Mr Samuel Alemayehu: The Grand Hero (12 Jun 1942 – 29 Dec 2005)

Mr Samuel Alemayehu was born in 1942 in Dembidollo, Ethiopia.He did his schooling at Arbegnoch School and then the Addis Ababa School of Commerce.

He then left to the United States for further studies got his Bachelor and Master’s at Cornell University.

He got involved in the early days of the formation of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP).He then returned to
Addis Ababa to work closely with his underground movement and held Inter Zonal positions and Central Committee membership first in Addis and then Harar and Wollo. He was detained by the Mengistu regime in 1976 with all the labor movement leaders… When the urban struggle collapsed under the ruthless Menguistu’s regime, he found himself struggling from one side the notorious TPLF which has always been an undemocratic movement and is now the champion of oppression in Addis Abeba and Menguistu himself…
Once the West managed to choose their preference on the alternative for Menguistu and helped the TPLF seize power, the latter crashed heavily the EPRP. A reminiscence of the group struggled some how from neighboring Sudan and Samuel was at the heart of the resistance. When roaming in Sudan became extremely dangerous and deadly – since he was well known – due to the collaboration of the Sudanese government and the Woyane against EPRP, he was forced to leave the area. Lately, he was mostly in Europe and lately in the US still actively organizing the Diaspora.Till his last breath last week, he remained the organizer, the teacher, the wise man and the history of the EPRP itself.

He passed away on 29 December 2005.

Samuel is surviving by his mother Woizero Etaferahu, his brothers (Iyassu and Daniel) and sisters (Hanna and Saba).
May Samuel rest in peace…


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Meles/Bush Blunders in Somalia: War Mongering Agents of Destabilisation and Mass Destruction

By Yilma Begashaw 

1.   Introduction  

The Islamic Court has used some unnecessary aggressive words against
Ethiopia. We may also have some past bitter memories. However, currently they do not have any capacity to threaten the Ethiopian sovereignty. Meles Zenawi went to this proxy war to pay back favours for those foreign powers that enabled him to stay in power despite a disastrous defeat at the May 2005 National Election. He may also be trying to leave behind a legacy of bad memory and hatred against our people for many years to come. This may be part of the 100 years of homework the Woyanes and the Shaabiyas gave
Ethiopia when they came to power. The AU Deputy commission supported Meles exactly as he did following the rigged 2005 election.  Together with peace loving Somalis, Erithreans, the Sudanese and the international community, we have to oppose unnecessary wars. Those responsible for war crimes must be brought to the International Court of Justice. We have to learn from past mistakes. We want democracy, peace and prosperity in the region, not aggression, destabilisation, displacement and our peoples’ continued sufferings.  


2.            We have never been Aggressoss,but Defenders   

We Ethiopian are peace loving citizens of the world.  We have a clean history.  We don’t go out to attack any nation, big or small.  But we always successfully defend ourselves against and foreign aggression, big or small.  As we fight only just wars, our mighty creator was always on our side.  Religion, ethnicity or greed did not divide us during our resolution to defend our mother land, except very few traitors this was because we were only forced to fight a just war, to defend our sovereignty, a just war that was the concern of every citizen, regardless.  It is true there were times when we were threatened or even invaded by the Somali dictatorial regimes, notably that of Ziad Barre.  But, every time they came, we taught them good lessons.  We may not like the unnecessary and provocative propaganda of the Somali Islamic Court. However, they do not have any capacity to threaten our territorial integrity at the moment. We do not have to go to wars simply because we heard some threats from some corners. We have to create a democratic, stable, peaceful and strong Ethiopian nation that cannot be threatened by any war mongers.


3.         We Always Provided Safe Haven for those that were under aggressions  

When the Muslims crossed over to
Ethiopia, for protection, we gave them a safe haven.

That is why the Holy Quran warns every Muslims not to ever attack
Ethiopia, a country that has never been colonised, gave all the genuine assistance to the African Freedom Fighters that led them to independence from colonialism. We have thus been respected in the World because of our peace-loving nature. We do not want to lose that golden legacy.


4.         So, why is Meles breaking yet Another Record against the Ethiopian People’s Aspirations? 

4.1.      Meles is a fascist dictator that was put in power in1991 by the Anglo American brochures Western conspiracy, following the last days of the brutal dictatorship of Mengistu Haile Mariam Military regime.


4.2       Despite his regime’s criminal records, the Meles regime was sustained on power for 15 years by the Western powers.  Prime Minster Tony Blair even recruited him as one of the Commissions for Africa Development while Meles was well known for being one of the causes of chronic African problems.


4.3        Those very Western Powers (notably the American and the British Administrations) still sustained him on power after the May, 2005 Ethiopian National Election, in which the opposition political parties made a landslide victory, as evidenced by reputable International Election Observers- notably their own European Union, headed by Hon. Anna Gomez and the Carter Administration.


4.4      He is sustained on power to serve the mistaken polices of the American State Department of President Bush’s Administration and the Foreign Department of P.M. Blair’s British Government.


4.5  Meles will therefore go extra miles to serve or to pretend to serve his foreign masters, to pay back favours for staying in an unbelievable power for so long.


5.                  How About the Support from the African

Most of the leaders of the member countries are also dictators. They always scratch each others’ backs. When respected International Election Observers such as the European Union and the Carter Administration presented valid reports of massive vote rigging, intimidation and harassment conducted by the Meles Regime, the Deputy Commissioner of the African Union surprisingly gave support to Meles Zenawi. Thousands of international petitions were signed, asking the Deputy Commissioner to resign. Instead of resignation, he is adding another blow by supporting the illegal intervention of the Meles regime in the internal affairs of
Somalia. Until the African nations are democratised, one cannot except much from the bunch of corrupt dictators.


6.         The Way Forward 

The African Union is corrupt and incompetent. The United Nation is under the control of the Super Powers. The only way forward is the coordinated and concerted people-to-people struggle, nationally, regionally and internationally, for democracy, justice, stability and global peace and prosperity. Peace-loving citizens have to struggle jointly to bring to the International Court of Justice, those leaders responsible for war crimes inflicted against their own people and elsewhere.

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