Congratulations on DEBTERAW’s first year anniversary

Dear Editor of Debteraw, 

Congratulations on your first year anniversary.  You have done a tremendous job in the short time you have passed through.  I greatly appreciate your hard work, efficiency, dedication and, above all, patriotism.  You are one of the few Ethiopian websites that do not compromise the interest of the Ethiopian people in any form and shape.   You have proved yourself to be totally reliable in this regard and other issues.  This is what the Ethiopian people have been lacking for a long time, and congratulations for being a source of inspiration.  Most other websites have the tendency to waffle on certain key issues concerning your motherland, thus occasionally hurting the struggle of our people against tyranny.  Some of them even align with the enemy of the people for short-term benefits.  Thanks to you, in the last one year, you have provided us the courage, guide and hope for our desire to establish democracy in our country where all its inhabitants would live in equality irrespective of ethnicity, religious affiliations, gender, and so on.  We trust you will continue your noble efforts and patriotic duties until our people achieve their goal of removing dictatorship and become the masters of their destiny. 

We are with you.    

Best wishes. 

Wowoka Abebe

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