The Need for Intoleranc (Response to Fikru Helbo)

By Getachew Reda

Fikru Helbo in his article “no solution, unless the tyrant stops meddling” (in Somali affairs) posted in He is talking about Meles as the “cause” and the “solution” of the Somali fanaticism and anarchic attitudes. It is absurd!  He claimed there is no imminent threat of an attack on Ethiopian territory by the Islamists.   He seems to undermine the repeated proclamation of jihadist war by the Islamist agaisnt Ethiopia, the shocking activity/destruction and slaughter  that we saw in several towns in Ethiopia agaisnt christians (which was never an Ethiopian Islam tradition), the meddeling of foreigners, far right extremist, treasoner, anarchist and jihadist sholarcic elements like that of Turkish origin a Greek citizen Islamic scholar Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis who is calling all Islamists jihadists around and inside Ethiopia to destabilize Ethiopian nation against christians Amhara and the Tigrayans inorder to be perish by the OLF elits and OLF Islamists on his Islamist mercinary diatribe of treason pinpointing “If America does not help the Oromo majority to secede, form an independent country, kick the Amharas out of Addis Abeba, which is a fake name for the Oromo city of Finfinne, soon the world will be taken by surprise by the new Islamic Volcano explosion, this time much worse than the supposedly marginal Somalia. When the Islamic extremism will make a basis in Abyssinia, no containment policy will be able to be successful throughout Africa. It will be the End”.  These threats are sugar pill in the eyes of the likes of Fikru Helbo.

Be the threat which many of us can vividly see it coming in its worst form if not it is already there, be seen or not by Fikru Helbo (which he already stated in his article didn’t see any threat at all), beside the point; I for life of me didn’t understand why he should demand Meles Zenawi to be the solution as if he was the cause of the anarchic behavior of the Judaists.  Fikru stated it in his article when he communicated with one of the family members of the Jifhadist leader in Somalia accusing (she) Ethiopian for the entire crisis in Somalia including the bondage of bad habits of cKat. It is this mentality of blaming Ethiopia for their political and social crisis always that they failed to find solutions for their down failures. It is this propaganda threads that Fikru Helbo and his likes hold responsible anything Ethiopia is against Somalia. Trust me, I am not as you all know comfortable with Meles’s attitude and action on Ethiopia. But when it comes to the Jihadists, there is no way he could have created the Islamist crisis in Somalia, as he also can’t be a solution to the crisis regardless he is meddling or not in Somalia. Somalia is been and going to be what we know of Somalia during Ziad Bare or Somalia of the present Jihadist when it comes to Ethiopia. He can’t be responsible for every Jihadist’s thought that pass through their brain or hold there. They are looking an imaginary enemy ever since Somalia under Ziad Bare anytime fanaticism rises up or crisis flared. Ethiopia is their punching bag of blame.

An EPRDF sympathizer website two years a go rejected to post my article and came to email me asking if I am anti Oromo or Islam(after others rejected to post it thanks to Professor Tecola W.Hagos he posted it in his website Tecola which still is in the archive-thanks professor!). I now he was not well informed fellow about the situation and the orchestrated threat at the time as he is now. I responded to him “no cannot be, I am anti OLF and Judaists who wanted to destabilize Ethiopia in the name people and religion”. My position now, or then was never being different than what the EPRDF websites or the regime’s assertions are now confronting as exactly my article was stating and warning years back. We have been given names by so many premature elements (who write articles presented themselves to the public as Ethiopians but in fact they were OLF or Jihadist from Ethiopia and Somalia), but, that is only temporary, till people come to realize and notice the advancing threat in each house. The bottom line is we cannot afford Ethiopia be a blame bag any time Eritreans or Somalians caught with their own crisis. 

I am sure there are many opposition groups and friends who might not like my being defending Meles’s attitude against the Jihadist activity in Ethiopia as few months ago my article was not allowed or removed from website because I differed from the opposition’s view on who planted the explosions in Addis Ababa and other towns in Ethiopia. Still now, some accused the government of Meles as a perpetrator/behind the act of the slaughtering of Christians by Jihadist Islam. What a crazy position to take? Ho!? I said it before let us agree to disagree but don’t reject my article because I differ.What the likes of Fikru Helbo didn’t understand what is going into the head of those Jihadist and secessionists is “addiction”! Addiction of blame! blame! and blame! – to cover failures when coup with it. Their punching of blame tends to be louder, noisier, more disruptive and deceptive than ever. Brothers and sisters! It is a challenge of survival of a nation or not to survive that we are confronting. I urge Helbo or his likes to stop being act like “neighbor’s dog”. It is noteworthy that our chief antagonists the Jihadists and the secessionists are the cruelest tyrants and abusers of life and abusers of freedom. Unfortunately either the cessions or the Jihadist have still some defenders regardless their steps are all barbaric and tyrannical. Some see that quarrel to be handle with care and patient. I agree. Some urge to be tolerance. My question is how long? How far? Though the tradition of tolerance has been able to avoid many conflicts, this alone (tolerance) by itself can ensure neither freedom nor survival indeed, it cannot even ensure the survival of tolerance.  For if the intolerant win control, tolerance becomes only a hope and a dream, it is essential, therefore, even in the interest of tolerance; and one of the thing we must not tolerate is weakness. Especially when it comes to the issue of unity, stability and dignity of a nation. In such challenging situations, person to whom tolerance comes easily is a person whose own convictions are either feeble or absent entirely.

The tolerance that equates the true with the false, that sees little difference between good and evil, that blurs the distinction between liberty and operation, that dissolves justice into mists of doubt- this kind of tolerance is not a virtue but a vice. Should the Somali Jihadists and the insiders in Ethiopia be given freedom to destroy freedom? No, absolutely not. Shall these Jihadists allowed to roam around Ethiopia in the name of Alah, be left loose to burn churches to ashes and slaughter humankinds with their sword while we are witnessing indulge their malice against Christian society (namely their targets Amhara and Tigrayan)? It is particularly vicious when it bears without repugnance the encroachments of intolerant institutions and the ambition of  tolerant men.
Ethiopia been a tolerant nation when it is been victimized by surrounding Islamic states and their inside collaborators for a many, many years. Ladies and gentlemen: for tolerance must never tolerate whatever threatens tolerance. Meles can’t be a solution for Somalia Jihadist’s attitudes for he didn’t create the Jihadists attitude. If sick men wanted to turn themselves to follow Jihadisim- that is individual desire to be in such predicament. When also wanted to recover a positive course that only be solved by their desire to change attitude not by Meles or someone else’s physician. So, Meles have nothing to do with such chronic illness of Jihadism or cult-fanaticism.

To declare war against Ethiopia is different than to declare Jihad against Ethiopia.  I hope Fikre Helbo and his likes come to their sense and stop giving the moral of luxury to the Jihadist in Somali to blame Ethiopia or Meles or anyone else. We have been suffering from Jihad from day one of the Axumite kingdom and we do not want to suffer as we did many times again. Enough is enough!

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  1. If Meles want to mobilize the Ethiopians for a common cause, he has to release the elected leaders, accept the result of the 2005 election and accept that a president/prime minister Meles can also be a good opposition leader who prepares himself to come back to power again after 8 or 10 years like his friends in Albania or Nicaragua.

    If not the consequence of the politics of killing and trying to stay in power by all sort of tricks will be disastorous for him, for his supporters and even for the country at large.

  2. Dear Ato Getachew Reda

    I have read your commentaries and articles on different political,social and economic issues. You have always been consistently frank and take postions even if it is not popular and acceptable. Your long standing and dedication to the sovereignity of our beloved homeland is unquestionable and your active involvement in the political oppostion makes your political critic to be taken seriously. Having said that,I beg to differ on your comment concerning the threat of Somalia jihadists and the Meles regime.

    It is a political ABC for any one to figure out the intention and characterstics of a despotic regime to divert its restive and highly agitated populace attention towards a provocative or a carefully designed threat of teritorial invasion. As happened time and again in our recent past history minor border skrimishes or neglegent readiness to strenghthen the national defence forces to project power in case of invasion,our despotic rulers have turned the gun against its own people. The war hyseria is not only targeting the enemy from out side, it will be equally targets the so called the “enmies of the state” from within. No sane person who claims to love and defend the country will succumb to the whim of enemy propaganda. As a matter of fact,for likes of Meles and Co.,Issayas of troubled Eritrea,Fundmentalist islamist of stateless Somalia WAR IS POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS. These countries have a captive and desperatly poor population,ever increasing enviromental degrerdation etc. The horn of Africa is infamous for recuring famine and war. All these countries’ leaders are trigger-happy thugs who has shown no qualms to sacrifice their young to just prolong their power hold.

    The Albanian marxist turned ethinc warlord,who loves to preach democracy and his Dedebit constitution has been busy shreading his own rules and any semblence of collective leadership even by TPLF standerd. His nemises in the north is biting even the superpower which help him deliver his fifedom.
    How one sober minded individual who showed such depth of historical understanding fails to see this obivious facts and easily be manipulated by fear.

    Dear sir, we often say Love is Blind, to explain the lack of reason and imagination. As the saying goes you might win the battle and losse the war.
    Any way you are entitled to your opnion but the facts does not suppot you.

    Best Regards

    tulu forca

  3. Dear Getachew redda ! I allways read your article with good attention and your contributions is supper and I thank you for that.You have allways followed and hinted the root cause of Ethiopians misery atlarge.This time Ato. Getachew ,you completely faild to see the intentions of war drums deafenig our people.I hope you will make more research to the bottom of the cause.

  4. Anti OLF guy, Ato Getachew supports the tyrann Meles just for the sake of opposing OLF, not necessarily for the sake of opposing Jihadists. I am sure he could have supported Jihadists if OLF were supporting TPLF’s war campaign!! He is simply sick of being pre-occupied with OLF. May be OLF has done some thing terrible to him personally or to his relatives. He is blind not because of love as described above, but because of such strong hatred against OLF in particular and against Oromos in general.

  5. This fool, when ever he writes something he mentions the name Oromo or OLF that he uses as spic. I think he is a psychopathic person. Mr. Reda I want to assure you that you will remain to be a paper tiger only. Nobody is going to take you seriously. The Oromo struggle for freedom will continue. The oppressed people will achieve victory soon. You will witness this before you die.

  6. My friend, Ethiopians know very well how to rise up when they are attacked, but never were used as proxies to fight for foreign interest in foreign land.

    If you remember Ethiopian History, Emperor Yohannesse was tricked by British colonialists to rescue their besieged soldiers by the Mahadists in Sudan, and for his cooperation what he got was the green light for expansion of Italian colonialists to his country.

    Your so called jihadists in Somalia are not worst than the genocidal regime of the tyrant in Sudan and please tell us why this was not a threat for our country and invaded Sudan?

    We know what happened when Isayas crossed the Ethiopian border few years ago, and how Ethiopians came together, and this adventure of crossing into soverign Somalia will not bring any public support and infact any government staged support for this war will surely turn into rally against the regime as we saw in the Great Run in Addis last week.

  7. Dear Ato Getachew,

    i have read some of your articles in the past and agreed with most of your commentaries and analysis. However, I can not understand how you support Meles’s delaration of war against Somalis in the pretext Alqueda’s presence there. Are we really defending ourselves or Invading others? The facat Somail had attacked Ethiopia in 1977 and before should not jusify to invade it now. It is our unneseccary intervention taht made the UIC to bluff about Jihad on Ethiopia and so on.

    I suggeest you listen to the views of Somalis from bothe sides, UIC and supporters of the weak government in Baidoa. With the exception of those in government all are against Ethiopia’s military intervention in their internal affairs. Please read teh article” Does Ethiopia have friends in Somalia”. Besides, we need to look at the implication of war instigated by Ethiopia among our own muslim population. We should also take into consideration the current world political climate (ie. Iraq war, middle East, etc…)and teh longterm peace and interest of Ethiopia in the region.

    i do not think the principle of “nipping in the bud” does work here. Ethiopia as a good neighbour, should try to help somalia to resolve its own affair. What Ethiopia has to do is maintain a strong national army and defence force and protect our borders and attack any force that threatens our sovergnity.



  8. Dear Ato Getachew Reda,
    I am not judging you based on the articles you wrote before or the response you gave in this article. I am just going to respond to the article you wrote taking the article on its own merit.
    This article is a plea to the Ethiopian Diaspora to support the side which cries that the country is being invaded and thus let us save Ethiopia.
    At another time and in other circumstances this is as patriotic as one can define what a patriotic act is. But noe here and not now.
    What are the present problems of the Ethiopian people? This is the measuring stick of any current situation. Mind you, here the keyword is “current”.
    Some one in Somalia, Turkey, Egypt, or Indonesia could say anything that individual feels like to do so. In fact that individual has a right for that. Does that make the Ethiopian people shiver? I do not think so. Meles and his croonies kill Ethiopians anywhere NOW. Is this your and my problem. I hope you will say yes to this. It is not what the group in Moqadishu say or claim but what is in the ground that should tell us what is going on. Meles sent soldiers to Somalia interfering in the internal matters of the people there. That incited some fanatics to say and even do things that you and I do not like. Where shal we start to remedy this? I will leave the answer to you.
    If and or when they cross the boarder and attack Ethiopians the whole thing changes. But so far the stage is Somalia and the killed are inside Somalia. I agree with you Ethiopia is not the source of the problems they have in Somalia. Having said that, I add that the role Meles played has chaged the focus of the people of Somalia from internal to external enemies. Now it chaged because of Meles. The Islamist Court did not start to fight Ethiopia. They started a civil war inside until Meles became yergo zimb. Now Ethiopians have bigger problems than the fear of Somalians invading Ethiopia – whcich as a matter of fact I do not deny the possibility, learning from past experience. The problem is Meles and his croonies. It is Meles who put us in this problem. It is Meles who is dividing and creating problems to Ethiopians. This is not a problem of Ethiopia until it comes to the boarder of Ethiopia. You know it and even I know it that there has not been a relirious internal war in Ethiopia despite your claim otherwise. It had never been a war of relirious nature but a war for power in our history. Be it Emperor Yohannes or Gragn Mohammed it is only a power struggle in my limited historical research. I do not have fear that Muslims and Christians consider themselves nothing but Ethiopian Muslims and Ethiopian Christians. You see the fear comes from insecurity. Be confident the people at home have no problem. The fact of what happened in Jimma and elsewhere has its roots from the policiy of Meles and nothing else. It is the divide and rule of Meles that is pitting one against another Ethiopian and not the Somalis. I believe you understand it is not only on religious grounds that the cadres of Meles are pitting one Ethiopian against another but also on cultivation land, grassing fields, ethinic composition, profession, … whatever they can find to divid people with.
    Dear Ato Getachew Reda, to be an Ethiopian patriot does not mean blindly championing the name of the country and zealously following what looks good. It has to be seen from what is good for the people and what the root causes of the prevailing circumstances are. A patriot now, in my view, I could be wrong, is one who stands with the people and asks the illegal group to step down and let the people have their say. A more patriotic one will do whatever is necessary for this to happen by whatever means is available to her or to him.
    With this Ato Getachew I stop my comment, no hard feelings on a personal level.

  9. Here is my take on the above article by Getachew Reda and the comments of other readers. With both Meles’s terrorist regime and the Jihadists reactions in Somalia, we Ethiopians are in a seriously disadvantageous position. Meles and his cronies started their terrorist activities decades ago to establish their own version of a “country” at the expense of the destruction of Ethiopia. This is still going on in a more subtle way. Meles does everything, be it conventional or unconventional, legal or illegal…, to accomplish this. I consider the invention of Somalia to be part of this activity. What is more is, there are some other internal elements in our society who have similar views as Meles as far as Ethiopia is concerned. As we know, these include some members of the AFD and their supporters. These elements are not kind to Ethiopia and its people and are in direct competition with the Meles regime to destroy the country in order to fulfill their own evil agenda. As the Meles regime has been doing, they have also been engaged in all sorts of terrorist activities to kill… innocent citizens. Being competitive against Meles (ie., with respect to their antiEthiopia agenda), these groups naturally have favorable views about the Jihadists in Somalia. In this regard, I assume that readers are aware of at least the connection between the ONLF and ICU. It is thus in the interest these groups if the Somali Jihadists become strong and succeed in invading Ethiopia. This may give them the opportunity to do whatever they have been plotting against Ethiopia. This can result is a serious problem, in which case the Jihadist threat by itself would even be considered minor by comparison. So, when we talk of Jihadist invention, we also have to think of those other home-grown antiEthiopia elements that are eager to take advantage of it and bring about a more destructive and potentially irreversible harms to the Ethiopian society. Perhaps it is this possible scenario that bothered Getachew more than anything else. As far as I am concerned, both the Meles regime and the Somali Islamists Jihadists, because of their cozy relationship with the other internal enemies, are dangerous for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In other words, if it were not for the presence of the internal conspirators, the Jihadists per se may not be that a threat. This situation demands that the Ethiopian people should find the means to come together more strongly (as they did during the last election) and act against both enemies to defend thier country before it is too late. Greater unity and a more effective leadership would be the answer to the problem. Hello… where are you?

  10. Thanks all those express their views beside me or agaisnt me. Brother, Warka007 you said it right. “when we talk of Jihadist invention, we also have to think of those other home-grown antiEthiopia elements that are eager to take advantage of it and bring about a more destructive and potentially irreversible harms to the Ethiopian society. Perhaps it is this possible scenario that bothered Getachew more than anything else.” Also it was not for no reason the anti Ethioipan militant groups callIing themselves “AFD” (JIHADISTS, SECESSIONISTS AND CONSPIRATORS) Nano-robots who are operating from Somalia and Eritrea making so much noises on their pocked press papers. What also made me wonder is the “AFD” press that the “Kinijit- International” (TeJ bet International) is a member of the Jihadist “AFD” (who declared war on Ethiopia to disintigrate it into pieces) opposing the US draft resolution that is asking UN to repeal the arms embaro on Somalia. Here is how Kinijit, OLF, and the rest of the Mijhadin standing behind Somalia their tear coming down complaining “Today we have learned to our deep dismay that the US government is submitting a draft resolution to the UN Security Council asking for the repeal of the arms embargo on Somalia. Ain’t that something?

  11. Dr. OLF is after you, chase you!! Like it or not OLF will come to finfinne and allow Oromos to determine on their destiny.

  12. Aite Reda,
    just one question! Why do you hate OLF so much, did they do something bad to you or to your relatives? Just ask yourself. Your opposition against OLF is not intellectual or rational, but based on such mighty hatred!!

  13. Ato. Getachew,
    All one foreigner called Mohammed had to do was write an article and you are screaming that there are jihadists in Ethiopia out to kill Christians. You have exposed your deep rooted hatred and suspicion of Ethiopian Muslims and you are no better than Megallomatis. If you had any sense, you would have read that Megallomatis is very pro-OLF, and trying to scare Christians and Muslism into hating each other. Well he certainly succeeded with you. I am so happy to read everyone else’s opinion who calmly answered you that the enemy of Ethiopia is Meles and not some jihadist you think is hiding behind every bush in Ethiopia.

    Only a mad man takes another mad man seriously, and you have shown yourself for what you are.

  14. Ato Getachew,

    You have a little bit naivity in you regarding this one. I admire your commitment and cyber struggle for long but you failed to think twice before you jump to shoot from your key board. If Meles don’t meddle in their internal affair, we wouldn’t be in such a mess today. Why others didn’t interfer in our internal affair when the truly elected officials were sent to jail and hundreds of inocent citznes were gunned down by the despot. Would you have accepted if Sudan had entered Ethiopia claiming to help the elected but imprisoned leaders? I don’t think sooooo!


  15. dear Getachew
    please sometimes use your normal mind……..think about the people of Oromo .You hate OLF blindly.drop your articles with out CHAT.CHATS MAKES YOU TO BE CRAZY.

  16. By any means I would not be surprised for I know well at Getachew Reda of Mekele for his cheap loyality and sopportunistic personality. To these of you who do not know hin, please be informed that he is ‘educated’ agent of the evil Meles as the egnorant Bereket do.
    I am shame of him to be from the same socio-cultural group of RAYA.

  17. i know getachew reda in mekelle he is so smart enogh teda

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