Congratulations on DEBTERAW’s first year anniversary

Dear Editor of Debteraw, 

Congratulations on your first year anniversary.  You have done a tremendous job in the short time you have passed through.  I greatly appreciate your hard work, efficiency, dedication and, above all, patriotism.  You are one of the few Ethiopian websites that do not compromise the interest of the Ethiopian people in any form and shape.   You have proved yourself to be totally reliable in this regard and other issues.  This is what the Ethiopian people have been lacking for a long time, and congratulations for being a source of inspiration.  Most other websites have the tendency to waffle on certain key issues concerning your motherland, thus occasionally hurting the struggle of our people against tyranny.  Some of them even align with the enemy of the people for short-term benefits.  Thanks to you, in the last one year, you have provided us the courage, guide and hope for our desire to establish democracy in our country where all its inhabitants would live in equality irrespective of ethnicity, religious affiliations, gender, and so on.  We trust you will continue your noble efforts and patriotic duties until our people achieve their goal of removing dictatorship and become the masters of their destiny. 

We are with you.    

Best wishes. 

Wowoka Abebe

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  1. Dear Debteraw Team!

    I want to express my deepest congratulations for your first anversary. You are one of the best sources of information who break all attempts to blackout facts from the people. Above all you have proved your firmness as far as Ethiopian unity and sovereignty is concerned. We are very proud with your site and we will do anything to support the site to carry on its humble service.

    Tofique Hameza

  2. Dear Debteraw site!

    Congratulations for your first anniversary. You are one of the few sites, which we depend for unbiased information -especially during the time when our own colleagues hide facts from us (we as their constituents). Personally, I have the experience where some sites attempt to defend those people not only by hiding information, but also by attempting to label your Debteraw site as a WOYANE (EPRDF as they called it) site- where the fact is the opposite (since they vow for SHEABIA’s – a creator and the same but other picture of WOYANE-destruction of Ethiopia). In a nutshell, you are the best. Keep up your fantastic job.

    Tessema Ergete

  3. I feel very much privileged to congratulate you with the immense achievement you booked in the last one year. The last one year was very much demanding year. But you were there to take on the challenge. You stood firm against all odds for the sake of Mother Ethiopia. You were there when mother Ethiopia was looking for her best sons and daughters to save her from destruction. Heroes and Heroines are there just when they are needed. You were there eon time. You did a good job, but the challenge is not yet over. Therefore, fasten your belts and prepare your self for the jackpot.


  4. Congratulation in your first anniversary. The Ethiopian politics and the people in general is benefiting a lot by the media service of debtraw team. The lot of critical analysis in issues detrimental to the ongoing struggle for the democratization and unity of Ethiopia has been super in debtraw. It is also among the best news source regarding Ethiopia. Ethiopia is lucky to have you in her side in the test of time. Your achievement with in a year is huge .

    Keep it up !!


  5. To: The Debtraw Team

    I congratulate you on the occassion of your first year in operation. The web site had done a tremendous job in updating us on the current situation in Ethiopia from the domestic and international context. It also unreservdely championed to unmask the political realties in Ethiopia by exposing the injustice and human right abuses being carried out on the innocent people in Ethiopia. The miscarriage of justice and the arbitrary arrest and killing of innocent citzens in Ethiopia, as posted on the wbesite, had been instrumental to raise the consious of Ethiopians in diaspora and alert the international community of the naked truth about the Country.

    Keep it Debteraw



  6. great work.keep it up.Debteraw is ethiopian and an example for all. the more your detractors the more you should be assured you are doing the right job.I want to be around to observe your tenth anniversary at least.

  7. I am a regular visitor to your site and find the website very informative and thoroughly injoyed it. You guys have no fear of dictators and much impressed by the quality of news and some editorial analysis you provide on the issues that matter most. It is true to you are by far a leading experts and primer league in the field . Your experience and confidence has functioning rapidly and energetically. Even though many says you have a particular audience and support for a certain political group views, I strongly recommend your wonderful site to other fellow Ethiopians and others who would like to study more about Ethiopian news portals.

    Please, keep up the good work and try to figure ways to reach to the larger audience including the people who labelled you as a portal to a particular political views .

  8. Dear Debetraw editors.

    Congragulation for your one year anniversery. You are like a breadth of fresh air in a polluted Ethiopian political air. It is worthy of the memory of Debtraw that you uphold to be true not to succumb to the lowest political denominator. Your loyality and dedication, I argue,should continue to be in the best interest of Ethiopia and all its people. So far you have done that.
    Keep up the good work. May God bless you for being the voice of reason and serious contemplation.

    Best Regards

  9. Dear editor!

    Congradulations for your first anniversary. You are the best source of Ethiopian news. You are also the first who introduce the women association for us to join it. Please keep up your priceless job. We Ethiopians are proud of you.


  10. I simply say thankyou for a job well done.

  11. I didn’t know it was a year long, since my Home page set to Debteraw. Congratulations editors and web masters of Debteraw. Given the name Debteraw is a giant name, for those of us who knew Tsegaye Debteraw, dedicating a website to him was not an easy thing to accept.
    Now I am proud of you guys, you did a job well done to deserve the name Debteraw.
    Congratulations again, and I will keep it as my Home page.

  12. Your awesome accomplishement inspired not only the love and confidence of your supporters but the silent respect of your detractors. Therefore, you deserve the name of the MAN, DEBTERAW.




  14. I am pleased to congratulate Debteraw on its 1st anniversry though I am doing this belatedly. As a regular visitor of this website, I commend it for its appreciable contributions to the struggle for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. It is my full hope that Debteraw will continue to be a pro-democracy and pro-freedom web site serving the aspirations and interests of millions of oppressed Ethiopians. Debteraw is a bone in the throat of Meles TPLF who work to keep us in the darkness of their misinformation and pile of dry lies. I believe debteraw will be discharging its duties and missions with more energy and vigor in the times ahead.
    Seifu Tsegaye Demmissie.
    Please do not publish my e mail.

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