Mr Samuel Alemayehu: The Grand Hero (12 Jun 1942 – 29 Dec 2005)

Mr Samuel Alemayehu was born in 1942 in Dembidollo, Ethiopia.He did his schooling at Arbegnoch School and then the Addis Ababa School of Commerce.

He then left to the United States for further studies got his Bachelor and Master’s at Cornell University.

He got involved in the early days of the formation of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP).He then returned to
Addis Ababa to work closely with his underground movement and held Inter Zonal positions and Central Committee membership first in Addis and then Harar and Wollo. He was detained by the Mengistu regime in 1976 with all the labor movement leaders… When the urban struggle collapsed under the ruthless Menguistu’s regime, he found himself struggling from one side the notorious TPLF which has always been an undemocratic movement and is now the champion of oppression in Addis Abeba and Menguistu himself…
Once the West managed to choose their preference on the alternative for Menguistu and helped the TPLF seize power, the latter crashed heavily the EPRP. A reminiscence of the group struggled some how from neighboring Sudan and Samuel was at the heart of the resistance. When roaming in Sudan became extremely dangerous and deadly – since he was well known – due to the collaboration of the Sudanese government and the Woyane against EPRP, he was forced to leave the area. Lately, he was mostly in Europe and lately in the US still actively organizing the Diaspora.Till his last breath last week, he remained the organizer, the teacher, the wise man and the history of the EPRP itself.

He passed away on 29 December 2005.

Samuel is surviving by his mother Woizero Etaferahu, his brothers (Iyassu and Daniel) and sisters (Hanna and Saba).
May Samuel rest in peace…


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  1. A year has passed since you left us, Samuel, but you are still with us teaching,leading and inspiring us as ever.
    But the feeling of loss is there Samuel, missing your laughter,encouragement in the hardest of situations, the caring you had for your comrades and and, and.
    We have shade tears as we have never did in our hard life of Meda, Ketema and in the Daispora. We still do for we have not had enough of you
    Ah, Samuel.

  2. Dear Samuel, you lived the life of a hero and you still inspire us with our fond memories of you.The struggle continues

  3. Comrade Samuel,

    You are eternal! You are and will be alive with us along with the struggle for democracy and unity, inspiring us throughout all the time, and leading us to inevitable victory of the Ethiopian people.

  4. It has been an honer and a previalge to have met you.We miss you and love you.

  5. I am honoured to know Samuel a strong joyfull person in life a teacher a freind and a comarad. I do always miss him the back bone of our struggle.

  6. You are missed dearly brother. Rest in peace.

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