as É”p’g (Dinknesh) and Ñ`H>  (Gherhi) respectively. They claim they found them in the lands of the Afar and the land of

So what is happening now is that all eyes are in present Eritrea and Ethiopia. They need an answer from Mother Ethiopia as identity crisis of humanity abound. Be careful in identifying between those who are in search of true identity and those who want to destroy identity. I call it the ME and the WE crisis. I advise you to go on pursuing to differentiate between the true Revolution and the fake revolution

Remember your deceased friend WM. I tell you to tell your friends that we should aim to the 22nd century. That is one day at a time (ME) and eye balling into the future (WE). You know what I mean?

Question: Do you mean Wallelign Makonnen?

Answer: Yes that is him.

Question: Is he not discredited for dismembering the Ethiopian nation?

Answer: Oh no! He united the Ethiopians. But Ethiopia did not get it yet. In fact he did what exactly God would have done. The Lord loves diversity and so Walle, the Makk (the name of Ethiopia & Eritrea) connector. I know this because of my scholarship to God.

Question: Where are you located now?

Answer: You know me, I belong to the “Animal” force of EPRP. I am in my kingdom. I roam everywhere. By the way, do you meet with your old friends the ” Crocodile” Group?

Question: What is your proposed solution for Ethiopia?

Answer:  (¯ÓSLÔ)

Question: What is that?

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